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Monday, June 15, 2015

Tables issued for implementation of enhancement of disability and war injury elements of pension based on minimum of pay within the pay band for each rank, rather than minimum of pay-band itself

As most readers would be aware of this post of 21 April 2015, five months after similar orders were issued for civilians, the Ministry of Defence had enhanced the disability and war injury elements of disabled and war disabled defence pensioners based on the fitment of minimum of pay within the pay-band for each rank, rather than the minimum of pay-band itself.

Though the benefits were granted from September 2012, according to the decision of the Central Administrative Tribunal, the Armed Forces Tribunal and the Delhi High Court, as upheld by the Supreme Court, the benefits are actually to flow from January 2006. The file for extension of the benefits from the correct date is currently pending with the Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare.

Meanwhile, the office of the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions) has issued the tables for implementation of the above mentioned orders of enhancement of casualty awards and the same can be accessed and downloaded by clicking here.

Please note that this letter has NO relation with the matter related to broad-banding of disability percentage for cases of release on completion of terms/discharge/retirement/superannuation. 


sl said...

Though, by now, readers of the blog have been updated on the date of benefits having been clearly ordered as 01 Jan 06, just as for the Minimum Guaranteed Pension matter, there is very little information where the implementation status is at ground level. Is the Government planning to contest the HSC order on MGP, for instance, or has some sort of DGL been put up for approval? July 17 would appear to be a deadline set for that if the HSC order has been understood correctly.

Anonymous said...

PCDA(P) has taken about 70 days , for the circular .
MOD letter was issued on 10 April 2015.
The circular is dated 27 May 2015; put on their website on 16 June 2015.
This itself speaks volumes.
Wonder when orders for granting the benefits ( granted from 24-9-2012 )wef 1-1-2006
will be issued.
Orders for extending benefit of broadbanding the disability percentages for cases
of release/retirement on superannuation might take a real long time.
OROP implementation orders appears to be just a dream ...

Anonymous said...

This is a good news on the part of our great soldiers. I an a civilian but i am more concerned about the injured soldiers. We must take care of them. Because they given their life for the nation and revive the image of army, so that the future generation can inspired to join the armed forces. Nigam

Unknown said...

Hello sir, I am subhash 7 year service in singnals,20% category from ear in peace , I give unwilling from service..
What is benefits for me?
Am I ex serviceman? Pension?
Any profit in civil job?
Thanks sir