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Monday, May 25, 2009

Execution of ‘non-functional financial upgradation’ with effect from 2006 ordered for all Group-A organised services

The govt has finally issued orders for non-functional financial upgradation for all Organised Group-A Civil Services on 21 May 2009.

With this, whenever an IAS officer gets empanelled at a particular post in the Centre, all other Group-A service officers shall also be moved up to the same pay level after a period of two years from the date of empanelment. The upgradation of other Group-A officers shall not have any functional effect, that is, the upgradation shall only result in a higher pay or grade pay and would not lead to an enhanced status. Such officers shall maintain the status of their functional grade pay. To take an example, if an officer of the IAS of 1999 batch is empanelled as a Deputy Secretary to Govt of India in 2008 (Pay Band-3 / Grade Pay 7600), then all other Organised Group-A civil officers of the 1997 batch shall also be placed in GP 7600 in a non-functional capacity, their functional GP shall remain 6600. With these orders, all organised Group-A civil services are set to move into Pay Band-4 after 16 years of service.

The following is the PB-4 empanelment schedule for the IAS with effect from 2006

1992 batch of the IAS was approved for functional empanelment as Director to Govt of India (PB-4 / GP 8700) in July 2006, hence all other organised Group-A civil services of the 1990 batch would move to PB-4 / GP 8700 on a non-functional basis with effect from July 2006.

1986 batch of the IAS was approved for functional empanelment as Joint Secretary to Govt of India (PB-4 / GP 10000) in October 2006, hence all other organised Group-A civil services of the 1984 batch would move to PB-4 / GP 10000 on a non-functional basis with effect from October 2006.

1975 batch of the IAS was approved for functional empanelment as Additional Secretary to Govt of India (PB-4 / GP 12000) in March 2006, hence all other organised Group-A civil services of the 1973 batch would move to PB-4 / GP 12000 on a non-functional basis with effect from March 2006.

The complete Govt sanction letter can also be viewed by clicking here.


rajesh said...

Pls pardon my ignorance,but how does it affect the armed forces ?I am not clear abt its repurcussions on the armed forces.Can u pls elucidate ?

Girish said...

Dear NAvdeep,

kindly throw some light on the impact of this order on Armd forces and does it effect MES,BRO DRDO,etc as these are part of GP A services..?
Should we not ask for similar appch for Armd forces as well?


Anonymous said...

Please enlighten us, as how this execution of non-functional upgradation affect ARMED Forces.

Anonymous said...

It means that any gazetted offr in any all India service of 1984 batch will start getting a grade pay of 10000/- in PB 4 w.e.f 2006 on a nonfunctional basis since IAS 1986 batch has been so promoted.Those in services of 1984 batch can wait till 2010 to get a Grade Pay of 8700/- since they are nonfunctional and REDUNDANT.

Satish said...

A 1984 batch LtCol remains at a Grade Pay of Rs 8000 till 2010 when after a selection bd around 80percent will come to a Grade Pay Rs 8700 whereas all allied services Cl 1 babus of 1984 vintage whether blind,lame or senile are in Grade Pay of 10000 from 2006.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous!

So MES personnel will reach LtGens grade automatically in 30 years of service?

I dont care whether it is functional or not! It will be used by the Group A services to downrate the Army, you mark my words!

Anonymous said...

Now on similar line at least all officer commissioned in 1975 and 1987 should be made Non Functional Lt Gen and Maj Gen respectively.

We should now fight at least to have parity with Gp A service. A post from Maj Navdeep is requested so that all are aware and a healthy debate be organised in this site.

Maj Navdeep, kindly let ur contacts from armed forces in the corridor of power be made aware of this. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

all that is needed is just one bright person per batch. he will carry his batch single handedly (albeit salary wise) forward irrespective of their competence over time. But since there is a reservation system of caste ,there should be a rider that SC/ST batch mates will get non functional up gradation only with the progression of another ST/ST employee.
The only redeeming aspect is that the entry level examinations are tough, so in general a batch is generally assured of a minimum standard of competence.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,
What is the latest on DACP for doctors in AMC?
What about NPA on MSP, CDA still has not received the required orders?

Sunil said...

Dear Navdeep
How about DACP for AMC officers.
NPA on MSP lrtter has still not reached CDA.
No news about DA from CDA.
Heard that there is a rumour about time scale Col at 20 yrs.

Sunil said...

What about DACP for mdicos?

Anonymous said...

The Armed Forces are also an organised Group A Service, so this will/should also be applicable to them. If they say the Armed forces are different then a case should be taken up to question why the SCPC tried to equate Military Ranks with IPS self styled Badges.
It is now up to the Service Chiefs to decide whether to put their foot down now or crib after retirement.

Anonymous said...

There is a very simple and straight forward way of giving DACP to AMC officers. Only the medical personnel serving with combat units as RMO and his immediate staff be given military ranks. This can be achieved by having SSCO as RMO and his Nursing Assistants from TA. Rest of AMC cadre be merged with CGHS and those required to man the Field Hospital/ Military Hospital be placed temporarily under Army Act on the lines of MES/BRO serving in field.

Vikas said...

The civil service of the Central Government is organised into four groups, viz. Group `A' (which includes all- India Service) Group `B', Group `C' and Group `D'. Such classification broadly corresponds to the rank, status and the degree of the level of responsibility attached to the posts. Group `A' posts carry higher administrative and executive responsibilities and include senior management positions in the ministries/departments and field organisations. The middle and junior levels of Group `A' alongwith Group `B' constitute middle management. Group `C' posts perform supervisory as well as operative tasks and render clerical assistances in ministries and field organisations. Group `D' posts are meant for carrying out routine duties.

Defence Services do not form part of Organised Gp A Services. The Organised Gp A Services are as under:-

1 Indian Audit & Accounts Service
2 Indian Trade Service
3 Indian P&T Accounts & Finance Service.
4 Indian Postal Service
5 Indian Defence Accounts Service
6 Indian Defence Estates Service
7 Indian Foreign Service
8 Indian Civil Accounts Service
9 Indian Custom & Central Excise Service
10 Indian Revenue Service
11 Indian Information Service
12 Indian Railway Accounts Service
13 Indian Railway Personnel Service
14 Indian Railway Traffic Service
15 Railway Protection Force
16 Indian Inspection Service
17 Indian Supply Service
18 Indian Telecommunication Service
19 P&T Building Works Service
20 Border Roads Engg. Service
21 Indian Naval Armament Service
22 Indian Ordnance Factories Service
23 Indian Defence Service of Engineers.
24 Central Power Engineering Service
25 Indian Broadcasting Service (Engg.)
26 Indian Railway Service of Elec. Engg.
27 Indian Railway Service of Engineers
28 Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers
29 Indian Railway Service of Signal & Telecommunication Engineers
30 Indian Railway Stores Service
31 Central Engg. Service (Roads)
32 Central Architects Service (CPWD)
33 Central Elect. & Mech. Engineering Service (CPWD)
34 Central Engg. Service (CPWD)
35 Central Water Engineering Service
36 Indian Ordnance Factories Health Service
37 Central Health Service
38 Border Security Force Health Service
39 Central Reserve Police Health Service
40 I.T.B.P. Health Service
41 Indian Railway Medical Service
42 Indian Company Law Service
43 Defence Aeronautical Quality Assurance Service
44 Defence Quality Assurance Service
45 Defence Research And Development Service
46 Indian Cost Accounts Service
47 Indian Economic Service
48 Border Security Force
49 Central Industrial Security Force
50 Central Reserve Police Force
51 Indo Tibetan Border Police
52 Indian Broadcasting (Programme) Service
53 Central Labour Service
54 Indian Legal Service
55 Geological Survey Of India
56 Indian Meteorological Service
57 Survey of India Group 'A' Service
58 Indian Statistical Service

The order is not applicable to the officers of Defence Services. This was one of the recommendations of 6th CPC and known to (should have) one and all. I wonder why no one in the Defence Services spoke about it earlier.

just said...

hi ..
i dont know why my earlier post was deleted by Maj Navdeep .

I am sure that I didnot use any unparliamentry language. Neither I said something which requires moderation.

Maj Navdeep please allow humble persons like me to express myself.

And thanks a lot to Vikas to inform us about the Organised Group A Services. But would you kindly add the reference to the same and kindly tell us why the Defence Services were not included in the same.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...


Your post was moderated because it gives a wrong impression to tons of non-uniformed readers that Armed Forces are not Group-A.

In fact, the terminology of Gp-A/B/C/D (formerly Class-I/II/III/IV) is not applicable to defence services. This is only applicable to 'civil posts' under the Union. In the services, we have a system of Commissioned (akin to Gp-A), Junior Commissioned (akin to Gp-B) and Non-Commissioned / OR (akin to Gp-C). These categories are reflected in the system of renumeration too.

Even within the services, there is a dichotomy of sorts. To take an example, while a JCO of the Army is considered at par with a Gp-B gazetted officer, his counterpart in the IAF/IN does not hold a commission but a Warrant and in protocol is supposed to rank below a JCO while the pay is similar.

Complicated but we have to live with this. Sorry for not posting your comment but it would have created a wrong impression amongst our civilian readers leading them to believe that our status is lower than what it actually is.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

IN the previous comment, I meant 'remuneration'.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,

Everyone seem to have got their dues except for the re-emp offts.

No news as yet of their pay being revised. Greatful if you have any feedback on the issue.


Anonymous said...

Armed forces will suffer and loose both pay and status and also pension and pensionary benefits after retirement.When will we realise the harm due to linking of pay to rank which the next one after Lt Col is not assured.

Col P B

Lt Col G Kameswara Rao (retd) said...

Copy of The Original OM of 24 april 09 cited in the orders of 21 may 09,copy posted by you, may also be given so that the actual orders on non-functional upgradation can be studied.

JP said...

Hai all.
If you cant beat them, then at least learn from them. If they are giving all the benefits of pay and allowances to all the guys of their respective batch two years after the topper of that course has made the grade, why do we in the army have to humiliate the rest of the batch for so long to give them that.
Is it so difficult or the lot which has made it to the next level does not want others to catch up. What ever it is, we can either join them or keep wringing our hands in envy.

Anonymous said...

At least Col TS at 20/21 should come now. Kindly give an update.

Are the services HQ really keen to give us in 20/21 from 26. Maj Navdeep pls find out from ur contacts and educate us.


hotblogger said...

if the armed forces are equivalent or akin to Group A service, then why exclude them for "non-functional" upgradation etc?

Aditya said...

Dear Navdeep,

Vikas' post at 5.22 PM seems to create the very impression you seem to wish to dispel.

Perhaps you should mark that up for speedy deletion as well.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...


I don't think so. Vikas is right. Defence services are Commissioned / Gp-A scale Gazetted services but they cannot be termed as Group-A organised 'civil' services since civil and defence services are two separate entities under the Govt of India.

Similarly, even the IAS, IPS and Indian Forest Service are not 'Group-A' services. These are All India Services. These are categorised as such since their services can be (are) lent by the GoI to various States all over India and hence they are allotted cadres.

@Col Rao

The letter is already there on the blog.


just said...

Thanks a lot to Maj Navdeep for a reply.
and i sincerely hope that the Defence Services also get a similar 'non-functional financial upgradation' ... that will go a long way to boost the sagging morales.....and bring about sone amount of parity.

Lt Col A N Ramachandran(Retd) said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
It is evident that the bureaucracy dishes out the goodies to themselves very freely and at will.And the political leadership is very accommodating in their case!More like I scratch your back, you scratch my back.The financial benefits accrue to all Gp A services rapidly and the Forces are as usual left in the lerch.Apparently,our wailing is too feeble to be heard in the corridors of power.We have no clout! Period.

Lt Col AN Ramachandran(Retd)

Ashish said...

In that case col (ts ) should be at 17 years of service. Pl somebody take up case now or it will be too late.do not wait for 7Cpc

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep, Pls break ur much awaited silence on col ts at 21. At least write so far what u have gathered on this issue.Many of us are eagerly waiting to hear it from ur pen.



Anonymous said...

Taking all the above discussion into account ,is there a case to reshape our strategy towards rank based pay grades and also is there a rethinking required towards case for one rank one pension.

A lot of home work will be raquired to be done by real experts before putting forward any case to the Govt.


Anonymous said...

Armed forces have to catchup with execution of this financial upgradation Gp-A services wef 2006.We will have to revise our demands to that level.
The pay of officers has to be in accordence with that principle . Ranks can either be delinked for pay progression or reviewed to lower service limits to accomodate that provision.
We should not become rigid/prisioners of rank.
There is no pt in saying that .... is not correct,they are getting better deal...etc.
they get because they ask/demand.
Similarly ,you have to ask/demand and derive by some effort.
Dont expect some one to takeup case for you without any expression/effort by one and all.
Some in the blog said COAS/NAV/SOMEBODY should takeup case. They alone cannot do everything for you when you all are passive.
So, be active,participate,express,speak loudly with clarity,project,demand.... assist those heads/individuals with inputs...etc and derive your legtimate .
If you dont or cannot you dont get/deserve.That is the way things happen in world over.
Height of ignorence is visible from some comments after the blog owner presented (on a plate) the information so promptly,otherwise 99% of us would not have noticed.

Anonymous said...

Atleast nonfunctional rank with appropiate basic and grade pay in line with civilian Gp A officers be given to our officers also.

If this does not happen there would be further dilution of military officers vis a vis their civilian counter parts.

This anomaly need to be addressed immediately.

Chandra said...

what must actually be understood is that what most of the service officers are understanding as comeraderie among civil servants is actually perpetration of injustice to non ias civil services.

all civil servants are selected through teh same exam just like defence officers. while it is true that some toppers opt for ias, it is equally true that services like foreign service, IPS, IRS etc are also chosen by some toppers over ias. promotions in such a scenario should be at the same rate to all services. however, being close to the power centre, the ias has managed to get those "extra" edges when compared to the other group A services.

while promotions should have been the same, now the ias is in a position to do a favour to other group A services by allowing two batches senior officers to claim parity with them. and that too on a non-functional basis.

something akin to saying that an infantry officer should remain atleast two years senior to his armoured colleagues of the same batch.

what is apparent is not always what is true.

and a small correction, maj navdeep; ias, ips and ifs officers are also Group A officers. on top of that they are also all india service officers. other services are called central services.

Anonymous said...

People are shouting about COL(TS)at 21 yrs, little realising that if this NonFunctional order is not implemented for Armed Forces, again we will lose out. The Armed Forces superceded officrs will always be junior to Superceded officers of IAS cadre, as non-empanelled IAS officer will automatically move into Higher Grade pay, coutesey his empanelled batchmate.

GOD said...

I help those who help themselves. Go get it, I'm not gonna give it to you just like that !

http/geoxplorer.blogspot.com/2009 said...

dear navdeep sir,
Ibelong to 1980 batch of organised Groop A Service
Kindly do me a favour by clearifying the following
my present basic is( 28220+ G.P.6600)= 34820
20%HRA =6964
TPT Allowance is 3200+D.A.=3712
What I will get (all above three) after implementation of pay parity with two year junior IAS officers
Thanking you sir. c.k.gautam
Thanking you sir.

Anonymous said...

Atleast nonfunctional rank with appropiate basic and grade pay in line with civilian Gp A officers be given to our officers also.

If this does not happen there would be further dilution of military officers vis a vis their civilian counter parts.

This anomaly need to be addressed immediately

shriniwas meena said...

has there been any case of implementation of the pay parity circular of DOPT? Pl. let me know if any....Or it will remain on paper only....

Anonymous said...

See this:


Anonymous said...

Nonfunctional Financial Upgradation for GP A Officers approved, anything for Defence?

Anonymous said...

we deserve more than any one else. i pray god that non functional upgradation is given to us also along with time scale maj gen rank. this is the minimum i could pray for young genration, GOD give us our due.......

Anonymous said...

NONFUNCTIONAL FINANCIAL UPGRADATION for GP-A Officers, anything for Armed Forces in similar lines?

Anonymous said...


1. DOPT OM No: 35034/3/2008- Estt(d) dated 19/05/09.
2. RBE No: 101/2009 (no.pc-v/2009/acp/2) dated 10/06/09.
3. PBC No: 112/2009 (no. p(pc)524-pc/voliv) dated 18/06/09.

...."All cadres including Group A (excluding organized Gr.A services) are eligible for grant of MACP. (Para 3). The financial upgradation under the MACPS would be admissible up to the highest grade pay of 12,000 in PB-4. (Para 3 of Annexure).The pay shall be raised by 3% of the total pay in the pay band and the grade pay drawn before such upgradation


Maj Navdeep pl throw some light...MACP for PBOR is implemented though...

Anonymous said...

Any update on NONFUNCTIONAL FINANCIAL upgradation for Armed Forces Officers?

Anonymous said...

YES the Non Functional Financial Upgradation has been implemented for Gp A officers, Good Show, see the link:


Department of Personnel and Training (DOP&T), has circulated the details of IAS Officers who have been posted in the Centre in the various grades and their date of posting of the fist officer belonging each batch. The DOPT has desired that higher scale for Officers belonging to batches of organised group A Services, that are senior by two years, and not yet promoted to that particular grade may be granted as per the OM dated 24.04.2009.

For further details, download O.M.No.14017/64/2006-Estt (RR) dated 04.01.2011.

NO. AB.14017/64/2008-Estt.(RR)
Government of lndia
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and pensions
Department of Personnel and Training
New Delhi, the January, 2011
Office Memorandum
Subject:- Non-Functional upgradation for Officers of Organized
Group 'A' Services in PB-3 and PB-4
A reference is invited to this Department OM of even No. dated
24.04.09 on the above subject. The details of batch of the officers
belonging to the Indian Administrative Service who have been posted at
the Centre in the various grades of PB-3 and PB4 w.e.f. 01.01.2006
was last circulated in this Department OM of even No. dated
2. The details of the IAS officers who have been subsequently
posted in the Centre in the various grades as well as the date of posting
of the first officer belonging to the batch is annexed. Necessary action
may be taken for grant of higher scale for the Officers belonging to
batches of Organized Group A Services that are senior by two year or
more and have not so far been promoted to that particular grade in
accordance with the provisions of this Department OM of even number
dated 24.4.2009.
3. Hindi version will follow.
4 ~ - (Smita Kumar)
Director (Estt. I)
1. All MinistrieslDepartments of Government of lndia
2. The President's Secretariat, New Delhi.
3. The Vice-President's Secretariat, New Delhi
4. The Prime Minister's Office, New Delhi.
5. The Cabinet Secretariat, New Delhi.
6. The Comptroller and Auditor General of lndia, New Delhi.
7. The Union Public Service Commission, New Delhi

Anonymous said...

Hope something of similar nature, like NonFunctional Financial Upgradation is in the anvil for Armed Forces Officers.

Anonymous said...

what is the NFU rule if you switch from one service to another after technical resignation ? (both services covered under NFU)

sunny said...

Its better that AFs Sr offrs dont try to reinvent the wheel, but simply take the clue from the IAS to benefit the superseded offrs or everyone will be at disadvantage.....