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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Don’t buy this theory

There is apparently a doctored letter from the DoPT being circulated amongst military circles which talks of upgradation of Grade Pays of serving officers of the defence services.

It’s a fake. Please use your trash can.

It is a mischievous combination of the following two documents :

(a) This letter issued by the DoPT for civil servants and discussed earlier on this blog.


(b) One of my recommendations for grade and pay progression for defence officers vis-à-vis civil officers also discussed earlier on the blog.

Some fertile minds at work. Please ignore.

Moreover I would again like to re-iterate that bringing down of residency periods for promotion on the civil side has no relation with actual accelerated promotions on ground.


manish said...

Dear Navdeep, it's so easy to fool defence officers;if you see the Dopt letter, it talks of the organised group A services and tells their cadre controlling auth to take action , whereas I am sure 99% def officers do not know whether their's is an organised group A service or not and hence as a result they fall prey to mischevious and doctored letters.Similarly most of the def officers do not know who is senior, a spl secy or a jt secy or an under secy. I think we urgently need to take a few steps to improve the awareness level in services about other govt services incl civil services.These steps should be: firstly , include the same in IMA syllabus as a general awareness topic to include intake method, heirarchy, payscales, broad equivalence etc of all india services and other civil services ,secondly,a devoted section in MP dte or MS which should be a repository of knowledge on the subject and it should study and compare all the services and their service conditions on the civil side and prepare relevant inputs so that we don't get left out when the time for negotiation comes ,thirdly, a concerted effort by all three services to ask for the same benefits to defence services which are applicable to other group A services at least financially if not in terms of promotions.

Anonymous said...

@ Manish,

Well written.


Rajababu said...

What ever needs to be done can be acheived if we adopt the following mantra:-

Stop cribbing to others especially the media. If u let them take ur side then be prepared for them to take ur back side when time comes.

Bottom line is do ur work professionally and silently get ur previlages without throwing tantrums of superiority complex.

India is a democracy ruled by the puppet politicos controlled by corrupt babus. the sooner we understand as to where the power belongs the better it would be for all of us. atleast we can live a little longer.

live and let others live happy

Anonymous said...

Respected Major Navdeep, after a longtime, I saw such a fantastic comment by someone in your Blog. Mr Manish's points are so apt and so very important in todays scenerio.Our top echelons must act immediately, because otherwise Zeal without knowledge is like Fire without light.Most of us are actually ignorant about the Rank status vis a vis Civil and the Policy letters regarding GP-A civil Officers, which may have a bearing on Armed Forces also. Bye. No other better person to convey our points, other than Maj Navdeep, our saviour n conscience n crusador.

DD said...

Dear Sir,
I am new to the blog here so dunno where I m posting it.however I just want to that is the wieghtage to the ACR system being done away fron this year onwards???

just said...

why cannot we also have a spl Lt Gen and Asst Lt Gen also .... well this is a tactics we should learn from the IAS guys... (or keep sitting crying our heart out)

HARINI said...

Sir, though am posting comments fr the 1st time, i've been tracking yr blog fr quiet some time now. "manish" and "just said" r so right in saying what they r. we in the forces actually live in a web of dreamland and everyone is ignorant about perks, priveleges and monetory benefits. if anyone is seen showing even an iota of interest in these matters, senior offrs don't apreciate. all they r interested in is work, work and more work!!The moment u speak of RTI or yr dues, u r looked down upon. For how long do u xpect young offrs to turn a blind eye to the mishappenings occuring all around them......

raj said...

dear sir,

there is a lot of talk about msp arrears being credited from 01 jan 06. is there any truth in this