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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Raksha Mantri assures sympathetic and prioritised consideration of remaining anomalies (and HAG+ to Lt Gens may soon see light of the day)

Mr Rajeev Chandrasekhar, MP, who incidentally happens to be the son of a retired Air Commodore, has been taking keen interest on the resolution of 6th CPC anomalies. He had been following up the issue with the Raksha Mantri who has sent out a signal in the affirmative.

The Raksha Mantri has informed Mr Chandrasekhar that the Govt has already decided on restoration of higher pensionary weightage to Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR) and grant of Pay Band-4 to Lt Colonels and equivalent. It has also been stated by Mr Anthony that the issue of grant of HAG+ to ‘some’ Lt Generals was under consideration. The Raksha Mantri has also assured that all issues concerning the Armed Forces would be dealt with sympathetically and on priority.

There are also indications that a percentage of Lt Generals may get placed in HAG+ even before the setting up of the High Power Committee. Though everyone seems to be referring to it in the official circles, the modalities still remain a mystery of the much talked about grant of higher pensionary weightage to PBOR. When there were separate scales for each rank during the 5th CPC era, the pension of PBOR was fixed by taking into consideration the higher end of the scale, however now after the 6th CPC the lower end of the pay band is taken into account for calculation. Probably, to enhance the pensionary benefits to PBOR, the govt may just take the earlier higher end of the scale as a reference point for fixation of pension in the new pay band. But this is just a conjecture at the moment since nothing is known of what is in store as of now.


Raghubir said...

Mind your language RM. No man who has ever served in the armed forces wish his demands to be considered sympathetically. Examine the demands on merit & on touch stone of equity, justice and relativity. Now when the term of the government is coming to an end & the party in power has backed out from the OROP, what use is endless examination of PB-4 or HAG sympathetically or not? First you haul up the CoS who has created all this nuisance by introducing more anomalies going beyond their brief- putting the government to much shame.

sudhanshu said...

we are the only people in the country who are not getting their pay b-pb4 since september/jan..it takes three months to put down a few sigantures

Anonymous said...

You got to do something to these guys who are delaying the process,why it is taking so much time when in principle at least two of the blunders have been sorted out at the RM's level .We are weak service & that is why this treatment .We talk too much & no guts & action

Anonymous said...

Sympathy! thats all in store for this 'fauj' of ours.

You will get your dues as the baboos are gonna display some 'sympathy' and not because its just.

selvaraj veeraswamy said...

Dear Navdeep Why sympathetic, while civilians in S24 has been placed in PB4 with GP 8700.We do not want sympathy but respect for the services we render even risking our life will any INDIAN politician understand this.

Anonymous said...

My dear fellow faujis,,,,,,
I am shocked to see that how naive we all can get!!!!!!!!The govt will support ur demand only if you seem important to them.that happens only when we all vote.we are 1.1 million in number and with ex servicemen,we would make much more in numbers.BUT ALL WE DO IS TO CRY OUT THIS BLOG.how many of us have done somnething to get our selves regisetered as voters?Navy has done something in this regard,but what abt army and air force?we look at voting as a "non OLQ"thing to do.and hence we are treated like this.

See the unity among all of us.See ex-servicemen,there are two organisations that does not see eye to eye.How many ex-servicemen are joining the struggle for OROP?only a few,while the others go about their lives as usual and would reap benefits if OROP comes thru.

Where's the camaraderie that we are supposed to exhibit?we do nothing to imporve out situation and then we cry out loud........TIME FOR ALL OF US TO STAND UP AND BE COUNTED

i felt said...

In the corridors of power one word which is often heard and used by babus is "political will".A very important factor for any case to be taken up by treasury benches or opposition.no one will bother for u if u dont matter for them politically.Only way u matter for them politically today is because of izzat u still command in the eyes of people as u r totally apolitical.So this is actually your strength.Today's scenareio is not because u don't vote.It is because you don't do your home work before the pay commission.The service officers who were with the 5th pay commission were not available or were not put for the 6th pay commission job.Let us put our own house in order.The various organisations had put their proposals on the web site .In our case this was not the case and many would not know what our hand full officers thought about it.Why blame RM today.There should be transperancy in this case at least.Why this process should be shrouded in secracy .what for ? for causing delay? or for blaming babus or politicians?

Rajababu said...

Dear all stop bragging on the blog and do something like Navdeep when ur still wearing Uniform for u to be counted.

I bet that most people in Hotshot appts will not even bother to give PB4 a second look as they are assured of their promotions(some career graphs are already made/structured in initial stages). All they look forward is their next appts/plum postings. I'm sorry to say that in the services u need to have a vision but the vision should not be restricted to personal gratis. Thats the reason we are in such a mess both on the welfare and combat fronts.

So the leftovers can keep cribbing and nothing happens as the services are a divided house(Haves and Havenots.

Anonymous said...

you mean the high power commitee is yet to be set up?.If the HPC(assuming are made up of ministers) do not make it in this election then what?. Kaput??or is this one way of ensuring their stay in office.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

Anony @ 1705

The HPC would comprise of military officers and bureaucrats and not the political executive.

Hope this puts your fear to rest :-)

Anonymous said...

Heights of Discipline
We waiting patiently for the scraps of sympathy to be thrown to us from the banquet tables of the babus.

IndianACE said...

I foresee that the soft gloves and the 'sympathy' with which the government and its acolytes have been treating the AF in recent few days, will immediately give way to extreme hardening, once the elections are over.

It is clear that the ruling politicos must have instructed the bureaucrats to back off- in order to avoid an election time issue, but post elections, and whichever party may come to power, the babus will do their utmost to grind the AF to dust.

Some josh types may scoff here and now, but the inability of the AFs to stand up together and be counted- in the only legal way available to us must have surely emboldened the IAS to turn the screws further.

Because you did not care to get yourself registered to vote and then vote strategically

And did you say that you were looking up to the brasspots to tell you?- God!!

You may find that the PB-4 issue was just starters.

-forget it :-|

Anonymous said...

Armed Forces are the only services where engineers with 26/27 years of service, after their B Tech from universities outside, are waiting to be put in PB4. In other Civil services like DRDO, PSUs, ISRO , CSIR etc , the Pay band PB4 is given after 13/14 years of service. In this scenario, how can Armed Forces motivate young engineers to join services after their engineering graduation?. Only time will tell the consequences of these policies or lack of policies in our Armed Forces.

Anonymous said...

Anno@30.3.2009 7.59 PM Dear blogger, Army engineers get Lt Col in 11 years after entering with B tech and Lt Col are in PB4. How come 26/27 years officers with B tech are in PB3 in Army?. Earlier also the Army scale were better than DRDO/ISRO etc as Col scale was in 16 years. I hope yours is an incorrect statement?.

Anonymous said...

things will take shape only when individals stand and add to the count.
DO STANDUP AND SHOUT -count me also.

these consederations,sym,comm,cos ,gom .... for decades mean delay,defer,forget and get cheated.

Anonymous said...

Lt Cols are still getting PB-3 as on 31 March 2009.
When will Lt Cols actually start getting PB-4?
Civilians were given 6th Pay Commission new pay scales on 30 Sep 2009 itself.
The financial year is already over. I hope the CDA does not delay further.

Beniwal said...

An army full page ad in Delhi HT paper 05/4/09 for 10+2 Tech entry, para 9 states Lt-LtCol(PB3).It seems army/cda have not yet got orders to place Ltcol in PB-4. Just keep hoping and always remember, its Babus(govt) who have to issue orders for faujis(govt.servants)

Anonymous said...

Dear readers, I have taken retirement on my own request after servicing for 11.6 years in Indian Air Force. I got the facility of CSD only. Am I eligible for treatment in MH for me and my family. Also please let me know if I can get age relaxation for civil post. Thanks in advance