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Friday, February 5, 2010

A slight amendment

A slight amendment in this post regarding improvement in pension of Lt Gens.

The govt sanction letter can be now downloaded by clicking here.

A pension of Rs 36,500/- per month and an ordinary family pension of Rs 21,900/- per month shall be admissible from 01 Jan 2006 and not with effect from 01 Sept 2008 as earlier mentioned here.



Harry said...

@ Maj Navdeep


MSP became operative from 01 Sep 2008, right? If some officers (albeit retd) are being given benefit of MSP from 01 Jan 06 thats wonderful !! But.. why deny to the serving lot? Also Maj Gen upwards MSP is contained in stepped up basic and NOT for the lot below, isn't it discriminatory? If Justice Shrikrishna thought MSP was a 'new' element and could not be given retrospectively then was Grade pay for all (incl civilians) an existing element at that time?

Surely things are NEVER fair in life and expecting fairness (even from so called model employer) is pure naivity

Unknown said...

Well said Harry!

Could you please respond to me at colavrm@gmail.com as I need to check some Sigs info from you.


Col AM

Rajababu said...

second what harry has said. well harry u havent stoppped blogging after staff corner days. anyways good luck and god speed

Unknown said...

sir, is MSP being given to all serving officers also w.e.f 01jan06??