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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Seventh Central Pay Commission (7th CPC) announced

The Seventh Central Pay Commission has been approved.

This time, the pay commission has been constituted three years earlier than due, of course due to obvious reasons.

The pay commission shall have effect from 01 Jan 2016.

Whether a separate pay commission for the defence services would be beneficial or not has been discussed threadbare in this earlier blogpost of 06 April 2013.

Thank You.


PBOR said...

As I have been saying here, nothing can be worst to AFs than a separate and independent pay commission. Reason in a single line.

“coz no one on this earth can compete we faujis in self destruction”


Now that the new PC(PCs)are constituted, the fate of spate of court case seems to come to an END.
They may to to stall all anomalies/payments further, till 1/1/2016.

Anonymous said...

with the paucity of officers in the indian army, one officer is doing more than 4-5 appointments. Should that not be considered in the pay scale. Appointment pay should be included in the pay and one should get multiple of appointment pay if he/she is being forced to attend more than one portfolio.

Anonymous said...

To those doubting the usefulness of the Separate Pay Commssion, here is a paragraph from DS Nakara Vs UoI:-

"The last submission, the absence of precedent need not deter us for a moment. Every new norm of socio economic justice, every new measure of social justice commenced for the first time at some point of history. If at that time it is rejected as being without a precedent, the law as an instrument of social engineering would have long since been dead and no tears would have been shed. To be pragmatic is not to be unconstitutional. In its onward march, law as an institution ushers in socio-economic justice. In fact, social security in old age commended itself in earlier stages as a moral concept but in course of time it acquired legal contention. The rules of natural justice owed their origin to ethical and moral code. Is there any doubt that they have become the integral and inseparable parts of rule of law of which any civilised society is proud? Can anyone be bold enough to assert that ethics and morality are outside the field of legal formulations? Socio-economic justice stems from the concept of social morality coupled with abhorrence for economic exploitation. And the advancing society converts in course of time moral or ethical code into enforceable legal formulations. Over-emphasis on precedent furnishes an insurmountable road-block to the onward march towards promised millennium. An overdose of precedents is the bane of our system which is slowly getting stagnant, stratified, and atrophied. Therefore absence of a precedent on this point need not deter us at all. We are all the more happy for the chance of scribbling on a clean slate."

So let us do justice to Armed Forces - Serving and Veterans

Anonymous said...

@WG Cdr Sundaresan Sir ji,

Well, this is not the time to spread the negativity. Rather it should be projected and ensured that the anomalies are rectified and implemented in a time bound manner say within a maximum of three months to ensure that correct & logical inputs are given to next pay commission.

it is time to step up the pressure Sir...in that direction,

rajaraman said...

That will be too greedy and too much to expect from this Govt, Anonymous@4.46 . Even, If the govt pays correctly for just one appointment correctly & justifiably and without any bias, it should be more than adequate.

Raxas said...

God help us if there is a Seperate Pay Commission. Faujiyon ko Military Service Pay khoon se chukana hoga aur phir bhi bhookey marenge. Veterans ke tan pe kapde bhi utar jayenge. Of course, if Faujis are given the same pay as what equivalent Civilians were getting prior to the IVth Pay Commission, it is merely a Mathematical exercise which can be completed in days. i hope that we just take equivalence instead of "we are different" approach. And take care of our soldiers and veterans. Everyone knows about Officers but what about our soldiers?

PBOR said...

i hate those refer to others thoughts (Articles, writing, editing, etc etc)dear sirs we need to your views the original ones. Kitabein hum kabhi bhi padh lenge

Wg Cdr Anil Kumar said...

No seperate pay commossion wil help faujis

Anonymous said...

dear sir,
why we are running after the separate pay commission for the AFs.Instead we should raise our demands strongly with the 7th CPC and get sanctioned them. But please do not devide the defence forces for personal interest otherwise dream of chair.
capt (retd) Gs Bawa

Anonymous said...

Nothing about Separate Pay Commission for Armed Forces. Please see PIB release below: -

Ministry of Finance

FM: Prime Minister Approves the Constitution of Seventh Central Pay Commission; Recommendations are Likely to be implemented with effect from 1st January, 2016

New Delhi : September 25,2013

The Finance Minister Shri P.Chidambaram in a statement said here today that the Prime Minister has approved the constitution of the Seventh Central Pay Commission.

The fourth, fifth and sixth Central Pay Commissions’ recommendations were implemented as follows:

4th CPC 1.1.1986

5th CPC 1.1.1996

6th CPC 1.1.2006

The average time taken by a Pay Commission to submit its recommendations has been about two years. Accordingly, allowing about two years for the 7th CPC to submit its report, the recommendations are likely to be implemented with effect from 1.1.2016.

The names of the Chairperson and members as well as the terms of reference (ToR) of the 7th Pay Commission will be finalised and announced shortly after consultation with major stakeholders.


GaviniVN said...

Please peruse the HSC observations given below:=

Form separate Pay Commission for armed forces: SC to govt(Source - Indian Express- 08 Sep 10)

Slamming the Centre for making army personnel run from pillar to post on their salary disputes, the Supreme Court today directed the government to examine the idea of setting up a separate Pay Commission for both serving and retired personnel of the armed forces. A Bench of Justices Markandeya Katju and T S Thakur, asked Attorney General G E Vahanvati and Solicitor General Gopal Subramanium to seek instructions from the government as to whether it was open to the idea of a separate pay commission that could be headed by a retired Chief Justice of India or a judge of the Supreme Court.

"The day the soldiers are forced to fight for their salaries, it would be a sad day for the country," the Bench said quoting Chanakya's advise to Emperor Chandragupta Maurya. The apex court said the sane advise of Chanakya was valid even today and it was unfortunate that army personnel are forced to knock the doors of the court for rectifying their salary anomalies. "Army people are a disciplined lot. They cannot go on agitation like others. They should not be forced to fight for their salaries, it is not good for the country.

"It is very unfortunate that today many army people are unhappy. I know thousands of army personnel returning their medals in protest. There was an instance when a senior officer frustrated with the government's approach, even burnt his artificial limb as a protest. Why do you allow such things?" the Bench said. The apex court made the remarks while dealing with a petition filed by certain serving and retired army officers challenging the reported refusal of the government to accord them enhanced "rank pay" as recommended by the Fifth Pay Commission. Counsel Kailash Chand and Ramesh K Haritash appeared for the army personnel.

Though Solicitor General Gopal Subramanium tried to make his submission, the Bench pointed out that in recent years a number of armed forces personnel were moving the courts to get their salary grievances addressed. "The present Pay Commission for them is headed by bureaucrats. They may not be able to understand their problems. It is a burning issue. Why don't you allow them to let their steam out by appointing a Commission instead of making them move from pillar to post. You can appoint a retired Chief Justice of India or a retired Suprem Court judge," the Bench said.

Responding to the suggestion Subramanium said he would seek instructions from the Government on the court's suggestion for a separate Commission within four weeks. Accordingly, the apex court recorded the undertaking and posted the matter for further hearing to October 18.
The Army Navy and the Air Force can send members (a senior officer each (Air Force has Accts & Adm branch specialists)with reps of IESM, RDOA, Sainik Wel Dte Punjab, PCDA(O)/PCDA/Dy CDA/CGDA reps, Maj Navdeep Singh, Adv) to the committee headed by one of the SC Judge gave above ruling(serving/Retd)with DOPT Secy as convenor.

We would definitely get good recommendations.

Anonymous said...

A separate pay commission or not, what is the guarantee that whatever is decided will be implemented, within a timeline? Apropos, the issues pending from the 6th pay commission! Is it time for the faujis to get together and show a united stance in voting out the political masters who shelter their Babus from coming up with ingenious ideas on how to scuttle the benefits from being passed on to the faujis... whether the NFU or the Time Scale promotions, et al!

DS Ramakrishna said...

@Dear All, with due respect to the thoughts/comments of you all, whether a separate PC for fauj or not !! By any mechanism if services can manage to regain the pre 1973 equation/status of pay, allowances and pension of AF Personnel/Veterans verses Civilian Employees, should be reasonably win win situation for we all. Such an unprecedented early announcement is the per-election carrot of sinking UPA II. Out come of 7 th CPC shall be similar to that of 6 th CPC, i.e. 'Awakatse Se Jada' for PB4 and above walas and proportionately negligible to all others (PB3 and below walas). Any way no harm hoping for the best, if change of guard takes place in 16 th Lok Sabha.

Imayan said...

Those ECOs /SSCOs who were released from Armed Forces received an unfair treatment from successive Pay Commissions.
How do we join togeteher and put forward our case now to the 7th CPC / 1st Armed Forces CPC

Dhoop said...

@WG.CDR.V.SUNDARESAN(RETD):"..the fate of spate of court case seems to come to an END.."; Did the IV CPC rank pay case come to an END with announcement of V CPC or VI CPC?

What exactly is your point?

Unknown said...

we shall be optimistic and not.......
Separate and ind.Pay commission for AF does mean "AF will have degraded and not comparable with other services."Basically now it a time for commission and Faujis to act systematically effectively with full power to acheive the desired result.What is needed is proper not a biased penal for pay commission.

Anonymous said...

Dear all, with due respect to the opinion of u all, separate PC or not, if services manage to attain status, pay and pension norms of pre 1973 level of Services verses Civ, we shall have regained our glory/ entitlements. As usual out come of 7th CPC could be, " Umid Se Jada " for all those PB4 and above walas and very marginal for PB3 and below walas. This unwritten law benefits Members of CPC and class/group they represent (IAS/IPS/Gp A Allied Services and Senior-Flag Rank lot of Armed Forces. Good Luck and God Bless those not belonging to the category mentioned herein.

Anonymous said...

The only way you can get some kind of psuedo parity with civil servcies is if our Senior Officdrs at General Ranks start working for lower ranks. De Link promotion and grade pay to rank, rather to number of years of service. Those who get rank should be happy with privilegaes of rank and should not debar those not selected from time scale promotion within two years of missing board.
Our Chief should sit together and coerce Govt Of India to Re designeate Armed Forces as Indian Defenc Service or IDS and this services should be part of All Indian Service Act like IAS, IPS and Indian Forest Services. Because defence services are true All Indian Service.


Constitution of India Says
310. (1) Except as expressly provided by this every person who is a member of a defence service or of a civil service of the Union or of anall-India service or holds any post connected with defence or any civil post under the Union holds office during the pleasure of the President, and every person who is a member of a civil service of a State or holds any civil post under a State holds office during the pleasure of the Governor 3*** of the State.

ARTICLE 312 further elaborates that
312. (1) Notwithstanding anything in 1[Chapter VI of Part VI or Part XI], if the Council of States has declared by resolution supported by not less than two-thirds of the members present and voting that it is necessary or expedient in the national interest so to do, Parliament may by law provide for the creation of one or more all India services 2[(including an all-India judicial service)] common to the Union and the States, and, subject to the other provisions of this Chapter, regulate the recruitment, and the conditions of service of persons appointed, to any such service.

(2) The services known at the commencement of this Constitution as the Indian Administrative Service and the Indian Police Service shall be deemed to be services created by Parliament under this article.

Under the provisions of These Articles Govt can creat any service as All India Service. Inclusion of these services in All India Services Act will ensure that all pay and perks of Defence servies are not below that of Civil Servies. The endeavor of Chief of Staff committee should be to cox the Govt to Include the Defence Services As All india Service Act by special ordinance or by 7th Pay commission. I hope the woes of defense services will be addressed and these services will get their right full place in the indian society. I hope after that MoD will stop treating Indian Defence Services as Enemy services amply shown by their behavior in various issues raised during time to time.

Raxas said...

With the letter by the Chairman COSC that there should be no separate Pay Commission for Armed Forces, the matter should come to a rest. After all, the Govt has always met Fauji demands (Running Pay Scale in the IV Pay Commission, removal of Major SG, II Lieut Rank and Lt Col TS) etc whenever it is felt that Faujis should be put one notch lower. If there is any Govt "sponsored news article" for a Separate Pay Commission, it will establish the Govt's pathological need to reduce Fauji Status even more (and reduce the "burden" of paying Ex Servicemen their pension dues).

Anonymous said...

After going through the chat roll and comments, it seems officers (though not 100%) (both serving and retired) of armed forces are so busy in projecting their own demand in respect of their pay & allowances along with their status in comparison with their civilian counterparts, they are left with hardly any time to think about their JCOs, NCOs and ORs even if they have any willingness to do so. "You are getting more than 30,000/-, you don't deserve it, you are over paid..." - these are common lectures in working/welfare parades in many units. What the PBORs can expect if there is separate PC!!!

Anonymous said...



Date: 11 Sep 2013
In certain cases, Officers who have been given arrears of 6th pay commission, have been subjected to double taxation by deducting TDS as well as by incorporating the arrears in their overall income. The effected officers may claim the excess income tax by filing a supplementary income tax return.
"Relief when salary, etc., is paid in arrears or in advance.

Where an assessee is in receipt of a sum in the nature of salary, being paid in arrears or in advance or is in receipt, in any one financial year, of salary for more than twelve months or a payment which under the provisions of clause (3) of section 17 is a profit in lieu of salary, or is in receipt of a sum in the nature of family pension as defined in the Explanation to clause (iia) of section 57, being paid in arrears, due to which his total income is assessed at a rate higher than that at which it would otherwise have been assessed, the Assessing Officer shall, on an application made to him in this behalf, grant such relief as may be prescribed.

Provided that no such relief shall be granted in respect of any amount received or receivable by an assessee on his voluntary retirement or termination of his service, in accordance with any scheme or schemes of voluntary retirement or in the case of a public sector company referred to in sub-clause (i) of clause (10C) of section 10, a scheme of voluntary separation, if an exemption in respect of any amount received or receivable on such voluntary retirement or termination of his service or voluntary separation has been claimed by the assessee under clause (10C) of section 10 in respect of such, or any other, assessment year."
Click here to download Sec 89 (i) of Income Tax Act 1961
Form 16 for FY 2009-10 to FY 2012-13 to be appended to the return along with calculation sheet on Form 10-E. Details are available under Sec 89 (i) in the income tax website along with the form.
Click here to download Form 10-E

bala said...

@ anny ibid of MISSING A PROMOTION BOARD -Ha ! Ha ! It sounds like missing pe..... !
These boards are more of rejection boards / preference boards /choice boards......., ULTIMATELY ,condemnation boards .

In all other services of GOI- there are no such condemnation boards of duly selected youth by eloborate system of screening & selection through SSB ,med fitness,annual physical ( BPET ,PPT,MONTHLY ROUTE MARCHES ) and medical fitness tests, promotion exams ,courses of learning /instructions , survival under subjective and harsh application of ARMY ACT , rigorous working conditions and at times as bad as rigorous imprisonment , loss of some fundamental RIGHTS & FREEDOM ...........etc and add/delete. FINALLY - This condemnation is for 70 % of intake

Now after 30 years ,since 1986 , of denial of legitimate pay and pension by 20 -30 % to 70 % of officers strength ; this 7 th CPC of HOPE ..
WAIT AND SEE ,provided one lives that long to see more......of disparity ,down gradation ,denials ,anomalies ,or justice !.



Anonymous said...

I feel nothing big is going to happen. Our Bosses are so obsessed with post retirement posts, that, they are unlikely to take up these "Aam Admi's (Brigadiers and below till Sepoy) cause. And please stop blaming civil servants because they are doing their jobs (that is opposing the benefits to services). May I humbly ask those who try to equate defence officers with IAS and IPS and other All India Services. The option to join the fauj or join the All India Services were open to all of us. Then, why did you join the fauj and not All India Services(if you had the capability)? So, please stop equating with others. Yes, you can legitimately ask for your demands, that is acceptable. But your biggest hurdles are within, that is your bosses. They are so preoccupied with their own affairs, they hardly have time to look into your just causes. So, if your own seniors don't have time, why should BABUs spare time for you? Please accept the facts straight, you will be happier (unless you still want to feel agitated). After passing 10+2, joining NDA (earning a BA/B Sc degree at the mercy of JNU (mercy because JNU does not have undergraduate course elsewhere))and then by passing a competitive departmental examination like Staff College and earning an M Sc degree from Madras University (again on the mercy, (many of us may not have even done that also)) does not bring you at the equal platform of IAS and IPS. So, please be realistic and start thinking straight. Yes, you are a defence officer and you are a different category (why unnecessarily equate with others).This is a democratic country and you are free to choose profession and be happy about it. If you are so unhappy, please dont let your children join the fauj and make them so capable that they can join IAS and IPS and fulfill your unfulfilled dream. Before doing anything SWOT analysis is very important. So, please do it first and then talk big.

rajat said...

Sir, I have a suggestion to solve lot of problems related to the pay commission. Let the CPC make the pay based on the number of years of service than rank based. When a babu/ fauji joins service let there starting basic pay be the same and thereafter they be given annual increment which can be a standard amount or a % of the basic. At every five years of service the pay scale to take an additional jump of 25% of the basic. This will remove the disparity and hierarchy problems military Vs civil as you can equate on number os years of service than rank structure. Apart from this to have an upper edge of the military due to the type of service the military should be given additionally MSP which should be again 25% of the basic. Thus though even if the IAS/IPS will get promotion faster but the will not gain in seniority, also it will not effect the stagnation of the military personnel in a particular rank. Protocol in various joint meeting should be decided on the seniority of the particular organisation than rank structure.

Anonymous said...

To all the learned boarders,

To be honest, nothing is going to happen. As rightly pointed by one of us, our seniors are looking after themselves. Still if they have some time than the branch culture of individual service is doing the damage.

We ourselves feel that Artillary/Infantory in Army, Executive in Navy, and finally F(P), that too FIGHTER lobby in Air Force are GODS own SHIT.

Rest all branches are treated in the very same way as IAS/ IPS treat the Armed Forces.

So, first we need to put our house in order than only a BRAVE/UNITED front can be put forward.


Anonymous said...

separate miltary pay commission will be harakiri for forces. generals will not give anything to colonels. arms will discriminate against services. pilots against engineers and ground duty staff.example grade pay to doctors in 6th cpc not given till date. first road block put by ppoc then cosc and MoD.its better to have CPC only and not MPC.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said.....In a previous comment one anonymous said after passing 10+2 joining nda does not bring u at the equal platform of ias/ips..when criminal cases against minors are taken lightly, on the plea that they r minors,military officers r forced to nda, by their parents while they r minors..afterthat they r traped repeat traped rpt traped in the name of military discipline.. if u dont want to pay equal, then why u r not allowing them to resign after atleast 5 years of service... when sopasticated govt hospitals/military hospitals/ CGHS hospitals r available,why ias/ips got abroad medical facilities at the cost of govt...Respected president of india /pm/ upa chairperson,will u kind enough to issue one line order that all the medical facilities available to ias/ips are extended to the officers of armed forces..they r really living in hard areas ,forced to have ...hard life

bala said...

In response to some anny comments of 10+2 entry of officers,some Pune university degree and Madras uni Msc - and that we should not seek parity with IAS ,IPS,&other GP A services in this COUNTRY,let me counter by following-

1.Those ibid services of IAS,IPS .....are not beyond these AF officers who pass through much tougher selection processes.

2. Many individuals who are rejected in SSB or , have been rejected for AF officer cadre ,find their way into IAS....etc,after studying and struggling for few yrs . There are many living examples - former PRESIDENT OF INDIA ,several IAS ,IPS,IDAS , GP A SER ,
para mil, railways, coast guard.......etc , who have been REJECTED for AF,have found better pay and pension after joining those services.

3. Further ,there are many Graduates & post Graduates from engineering,medical ,science ,arts ,law,........etc ;and even doctorates from the ARMED FORCES OFFICERS of entry other than 10 +2 stream of NDA entry.

Therefore ,there is no need or justification for assumption ,that we cannot compare ourselves with them for parity in addition to MSP and Rank pay.

The other problem is we tend to think that psc,ndc,rank is every thing . In fact some of these officers who were poor coy cdrs and who dont understand finer points of HR and other aspects with their poor knowledge of these issues COUPLED WITH narrow minded app & lack of vision ; have landed us in present disparity and down gradation.

We, wound not have got those few recent corrections ,but for efforts and actions by persons like-NAVDEEP,DANAPALAN,RDOA, some esm gps......ETC.


saka said...

THis Anonymous
gentleman putting comments on this blog seems to have hatred for officers of Armed forces.
Mr anonymous pl understand Officers in defence services are selected through NDA which u could not pass. These officers were capable of more than your IAS lot who even can not walk straight and join on the Quota system.
The officers in Armed Forces are Engineers from IIT, and best of colleges.
You grudges must genuine if you are hurt by some one but understand
Officers in BSF,CRPF,IDAS,IOAS,IDES e tc are officcers who did nothing gre8,but officere of Armed forces after their eduction which could have earned them IAS etc joined deefence, it is b because of this reaason that after short service so many officer joined the IAS and did so good for this country.
Learn to respect Armed Forces you seems to have a heart of traitor like Jai Singh and Mir Jaffer.

Anonymous said...

No offence to anyone, but the poor souls calumniating the civil services can continue to delude themselves. Any person today with a modicum of sagacity will invariably opt for a career in the civil services (be it even group 'B' services) than the armed forces. When entire batches of All India/Central Civil/Engineering Services retire as functional Addl Secy level officers, wouldn't it be rather imprudent to join the armed forces where even GP 8700 is elusive. Let's face it, even the officer cadre today is drawn from rather mediocre colleges as compared to Group 'A' Civil/Engineering Services which still continues to be a bastion of the Creme de la Creme of IITs/IIMs. It is an acrimonious truth, and the sooner people embrace it, the better.

Anonymous said...

“United we stand and divided we fall” Now is the time we the Defence personnel must unite and put-up a common front for the Coming Pay Commission.

One committee of knowledgeable serving, retired and experts from civil stream be formed to prepare our demands. They have to be one who can think out of the box and yet be logical and convincing.

Let our pay scale not get affected by ranks but by the year of service one puts in that matches with the IAS/IPS. In defence promotion is vacancy based Ranks that has pyramid like structure having very broad base. Let the appointments remain rank based.

There should be rank pay to offset the imbalance that will get created by this method and there are other perks and privileges also associated with every appointment that are rank based.

Unknown said...

Primarily we must insist on parity with our civil services counter part. In the Armed forces, our starting salary fixation remains above the IAS cadre, but subsequently their salary structure and other benefits etc are never comparable.
Considering the nature of services rendered by the defence services personnel, their interests cannot be neglected or left to be decided at the discretion of the bureaucrats. That's why we must have a separate Pay Commission.
Our overall salary and benefits must be at par with the IAS officers and some additional financial benefits should also be added because of the hazardous and risky nature of our job content due peace time as well as during hostilities and external aggression.
Wing Commander P.K.Sanyal (Retd)

Unknown said...

Dear All,
Having a separate Pay Commission for the Armed Forces will be fine as long as the representative members of all the three services take the right calls without the fear of reprisal action, which is so common in the services.
I totally agree with Bala that there is no dearth of intelligent, qualified and capable officers to who can adequately and effectively put up a fool p[roof report and ensure that the Bureaucratic community can no longer have an upper hand on representing our case in a manner that suits their convenience and retains their superiority.
Thanks and good wishes.
Yours sincerely,
Wg Cdr P.K.Sanyal (Retd)

Anonymous said...

what and how much is the benefit and loss on retiring before pay commission?

P V Mahadevan said...

I just have one point.Some senior authority from the three forces go,tell and convince the civilian head that SOLDIERS DON'T WORK IN THE ARMED FORCES."THEY LIVE HERE".They are not giving their time for what you pay them.THEY GIVE THEIR LIFE.And soldiers leave the forces for various reasons. NOT WANTING TO SERVE FURTHER IS NOT A REASON.There is a lot of difference between working and LIVING in and for an organisation.And one more thing-despite all problems,soldiers are expected to perform.Civilian counterparts can site reasons for not performing.Soldiers cant.The day the civilian head understand this..things will be better. Jai Hind !!

Anonymous said...

Defence Officers especially Indian Army Officers are only bothering about their career only..Till now no Officer raised his voice for Person-below-Officer-Rank(PBOR) to whom they are more than a 'GOD'..why should they raise voice?? ...The only thing they know is to blame jawan for their pay structure what they says that its more than what a Jawan deserves but not ashamed to compare themself with IAS and IPS officers..

rajat said...

Dear Friends,
For the upcoming 7 CPC I have a few points which needs to considered by various veterans and also serving armed forces personnel in projecting the requirements for a separate PC for the defence force and also not to be equated with the IAS/IPS as has been the process till date. These points have been raised comparing a soldier on the IB, LOC, LAC or in CI Ops versus a babu in his office. There needs to be a common platform in raising these demands irrespective of the services and arm of the three services taking into account the person who face the harshest. Reading the points given under we must realise that the soldier and babu must never be compared on the same platform and also that as the soldier not only does work at least three times more than the babu his pay and allowances be at least three times that of him.
(a) The soldier is on a 24 hrs duty round the clock 7 days a week for 365 days a year. A babu does a 9 to 5 job and works an 8 hr shift only.
(b) A soldier has to do with a makeshift office which his bunker while a babu operates from an office desk which is well furnished and in a good working environment.
(c) A soldier eats what he cooks and sleeps in the office his bunker while a babu after his office hours goes back to the comfort of his home and his family.
(d) The soldier does not have the luxury of having fixed working hours which vary day to day and are also dictated by the visitors that is the enemy while a babu has fixed working hours which are convenient to him and his visitors.
(e) No special sanction is required for the soldier to be made to work more than 8 hrs a day while the babu is dictated by labour laws and special sanction has to be taken to make him work more than 8 hrs a day in form of over time allowances.
(f) When a soldier applies for leave he ends up losing the weekends and holidays in between the leave period as he is on duty 24/ 7/ 365 while in calculating a babus leave weekends and closed holidays are not counted. Thus extra leave authorised to soldiers becomes null and void.
(g) A soldier cannot be absent from any duty at his own will, if absent it is considered as Absent Without leave which is a punishable offence under various services acts while a babu can go on leave without pay at his will.
(h) If few soldiers gang up together to project a view it can be considered as a mutiny and it having a death penalty given by the commanding officer in operations while the babu is free to form unions and to go on strikes without any fear of even loss of any pay, allowance etc.
(j) For any offence the soldier is faced with various in house enquiries and given in house punishments based on various services acts which at par with legal laws while a babu cannot be tried for any offence or be given a punishment in house.
(k) The soldier does not only do the job content specified as per his work but has to be a jack of all trades so as to provide succour to the citizens when all state machinery fails while the babu will only do the job profile specifies in his charter of duties and not anything extra even at the of cause peril to the citizens.
(l) A soldier can get injured or killed in his office the bunker while just sitting, having a meal or for that matter attending natures call due to the job content while the job content does not entail any kind of risk to the babu in his office.

Please circulate and add additional points so as to benefit the soldier of the country in the coming 7 CPC.

Anonymous said...

The PBOR are the people who are not allowed to speak. Genunely saying..the status of PBORs in defense services are just like those people living in 1930(I mean pre-independent)They are still not INDEPENDENT CITIZEN OF INDEPENDENT INDIA.The only change is...They are ruled by Indians and the treatment to them are still like slaves.For outside world...They are respected fauji but ask them emotionally...they will break,,they commit suicide,If our big guns cant take care of them for little things how can one expect that they will get a BETTER LIFE even if separate commission is being set up? Just an eye wish...The Givers are Officers and the takers are Officers ONLY. Can u imagine...The so called God of
PBORs (i.e Officers) were ready that grade pay of a fourth grade employ of defense services will get same grade pay that of a X-group (Highly skilled technicians)of defense services in 6th pay commission.I cant understand what and why PBORs are expecting in this PC. All these issues are meanigless until our Big Guns start thinking PBORs as HUMANS at least

Anonymous said...

Sir, according to me to have a separate pay commission is not good. This is bcoz already in 6th pay commission lot of things have gone wrong if we compare with civilian counterparts. The officers are being neglected. They should get their dues atleast in this 7th Pay commission.
At the same time, the PBORs too have been ignored. Take for example the case of MSP. Are they not serving? Are they not Faujis? Why 6000/2000? Why? They should also be paid 6000 MSP.
The Officers have always benefited by showing shortage of Man power in Offrs cadre and showing work on papers. This time too this can be done. But I tell u all one thing:- If u take care and think of all the PBORs then everything will be smooth.
Try to fight for all rather than for self. This should be the motive.

Anonymous said...

MSP for Air force officer and Airmen shoud be same,becouse of both are performing the militry work.

grreddy said...

Persons dealing with pay and pension fixations of Indian Air Force persons are ignorant of Air Force rules and regulations whether it is Air Force act of Air Force instructions because an airman becomes honorary commissioned officer after serving minimum37 or 38 years of service this is not known to the babu offices sa Sh me