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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dependency criterion for ordinary family pension is not Rs 3500 but is Rs 3500 + applicable Dearness Relief

Some Record Offices have not been processing the ordinary family pension claims of parents of unmarried personnel who die due to causes declared neither attributable to, nor aggravated by military service, on the pretext that the total earnings of the parents exceed Rs 3500 per month.

This is incorrect. The dependency criterion is now Rs 3500 + applicable Dearness Relief and no longer any fixed amount. The rules were changed after the 6th CPC.

During the currency of the 5th CPC, the income criterion was a fixed amount of Rs 2550 and the DA quotient was not taken into account. However after the 6th CPC, apart from increasing the amount to Rs 3500, the govt further notified that the Dearness quotient would be added into the amount of Rs 3500.


s.kanthiah said...

Dear Major Sir,
It is a very good and very useful information. We are all of the view that the income creteria is Rs.3500/-only. Now it is clear that the DA also can be included to the 3500 which is very helpful for arriving the eligibilit.
Thank you Sir.
Exwel Trust, tirunelveli-Dist, TN.

Lt Col (retd) Dr. G. Kameswara Rao said...

In MOD letter No. PC B/38207/3/ASG/
PS 4(b)/2640/D (Peri C) dt 21-10-2002, "Grant of Dependant Pension In respect of Commissioned
Officer — Dispensing with the condition of Means Limit in
Pre 86 cases", means limit was removed. Are there similar orders for other ranks? Is it not meant for ordinary family pension, refered to in your blog now? I read somewhere that in the case of the civilians means limit has been dispensed with completely by the DoP&PW - is that so?, If so, why is it not made applicable to the Defence Services ? Thanx for clarification you would be kind enough to furnish in this regard.

Gp Capt J Brahma said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
1. Is the order on Broad banding of Dis ability pension implemented
2. What does the term "Lowest Pay in the Grade" mean Does this mean that lowest pay in the Grade IV for Lt Col and Col is same or it is the
lowest starting pay of the particular rank
Gp capt J BRAHMA