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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Reverse Pay Commission

I think it is time for a ‘reverse pay commission’ for our country.

The scales should start from Rs 80,000 per month for a Lower Division Clerk going up to Pay Band-1 with Grade Pay Rs 1900 for Secretary to Govt of India.

The reason is clear and there for all to see. It is the lower echelons of the steel frame who take ‘decisions’ and prepare file notings with all the might of concentrated negative unconstructive application of mind and energy, while the officers merely affix their initials. ‘The Secretary / Minister has seen’, the file would ultimately proclaim with pride. So who is actually involved in a tougher job ?

Pun intended.


VNatarajan said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

You have hit the Mega Nail very hard with a Gega Ton hammer on the "dumb-heads"! I am not sure of the results.

Your "pun" is the truth.

Only bacause of such manouvres, the plethora of CAT/AFT/Court cases (Contempt/ WP/OAs etc)on Pension Disparities are happening in February/ March 2010 right under the nose of the Govt at the capital.

Yet the Committees/ Ministries/ Authorities concerned appear to be immune to the problems without facing the "TRUTH & REALITY".

Unknown said...

Dear maj navdeep,
Excellent way of bringing out the truth/ground reality. But is anybody bothered about what is brought out in the blog ???

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

Kudos. You have stated facts. In fact in case of anything going wrong, maximum responsibility is pinned on the clerk, initiating the minute sheet with lesser and lesser as per the ladder and least on the signing authority.

Unknown said...

I heard a story of a king whose big ship got struck in the mid sea. Many masters tried but could not repair it. Finally a very old man came and inspected the whole ship. He took out a small screw driver and loosened one small screw below the engine. The ship started moving. King was very happy. The old man gave a bill of Rs. one lakh. The king was shocked to see such huge charges. He asked the old man as to why he was charging such hefty some and to give him the detailed bill. The old man scribbled " Rs 1000/- for loosening the screw, Rs 999000/- for knowing which screw to loosen".

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep

Read what Dr Saxena has written. It is just wonderful. I wonder if this stuff is discussed at the Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy Mussourie.

Anonymous said...

dear major,

How will the Reverse Pay Commision analogy when extented to the Armed Forces be relevant and applicable?

As an outsider one gets the feeling that it is the jawans who are slogging it out, and the officers have a cushy time comparitively in all angles.

comments please

Anonymous said...

Anony @ 11.21

Taking this analogy, a majdoor should be paid the maximum. What maj navdeep probably means that officer lot in many govt organisations is not applying their mind and is accepting whatever is being put up to them which needs to be changed.

Anonymous said...

anony @ 11.21,

well if what major navdeep's interpretation probably means is true, then one can be pretty sure that same certainly would also hold good in the Armed Forces also.

It is quite possible that even in the Armed Forces also, some senior officers may also not be applying their minds !

Before we throw stones at others we should also be prepared to look into what lies within our house.

We cannot generalise statements across the board to any particular service without analysing our house.

If the job demands that a mazdoor or a jawan should be paid more than a CEO, then he should be paid so, and why not !

I know in some foreign countries, particulary Bridge Construction activities and Inspection, very skilled personnel are paid more than the CEO's of their companies.

Even in India also, particularly in the Railways, the highly Skilled engine drivers of prestigious trains, draw much higher total pay compensations than the highest officers in that service

What is important is recognising the dignity of labour rather than finding faults in others, just because the actions of those seniors were not favourable to a particular group or organisation we should not conclude that reverse pay commision should have been implemented

The article appears to be in bad taste

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@anony at 8.16

I think you have left your wit back home.

Get a life and catch the spirit, don't hang on words. Life is not that serious I suppose :-)

VNatarajan said...

(In a lighter vein after the current Pension Piracy experiences):

I think - if the RPC is sensitive for Pay, let it at least attempt it for Parity in Pensions:

I mean Reverse Pension Formula strictly for parity– something like:

(A) Basic Pay(BP) Lowest Cadre 3333-7500 Highest Cadre: 90000 (Fixed)(as of now)

(B)Grade Pay (GP) Lowest Cadre 5200 Highest- NIL(No GP even now)

( C ) Pension: Sum of 50% of the Grade Pay and 3 % of Min of Basic Pay

(D)Pension for the Lowest Cadre : 2600 plus 100 = 2700
(E) Pension for the Highest Cadre : 0 plus 2700 = 2700

No DISPARITY at all.

Anonymous said...

dear major,

the wit and humour in uniform is never left behind at home, by any person.

The under current of non application of mind, made by you should have been directed against some senior personnel in our own house, rather than pinpoint other's in poor light

comments from others on the forum have certainly taken your views quite seriously and not in any lighter vein, minus ofcourse the humour in uniform.

thanks for your very promt response

Rajababu said...

anon @ 8:16 and 9:49'

show me which person in which country with facts who gets paid more than a "CEO" or a "highermost offr". hope u havent lost ur bearings or somebody who is playing a prank. navdeeps such peoples' comments should be moderated.

The basic funda taught in the academies neeeds to be remembered "read before affixing signature" else face the music.

Anonymous said...


The major himself has conceeded that the whole issue has to be taken in a lighter vein,and one is not to literally hang on to the words.

As far as, loosing bearings are concerned, i would request raja babu, to verify official records of drivers,crane operators, skilled personnel of dockyards,ports etc, the monthly compensation including overtime, were more than that of flag officers heading those units.during the 70's and the 80, decades

The income tax paid by some of this section of tradesman was more than that paid by the flag officers and other senior officers.

This issue used to be debated in the regularly and finally a ceiling on overtime etc were immediately introduced, and other techniques like offloading etc were solely brought into play.

As far as some of engine drivers of prestigious trains are concerned, their total compensation including overtime had also been more than their CEO Please personaly check up with CEO level officials, if they can share the data with you

The last point is that, rajababu ji,I am now totally convinced that you hardly see any discovery channel programs on extreme machines and engineering wonders. It is in these channels they empasise, time and again compensation of the monetary package, is directly related to high risk factor jobs, The Bay Bridge constuction in California was specilly mentioned for compensations made to these highly skilled personnel drawing sometimes drawing more than their CEO

If you are a technical qualified officer, perhaps you would better appreciate the issue raised

I think by know you will realise who has lost his bearings. May be you are just a decade or two in experience, and still need to do do a lot of homework in learning, and you need to think before making off the cuff remarks

The major has rightly said hang on to the spirit.

Rajababu said...

mr anon,

u apparently must be Navla who has served in dockyards and therefore having such a narrow view point. i doubt that ur an offr as ur writing does not have that underpinnings of service writing. sorry for getting personal but u deserved it.

seeing discovery channels gives u knowledge and not data/info on salary packages. so dont try to educate people. i also know about compensation packages as i am in the recruitment sector. so dont brag about being "fashionably knowledgeable'

Anonymous said...

Dear Major,

Rajababu @ 3.30pm,

Mr Rajababu not only writes bad english,but also possesses bad manners, apart from loosing his bearings completly.

If at all he is a fauji, by any stretch of imagination,then he does not deserve to continue in service, but should be dismissed from service forthwith.

I think a lot has been exposed about his roots and upbringing.

Using terms like navala etc while communicating with senior officers confirms what background he comes from.

The entire excercise in exchanging views on this blog, i thought is to share views, and honestly present another point of view.

As brouht out by Rajababu himself, pl do moderate his comments till such time, he picks up some good english, and also some good manners,while communicating with senior officers on this blog

with regards

rat_no_more said...

@ the 'Rajababu & Anon. exchange'

Why do we nearly always drift into personal attacks and digress from the main subject of discussion? This is a forum for exchanging intelligent/ informed views and info on matters that relate to (and affect) the military, where everyone is free to "contribute", but no one should make personal remarks (no matter what the provocation/itch). Hence, gentlemen - please refrain from making personal comments and exercise more restraint... I agree fully with 'anon'on that part!

Unknown said...

Itz not only our junior civilians but also our senior officers who do not apply mind. recently finance ministry has authorised laptops for deputy secretary and above but the same has been interpreted as col/capt/Gp capt and above. where as deputy secretary is equivalent to major /Sqn ldr / Lt Cdr. Even the issue of adding rank pay to basic pay for calculating grade pay has not yet been taken by the higher officers