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Friday, December 11, 2009

Pension Blues

Despite the fact that the implementation of pensionary modalities after the 6th CPC started almost a year back, defence pensioners are still facing a lot of problems with their Pension Disbursing Agencies (PDAs). Most of these are regarding incorrect fixation of pension and non-receipt of arrears. I receive a lot many mails on the subject and most pensioners want to jump on to the stage of litigation straightaway. This is not the correct approach and litigation should always be the last and ultimate resort after all channels are exhausted.

Before deliberating any kind of litigation, pensioners / family pensioners / disability pensioners must always undertake the following :

A. Send a copy of the grievance to the Pension Disbursing Agency (Bank / DPDO etc) in writing through Registered Post.

B. Endorse a separate copy to the office of Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions), Draupadi Ghat, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Oral requests and mere visits would not be of any use unless the grievance is reduced in writing and communicated.


vinod gupta said...

i Have written to sbi bank & its district HQ where my ppo was addressed
I am in guj and pension ac in orissa .It was started in jul 09 in old scale and was half what every one was getting then it touched the regular amount in sep 09 and then stopped.
should i wait for the bank to reply or write to the authorities mentioned by u.

G.K.khandelwal said...

Dear sir,
I m ex chief petty officer electrical Radio,released from active service of Indian Navy on 31/08/1991.I was enrolled in service03/07/1975 as a boy. My boy period of service which was from 03/07/75 to 21/08/1976 was not considerd for my pension benefits.I request you to give opinion on this aspect.

Unknown said...

Dear Major Navdeepjee,
My bank(SBI) finally paid me the difference of arrears arising out of placing LtCol/Cdr/WgCdr from PB-3 to PB-4 in end Jan 2010. This, the bank manager did on satisfying himself on my status of rank and actual length of service from my PPO and Certificate of service and has paid correctly. I took premature retirement after serving for 25 yrs, 02 months & 20 days of actual service and in the rank of Wg Cdr(Select). The bank has fixed my basic pension at Rs. 25311/= considering my reckonable service equivalent to 25.5 yrs which I belive is correct. Similar payment was also effected to another select Wg Cdr but with 24 Yrs & 10 months of service(equivalent to 25 yrs).

A couple of days back, the other officer received a copy of letter from Air Hqs (Dte of PP & R)addressed to the bank wherein his pension was fixed corresponding to TS(Time Scale) scale and not Select Scale. The officer approached the bank manager and the manager immediately spoke to Air Hqs and they issued an amended letter indicating correct amount. The very next day I also received a similar letter with the same anamolies. In my case the bank manager could not get through to Air Hq but I spoke subsequently. The dealing officer said he has corrected the letter and re-issuing it. On my querry he mentioned that my pension has been fixed at the 25 yr scale and not at 25.5 yr scale and said this is correct. He was evasive on this issue. Incidentally the letters were accompanied by letters from CDA(AF) which indicates the actual length of service.

My doubt is whether 25 Yrs 02 months 20 days (as in my case) would be considered equivalent to 25 Yrs or 25.5 yrs. I am sure similar doubt must have come to the minds of a lot of people. Please consider my case as an example and be kind enough to clarify the doubt. There must be govt guide lines on this issue(plz provide if possible). People will be benefited if you will please enlighten us.

Thanks & regards.

Wg Cdr PC Pattanayak(Retd)
Mail id : pcpattanayak@gmail.com
Tele : +91 9040574992