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Friday, May 22, 2009

Retired Lt Colonels can rejoice

Refer to this previous post on this blog (20 May 2009).

Consequent to the placement of Lt Cols and equivalent in Pay Band-4, the revised orders for grant of enhanced pension have been issued by the Ministry of Defence. The full pension of pre-06 Lt Colonels is now Rs 25,700.

Of course, DA @ 22% is admissible in addition to the above mentioned amount as on date.

The complete govt letter / notification can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that LtCol(TS) and (S) will be starting off at the lowest rung in the pension of 25700. It seems they have brought in an old letter of 2008 showing the 5 years and 7 years to differentiate between the TS and S. Why do people have to be so complicated. We just love to tangle ourselves with cobwebs and then try to untangle them. What a shame.

Lt Col G K Mohan Rao said...

As per pay band approved for Lt Col of AMC, AD Corps & RVC the minimum starting salary is Rs54010 and 50% of it will be Rs27005. Are there any further orders expected?. Maj Navdeep may through some light in this regard.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

Col Rao

The orders in vogue are simple.

Pre-06 Lt Cols : 25700. Period.

Post-06 Lt Cols : 50% of emoluments last drawn / 10 months' average, whichever is more beneficial.

Lt Col BS Dhillon (retd) said...

Maj Navdeep thanks a lot for sharing and getting us the info on fast track. God bless u.

Kindly advise me what would be the pension of pre 06 amc/rvc lt col as they were getting higher pension than their counter parts due to additional pay(NPA) which was 25% of basic pay. Will they be getting a pension equivalent to (37400 + 25% of 37400 + 8000 + 6000)/2 = 30375? Instead of 25700 fixed for other lt cols.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Navdeep. The letter of May 21, 2009 I believe is only for post 2006 pensioners and not pre 2006.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous at 8:53PM

Actually there is no mention of "Lt Col.(substantive)"rank in the Para 5.1 of letter of 1998 (http://pcdapension.nic.in/VTHCPCORDERS/commorder2.htm) quoted in the recent orders.It just mentions Lt.Col.(TS) between Major & col rank.


My Dear Major Navdeep,

Thanks a lot for the latest and prompt information regarding notifications of pension for pre 2006 Lt Cols .
May God Almighty bless you with more strength to serve the Armed Forces both serving soldiers and retired veterns. May God bless u.

Unknown said...

The table in the annexure is based on a minimum of 33 years service.( with weightage of 7 and 5 years for S and TS ranks.
Undoubedly this would need to be taken up with Defece tribunal for correcting this stance of the Babus against the very spirit and letter of VI CPC. Navdeep may please offer his comments.

digvijay said...

Dear Navdeep , thanks for the good news

digvijay said...

Dear Navdeep, your comment at 0936 on 22 may.The pention pre 2006 is based on length of service and also whether TS or selective .This is as per the special Instruction as sent by you .Max is at 26 years ,that is 26 + 7 =33, full pention.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Navdeep for the reassuring comment. But why does the letter showing table - 1 retiring pension differentiate between the ltcol(TS) and (S)

Lt Col G K Mohan Rao said...

Minimum pay fixed in PB4 for Lt Col(other than AMC,AD&RVC)is Rs52530, and for AMC,AD& RVC it is Rs54010+NPA(25%). The 50% of above will be Rs26265 and Rs27005(excl NPA) respectively.The present notification of Rs25700 for all is falling short of minimum of 50% and is unjustified and creating confusion. Maj Navdeep what is your comments piease.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@Anony at 10.20

On the very contrary, this letter is only for pre-06 retirees and not for post-06 retirees. Post-06 retirees would get half of their last drawn emoluments as pension.

Anonymous said...

A real good news...
Better late than never...
We may now strive for justful pensions for pre 1-1-06 retirees i.e. based on present rank corresponding to length of actual service rendered ...this will be better than OROP ( based on the rank at the time of retirement)...
Any way ..hope the present orders will be practically executed by P C D A (P) and PDAs very quickly.
Congratulations to all pre 1-1-06 Lt Colonels...

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

Col Rao,

The formula employed by you is not the one which is being used by the govt for any govt service. It is not 50% of the pay fixation in the pay band that is to be taken into consideration but 50% of the min of pay band, that is, 37400.

The pension of 25700 has been absolutely correctly caculated and is as per the instructions of Deptt of Pensions. In fact, retd Addl Secys to GoI are placed at a basic pension of 24700 while our Lt Cols are drawing Rs 1000 more than them.

Anonymous said...

Navdeep @ 7.22

Fifty percent of last emoluments for Post-06...

Navdeep, will this be further reduced for Premature retirement fellows based on length of Service (Esp who retired before 02 Sep 08)??

Or is it Flat 50%??

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

Thanx once again. You are doing a great service for people like us.

Lt Col (Retd) Sandeep Pandit

Ramani said...

DEar Navdeep,
Firstly thanks to you for the timely dissemination of the info.
I only hope that the Banks will now correctly intrepret the instructions.

Unknown said...

I could not see the letter even after clicking 'here'. Could you pl provide the copy of revision of pension in pay band 4 of lt. col.

Colraj said...

In your last blog you had indicated that there may not be any difference between the pension between Lt Col (S) and (TS). Now they had brought in the weightage of 7 years and 5 years to differentiate these two categories.

If our pension is based upon the Existing ranks of Lt Cols - and there are no Lt Col (Ts) at present, then why this difference? Can some one taking up the case with MOD?

Lt Col G R Rajendren

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
Thanks a million for posting the GoI letter sanctioning revised pension for pre-2006 Lt Col retirees.I laud your altruistic and untiring efforts in the service of the serving and retired AF personnel.
Anomalies still do exist.I am sure
that you will continue to keep your guns trained on them.
May God bless and guide you.

Lt Col A N Ramachandran(Retd)

Cdr N S Chauhan(Retd) said...

Thank You and may God Bless you!!!!
I hope that some cheerful news also comes for the PBOR soon.


Dear Major Navdeep,
Thanks a lot for timly and correct information to all of us.
May GOD bless you and your family a very long and happy life.
Lt Col Harish Nagpal

Lt Col BS Dhillon (retd) said...

Maj Navdeep, pls refer my query at 0957 pm on 22 May 09. Kindly clarify.

Thanks and regards

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

Col Dhillon

25700 it is for all except MNS, the letter makes it amply clear.

Anonymous said...

Rank,Qualifying Period of service, addition to qualifying period of service by weightage according to rank, current age,and pre/post 1-1-2006 are the parameters for service pension mapping. for post 1-1-2006 antedate of service if any upto 18 months is added to qualifying period of service but this is not done for pre 1-1-2006 retirees. In any petition for uniformity of situation this ante-date of service period should be considered for pre 2006 retirees too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

Though it is a good news for all Ltcols,but Govt. has taken into account its further implications.Post 2006 LtCols would be entitled pension on last pay drawn,hence a LtCol promoted on 1.1.06 with 13 yrs of service would draw Basic pay Rs 47836 with 20yrs length of service when he becomes eligible to draw full pension as per new rules. And his pension would be 50% of 47836+800 +6000 ie Rs. 30918 which would be much more than pre2006 full Cols, Brigs and even MajGens. Won't this be another great anamoly in fixing pension of Pre2006 Cols, Brigs and MajGens. How can a junior offr with much less service can draw more pension. This makes our case further stronger for OROP>
I request this issue requires to be taken up at appropriate levels rather affected offrs resorting to legal corses. I am sure you will do the needful.


Col MMK Kapila(Retd)

Anonymous said...

Yes,time to rejoice with many thanks to NAVDEEP for doing so much and giving the news so promptly.
Now for greater understanding of the issues:-the differentiation of Lt Col Sel&TS:-
*when there is no such diff in the present equivalent rk of Col Sel& TS,how can it be introduced to past?
*Lt Col rk of post 1996 which was akin to rk of Maj of 13 yrs svc of pre 1996 was all of one cat of TS only.
* The notional co-relation of pay for pension of this rk of officer of 13 yrs svc with pre 1996 Lt Col of 21-26 yrs svc and above has several unresolved issues.
*Sel& TS rks are substantive .one after about 15 yrs and the other after further svc of 6-10yrs(21-25 of total svc.
* The diff weightage factor of 7&5 to this rk has no ratiuonal basis,when even civil services of GOI get 5yrs weightage-resulting in equating mil svc,including all that mil svc during wars of 1948,62,65 &71 of TS rk to civil svc.
*Further differential wt factors of 8,5,7,7,5,3 to Maj,Lt Col(TS),Lt Col (SEL),COL,Brig &Gen does NOT stand the principle of the additional wt for mil svc; perticularly when pension is at 50% of pay after qualifying svc of 20 yrs since 2006,after SCPC.
AHQ,CDA(O),PCDA,CGDA,MOD....etc as complaints/feedback....etc.Despite all that effort, these anomalies are introdeced and remain unresolved for decades.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Navdeep for all your encouraging in puts. Could ypu pl let us know about this. There is a serious anomaly in the May 21, 2009 pre 2006 ltcol pension orders. If there is no difference between TS & S why do we need a table to show the pension to be drawn by any pre 2006 ltcols. It should be same for every body irrespective of the years of service. Ltcol(TS) for pre 2006 offrs was given only on completion and govt gazette published

PeeCee said...

Logic applied by the Govt accountants can be seen in this example calculation:

Full pension now fixed - Rs 25,700

Pre-2006 premature retiree
Name: Lt Col(TS) Gimme More, SC,VSM
Actual service rendered - say 22 years
Pension Entitlement=
(25700 x (22/33)=Rs 17,134

Now apply weightage of 5 for Lt Col (TS); that pushes him to to a pension of Rs 21,028 (22 years) as given in the annexture to the Govt letter. If he was a selection grade, he would have got a weightage of 7, placing him at a scale of Rs 22,585.

Add DA to this at current rates (22%) and reduce the commutation amount,if any. In the above example, assuming Lt Col (TS) Gimme More had commuted 43% of his pension, he should now get about Rs21980 plus per month in the bank.

If you would like a copy of calculator or like to have your entitlement calculated please email: pee_cee_pee@yahoo.com

Ramani said...

you calculation is all skewed.
actual ground service plus weightage is the qualifing service for the pension mentioned in the revised table.
that means fo our exmple the pension for 27.5 years will be 25311.
and not as you calculated.
the Babus at the def ministry must have worked out out umpteen times before releasing it.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

Col Rajendren @3.01 / 23 May 09

There is no difference between the pensions of LT Col SG or TS. Both are 25700. The difference is on account of the difference in weightages applicable prior to 1-1-06.


digvijay said...

@PEE CEE,0646 of 24/05/09, the weitage factor does not apply to premature ,Please do not make statements that are factually incorrect .

Ramani said...

Sorry to correct you but,

weightage factor is very much applicable to premature retirees
also.i am one such case.
Navdeep may please corect me if I am wrong.

PeeCee said...

Sorry Friends,

The intention of my calculation was to present the logic as I saw it and not to annoy anyone.

In essence, it stands to logic that a pre 2006 Lt Col (TS) who served 28 years will earn full pension of Rs25,700 (28 years plus 5 years weightage). Same would be the case for selection grade Lt Col who served 26 years (26 plus 7 years =33 years); and 33 years was the time span in which full pension was earned by pre 2006 retirees. The table seem to corroborate this. Nonetheless, I am not claiming that my logic is a something that is set in stone.

As regards weightage, it is very much aplicable to pre 2006 retirees. In fact, an issue that was raised at that time related to possibility of a Major with weightage of 8 earning more pension than Lt Col (TS) who had a weightage of 5 only. This anamoly was laid to rest by Govt ruling that no Lt Col (TS) would earn a pension less than what he would if he had retired as a Major.

Anonymous said...

Navdeep @ 7:54 AM /24 May

If you see the Annex-II table I of pre-2006 pension orders dated 11 Nov 2008 you find that no distinction has been made w.r.t Lt.Col(S) & Lt. Col(TS).Also 7 years weightage has been taken for all the pre-06 Lt.Cols(full pension at 26 years of qualifying service).
It seems only after granting PB-4,once again they have brought in a distinction been Lt.Col(S) & TS with this order.

Anonymous said...

Refer the Annexure and Table 1- SO for pre 2006 ltcol (TS) veterans will be entitled full pension at 26years AQS to get full pension of 25700. Pre maturees will be AQS + Weigtage of 5 Years. It is not making sense to me.

Anonymous said...


Thanks Navdeep for the continued in put to update the veterans. Yes point made by anony@4.41 makes some sense. I understand that this is already with MOD and formed part of discussions with GoM in the past. I am sure Navdeep will be able to throw some light if any decisions have been taken give us his comments on it and probably this.

kailash said...

dear major navdeep
thanx for the input.... however i am confused. the family pension given in the table is 15420 and your blog say it is 27500. HOW. also talking personally my mother is getting SFP (my father died in Dec 1993). How is it effected now. Can any body in the forum be explicit.
Thanx for the present input.

Anonymous said...

Detailed examination of the ministry letter tells me that LtCol @28 years QS will be entitled to 25700. Now my question to Maj Navdeep is to please clarify does the Qualifying Service is the actual qualifying service or is it AQS+Weightage. If this is clarified I guess those affected veterans will be able to understand where they stand.

PeeCee said...

That's what the catch appears to be.

If you see the Note 1 under the table in Annexure to letter dated 21 May 2009, it says "actual" qualifying service; while the amount columns are weighted.

It stands to reason that if full pension is Rs25700. A Lt COl (TS)with a weightage of 5 would get it only if completed 28 years of actual ground service (without weightage). A selection grade with a weightage of 7 would get full pension if actually served 26 years.

Anonymous said...

Navdeep thanks for regular updates. The case of Ltcol(TS) & (S) pre 2006 is partially put to rest. What about pensions of PBOR. I think since you have done so much for commisssioned officers, An update to help the men we commanded for many years need your attention now. Well the youngest who joined the service while I commanded may have retired by now. They also need to rejoice with 70% pension

Anonymous said...

Let me state:-
QS is ACTUAL service.
WEIGHTAGE IN yrs 7/5 for Sel/TS is added to QS for all types of retirement.
That is so far.
Now the issues to be pursued by one and all (not NAVDEEP ALONE):-
1.For serving the pay (excl MSP) has to be at par with GOI gp A (IAS,IPS....)as per length of svc.their pension at 50% of last pay drawn as applicable to GOI services with provision of full pension at min QS of 20 yrs svc as provided in SCPC for mil svc.

2.For retired (veterans),the pension to be at better than OROP ,ie, same pension as applicable to the length of svc with modifications to revised rks of past Lt,Capt Maj and Lt Col to present Capt,Maj ,Lt Col and Col.

That is -GOAL for all bloggers.To achive,every one has to work/play his part or contribute inputs/feedback to various forums.Keep applying force of pushing,pulling,kicking (if hands are busy with ). You should accept only parity + and nothing less,not even a paisa.That is your legitimate RIGHT.Ofcourse,if you find excess,you have the liberity of donating to indivduals/orgs/Nation.Dont compromise your RIGHT.
Do keep your self fighting FIT and TOUGH to defend the NATION.
Lastly,why do bloggers pose individual Qs of his pay/pension to blog author ? Cont they read and understand the info made available ?that sort of thing would be acceptable from less educated PBORs/widows/...,but not from officers both serving &retired.
with best wishes...annoy

Anonymous said...

There should be an amendment to the heading." Retired Lt Cols (except AMC/RVC/ADC etc) can rejoice". These categories stand to get no benefit.

Unknown said...

CAN SOME ONE ADVISE AS TO WHAT WOULD BE THE STATUS OF PENSION FOR A FAMILY PENSIONER OF A COLONEL getting family pension wef 1988 - whom to contact and with what details - would be really helpful.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anony 6:34. I am an ex AMC retired after 23 years, pre - 2006. I am already drawing a pension of 25515(basic). So the present orders don't benefit me, But I am happy for the other pre 2006 Lt Cols.

Unknown said...

Dear Maj Navdeep:

Your contribution towards disseminating updated pension information to retirees is absolutely praisewoirthy. Thanks and God bless Wg Cdr Krish Aiyar

Anonymous said...

rohit fp 15630 you can see letter on the post pension pcda finally takes on the rockus created by banks

gentle said...

While there may be some reason to rejoice for the retired Lt.Col & Eqvt but one would feel quite dismayed at the plight of the widows of those who died while serving .The pension of this category are classified under differnt names such as special family pension ,enhanced pension etc.Unfortunately this category of pensioners were completely forgotten by NO mention in the report of 6th Pay commission.Their pension was last reviewed by the 5th pay commission which had revised their pension to 60% of the minimum of the revised Pay scale in the case of Special Family Pension . I am not aware of how the other special categories were revised.
"Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches." Unless one is personally affected ,we some how do not relate to a problem of such cases who have been left in the lurch & completely left out to suffer due to the negligence on the part of those responsible to look after the interest of these WIDOWS of once our colleages in uniform.
What is the REDRESSAL of these VICTIMS of INJUSTICE ?
May I request Major Navdeep to look into this ANOMALY to find ways to provide relief to these Ladies ?
Wg Cdr(Retd)

Anonymous said...

hi !
thanks for all the info
great wk being done
Are offrs on study leave auth tpt allce . Now that CCA & TPT allce is combined
my logic CCA should be auth to them. since they are also on duty with NO change in pay & allce

Col Mani said...

My dear Major Navdeep,
Can you kindly throw light on the following?
1.Its regarding the Family pension of Late LT COL Girijan( who died in a helicopter accident while piloting a Lok Sabha speaker , in which they both died)
2.The offr had taken Pre-mature retirement from Army after putting 22years and 2 months &27 days service. Retired WEF 08/09/1999.
3.Date of expiry :03/03/2002
4. how much would be the present family pension? is the question she was asking me. I want to help her with the correct info.
5. would you help me?
Or Can you correct the calculation I made as under:
A. She is entitled to get Rs.22585 + appropriate DR WEF 1/1/2006 to 02/03/2009[completing 7 years period]
B wef 03/03/2009 onwards @ Rs.15420.00 + DR@22% ie Rs.18813.00
Arrears etc. I shall help her to work out, tabulate and give her to approach her PDA for corrections if any.

Kindly veryfy and correct me if I am right/or otherwise.

Thanks a lot
Col Mani

Abhinandan said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

1. Can you kindly clarify what is the Annual Increment in the Pay of Lt Col as per the 6th CPC and consequently help me:
(a) Arrive at my pension as per VIth CPC.
(b) Will any Increments be included to work out the Last Pay Drawn.
(c) What about Change in the following:
(i) Commutation: Will it remain 43% or be increased to 50%?
(11) Gratuity
(iii)Encashment of Leave .

Imp Data:
2. Retirement (PMR)date 15 May 07.
3. Enrollment in Indian Navy 31 August 1983.
4. Commissioned in Indian Army 09 Mar 1990.
5. Lt Col w.e.f. Jan 2004.
6. No break in service.


Unknown said...

Dear Navdeep,
I must congratulate you for this excellent site. I found it while surfing for more details on revision of pension for Pre 2006 pensioners---albeit I took a premature retirement from the AMC.
I have prepared an excell sheet ((modified from an awesome and extremely detailed sheet prepared by Wg Cdr (Med)S Marwah )) and have collected other info concerning pension matters which I am sure will be of use to many of our fellow pensioners

Would like to add my bit .......

As a starter for Lt Col Mohan Rao...the Pay band 4 for AMC starts at Rs 40010/- (See the second table attached to the SAI/2/S/08 dt 11 Oct 08 which refers to AMC / ADC / RVC offrs). Add 8000 as grade pay to get 48010/- . Add 25 % of this as NPA (48010/- + 12002/-) to get 60012/- . Add MSP (6000/-) to get a total of 66012/-. Still with me....... half of this is your revised pension i.e 33006/- FOR 33 YEARS SERVICE. You will have to reduce this for a lesser duration of service. Remember in case of a premature you add 7 yrs to the actual service carried out.

Current orders for serving officers state that NPA will be added to basic for the calculation of DA and pension. Is was taken into consideration for post 96 retirees.

If we are to take into consideration para 5. of the GOI letter to the three Chiefs ( No 17(4)/2008(1)/D(pen/Policy) dt 11 Nov 08 on revision of pension for pre 2006 pensioners which states quote "The consolidation of pension will further be subject to the provision that the CONSOLIDATED pension , IN NO CASE SHALL BE LOWER THAN FIFTY PERCENT OF THE MINIMUM OF THE PAY IN THE PAY BAND PLUS GRADE PAY CORRESPONDING TO THE PRE REVISED SCALE FROM WHICH THE PENSIONER HAD RETIRED / DISCHARGED INCLUDING MILITARY SERVICE PAY (emphasis mine)etc etc " unquote(it includes MSP) . Which means that we are entitled to the same pension an AMC doc retiring now at the lowest of Pay band 4.
Like I mentioned above , I have an excell sheet with the formulae filled in to calculate the pension and arrears thereof wef 01 Jan 06.

Seek advice on how to have this available on this site for the benefit of all affected .

Navdeep... congrats again and will surely join in the dialogues posted on your site.
Arun K Datta

lsc said...

What about pre-96 Lt Col widows. Will they recieve a flat 15420/- or am I mis-reading the Govt letter. Can any one elucidate.

d. sugunakar said...

Dear Navdeep,
Can u help? I am a Lt.Col.AMC retired on 08 Feb, 1992. But I am getting pension of Rs.23781 only as on 0ctober 09 pension.I have put in 24 yrs, 8 months and 21 days of service. I got 60% arrears of pension on 19/09/09 of Rs.58289 only. I am getting my pension through Syndicate Bank Newnallakunta, Hyderabad 600044. Kindly advise me as to how to get my entitled pension and arrears and whom to approach.
Yours sincerely,
Lt Col. Devaraju Sugunakar

d. sugunakar said...

Have orders been issued to pay the pension (of Lt. Col. pre2006) as per PB-4, if so since when?

Thanking you,
yours Sincerly,
Lt. Col. D. Sugunakar

Unknown said...

Hi All,

My father is aggrieved by the a letter issued by Punjab National Bank, Jalandhar wherein they have stated that they have been transferring more pension in my fathers account due to some clerical mistake. I shall be highly obliged if you can please share the calculation/ latest army notification for calculating pension of an Army Officer commissioned in the year June, 1969 and got retired on 31.12.1997; having a qualified service period of 28.5 years as Lt Col (TS). He is also entitled of getting 50% disability Pension.

Thanks and regards
Shamsheer Pal Singh Dhillon