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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

News you can use

Implementation of Orders of the Armed Forces Tribunal
There is some movement on the implementation of orders of the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT). The Ministry of Defence has recently issued implementation instructions for about 249 cases related to disabled and war disabled soldiers. More on the subject can be read through this news-report. Another report can be accessed here.

Appeals filed by the Ministry of Defence against pensions of Honorary Naib Subedars and Honorary Commissioned Officers
Regular readers would be aware of the sordid saga concerning the pensions of Honorary Naib Subedars earlier written about on this blog in June 2013. The Supreme Court has apparently rejected the second round of appeals filed by the Ministry of Defence against such pensioners on 20 May 2015. More information would be provided when the order is made available. The en masse appeals filed against Honorary Captains and Honorary Lieutenants also reportedly met the same fate on 06 May 2015.

Landmark judgement by the Patna High Court on pensions
Just as is the case of pay of serving employees, the Patna High Court in a landmark decision has held that pensions of government employees retiring from senior grades cannot be lower than those retiring from junior grades, irrespective of the date of retirement. In a lucid, sharp and crisp judgement, the Division Bench of the High Court has set aside the decision of the Central Administrative Tribunal which had denied relief to pensioners. The decision can be accessed and downloaded by clicking here.

Letter issued ostensibly for simplification of procedure for permanently disabled children/siblings and dependant parents of service personnel and pensioners
A letter on the above mentioned subject has been issued by the Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare as a part of simplification process. I would not say more and readers can peruse the said letter in order to fathom how much the process stands simplified. 


Unknown said...

DESW is striving for the next Nobel Prize ....

N Kumar said...

Sir ,
I just wish to know if the above orders to be dispensed also contains the order pertaining to pension for last rank held for less than 10 months.
There are thousands of people from three services who have been promoted to last rank only to be denied them the said pension for last rank held.
All AFTs have issued orders in favour of petitioners .
The most famous of them is Bharat Singh Khatana Vs Union of India. But Record offices havent been giving the said benefit on the ground that its only for post 2006 retirees.

V.Su7ndaresan said...

No wonder. MOD/MOF BABUs are very capable of confusing not onl their masters/bosses, but also poor pensioners. The said letter is masterly in confusing/conflicting/terrorising one and all, involved in pension disbursement.It even terrorises the pensioner/family pensioner; and tells; almost,as ,claiming the "disability pension for the dependent as if it is a "CRIME".
When will the babus learn to simplify?even if they are sent to some British school of english management, SINCE WE INHERITED THE "WHITE HALL" type of adminstration/filing/correspondence etc etc, it will be on ,absolutely, NO USE;ONLY THING THEY WILL ENJOY ANOTHER FOREIGN TRIP; AS IT HASPPENED IN THE RECENT FLOODS ISSUE;.


I, 678963F Veteran JWO Shiv Brat Das, have a handicap child. All required documents were sent to authorities till 10 Jan 2014. There is not even status update on this issue. My PPO has also not been included with my child 's name.

Unknown said...

I am an ex Airforce personnel retired in JUL 2002 (MOB -Case) after 18.7 Years service. In SEP 2012
I got a job in PSU bank, presently I am drawing entry level salary,where as
ex servicemen who retired after JAN 2006 are getting the salaries as
per 6th CPC. A difference of Rs. 15,000/- to Rs. 18,000/-. Is there any progress on fixation of PRE 2006 Retirees joined PSB after 01-01-2006.