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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

NDTV’s “The Buck Stops Here”, on OROP and related military issues

NDTV conducted a debate on “The Buck Stops Here” related to OROP and ancillary issues concerning the military community in which I was also on the panel.

It is a recommended watch for those following the subject. 

Thank You. 


sl said...

It was wonderful to hear all issues, discussed extensively on this blog in the past, so clearly enunciated on the TV channel debate by the blog owner.

Incidentally, this is just for reference, some of the social media web-sites did not permit sharing of the link of the debate video from the NDTV media player stating it was an "unsafe link".

Coming back to the discussion, the sticky, militaristic insistence by one of the participants on the "defined" concept of OROP being adhered to, is so characteristic of our authoritarian mind-sets of the "right-dressed-straight-rows-and-parallel-columns" kind. That kind of thought process works wonders in holding front-lines and wowing spectators at parades. I've been there, done that and proud of it.

But it'd be foolhardy to flush down the toilet the notion that issues can have layered nuances. It'd be counter intuitive to dig in one's heels and adamantly insist on a layered issue being treated on the simplistic lines discussed and agreed on in the past in unilinear terms.

This is precisely what permits devious minds of the non-military kind to play delaying games with complex problems that are never recognised as "complex" at the outset by affected stakeholders.

The matter has now come very close to fruition. As long as the only discernible "complexity" of the concept of "One Rank" is taken into account in the implementation, there can be no valid grounds for further delay.

When some stake holders insist that "definitions" of OROP be meticulously and faithfully followed without deviation, they refuse to recognise how the "definition" of rank itself has drastically changed over the decades.

A rank is not some bench-marked parameter like a meter or minute or kilogram that one can base other yardsticks on. It is variable, and indeed "complex" as is so now so belatedly being acknowledged.

But, whether or not this "complexity" can't be addressed within a week or fortnight is for others to judge, based on some basic fundamentals as stated here http://goo.gl/3edP4z

Airco said...

Just as "Justice Delayed is Justice Denied", so is "Dues Delayed are Dues Denied".Is the Government not aware that the seniormost Ex-Serviceman, Marshal of the Indian Air Force Arjan Singh is age 96?