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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Special recruitment drive for veterans in the CRPF

The central govt has approved a special recruitment drive for ex-servicemen in the CRPF.

Ex-Sepoys can join the force on a contractual basis as Constables while former Naib Subedars and Subedars can join as Sub-Inspectors.

The highlight of the drive is that the physical, domiciliary and educational qualifications for both appointments have been completely waived for such veterans.

There shall be no written or preliminary examination and such interested candidates can simply appear before the special recruitment boards to be held in Jallandhar (Punjab), Allahabad (UP), Bangalore (Karnataka), Hyderabad (AP).

The selected ex-servicemen shall be entitled to draw full military pension alongwith full pay from the CRPF (Appx Rs 12000 for Constable and Rs 18000 for SI).

Readers may render assistance in conveying this important announcement to interested released personnel and also to establishments dealing with the subject.

Complete details can be accessed and downloaded by clicking here.


BC said...

Excellent, Excellent and Excellent. The good old days are comming back. Anything for the officers?

laktho singh said...

what is the scope of officers getting absorbed into pmf /cpo like crpf/cisf.is there any policy of parallel absorbtion of officers to crpf/cisf

nar singh said...

another nail in the coffin? why the contract and that also w/o allces and obviously no second pension since it is only for one year! Looking for cannon fodder in places where CRPF fears to tread?

paddy said...

dear navdeep
thanks a lot for info... there are needy people in my unit of such opputunities.

@ BC and laktho..
if at all you looking for govt job post retirement, then why leave armed force at first place... it makes sense to leave armed forces only if you can place well in corporate world or looking for cool personal life... but why would you want to take CRPF job and settle for less than what you presently have( in terms of entitelements like ration, schools for children, medical, accommodation etc.,)?

@ nar singh

kindly don't be pessimistic. Its a good gesture by home ministry to develop espirit-de-corps between two services who will have to work toghter in disturbed areas. Expertise gained by jawans in their army proffession does not go waste. Moreover, job is on contarct basis and if a jawan is unwilling to continue, he may resign at one month notice. There is no second pension if ex-service man joins a private company either..

laktho singh said...

1. ref to OM N0.14028/3/2008-Estt.(L)Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
[Department of Personnel & Training]New Delhi, the I 6h November, 2009.
2. this is regarding Recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission relating to
encashment of leave in respect of Central Government employees.
3. does this OM has any impact on army persons .pl clarify as i'm not been able to co relate civ leave policy us .

BC said...

@ Dear Paddy
If the comments are not clear to you, request refrain from making guesses.

Anonymous said...

I see that Subedars are still being placed as SI, which is a lower grade pay than they are authorized in the Army (the correct equivalence should be inspector).

Anonymous said...

Col@18 after a brief silence again became a hot topic in services HQ. What is the actual position?

Although IAF had officially clarified that it is rumour. Any one having any info on the topic may kindly share.


Anonymous said...

What has IAF clarified and when regarding the so called 18yrs nonselect rank rumour:to Anonymous at Nov22:only a clarification from Maj Navdeep is authentic, who ofcourse has been maintaining that its a rumour only and that our rank structure should be delinked fron Grade pay vis a vis civilian counterpart.

Colonel DS Hoonjan (Retd) said...

A large crowd of veterans with varying disabilities look forward to some positive news from your blogg. Thanks a lot Navdeep since this information has rekindled the hope.

Unknown said...

leaving one force and joining the other.......

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
Govt has accorded approval for engagement of Ex Servicemen for 100 posts of Sub Inspectors and 2000 posts of Constables in CRPF on Contractual bais for one year. That makes up about two battalions of military trained manpower which is but peanuts. CRPF is primarily an Internal Security Force and more than 200 such battalions have been raised in past few years. The gambit of CPOs as a Central Force is required to be seen in totality and in long time perspective. All CPOs needs to Para-militarised (meaning that their Constbles and officer's training needs to be militarised to impart limited offensive capabilities to them). All CPOs need this capablities so that the Country could meet the Chinese challanges within the Country as also on borders. That is the only way out. Measures such as the one adopted is a knee jurk reaction and adhocism not capable of producing desired results. The only way out is parellel induction of Short Service Officers and Army trained manpower into CPOs after they have put in five to seven years service in the Army. The entire Command structure of the Forces needs to be changed accordingly. The nation and its internal and external security can not be compromised to keep IPS lobby happy. It has already caused sufficient damadge to the vital of theSecurity of the Country. It is expected that Mr Chiddamabaram take some hardcore and realistic decisions rather than wilt down to IPS pressures. I hope some sense prevails.