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Friday, July 31, 2009

Two clarifications on the new pensionary modalities post-acceptance of the report of Committee of Secretaries

Two lingering queries of veterans remained unanswered in my previous post. So I’ll clarify them :

In case of officers, will abolition of linkage of 33 years’ service for earning full pension be made applicable wef 1-1-06 instead of September 2008 ?

Yes, the abolition of requirement of serving for 33 years to earn full pension will now be made applicable wef 01 January 2006 instead of September 2008. Hence, officers who retired with 20 years of qualifying service after 1-1-06 would be entitled to full pension and their pension shall not be reduced on a pro-rata basis. Take this as 100% only once the govt letter is issued in black and white though.

50% of minimum of the new pay band (Rs 67000-79000) for Lieutenant Generals is Rs 33500, will pre-06 Lieutenant Generals be placed at a basic pension of Rs 33500 or 36500 as articulated in the previous post ?

Lt Gens who retired prior to 1-1-06 would be granted a basic pension of Rs 36,500 since an element of Rs 3000 in the form of 50% of the MSP fitment shall be added into the basic pension of Lt Gens. Take it for granted that Lt Gens shall be placed at a basic pension of Rs 36,500. Post-06 Lt Generals would be granted a pension @ 50% of last drawn emoluments depending upon their pay scale, that is, Rs 67000-79000 for Lt Gens in HAG and Rs 75500-80000 for Lt Gens in HAG+. Army Commanders and selected Corps Commanders in the Apex Grade (Rs 80000 fixed) shall continue to receive Rs 40,000 fixed basic pension. Pre-06 Army Commanders shall also continue to receive Rs 40,000 as fixed basic pension.


Harry said...

@ Maj Navdeep


Thanks for making it plain. But my query is regarding proposed pension improvement for PBOR. Will it take effect from 01 Jan 2006 (logically it should) or 01 Jul 2008 (in case Govt wants to escape payment of paying legitimate arrears to veteran PBOR)?
Pls clarify.

abmehta said...

Do I take it that those retired before 1-1-06 will NOT receive this benefit (even after that date)? Many of us did not complete the full pension qualifying service for the rank and their pension has been reduced on pro rata basis.
Gp capt A B Mehta

Anonymous said...

Yes, pre-2006 pensioners will not benefit. One more reason to continue the OROP struggle! ALL benefits should be the same for ALL pensioners - that's what the SC judgement says in the Maj General's case.

Anonymous said...

@Navdeep : Again you are the big surprise for the Officer's full pension applicability wef 01 Jan 06. Gr8 work. Can you please post some info for the PBOR of Post-Jan 06 pension issue? Is any enhancement in process/coming through? Because this has been the longest pending issue in the post-SCPC episode and nothing is clear on this issue from any qaurter. Thanks.

Wg Cdr Rajeeva said...

Dear Navdeep,

I have become an ardent follower of ur blogs and reactions over a period time. It is a yeoman service which u are rendering especially for the retired fraternity.kudos..just a small clarification..u might have been flooded with this querie already.. but still ..when is GOI order on delinking 33 yr service for full pensionary benifits post 01 jan 06 retirees expected it would be a good bonaza for the people in contention and soon the tag of "TRISHANKUS" should go..

once again thanks for all ur efforts please do let us know how we can be of any help in further progression of this post....

Wg Cdr Rajeeva

K L arora said...

Application of the 20 years service minimum service for full pension only to post '06 pensioners is very unfair to the pre'o6 pensioners. This discrimination is particularly unfair since the rationale for abolishing the 33 years limit for full pension applies as much to the pre'06 pensi0ners as it does to the post'06 pensioners.

It is worth noting too that there are relatively very few pre'06 pensioners who had taken premature retirement compared to the numbers of post '06 officers who will now be taking premature retirement on completion of 20 years and the application of this liberalized rule to them would not cause any significant financial burden on
the Govt. It is also worth noting too that those who took premature retirement before '06 must have done so for very compelling personal reasons unlike those who will now be taking premature retirement in future.

It is felt that this issue should be taken up with the Govt for review, at least on compassionate grounds, besides its being discriminatory between the pre and post'06 pensioners.

Anonymous said...

The CoS was set up to consider OROP for pre-2006 pensioners. And they give the 33yrs waiver only for post-2006 pensioners!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maj Navdeep !!
Thank you so much for your timely updates.
Can you clarify whether the pre 06 civilian officers have been given the benefits of remuval of 33 years of service for full pension ?
Thank you.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@anony 7.19

Civilians who retired pre-Sept 2008 have not been granted this benefit.

Only PBOR of the Army were granted the benefit wef 1-1-06 and now the same has been extended to offrs too.

No pre-06 retiree in any service has been granted this benefit

Anonymous said...

True, but how many civilians seek PMR after 20 yrs service? Our service conditions are totally different - one is superseded well before 20 yrs for want of vacancies.

Anonymous said...

@ Navdeep

While undoubtedly you are providing yeoman service by providing up-to-date info, as a Veteran with 36 yrs service I wonder from your previous posts (not this one) whether you 'strongly' feel OROP is a legitimate necessity for ESM or not

Maybe we (a lot of other veterans feel likewise) get an impression from it that not all ranks are justified at 'strongly' staking this claim. If wrong then fine and I stand corrected for my impression; else it is indeed disturbing to us.

No ill-feelings - just that OROP is a strong emotional aspect for Veterans, as no soldier likes getting discriminated.

Harry said...

@ Maj Navdeep


I am still waiting for your reply to my query.
Is it that you have deliberately chosen to keep mum unless something comes in Black & White? Possibility of latter appears more real to me!


Col AM said...


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Penmil said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

With the implementation of the recent Report of Cab Sec Committee, it appears,it is the curtain call for everything related to 6 CPC.

After one year of representations, the most notable achievements are, placing Lt Col in PB 4 and grant of full 50% pension to post 6 CPC officer pensioners of 20 yeras service.

All other awards were either rectifications of mistakes or incidental to the awards made to the civilian counterparts.

But at the end of it, no clear principles of pay and pension fixation have emerged.

It is not known what will be the formula for minimum pension.Will it be min of pay band or min of pay of the grade, notionally brought at par within the new pay band?

The concept of minimum of a pay band itself is found shaky when it came to past pensioners.This has been so forthrightly accepted for HAG grade officers but not rectified for other grade officers.

In the case of minimum of a pay band too, when Col and Brig along with their civ counterparts ( and later Lt Col also) were brought into PB 4, the band was lowered by 1800 from 39200 to 37400, lowering the pensions by 900.

But when HAG was detached from this band the max was not found unaltered.

Then is it not equitqble that the minimum be restored to 39200?

What exactly is the science or art behind a Pay Band and how is it a sacrosanct minimum for pension is not explained.

If emperically , the minimum of pay of those who were in PB 3 earlier could be more than doubled from Rs. 15600 to 37400, by placing them in PB 4,then what is so irrational or illogical in the prayer for 'one rank one pension?

Finally one is left wondering if all these awards are just ex gratia 'bakshish', by those who wield the power rather than a just award by a government to its citizens.

Harry said...

@ Penmil


Amazing dissection of SCPC reccos and subsequent 'Babugiri' over it. This clearly shows that there is nothing so sacrosanct about pay commmission's award, it being chaired by a Hon'ble Lordship Notwithstanding! Even the subsequent tinkering by CoS,GoM etc has failed to convince us about the LOGIC or RATIONALE of it all!!

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@Mr Natarajan

Would you please send me an email on navdeepsingh.india@gmail.com

Would like to discuss something.

Penmil said...

Harry@01 Aug,06:02 PM,
Thanks.May be the concept of the minimum of a pay band is to be defined in more equal terms.The max of a pay band may be inconseqential, since it does not form a barrier to pay progression.
But we still do not know the details of the dispensation to PBOR pensioners, sepoy to Havildar.When that is made public we may know what we gained in total.

VNatarajan said...

Dear Maj Navdeep@Aug 1st

Thanks for your invitation.
I have sent a separate email as desired by you.



VNatarajan said...

Dear Mr Penmil/ Mr Harry @August 1st,

The SCPC implementation orders have brought out the BABUGIRI in full perspective. S30 wriggled out of the turmoil by peer pressure!. What is in store for PBORs is to be seen. Comm. Officers are abandoned! Retd. Maj Gens? They are made to search for papers/ ppos wh might have already been reduced to brittle pieces! What is in fate for them in the post-2006 scenerio is not known?
WHERE WAS THE NEED FOR A PAY COMMISSION WHEN NONE OF THE RECOMMENDATIONs BELOW S30 level can stand their ground? Everything is to be sorted out by a Comm of Secys or Cab Secy has to play a lead role! GOVT. CAN SAVE MONEY IN FUTURE BY NOT HAVING PAY COMMISSIONS and allow REVISIONS only through Comm of Secys- as the RECOMMENDED OUTPUTS in any case are to be INTERPRETED or MODIFIED by the latter!

Madan G Singh said...

Dear Major,
After going through your site I have an uneasy feeling that you are a fence sitter(pardon me).Maybe the civilian in you comes to the fore.The fact remains that Armed Forces personnel cannot be equated with civilians.With the country in dire peril there is hardly a need to mention that 'no civilian has got it ' etc.I was with The USAF personnel for some time and I know what it means.The armed forces are the means of power play in the world. Prestige -everything.No equations but all ranks and officers must get their due.
Wg Cdr MG
Vp-Hirco Ltd

Penmil said...

@V Natarajan,Aug 03,09:38AM,
Probably you have spoken what is in the minds of thousands of affected pensioners/serving people.
If a multiplying factor of 1.86 and an addition of 40% is the only feature that was retained, why go through a commission?
Thanks for summarizing.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@Wingco MG

Well thank you for your very kind comments. You may jump either side of the fence.

Anonymous said...

@Wg Cdr MG

After going thru your comments i find that you are new to this blog. better if you keep your comments to yourself till the time you get to know the spirit behind the discussions here.

kiran said...

i am retired Lt Col (date of Retirment 12 Nov 2006)having qualified service of 22 yrs and 4 months.will i get the pension as per the revised scale that is 50% or as per the previous provisions( which i am getting as of now).can some body tell me what will be my pension and am i required to do something or it will be revised on its own.
Lt Col Kanade (Retd)

Doc Rajeeva said...

Dear Navdeep,

Curious to know when will the GO for post 01 Jan 2006 retirees would be out to have our revised pensionary benefits at par with post 02 Sep 08 retirees..u may have already flooded with this query but still if u could give some idea


Wg Cdr Rjv

Anonymous said...

May I know whether the process is on in case of officers for abolition of linkage of 33 years’ service for earning full pension wef 1-1-06 instead of September 2008 since you mentioned that it has to in black and white.

Lt Col P Srivastava

Unknown said...

As per CDA Pension Allahabad, fixing of pension is only available to Post Sep 08 retirees. Officers retiring between 1-1-2006 and 02 Sep 2008 will get only depressed pension by the factor of number of years served. If there is a rule contrary to this, can we get the relevant letter/ order?
Col (Retired) Rajeev Dobhal

Anonymous said...

will someone clarify to me the maximum pension entitlement of a veteran in the rank of major after 20 and a half year of all commissioned service and the minimun ordinary/ family pension entitlement the proposal to upgrade majors pension coming through?