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Friday, November 27, 2009

The journey continues……

The blog has today clocked Two Million visits.

I try my best to squeeze out some minutes everyday, but when I am unable to do so because of paucity of time from my profession, it is the visitors who ensure that the blog assumes a life of its own, and therefore from the bottom of my heart I thank all readers for making this what it is !.

It is good time to ping you back to the first post on the blog.




DEEPAK said...

Dear Major Navdeep,

Congratulations to you for the 2Million'th hit!! Your blog is an amazing collection of useful info for the men in uniform.Pl continue your efforts.

with best wishes,


Penmil said...

Congrats, Maj Navdeep.May this blog go on and on forever!

BC said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
It's really required sometimes to do the stock taking to know own our ground position so that future planning can be done accordingly.
Maj Navdeep you have taken up a cause, may God help you in your venture.

manav musings said...

Navdeep, I feel that I am one of the early birds on your blog.
In fact you motivated me to start my own blog.
The best thing (although unfortunate) is that you stopped the chat service.
Your is the first site which is opened in the day.
Keep up the good work. Hope to meet you one day

Anonymous said...

Heartiest congratulations Major Navdeep, only thing is that with growing popularity, unfortunately the interactive session has come down considerably, because of your fully justified ban on chatbox.Pl reopen it.Wish you all the best in life.Doctor

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Maj Navdeep for the good work , lot of rumours going around for col in 18 yrs , any truth in that

Anonymous said...

keep it up..buddy

vishno said...

For Anonymous. if there is anything like cols in 18 yrs it will be placed on the blog by Maj Navdeep. I suggest dont take notice of rumours.

ashish said...

i must say. there is nothing as increase in retirement age and also the cols at 18 years.. all rumours...

Anonymous said...


Your blog has helped the armed forces immensely. Now at least most of us know where we stand vis a vis our civilian counter parts. Our rights...how we have been downgraded in the last 60 yrs, smartely with out our knowledge..awareness would only make us to stand and fight.. now we will not loose or can be tricked.

All of us understand that there are no runner ups in a war...

It is difficult to fool us and we would now take it as a challange.

God bless us.....our future generation ... will be much better than us. We can only prey.

I luv my country.

Thanks a lot!

sudhanshu said...

well done ..u have indeed come as a breath of fresh air..information.one need not depend on red tape now for info

Anonymous said...

Major Navdeep,

Thanks a lot for all the efforts put in by u.

the occasion may be just right to update us on the following:-

1) Status of high powered committee set up by govt regarding status of def services vis a vis civ offrs.

2) Effect of non functional upgradation of gp A service officers after 2 yrs of the same for IAS offrs when deputed to Centre.

3) Reason for MSP not being given from 01 Jan 06 (it being already in the form of rk pay for army offrs) while civ offrs have got the arrears for grade pay.

4) Why arrears of non financial upgradation have been accepted by the govt wef 01 jAN 06 EVEN when this proposal has been accepted by the govt subsequent to the 6th cpc. A comparative table showing the financial effect for various ranks of civ offrs of gp A services vis a vis army officers may be given.

4) Why this non functional upgradation be made applicable to army officers.

5) Why CDA (O) can afford to credit DA arrears in the Month of Nov 09 when all of the civ offrs would have got it imdt in the wake of announcements.

Anonymous said...

Great Job Navdeep!!!

BTW the leave encahment limit of 300 days have been made effective for civilian wef 01 Jan 06 vide latest DOPT notification and old case would be opened for additional dues. Would the same can be expected for defence personnel for post 06 retiree including PMR?

Velayudhan said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

Congratsfor hitting 2million Your blog really gives life line to the service pers and may godbless you for the efforts taken to reach needy millions with the latest info.
Please continue the efforts and bash on regardless.

With regards

Harry said...

@ Maj Navdeep


Two Million Thanks (.. and still counting)!!

@ All Aspirants of Col @ 18

The rumour about Col@18 is NOT totally baseless!! Here lies its base :) http://www.sureshmehrotra.com/archive/2009/Sep/30-9-2009.html

Harry said...

@ All Service Bros


Has anybody analysed about the fact that after 20 years, continuing service in Armed Forces is NOT attractive! We keep hearing it from people but if someone has done some kinda study pls share. It will help lotsa people like me who want to quit after 20. This FACT is even more pronounced in view of the following:-

- Pay scale from Lt Col to Maj Gen is same and jump on promotion is measely 3% and even Grade Pay differential is not Substantial.

- One is entitled to full pension after 20 years unlike earlier case of 33(with weightage.)

- Degradation in Mil ranks is a stark reality. Remember now IPS with 14 years service is OFFICIALLY equalivalent to a Brig with identical Grade Pay of 8900 whether you like it or not and the story is same across different ranks! And yes NOBODY looks at WoP so don't make a fool of yourself by quoting Articles out of it. Thus the value of promotion has lost its charm (Don't expect ANTHING out of the so called High powered Committee, it was just an eyewash to buy time and defuse pressure at that time. See NO ONE talks of it now and NO ONE knows its status, let alone the outcome!)

- Even if you achieve the HIGHEST Rank, you still look for some kinda re-employment, even if it is in the form of Gubernatorial assignment!! So why not go early and get settled outside early and not be kicked around every 2-2.5 years. This will ensure stability to your family and children (who are expected to be at crital stage of their academic career at this time.)

PS: These were some points which came to my mind. Am sure there would be many more if someone does/has done some in-depth study.
It would also be possible to compare in terms of money you are expected to earn in both the cases.

Epilogue: Kindly share for the benefit of all!!

Anonymous said...

Issue of authorization of telephone connection at residence needs to be addressed especially in case of officers of services posted in units. There are no clear guidelines and the decisions are taken at the whims of staff officers in Sig and SD Br of Fmn head quarters in a high-handed manner. In case of medical officers the situation is worst as barring a few specialists Medical Officers are neither provided this facility nor permitted to claim re-reimbursement as is allowed by GoI.

BC said...

Dear Harry,
Many thanks for raising the hope for Col at 18. Hope it comes through.
Thanks once again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Harry,

The link which u provided is an old gen. We Havn't heard any thing afterwards from any print or elctronic/web media on the Col@18.

Do u, or any visitor of the blog can throw some light on this issue? Is it still alive?

We heard that IAF has officially clarified that it is nothing but a rumour. However they are also trying to address ways to keep the 18 to 26 yrs PPOs motivated.

Situation is that we have four TS promotions in first 13 yrs and thereafter 5th promotion for most of us after next 13 yrs.

Majority of us have nothing to look forward except for an early retirement with unfullfilled domestic/social responsibilities.

God bless.

Kaps said...

Congrats Maj Navdeep on this fantastic milestone. I hope that you continue with the great work and the traffic to your site remains lively as ever. On a side note, that "parade" to commemorate 26/11 in Mumbai, I did not understand, especially after reading this:


Any bright ideas anyone?

Anonymous said...

issue of tele allce

off course this issue is being handled by the co sigs in very immature way inspite of the fact that sigs at army HQ level has sorted out the case. but co sigs is not ready to give the certificate that they have not provided any tele. just because of one use less tele(army phone)

Anonymous said...

all that rumour about col@18 was started by him only.and when i asked him the source of info mr mehrotra replied he just heard it from some body so no one is sure is it a rumour or a fact

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

Col @ 18

Please kill the issue once and for all. It is a rumour, it always was. No more comments would be moderated on the subject.

paddy said...

BRAVO ZULU. We millitary community owe you....

Anonymous said...

Your Blog has opened our DIMAG KA KHIRKI. We have benefited immensly.Keep the good work on.May God give you more and more strength.
All the best
Col P B

Unknown said...

congratulations sir, you are doing a yeoman service for the def forces ,my best wishes to you sir , may more follow the way shown,

Bala said...

Dear Navdeep

with two million hits u have provided invaluable info to serving / retired servicemen. It also shows the amount of faith we have in you for authentic info, which is a huge burden on you.

keep up the good work and GOD bless


Justin N Christian said...


Anonymous said...

Unfortunate. I refer Navdeep's comment at 28 Nov 07/1723pm. Hope Navdeep is proved wrong.

God Bless.

Unknown said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
I have been following this blog for quite sometime and feel it has more information than any of the services and MoD's websites. You have been a major source of genuine information. I wish you good luck and keep up the good work.

Julian D' Souza

Unknown said...

Dear Navdeep
Just that u should know that u are doing a fab job and u have the gratitude of a million of us for lending a ear.
Wish u Happiness always
and may the hits be in billions in coming years

Ramani said...

a rumour is a rumour is a rumour.
lke u are not supposed to take cognisance of anonymous complaints, so also RUMOURS should be totally ignored.
somebody is stokng the fire unnessarily.
Anyways in todays world, eveything is lopsided and we are not able to
analyse anything properly. the equatons ae changing so fast.

Anonymous said...


Here is a bit of advise as I thought identical to you.

Please remember all that glitters is not gold. While you are correct to mention that Army results in frequent moves and instability for family every 2-2.5 yrs. But please be advised that Corporate life implies working day in and out till 8pm daily with not much of concept of weekends/Sundays.

Having been through 3 leading MNCs I can say with some conviction that there is tremendous tension and even youngsters start greying up/become obese there. That is when one realises that despite the obvious issues that you mention in your mail, they are in fact not such a big deal, when you observe from the other side of the fence.

Many who have left Army may try to mention that it is worth it. I believe most are trying to cover their inappropriate decision. Possibly if one gets superseded then perhaps self esteem factor motivates one to leave.

Not trying to discourage you - but a sincere advise please proceed with caution.....If you have made up your mind, I would say at least go after becoming a Brig / comd and you have a good job in hand.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

It may just be right time to do an analysis of what has been achieved in terms of parity for offrs and other rks of def services since 6 cpc report.

and what has not been achieved.

Harry said...

@ Anonymous at 2.46 pm


Appreciate ur frank and sincere advice! But the point I am making here is, even in Army u slog so much and these days the job of a CO is nothing but "kaanton ka taj"! He is the most harassed guy as the unit Commander and literally responsible for everything. And the amount of workload being piled upon the units by everybody down the chain is so excruciating! And coupled with the shortage of officers in the units, the whole life is nothing short of hellish!

So in any case, u are slogging day in and out without any suitable monetary compensation. Therefore if one if is slogging outside there would adequate remuneration for the hard work.

Also the leave entitlement in Armed Forces is more on paper!

Anyway, thanks so much for sharing the experience from the other side!

Sparkee said...

Dear All,
Recently I came across a mail from a veteran who had served in Navy long time back. I am posting his query here so that he could be provided with necessary help. His email id is jagadish347@yahoo.co.in and his query is "Friends,
I worked in the Indian Navy from Jan 1957 to Sep.1966.My Rank was
Ag.PO(ELR).During my tenure there was Goa China and Pakistan war.
It may amuse you to know that for nearly ten years of meritorious service,I received retirement benefits in three digits.That time there was no gratuity. Does any one know if any pay commission has done anything for ex-sailors
like me, who did not opt for pension service.Regards".

Rajababu said...

Dear Navdeep

Thanks for all the help rendered to the service bretheren for the n th time and keep up the good work.

we all in the services owe u a lot

Naren said...

Dear Maj Navdeep Singh, Sir, please accept my compliments on creation of this blog that accidently I tumbled upon. I am glad to note the great chunk of valuable information you are providing . Sir, keep up the great work.

Dear Navdeep Sir, I did not receive intimation of conveneing of RSMB. After about 2 years, upon scrutinising my pension papers with my bank, I realised, I was getting Disability Pension, despite that fact that, Disability period determined at the time of my release from the services.

Lately, Record Office resumed my Disability Pension, but only effective from the new date of RSMB. Also, the Disability Pension paid during the intervening period was recovered. When I tried to explain the Record Office that I did not receive intimation of convening RSM earlier.

When I made queries as to when was intimated abt RSMB, I was sent a copy of some notation on file that "I was not willing to appear before RSMB." This is absolutely false. When I contestd this, I was told that all previous recrds have been destroyed.

What legal remedy is available to get my lost Disability Pension that has been recovered by the Govt.

Hav KP Pilania said...

Dear Sir, Please clarify that there is a roamer that Govt had agreed to give arrears of Military Service Pay wef 01 Jan 2006. Is it right or wrong.