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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Travel by Private Airlines where Govt bears the expenditure

As you may have perused in the comments section of one of the recent blogposts, the travel restriction by ‘Air India’ for Central Govt employees is not absolute in nature.

Don’t fret in case the national or international destination is not served by Air India or if due to any other reason or due to non-availability, travel by Air India is not feasible.

In cases like the above, a fax may be sent to the office of the dealing Joint Secretary to Govt of India, Ministry of Civil Aviation (011-24655839) with details as to why travel by Air India is not possible. If approved, the permission is then faxed back by the office within a day. His telephone number is 011-24610386.

The above facility may only be used in a dire situation and not as a routine. Please also do not flood the telephone lines with mundane queries, the doubts may be clarified in advance before calling by viewing and downloading the authority for the above. The orders are applicable to all Central Govt employees serving in all departments and ministries under the Govt of India including the defence services.

Wish our very own accounts and other allied establishments could take a cue from the reduction of red-tapism in Ministries under the Govt of India.


Anonymous said...

is travel by other airlines allowed for LTC/NER??

Anonymous said...

Well yes first have the rules which are not reqd to be in first place. and then bring in red tapism or less of red tapism. what a way to prog in 21st century

Anonymous said...

Why should the fauj pay for IAC? IAC charges about 140-150% extra. Why should other airlines not break even. After all they are also hit by the recession.
@ Anonymous Nov 3 10:18
BTW, other airlines also give 50% concessions to fauji's. It may however be a long process requiring you to submit forms (downloadable) at their point of sale. The internet may however, yield tickets for a LESSER PRICE owing to the basic fare (on which concession is given)being changable. Happy confusion.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir
It willl be very useful for all officer if following informations can be provided by CDA to officers by mans of an interactive software or through email.
a Entitlement in case of postings and Ty Duty.
b Other entitlements like telephone allcs,Newspaper allcs,convence allcs,their admissibility in different locations and the process to claim the same.

These measures will help genraly ignorant officer to know and claim their rightful financial benefits.

Another option is that these sort of details can be provided by any experianced officer or any one with knowledge even with some fee to assist officers in prepation of claims.

paddy said...

dear sir,
thanks a lot for this valuable information. found this info on your blog just at the time of need. i had to travel from kochi to lonavla for official purpose, nearest airport being mumbai. IA aircraft is in odd hours which could have forced me to spend a night in mumbai.This stay in mumbai is not reimbursable. rail reservations are full. was wondering what to do. just at that time i got this valuable info from your blog. i made a fax to ministry of civ aviation. they were promt in giving reply in a day. i could finally travel by kingfisher.
Thank you so much for this valuable info. am a regular reader of this blog. i always wonder how do you get to know such info before most of us do? "TRADE SECRETS" i guess ;-). our fauji commmunity owe you for this.

Unknown said...

sir travelling on LTC to port blair. Tickets not available under LTC 80 from Delhi to Port Blair on 19 Dec 09 and from Port Blair to Delhi on 27 Dec 09. Can i travel by other airline.... please reply on rajpreetsingh.atwal@gmail.com



Rajesh said...

Indeed, a really valuable information.

Navinder Narang said...

sir,facing the similr catch22 situation as rajpreet. Trying to get booking done from delhi to port blair on 24 dec and return on30 dec.Forget dec no tickets are available till jan10.What is the remedy??
yash yadav.

arvipat said...

this means permission by fax cannot be taken during weekends (sat, sun) and govt holidays

Anonymous said...

The address of the Officer authorised to give sanction is given below:

Shri SK Chhikara
Under Secretary
Ministry of Civil Aviation
Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan
Safdarjung Airport
New Delhi -110003

He is a very positive person and helpful by nature.

Arc said...

@ Paddy sir or anyone who can help!!
I had traveled by Kingfisher from Nasik to Mumbai as there is no other operator between these too places. Now CDA wants a sanction for this also from Min of Civil Avn (where as the order clearly specifies that travel by other airlines is allowed between places not connected by Air India). Anyways can anyone help me on following issues...
(a) Is there any format in which the approval has to be obtained?
(b) Can an ex post facto sanction be obtained?
(c) Can I send them an application for permission on address posted in above comment by snail mail?
Thanx all.. my email is archishp@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I am in grade pay of Rs.4800/- which is non entilte class in respect of air journey is concerned. As per the latest circular journey by private air line is allowed subject to his entitlement (2nd AC)and claim LTC. As per the TA/LTC Rule the difference is that in LTC no DA is admissible apart from that all the entitlement are same. I hv travel from Mumbai to Jaipur by private Airline on official tour and claimed 2nd AC train fair. our office is not reimbursing the train fare also as i have travelled by private airline. in my opinion if the LTC is allowed by private air line for non entitled class of officials subject to his entitlement the official tour is also be admissible as per his entitlement. please clarfy

Birdie said...

dear Sir
I traveled by purchasing IA ticket from travel agent now CDA has refused the reimbursement. This was my first air travel on TD as there was hardly anytime to buy the ticket at IA counter & there is no counter of auth travel agents in Jaipur. i was not having net connection at that time as i just came on posting.will anyone please let me know if anything can be done.

goyal said...

dear Major
I would like to know regarding approval by ministry of civ aviation that i was having LTC ticket but return journey from delhi to kolkata had to performed by jet airwas flight under arrangement of air india.

My claim has been rejected by cdao pune stating to take approval fro Civil aviation. Pl let me know how should i proceed. Thanks