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Sunday, November 8, 2009

15 years enrolled service is equated with Graduation, and the riders thereon

The Govt of India, in the year 1986, had notified a very important stipulation for defence personnel. If a solider, sailor or air-warrior serves for 15 years in the forces, he is equated with a graduate on the civil side vide this notification of the Govt of India, provided he is a matriculate or holds the Indian Army Special Certificate of Education (or the naval or air force equivalent).

This equation however comes with some riders, which, as persistent queries on the subject show, are not particularly well known amongst the veteran community.

Firstly, 15 years of service in the forces shall be considered equivalent to Graduation only for the purposes of vacancies in ‘Group – C’ appointments. Secondly, this stipulation shall only be applicable to vacancies which do not involve technical expertise and if such vacancies involve work of technical nature, then the competent authority can still recruit such veterans if satisfied that the veteran concerned shall be able to perform such duties after a course of a short duration. Thirdly, an appointing authority may consider the Indian Army Class-I Examination equivalent to Matriculation at his/her discretion.

Another very important stipulation in the ibid notification is that the competent authority can lower the general standards of recruitment for veterans if sufficient number of veterans are not available.


BC said...

If this be the analogy than a person who is allredy a Graduate, should be equated with a post-graduate???
PS: In a lighter sence.

Anonymous said...

Dear Major Navdeep I take this opportunity to convey my heartfelt thanks for helping the Ex Servicemen. I am surprised for your initiative and doing service for ex servicemen in all matters. I wanted the clarification and amendment in Govt Notification which was issued during 1986 which is too old. The clarification and suggestion are as under :-

(a) The equivalent graduation certificate is not accepted by the Tamil Nadu government for Group C and D Post. The notification clearly mentioned only for Group C and D post of Central Government jobs and not for other department.


Anonymous said...


(b) Whether RC and SL cadre officers after retirement, can use these 15 Years enrolled service is equated with graduation to get jobs in PSU/Banks.

(c) If Govt. of India suitably issues the amendment of ibid notification it will help out more retired PBOR as well as retired RC and SL Cadre officers to settle down in civil life.
(d) I am looking forward to your reply and suitable advise in this regard.

Major N Palani (Retd.)
Vellore, Tamil Nadu

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,

Thanks for your persistent effort in spreading awareness amongst all of us.

Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

Hi Navdeep
Can you please offer your comment on contents of this email sent to Gen Kadyan.

Dear Gen Raj Kadyan,
> As the Chairman of the IESM you must be aware that
> recently the CDA vide their Corrigendum Notification has
> notified the disbursing banks to take the actual service
> rendered by the officer WITHOUT taking in
> account the weightage
> factor for calculating the qualifying
> service of the officer for disbursing the pension.
> They have disallowed the weightage of 5 to 7 years for
> pensionary benfits as was the promise to all of us at the
> time of joining the Armed Forces. This effectively means
> that the recovery on the pensions disbursed has been ordered
> defacto. Many of the officers that includes the undersigned
> veteran shall have to repay the pension as recovery.
> This an another cause for our grievance that needs to be
> raised at the appropriate forum.
> Sir, needless to reiterate that this is another issue
> and also a test of our Forum/Organisation' s strength to
> test our commitment to ensure FAIR & EQUITABLE
> deal for one and all.
> I trust that you will take the matter in all seriousness
> and revert back on the issue to ease us. JAI HIND!!
> Regards and respects ,
> Vikramjt Singh
> Wg.Cdr.
> Veteran
> Mob: 91 98763 44226.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@Wingco Vikramjit Singh

No No No
Not at all.

No addl weightage is to be added into the pension signified in the tables floated by CDA since the weightage has already been taken into account in those tables.

For example, if you look at the figure tabulated @ 20 years for a Lt Col, the amount so mentioned is not for 20 years but for 27 years since the weightage of 7 years has already been taken into account while mentioning it in front of 20 years.

I hope this clarifies.

Anonymous said...

6th pay commission has done away with CCA and transport allce is supposed to include CCA element. my question is CCA was allowed during leave including study leave. will tpt allce be given to officers on study leave in the changed circumstances.

Harry said...

@ Annony at 10.19 pm

Sir, CCA has got subsumed into Tpt Allce post 6PC. So now rules for Tpt Allce are applicable for that. In other words Tpt Allce is NOT repeat NOT applicable if leave is for full month and above (so plan your leave smartly) and yes NO Tpt Allce on study leave is applicable!!

Anonymous said...

This to apprise everybody that an mou has been signed between the indian army and ignou which will make all soldiers graduates before the finish of their 12 years of service.A regular graduation degree will be given by ignou and the training received by the jawans right from rect will count towards the award of this graduation degree.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,
We just heared a rumor that Govt is planning to give rank of Col in 18 yrs of service, though there is no confimration from the HQ, do you have some information.
This will be a great loss to defence officer, after all organised Group A Services of Govt of India are not placed 2 year behind the All India Service ( IAS,IPS,IFS) and they get grade pay of 8700 in 13 years and 15 yr respectively. If we are going to get the rank of Col in 18 yrs they we are again at loss even against the Gp A services, forget about IAS.
Do not you think so that It is high time that Indian Military Services should form part of All India Service unlike IAS,IPS IFS even though they are state cadre based however, call All India Services,
Indian Military Services though servie across All Over Indian but are not included in the All Indian Services Act, Though we are part of Central Govt Services but not even given benefit and promotion packatge applicable to Gp A Ser ices.

Anonymous said...

Sir, Jai Hind. Normally serving soldier gets his DO before one year from the date of discharge and also starts exploring opportunities in civil side where he needs to produce this certificate. But I have been informed by my unit orderly romm that you will be issued with this certificate by record office at the time of discharge from service. Is it not too harsh? Kindly, advise AF authorities to be sympathetic towards their outgoing colleague and issue the Graduation equivalent certificate (at least provisional)to eligible outgoing personnel at least one year before discharge.

Anonymous said...

Sir, Jai hind,
An MoU had been signed between IAF and IGNOU in year 2010 and the project given a name "Ahashdeep" inorder to make all soldiers graduates before the finish of their 12 years of service. Online registration for the same was completed in Dec 2011. As per IGNOU approx. 49K air warriors have registered themselves with IGNOU for award of Associate Degree (equivalent to 2 years graduation) and the certificate for the same was suppose to be issued in bu Apr 2012 but nothing has been done till date. IAF authority/IGNOU are not having any input on the same.

Anonymous said...

The equivalent graduation certificate is not accepted by the Chhattisgarh government for Group C and D Post. The notification clearly mentioned only for Group C and D post of Central Government jobs and not for other department.

Sir kindly help us.

Unknown said...

sir, my father is retiring from army next year. he is qualification is intermediate ,he can get the graduation from army

Unknown said...

sir, my brother is retired from army last year. his qualification is intermediate ,he get the special graduationcertificate from army.
pls seggest me

Unknown said...

Is there any "Civil Equivalence Certificate" issued for employment in civil for an Army officers & if yes who issues this certificate.

Unknown said...

Respected Sir, will the graduation certificate issued by army confirms to appear for UP BTC. Please inform me at a.k.shukla012@gmail.com or at 9170909074. I am is an ex-serviceman.

Unknown said...

Jai hind sir. As per vi CPC recommendation if a soilder do 8 years service in a rank, then he would entitled to get grade pay of next rank. Will such shoulder entitle to get cliq/hra as per present rank or as per acp

Unknown said...

Respected Sir,
Those who are search of a job in abroad may need certificate attestation. Where can the Graduation equivalent certificates be sent for attestation. If there is no such facility then the government should consider to help to attest them. Finding a job without certificate attestation is not possible except labour.

Jafar Ali

Vijay Kumar rai said...

Is graduation equated certificate valid for acquiring post graduation courses like mba Pl

OP Ojha said...

Respected sir
Good morning
I am An Ex-sergeant of Indian AirForce. I have completed 19.5 years of service. I have been Invailed out of Of service in Medical category"EEE" Diagnosis Affective disorder Depressives type. The disability with remarks not aggributable nor Aggributable to service. I have discharged from service in 1994December.2. I have applied for Registration with Optometry Council Of of India in January 16.but rejected by OÇI. The Reason I'm not Not 10+2.pleas Advice

Unknown said...

Dear sir, I am retired from Navy on 31 Aug 16. I applied for the IBPS clerk.I don't have any graduation certificate except the graduation equivalent certificate given by navy. They ask for the score percentage of graduation in the form which is mandatory. I filled it 60. Since Navy doesn't give any mark sheet I have nothing to show this.so I seek your suggestions on it ..plz guide me ..regards pradhan,ex po

Unknown said...

sir can we apply for passport with this certificate of matrculation issued by indian army.

Anonymous said...

sir i want to know whether defence graduation equivalent is accepted in haryana or not.