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Monday, December 14, 2009

Extension of free gift schemes to CSD consumers and a need to check default

Many a times, service-members and veterans end up buying consumer goods from the open market because of the reason that certain offers and free gift schemes are not made available to CSD customers. Some of our people also believe that such schemes are not ‘legally’ not meant to be extended to CSD consumers.

This is however an unfair trade practice by suppliers and dealers. If a gift scheme is offered by a supplier in the open market to all consumers and is not only a local arrangement by a particular dealer, it is bound to be extended to the CSD too. Entitled personnel should make it a point to survey the market first and demand gift schemes from the concerned dealers if the same are being extended to customers other than CSD consumers. In case of default, the same may be immediately reported to the following address :

Customer Service Cell
c/o DGM (MS)
Canteen Stores Department
‘Adelphi’, 119, M K Road
Mumbai – 400 020


Anonymous said...

heard that effecive date for MSP accepted as 1-1-06 and arrears are on way..any truth in that?

Anonymous said...

This article is worth reading


Maj navdeep, please update us on arrears for msp wef 01 january 06, status of high powered committee, col ts etc etc, if u wish

Anonymous said...

This is true & you will find many instances where gift or schemes have not been passed onto CSD customers saying this is not available to them as they are already getting it at a reduced price through CSD.
In case of vehicles bought through CSD, the dealers don't pass on the schemes to the customer as they know that the person has no option but to buy from that particular dealer.See the two links below:



prasad said...

I fully agree with u. I was told that u r theoriticaly buying fromCSD(i.e, CSD is the dealer). I even wrote on this to tata motors to their CSD sales dept. No reply as yet

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep,
Kindly throw some light on the issue of MSP wef 1-1-2006.

Unknown said...

dear sir,i'm in ranchi to purchase a new car.gm has aplan of cash offers of rs 36000 which includes regn ,insurance and music system which they have squarely refused to extend to me saying that don't give such offers to csd customers.
i gave them the csd ref which makes it mandatory not to discriminate and to offer all schemes to csd customers too, but they say it is against the company policy.i am lodging a official complaint tomorrow at csd ramgarh though i don't know how effective csd ramgarh will be in asking general motors to give same offers to me, maj a k roy

Unknown said...

There is a talk on introduction of GST in all states. What will be the status of CSD canteens post implementation of GST? Will we land up having to pay full tax? This matter needs to be taken up prior to implementation of GST.

Unknown said...

dear sir, in continuation of my last comment i finally went ahead and purchased a wagon r on which maruti offered the cashback same as what they offered to civil customers and also lodged a complaint on csd website and emailed them. i don't know if i should expect a reply from the csd people but i believe we will finally have have to learn to complain and raise a hue and cry too,