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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

US Army officially appoints its first Indian religious teacher

The US Army has officially appointed its first Hindu religious teacher (Chaplain) – Capt Pratima Dharm.

Chaplains in the US Army are of commissioned rank unlike the Indian Army where they are JCOs. There are currently about 1000 hindus serving the US Army.

More can be read about the development by clicking here.

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Raghubir said...

Appointment of Hindu chaplin augurs well for the plural society US has.It will motivate Indians to join armed forces.

While in the US last month-I saw much adulation for the men in uniform & more so for the veterans.

Memorial Day recalling the sacrifices of US soldiers in the service of their country -celebrated on the last Monday of May -this year on 30 May was an eventful day.In Washington floral tributes were paid to its fallen soldiers close to Linoln Memorial.Wish our IESM/IESL take initiative to have a National Memorial Day.

pawan said...

Dear Navdeep,
I did not expect you to commit this mistake. To the best of my knowledge JCOs are probably the only class 2 commissioned ( President's Commission ) officers. Your way of addressing them was not at all appropriate or respectfull.

blackberet said...

Have I missed something here??? I did not detect any trace of disrespect for JCOs in Maj Navdeep's post. He is merely stating the difference between the type of commission a RT/Chaplain holds in the US Army and the Indian Army.