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Saturday, February 27, 2010

DoPT reins in other Ministries

Some ministries and departments, it seems, were issuing unilateral instructions concerning service conditions and entitlements of All India and Group A Service officers serving with them.

The ACC has now taken a grim view of the above and directed that no guidelines / instructions etc would be issued by any department or ministry concerning the service conditions or entitlements of any of the Central Services or of the All India Services.

The DoPT has issued a strict OM recently regarding the same which provides that all such instructions issued by any of the ministries or departments shall be treated as non-est and declared null and void by the DoPT.

So there goes the validity of ‘local instructions’ issued by various authorities at the instance of ‘influential staff’.


Anonymous said...

I hope it shall apply to DOPT itself also. Some hasty urgent unexpected "influential" orders were issued for an "elite scale" creation and its "fast track" pension orders in a jiffy. When RTI queries were raised to different PAs, umbrage under Section 8 was taken! HOPE ONE CLEANS HIS/ HIS "WELL-WISHER'S" OWN HOUSES BEFORE REINING IN OTHERS TO DO SO.

Rajesh said...

what is the significance of this DOPT circular actually ??

force1 said...

Daer Navdeep,
Does it mean that the nonimplementation of DACP by the Army will also be looked into. Regards

Anonymous said...

regardng DACP there is a rumour that something was told in the recent AFMRC conference at Pune.Lets keep our finger crossed.

HARINI said...

Does this mean that the loss of seniority for short service commissioned offficers upon opting and granted Permanent commission no longer stands, since itz MoD which has issued this directions??
SSC offrs- come join the talk and raise/get clarified the subject.

VNatarajan said...

Dear Major Navdeep,

Can I get the link/ reference please?

We are aware all "pensionary revision OMs/Letters/ Circulars (they amount to "local instructions" in the name of "clarifications" issued left and right by the Pension Deptt with some half-baked advice from "lesser authorities' without "proper appreciation at higher levels" - has led to a spate of litigations coming up in March 2010. These OMs had affected all pensioners- Civil/ Military- and among the Civil- the CG/ ALL INDIA SERVICES pensioners also.

Kaps said...

So can we understand that all those letter floated sometime back, dealing with rank pay, SE=Col; can be presumed null and void? .