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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Much needed clarification issued by DoPT on CEA

Fancy names are these days being used for the classes of ‘Nursery’ and ‘Kindergarten’. Some new school chains call them ‘Pre-School’, some ‘Toddler Class’ and so on.

This gave some accountants that extra fodder for their never-ending search for red-tapist impediments. Objections were positioned on the ground that CEA could not be granted for ‘Pre-School’ or any other class and it was only applicable for classes ‘Nursery’ till ‘Twelfth’.

Well, the DoPT has taken notice of this and issued a clarification yesterday that CEA would be granted to Two classes prior to Class-I irrespective of the nomenclature used by schools.

The clarification issued by the DoPT can be accessed by clicking here.


Kaps said...

Every time I read of these impediments raised by our babus, i remember Kanhaiyya Lal in that great movie called "Mother India", mean and corrupt to the core.

Anonymous said...

Thanks , very usefull & much awaited clarification , lot of rumours going around for col in 18 yrs , any truth in that .

Anonymous said...

Major, what is being brought out in your blog is by and large is an advanced info.

Which in any case would be known to all of us after a certain interval.

I would request u to try an attempt to discuss the issues on which final decisions are likely to come in fututre.

This would help us in understanding the visions of our commanders.


Anonymous said...

Whatever clarifications DOPT and Govt might give OUR PCDA (O) Pune clerks say Registeration fee, security fee, pupil fund, building fund and exam & sty fee being charged by the Army School does not fall in the purview of reimbursement as it is not mentioned in the para (e) of Govt of India Ministry of Defence letter dt 25 February 2009. So All the officers sitting at various places have their own interpretations, how to deny the affected offrs their dues. Not only this even the outfit allce which was Rs 6000/ after 7 Years due on Mar 2009 has been reduced to Rs 3000 as the interval has been reduced to three years from the last drawal of outfit allce and their interpretation of last drawal is effective from 1 Sep 2008and not Mar 2002. Hence autometically Last drawal for all and sundry becomes 1 Sep 2008. Nice Logic Don,t Know who is going to clarify this fact.