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Monday, July 20, 2009

Update / Tidbits

1. The Govt has finally issued a letter for enhancing the pensions of Major Generals affected by the verdict of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in Union of India Vs SPS Vains case. The Hon’ble SC is currently hearing a contempt petition in the matter.

Ministry of Defence (Finance) has sanctioned fixation of pay in pursuance of 6th CPC for re-employed officers and the final Govt sanction letter is expected to be issued soon.

3. As per the current thought process keeping in view the various announcements made in the last few days, the pension of a pre-06 discharged Sepoy with 17 years of service is expected to be raised to anything between appx Rs 4700 to 5500 basic per month. Unless the Govt decides to be a little more magnanimous. Please however wait till the final announcement is made since modalities are still being worked out.

4. Ok, so there you have it. As expected and stated in the blogpost dated 18 July 2009, all civilian HAG officers are also now officially in the new scale of Rs 67000-79000. You may click here to peruse the notification. Probably something is in the offing for SAG and lower scales too ! Should take care of pension blues for all.


Harry said...

@Maj Navdeep

Sir, thnaks for the good news for Maj Gens! Could you also upload a copy of the same. And also that of Lt Gens HAG scale, please?

Anonymous said...

These are for pre 1996 Maj Gens only not for all pre 2006. We are many who got less pension than post 1996 Brigs & there's even a case where a post Col got more pension than his elder brother, a post 1996 Maj Gen.
We will now take up our case

Anonymous said...

MRP said...
Dear Maj Navdeep,
Is there any hope for majors for fixation of minimum pay of the rank as per SAI 2/S/08and consequent refixation of pension of pre-2006 to bridge the huge gap between pension of Lt Col and Major and also majors getting less pension than Captain retired post 2006.

Harry said...

@ Maj Navdeep

Sir, one submission. I request you to reconsider permission to post 'Annonymous' comments on your blogposts. Though its more convenient but comments with proper ID bring some sort of tranparency and seriousness to discussion. And its easier to identify who is saying what! Otherwise this latitude is prone to misuse!!

Unknown said...

@ Maj Navdeep

Sir, I was quite 'surprised' to read the gazette notification which you have linked on current blogpost. Apparently the Grade pay of 12000 rupees for HAG offrs stands Abolished!! :-(

Unknown said...

@ Maj Navdeep

Sir, in hindsight what a mess this Sri Krishna Chaired SCPC has made!! Committee after commietee has been formed to clear it and the process still continues!

Really Deplorable. :-(

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,

As always thanks a lot for updating us and keeping us abreast with the latest news and updates.

Keep up the good work.

Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

It is heartening to learn that MoD has sanctioned fixation of pay of re-employed officers. It is a great consolation to the officers who retired pre 1.1.2006.AMC is the only Corps which is not permitted re-employment opportunity.The reasons for the ibid is best known to the MoD/ArmyHq. It is felt that the pre-1.1.2006 retired AMC Officers may be considered at par with those retired on 1.1.2006 for the purpose of retirement benefits .

AS said...

Lord Srikrishna was just a figurehead in 6CPC.The real culprit was the Secy who,being staunch anti Armed Forces,has deliberatly engineered this muddle of anomalies.Further bad luck for AF's that the same Babuine is now secy in FM,directly dealing with all financial aspects of same (&fresh)anomalies!!

Anonymous said...

Sir, you can add another thing not applicable for AMC, REASONS NOT KNOWN THOUGH.
DACP although authorised for all Central Govt Doctors BY PRESIDENTIAL SANCTION, is yet to be made authorised for AMC.

Narayan Iyer said...


‘One rank, one pension’ including officers - Defence Minister clarified in Lok Sabha

Posted: 19 Jul 2009 10:08 AM PDT

Defence Minister A K Antony today clarified in the Lok Sabha that "one rank, one pension" recommendation of the Cabinet Secretary-led panel had been accepted by the government for jawans as well as officers.

The government has accepted recommendations of the panel on "one rank, one pension" and other related matters concerning the armed forces, the Lok Sabha was informed today.

The decision is now nearer to the goal of “one rank, one pension” demand of nearly 1.5 million personnel, Antony said during question hour.

The total financial implications on account of benefits to the personnel would be Rs 2,144 crore, the minister said.

The committee has recommended inclusion of Classification Allowance for the Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR) from January 1, 2006, and removal of linkage of full pensions with 33 years from the same date, he said.

The committee also recommended revision of pension of Lt Generals after carrying out a separate pay scale for them, bringing parity between pension pre and post October 10, 1997, for PBOR pensioners and further improving PBOR pensions based on award of Group of Ministers in 2006.

With regard to the separate pay commission, the minister said it had been agreed, and as and when necessary it would be set up in the future.

Antony said the government had also accepted the committee's recommendations regarding raising the pension amount for those disabled or injured in war.

"After considering all aspects of the issue, the committee made several recommendations to substantially improve pensionary benefits of Personnel Below Officer Rank and Commissioned Officers, which have been accepted by the government," the minister added.

Source: The Tribune

Lt Col N S Sandhu (Retd_ said...

My Dear Major Navdeep,

Thanks for the updates. Could you please publish the full history and verdict of the Hon'ble Supreme Court in Union of India Vs SPS Vains case.

Harry said...

@ All Brethern

Pls share this YOUTUBE video with as many friends/ relatives/ colleagues/ acquaintances as possible.


@ efgh
Sir, BIG THANKS yet again !

PS: pls keep a hanky ready to wipe ur moist eyes!!

Anonymous said...

Sir, It seems that all the demands and anomalies are being sorted out by the govt. with time except the much awaited 70% pension for PBORs (which was the first to be acnowledged by the govt). Is there any news for the delay.
Vipin Sharma

Anonymous said...

Oops!Can't believe my eyes .One rank one pension? Thanks Mr Narayan Iyer for the information.Reason to celebrate. You know what.

Pokar Ram said...

All the court decisions can be accessed through website-judis.nic.in . Other useful information on pay and pension are available on website-pcdapension.nic.in .

Penmil said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
Thanks for the advance info on the GOI letter issued for equalising the pensions of Maj Gens.
I saw the letter on PCDA(P)s website yesterday.The link is http://www.pcdapension.nic.in/6cpc/circular01.pdf.
It appears to me that the Family Pensions are not covered in the letter, though the Order by the Honourable Supreme Court is to compute pensionary benefits.
In the earlier case when Lt Col's pay was revised to be brought into PB4, the corresponding pension letter included family pensions too.
Will you have any post on the Maj Gen's letter?

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
Thanks for giving good news on fixation of pay of reemployed officers as per sixth pay commission..You gave these news just in time since my patience was about to run out and I had already prepared my application for release.But now I will continue. .My present pension after revision as per SPC scales is 32000/- and my reemployment salary was 26250/-.

You were always the first one to give us such news in the past. Ironically CDA(O)chaps got these orders months after we learnt these on this site.

We hope to learn further details about this from you soon.

Anonymous said...