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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Warning: Misleading email floating around!

Please be warned that there is a confusing email doing the rounds, purportedly authored by me and referring to the rank pay case.

The same is just a copy and paste job of an old blogpost of last year, dated 04 September 2012, when the said judgement was rendered by the Supreme Court, and which can be accessed by clicking here.

Somebody has knowingly or unknowingly edited the date to read as 04 September 2013 and has just floated it around.

Please ignore it. It is old news of last year.

I also do not understand why and how people fall prey to such pranks. Don’t we all know that the judgment was pronounced by the Court last year?



Ramani said...

Really confusing.
When I first read it I smelt a Rat as the aricle talks of different "interest periods" whereas the PCDAO has already paid almost all affected officers.
Now it is up to the PCDA Pensions to complete the job.
Hope nobody will confuse this issue.

Anonymous said...

Yes Navdeep, I also got that mail but was quick to realise the error and point it out to the person who had fwd it.

I suppose it helps to be a regular visitor to your blog!

sl said...

E_mail hoaxes are a menace. Even evolved societies are feeling the bad effects.

However, simply ignoring this manner of silliness may not be the solution. By now, savvy net users have learnt what steps to take.

manu69 said...

1. we have celebrated the Silver Jubilee in denial of our dues. we have also celebrated the anniversary in denial of our dues even after the Hon'ble courts dismissing the repeated appeals by the UOI.

2. Now the Babudom wants the court to do the job of the Babus by giving specific directions for the fiasco created by the babus and the areas of doubts (as has been brought out in the RTI info obtained by Air Marshal SY Savur in his blog http://sharad10525.blogspot.in/

3. Even a layman would understand the implications of the Hon'ble SC order stating that rank pay to be restored wef 1/1/86. The babus also have admitted in the addl affidavit that the pay fixation in 4th , 5th and 6th cpc needs to be revised.

4. But they are now trying to say that they have been " Lakir ka Fakir" in implementing the court orders.

5. Do they expect 40000 plus cases to be filed for their fiasco in the 5th CPC and an addl 40000 plus cases for the 6th CPC.

6. For the sake of discussion only I would like to bring out the following aspects:-

7. I was commissioned in Dec 86. Arrears of 4th CPC if integrated pay scale revised would be approx 15000 upto Dec 95, (which is now being denied by the UOI according to its interpretation.)

8. On a worst case assumption I take it that the UOI wins the contempt petition and the Hon'ble court agrees to the UOI in the implementation carried out. Will cases for impugned implementation in 5th CPC and 6th CPC not be upheld by the court? Agreed that there will be financial loss to col/Brig. But atleast the present grade pays and fixation in 6th CPC will be restored. The pensions of pre 2006 offrs will also undergo further revision.

9. The anomaly of pre AVS major who formed the bulk of offrs retiring will also have to be included for revision of pension as per yrs of service on retirement. OROP in this case will be detrimental to pre AVS offrs.


Respected Sir,

In Army Postal Service three type of Army Persons are serving like Regular (They are enrolled through Army they are getting MSP). Non-Regulars pers (They are coming from Department of posts on deputation and they are not getting MSP).APS Officers who are promoted/ Temprory commissioned from Warrant Officers/JCOs (They are also coming from Department of posts on deputation and they are getting MSP).

In Army Postal Service Non-Regular Persons are serving in all Ranks like Sepoy, Nk, Warrant Officer, Nb Sub, Sub, (PBOR Ranks) Capt, Maj, Lt Col, Col, Brig (Officer Ranks) and etc (All officers have come from civil). Somebodies are IPS Officer (IC) most of them Temproray commissioned officer (TC) they are commissioned from Warrant Officer Rank (Civil Department of Posts Rank is PA) & Nb Sub (Civil Department of Post Rank is Inspector of Posts (IPO)) .

If PBOR persons are Non Regular Person and they are not authorised MSP . How APS officers can become a Regular Persons and they are authorised MSP. Officers have also come from Civil Department of Posts on deputation.

(i) Officers have option to draw Civil Pay Band otherwise Army Pay Band.
Officers is getting Military Service Pay (MSP)

(ii) PBOR are only allowed to draw Civil Pay Band. They have no option like Officers pay option.
Military Service Pay is not given to PBOR.

1. I am asking that APS Officers & PBOR both have come from Civil Department of Posts on deputation whereas APS Officers are authorised MSP and PBOR are not authorised MSP . Why?

2. I am asking that Officers have option to draw their pay from Civil Pay Band otherwise Army Pay Band. Why this option is not given to PBOR persons.

Thanking You Sir
Yours faithfully
V Maharajan

Rajee said...

Reference to the Post of Shri V Maharajan, dated Sep 12, 2013 :-
1. the PBORs of non-regular in APS viz., deputation from civil Postal department of the ranks :-
(a) Sep/Nk having lien in civil
as Gr-D/ED/Postman,
(b) the WOs are having lien in
civil as clerks and
(c) the JCOs having lien in
civil as IPOs/ASPs etc or
Trade Test from APS
are not paid MSP, instead they
draw some percentage of amt as
2. And, whereas the persons
elevated to Officers Rank from
WO/JCO (after passing Civil
Deptl Exam IPO/JAO) opt for
Army Scale of Pay according to
the Rank they hold and that is
why they are eligible for MSP.
3. As far as the case of IPoS
(Direct Officers of Civil P & T
thro’ UPSC exam)deputed, they
are placed into ranks of Maj/
Col/Brig/MajGenl Equivalent to
SSPs/DPS/PMG/CPMG etc of the
Civil Postal side. Note they
are also not paid the MSP if
opted civil pay with deputation
allowance, I think. Also, it
may be the policy of Govt.
that two allowances viz., MSP
and Deputation Allce, cannot be
granted for similar job nature
at a time.
4. Normally WOs/JCOs wont go for
Army Pay Scales, because that
is much lesser comparing to
their Civil Pay structure for
SPs Etc. A JCO’s pay is lesser
than that of an IPO Postal.