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Friday, October 11, 2013

Do not disown your own – Part II

As most readers would know, non-pensioner ex-servicemen, including our Short Service Commissioned Officers (SSCOs) and Emergency Commissioned Officers (ECOs) are entitled to limited out-patient medical facilities from Military Hospitals (MHs). Such non-pensioners are also entitled to medical reimbursement through the Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB) in case an MH certifies that the facility is not available in the concerned MH.

There are various letters to the above effect but during the last decade or so there was stiff resistance by the office of Director General Armed Forces Medical Services (DGAFMS) to these policies and they even unilaterally stopped providing such facilities to our non-pensioner ex-servicemen. Even medical reimbursement scheme by KSB was almost rendered redundant since MHs stopped issuing certificates to the effect.

Resultantly, the affected personnel had to approach the Armed Forces Tribunal which in turn directed the Govt to continue providing limited medical facilities to such veterans.

However, as has been brought out earlier also (see this, this and this), the Army, on insistence of DGAMFS itself challenged the verdict before the Supreme Court. Meaning thereby, that the Army itself prayed before the Supreme Court that the Army should be directed to stop providing medical facilities to the affected former members of the Army.

What could be more ironic?

In fact, the terminal benefits brochure issued by the AG’s Branch also clearly mentioned the procedure and medical facilities for non-pensioner veterans such as SSCs but elements in the Army HQ forced the AG’s Branch to eliminate that particular part of the brochure and the said clause is conspicuously absent from the lately issued versions of the brochure.

Why I am bringing this subject again is to bring to light the following factors after which the readers may themselves decide whether the organisation is being fair to its own veterans or not:-

A. Army Postal Service personnel who may have served in the Army only for 6 months (or more) have been made eligible for proper Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) facilities, while our own ex-servicemen who may have served much longer are not even being allowed to avail their limited medical facilities to which they are entitled to under existing instructions.

B. Nepal domiciled non-citizens of the Indian Army can now avail full and proper ECHS facilities in Nepal.

C. An ‘in-principle’ approval rendered by AK Antony for extending ECHS facilities to SSCOs has not yet been implemented by issuance of instructions to the effect since it has faced major resistance from within the Army.

The idea is not to say that APS personnel or Nepalese citizens should not be granted ECHS facilities. They definitely should be. But the question is that while all and sundry are being included under the actual ECHS, our old non-pensioner veterans covered under the definition of ‘Ex-Serviceman’ such as World War II veterans and War Veterans under the Emergency Commission are being illegally denied even existing limited facilities to which they are entitled to? While the office of the DGAFMS runs around to get the Dynamic Assured Career Progression (DACP) scheme implemented for its officers, what about the minimum assured izzat scheme for our veterans? 

What message are we sending to the world at large?

You decide! 


Synapse said...

There are far too many cases of similar nature. Why does it happen?
It appears to be a manifestation of mind set of military decision makers which believes in privileges select few. We have got so used to this, that most of the readers might think “So what’s wrong with it?”. Think again.

Raxas said...

Dear Major Navdeep,
Can we actually decide without the DGAFMS point-of-view? Perhaps DGAFMS has had to dig in it's heels because they can no longer provide these facilities given the shortage of doctors, infrastructure, medicines, medical supplies and pathetic promotional prospects resulting in the situation where super-super specialists detailed to do the task of a MO. Just because DACP is given does not mean the docs suddenly became supermen and can see 125% patients because they have now been compensated for the task they are presently doing. Surely we need to be charitable towards our medico brethren, who are doing an immense task. I have seen full fledged Airline Pilots in the MH for a common cough whereas they can easily pay a see a civil doctor. DGAFMS surely must have taken a decision based on realities not immediately apparent to us.

Unknown said...

How can they do this inhuman act to our veteran? This is height of negligence. I am not army person, but strongly protest this. Demand that full medical facilities should be given to them.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...



Firstly, we are not deciding anything. The Court already has and that too by duly hearing the Govt as also the DGAFMS. The Army has challenged the verdict before the SC.

Secondly, what you are saying is an otiose argument with no legs to stand upon. Pray tell me, who is the DGAFMS to dig in his heels because of shortage of doctors etc? It is the Govt which makes rules and unless the rules are rescinded, the DGAFMS has no business of 'digging heels'. The DGAFMS cannot take away existing facilities of old veterans based on his personal opinion. Maybe in Ethiopia or Iraq under Saddam, but not in a democracy.

Thirdly, the DGAFMS has no right or authority to take a decision. Tomorrow, can the the DG Inf say that Infantry Battalions would not fight a war since they do not have proper weapons? Please take a look at premier medical institutions such as AIIMS or PGI to understand what shortage is about, to fathom what burden is all about.

Fourthly, did I say anything against DACP? Just for your information, the case regarding DACP for AMC was filed by me only.

My apologies for sounding a bit sharp.

Dhoop said...

@Raxas: "..who are doing an immense task..";

Who isn't?

Well, perhaps, a few who are warming seats in some pretty useless portions of the cadre establishment chart.

The issue here is trying to deny entitled personnel their entitlement in terms of services and facilities.

If there are shortfalls in facilities and resources, those need to be addressed as all other sections of the armed forces do.

Getting imperious with former veterans is hardly to be expected.

Anonymous said...

Sir, If you post the letter of authority, about these Army Postal SErvice personnel and Nepal native pers allowed for ECHS, will help pers like us who were out from the Army before 1978 on SSC, to take up the case personally to legal justice. -Vamsi

Ajit Singh said...

I fully agree with Maj Naveep as whatever he writes, his aim is to make aware serving and retired def persons of their legitimate rights. Why New term NON-PENSIONERS. Any person who served even for one day in Def,( may not be entitled for pension) but should be treated as PENSIONER. SSC has dedicated their services to the Nation at the time of need. why to ignore them. Why do not we demand from the Govt to change this definition. Let us see other-side of this, once recognized as pensioners what are the main entitlements, Identity Card, CSD facilities(controlled prices with limit to purchase), grants for distress/ needy persons and medical ie ECHS membership for which he becomes member by paying subscription. What is wrong,if a sick man in his 60s or 70s ask for medicine or treatment or otherwise he is approaching to the end of life. What is wrong if Nation provides medical treatment/medicines to old needy persons or to its all citizens. Def Minister must act on this so that def persons get this facility and have proud of def service to the NATION.

mandy said...

1. First of all you are right that medical benefits should be given to all of veterans and also fight for better infrastructure and technical trained manpower which can only happen when we make the service lucrative compared to offers in civil.
2. As you have also time and again reiterated that we should work as a team forour rights rather than be jealous about perks and prieveilages providedto a particular corps and allow the beaurocrats to take advantage of these differences.

3. DGAFMS is the top medical man and corps representatitive to fight for the rights of the issues related to corps..govt n babus have no idea or seriousness abt military conditions and requirements on ground.

Suresh Kumar said...

The contributions of ECO's & SSCO's
during the operations of 1965 & 1971& there after,is highly appreciable. The attitude of AHQ is pitiable towards them. Not only this, the eligible pensioners among this category of officers have been equated to the honorary rank of a Lt.
for calculation of pension for the rank of a Capt.
Capt. Suresh K Kapila

chandra10 said...

Major Navdeep is infact correct in his observations about Armed Forces denying its own persons. I know of a case where-in an officer had to leave Navy after 18 years of service without pension because navy did not give him rank of Cdr, which is a time bound promotion,after implementation of AVSC and the cadets whom he once taught became senior to him. He quit in disgust(navy forced him to change his grounds for leaving).After leaving he come to know that he will not be authorised for bare minimum medical facilities from service. Today though he is doing well outside, but i find it ridiculous that even after serving 18 years in Forces you are denied such a basic need.

gunjan said...

sir, under which codehead is DGAFMS paying its lawyers in supreme court to deny treatment to needy patients who are senior citizens of this country and have served the armed forces in war and peacetime,if anyone of them loses his life due to lack of resources primarily financial wouldn,t it violate his right to life.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,

You have , over the years, clearly established that the top Brass in the Armed Forces are discriminatory in their decisions towards the UN-successful passed over officers, jawans and towards retired brethren. They just love grabbing the biggest piece of the pie; which in this case is the Med facilities. They dont want themselves to be sharing Doctor time with the AAM-janta.
This is an attitude which is evident in every decision starting from Pay scales to accomodation in Messes and Holiday Homes. They would rather accomodate an AGE in a Holiday Home (for a quid pro quo elsewhere) than to a retired Maj / Lt Col).
You have a tendency to not publish my comments. Do reconsider it.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@Anony at 6.38 PM

"You have a tendency to not publish my comments. Do reconsider it."

Sir, your above comments are quite something :)

You are posting anonymously, I do not even know who you are, and in such a situation I do not understand what would be the basis of that 'tendency'!

@Anony at 4.33 PM

DGAFMS does not pay lawyers. Such cases are filed in the name of Union of India and argued by Lawyers of the Central Govt.

Narendra said...

Ghar ka bhedi lanka dhai!
Shameful. What's gone wrong with our Chief's! We are becoming the slaves of BABU'S.
Our serving generals have become gutless and self-centered.
Tragedy for veterans. Our 'own' are killing our rights and image. GOD BLESS.

AFMC doc said...

I feel that the Officers and Jawans who have served Armed Forces for less than the pensionable service SHOULD NOT be eligible for treatment in Armed Forces Hospital as well as through ECHS.This will take away the quality of care for entitled class.Those who have left were seeking greener pastures and must have found one.They need not be entertained in military hospitals.

Narinder said...

Dear Maj Navdeep, Just a comment on your statement -"Please take a look at premier medical institutions such as AIIMS or PGI to understand what shortage is about, to fathom what burden is all about."
Well, I did take a long and careful look at doctor-patient ratio in PGI & AIIMS as far as indoor patients are concerned. There is at least one doctor for every five patients admitted in these hospitals (sometimes even lesser). Now, coming to smaller fauji hospitals, there is one medical specialist/surgical specialist looking after 25 odd acute patients and another 25-30 not so ill patients. Coming to bigger hospitals, things become even worse. Closer to you in Command Hospital, Chandimandir- A neurosurgeon has 20 to 25 acutely ill patients under his care, a nephrologist has another 20-25 acutely ill patients, so does cardiologist and so many other specialists. Over and above these ill patients, see the OPD loads!!!
I think rather than blaming the DGAFMS, one should blame the MOD for not increasing the authorisation of the hospitals which DGAFMS office has been fighting for more than a decade. Nobody wants to give more human resources to AMC and everybody expects corporate hospital level treatment.
Imrpove the working conditions and see how the medical system responds.

med spl said...

nice discussion between Raxas and Navdeep but i agree partly with both.

if govt say we have to take care of SSC veterans we surely should take care of them.

but where is the manpower and doctors to take on the additional load? for info the PE of hospitals and manpower authorized is miniscule it has not been revised since 1980 although load has increased tremendously since then. though we have good infastructure in terms of equipment and buildnings we dont have manpower and doctors to tackle futher overload. As such zonal hospital having 300-400 beds strength which are authorized 3 Med spl in them presently only one med spl is posted due to extreme shortage . The OPD workload on average is 100 patients a day with average of 50 inpatients however WHO prescribes that a specialist should see maximum 30 OPD cases and 30 inpatient cases. On top of that zero error syndrome is expected and patient need quality time with doctor.

we have included coast guard veterans, parents of retired veterans and gadually adding to list the number of people entitled treatment without increasing manpower. In this part DGAFMS is fully justified. And yes if govt want to entitle more people for medical benefits then they should increase manpower so we can take on additional people to treat and see smiles on every patient whom we interact with.

do u think i can do justice to my opd as a specialist if my outpatient increase from 100 to 200 suddenly?

let me give u life of med spl in a zonal hospital a insight so u can realize.

8.30 to 10 AM - see critical patients and do procedures in icu then take ward rounds and see an average of 50 inpatients.
10 AM to 3.30PM see outpatient opd nonstop having rush of 100 patients. and in between the trickle of 3-4 patients getting admitted in icu managing them simultaneously.
4pm lunch 5-7 pm dead tiered and a nap and at 7pm back to hospital work till 10 pm seeing new admissions and writing discharges and doing procedures in new admitted cases. 10 pm to 11 pm dinner then study till 12 and sleep. invariably there is a case at 2-3 AM or some patient going critical in middle of night which can distub sleep. there is 24 hours responsibility of inpatients.
there is no time for family and sports.

now in this time frame if we increase the opd from 100 to 200 suddenly and can a spl take on additional load? i guess dgafms is fully justified here since increasing manpower is govt responsibilty via AG office and not DGAFMS.

Sreenivasa S said...

What AMC needs is redistribution of its available resources and maximize its ability to outsource at places where its resources are under utilized. Those doctors who are wasted in the name of administration and commanding is literally a waste of well trained man power. required class of paramedics are in deficiency or very badly distributed in the name of personnel's promotion and career is affected. Rather than Blaming the system and denying veterans their due we all need to wake up and overhaul the system and make AMC more professional than ACR based organization.

I hardly see the vision in place for long term what I see is adhoc fire fighting & personalized planning than just sticking to old thing which are not even worth keeping them in museum.

Anonymous said...

I agree with AFMC Doc . When we want to reduce teeth to tail ratio and talk about combat medical support extending benefits would further complicate matter.
Just imagine Father of serving officer is refused treatment because his pensionable income is more than 3500 but same becomes entitled when he becomes ex serviceman strange but true

Beniwal said...

I am sure this AFMC doc does not even know any thing about medical regulations 1983. he/she also does not even know what is meant by "pensionable service" and when service/retiring pension become admissible. his/her views certainly tells about the prevailing mindset of DGAFMS/AFMC docs. its solely 3 chiefs responsible for the neglect and financial losses to ESM by disobeying the medical and pension regulations.

Dhoop said...

@Narinder:"..rather than blaming the DGAFMS, one should blame the MOD..."

The minute one gets trapped in a blame game, one loses perspective, orientation and direction.

Blaming is the oldest trick for deceiving oneself. We can go on blaming bureaucrats, politicians, services HQs, Directorates, Heads of individual units/hospitals, what have you.

Ultimately, the ball rests squarely in the court of individuals tasked with a job.

If the resources are not available, then efforts and struggles have to be launched to obtain those resources. It's fairly escapist to say, "I have submitted a statement of case; what more can I do?"

There is no go justification whatsoever for washing one's hands off one's commitment and denying veterans of services they are entitled to.

Jerry Junior said...

There is some thing wrong some where in thinking of our Armed forces.Firstly employ young boys in the armed forces for ten to fourteen as SSCO's because there is a shortage of officer's in the three services.They are fit to serve for fourteen years and not fit beyond for ten to fifteen years.What a joke.Govt/the forces are taking unemployment in the country.Armed forces are enrolling officers/sepoys and throwing them out or in other word wasting Indian economy thus creating negative force in the country,which may turn out to be harmful for the country.I would like to request all concerned people .who has devised this policy to sincerely think over it again as why are we wasting this trained men and throwing them out. this may harm the country in the long run once their number swell in the country and become a force to recon with.The facilities being provided by other countries should be provided to them and their services duly recognized in the times of need by the country.They came forward to serve the nation in the hours of need.THEY SHOULD BE TAKEN CARE OF ONCE THEY ARE THROWN OUT,THEY DESERVE SYMPATHY OF THE NATION.

AFMC doc said...

Beniwal Sir,
You should know the facts before writing in the blog.Ex Servicemen who are getting pension of some kind are only eligible for treatment in MH.see this link http://www.irfc-nausena.nic.in/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=100&page=2

Anonymous said...

I am a great fan of Navdeep. But on this issue, I do have an alternate view point. The points brought out by Narinder and Med Spl are justified (I’ve been there, done that).
But if the Govt or court wants the facilities to be extended to SSCO, then in a democracy, we are bound to follow the directions, whatever our personal opinion might be.
However, it is essential that the AFMS puts across it’s point (via the DGAFMS) about the obstacles for providing quality medical care to all.
The logical way to fix this is to FIRST decide the optimal number of patients which a specialist should see (WHO already has guidelines which have been mentioned by Narinder).
Then depending on the average workload of a hospital, either hire or employ more doctors so that in no event is the quality of care compromised by forcing doctors to see more patients than recommended/decided.
No doctor (or patient) should be in a situation described by Med Spl, which unfortunately is the norm in most command and zonal hospitals.
Situation has reached a state, in which in many service hospitals, patients are sleeping on the floor for want of beds. This is the situation that we must never allow to happen.

AFMC doc said...

One need to get some kind of Pension to become eligible for treatment in MH.This all I wanted to tell ,Sir Beniwal

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, posts above would show that AMC doctors are not aware that pensioners are allowed ECHS while non-pensioners with ESM status are allowed limited OPD facilities with further reimbursement under the KSB's reimbursement scheme. Further such non-pensioners should not be covered under any scheme for availing this facility.

The idea of pension has only been floated by DGAFMS which has already been junked by Courts.

All non-pensioners who were entitled were issued Medical Entitlement Cards which were fully accepted till 2008 when suddenly DGAMFS passed instructions to Hospitals (without govt consent) asking them not to honour the cards.

Please do not flaunt your limited knowledge.

Your opinion has no value once it's a govt scheme and judicial decisions have also been given.

You want to beef up military medical system, please do that, but you CANNOT refuse facilities to entitled personnel on that ground.

Such an approach will lead to anarchy in the system. Tomorrow every govt servant would stop refusing govt orders or court decisions by saying that he does not have resources. Lack of resources and overburden is common in every system and every service. AMC was not created by the Lord himself.

Thank You

An ex-SSC officer of the Army Dental Corps

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep highlights issues that are very relevant.

We must have a positive attitude and should look after our predecessors on whose shoulders we are now standing. After all, its only a matter of time when we shall be counted amongst them.

Our approach must be one of solving the problem rather than justifiying an obvious wrong as is being done by some people. Our veterans must get the treatment due to them, even if they have been part of this organisation for a day. Always beleived that the doctors were medical 'advisors' to the commanders on the field. Its atrocious that the persons in the AGs branch who would have been 'commanders' at a time can't exert themselves and take a decision which is legally and morally correct.

Lt Cdr Vikrant Malhan said...

Dear Navdeep Sir,

I submit the following. On one end, ZSWO at New Delhi issues a Medical Facilities Card for SSC Officers and on the other end this card is of no use as MHs across the country refuse treatment to SSCOs citing that they are not aware of any such card. This means that one hand doesn't know what the other is doing!!The Hospital Registrars say that either Serving or ECHS card holders are given treatment. May be we get to know what belongs to us and what will be given on the whims and fancies of the Policy makers. We are not begging but have a right to know. Many thanks and regards!


Rajee said...

Sir, Already I request you, if you post the letter of authority, about these Army Postal SErvice personnel and Nepal native pers allowed for ECHS, will help pers like us who were out from the Army before 1978 on SSC, to take up the case personally to legal justice. -Vamsi

Imayan said...

How do we solve this problem of medical treatment for ex-ECOs/SSCOs?
Can we take this up with the 7th Pay Commission ?
If DGAFMS doesn't have the requisite resources, MOD can easily provide a Mediclaim insurance scheme as is available for former employees of many PSUs. Even Govt. of India is going to introduce soon a Medical insurance scheme for retired employees.
Comments / suggestions on this are welcome.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it the duty of MOD to provide medical facilities to ex-servicemen ?
If ESM are provided other facilities akin to pensioners of the armed Forces, why not this facility of medical treatment ?
What are the ESM associations doing on this "felt need" of ESM ?

kuldeep said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

You have been regularly taking up subject of MH/ECHS for SSCOs. Also at various forums of IESM and other ESM org, this subject comes up but then subsides.

You are aware that present RM had agreed that ECHS will be given to SSCOs and also issued Govt of India, Press Release No. 54790 dt 30.11.2009 for the same.

The total number of SSCOs alive are only around twelve thousand. We fail to understand when ECHS can be provided to twenty five lakhs ex servicemen, will it be a big strain and additional burden on MOD/Army/DGAMFS that they are not implementing ECHS facility for these twelve thousand SSCOs.


Kuldeep Khera

COL.Reddy said...

Ecos/sscos have their prime to the country,no doubt that some of them may be doing extremely well,that should be the reason to deny them ECHS facility.Irrespective of te period spent in services,ALL individuals who been granted the status of Ex-Servicemen should be
entitled for ECHS FACILITY.

Anonymous said...

very well sir, if that be the case tommorow be ready to accept the same execuse of not doing the things on the name of shortage. Instead of paying respect to the veterns who at the time of need gave their youth to the nation, some people feel proud in insulting them. Its their right and just on the name of shortage of resources it can't be denied

Anonymous said...

i am a doctor..and i m bound to do what my CO/DGAFMS/COAS says...and i ll do that happily...but the point is that beyond yours n mine happiness i hav certain physical limitations and beyond that both me n my patients will start suffering. preferably i want that not only army veterans but every citizen of india should get free and QUALITY treatment..but in the lack of resources that QUALITY will be missing. now its upto COAS/MoD, what do they want. One more thing i wud say Maj Navdeep or any other AIIMS fan...just visit this hospital as a very common man....and get an X-ray done..u ll know the reality. for those who dont know..AIIMS has 1385 docs, 1800 nurses and 1700 beds...now compare it to AHRR.

Rashmi said...

DACP a rightful entitlement of doctors was needlessly compared with the genuine grievances of veterans. maybe we seek all entitlement without prejudice to one another.

Dr M said...

Dear Sir,
This issue of entitlement versus load-taking ability is a perennial one, so let me put forth my views.
Medicine is an abstract field, and outcome is ALWAYS directly proportional to time spent with the patient. Veterans deserve all the benefits. Some day, even I am going to be one. But are the ECHS rules framed with any logic?
For example, the whole ECHS logistics are run by the AMC. This includes procurement, collection, tendering, verifying, supplying and distributing drugs and equipment. And ALL documentation has to be separate. Yet, the ECHS has not provided a single helping hand, nor a single vehicle or clerical staff. NO ONE in this forum talks of outsourcing by the ECHS itself. But I guess everyone wants to save their money, be it the central government, or the ECHS. So no one wants to take up additional financial commitment.
I am amused at people who write about 'excuses' of the AMC and 'denial' of justice. Which means that in a working time span of 0800-1400h, with an OPD load of 200, a doctor should devote exactly 1.8 minutes for every patient. Which one of you would like to be disposed off in 1 minute and 48 seconds? This is what happens in PGI and AIIMS.
It boils down to humanity. While we in the AMC are accused of being inhuman, we can accuse everyone of not treating us as humans.
The ECHS, MOD, and the Army in general should learn lessons from the civil, or from large insurance firms in India and abroad. Look at CGHS. The point I am trying to make is that we all should wake up to the reality that healthcare is NOT CHEAP, be it in the government sector, or private sector. Run the ECHS more professionally, and not as a rehabilitation centre for people who all their life had NOTHING to do with medicine, medical practice, or any understanding of healthcare logistics.
If the DG infantry has the gall to stand up the to government and say that I am unequipped, and I will NOT fight, the government WILL notice. But everyone wants to keep the MOD happy, even down to the clerical level. This is known to all.
One of the largest employers in the USA is their hospital system. It recognizes that patient care in manpower-intensive. Manpower and equipment adequacy are directly related to patient safety. If patient safety gets neglected, everyone on this forum and in the defence forces will cry murder. All those who need more knowledge need to read about how work hours are calculated there. If you put all these together, then it is clear that AMC is the only branch of the army that is committed 24x7. I know what passes for patient care in AIIMS and PGI. Believe me, you get treated well only if you satisfy either of the two conditions: You are politically influential or have an insider known to you, OR you have a disease that is so rare that the doctors are interested in you. That is also due to overloading. Doctors in civil set up do not have to do boards for fitness, recruitment rallies, procurement, tendering, attending sammelans, checking fuel in MT, and associated non-medical work, that is an integral part of everyone's life in uniform. They also have a considerable degree of freedom in attending conferences and publishing. The majority in the AMC have no such freedoms.
We can all have a healthy debate, but only by realizing that DOCTORS too are HUMANS. You cannot have an overburdened doctor and happy patients. Please do not equate medical practice casually with the infantry's role. That is the fundamental mistake that the organization commits at every level.

Dr M

kuldeep said...

Pl ref comments of Dr.M. I think we are straying from the main issue of ECHS for SSCOs/ECOs.

Imayan said...

Dear Mr. Kuldeep Khera,
Your comments are timely. Let us not stray away from the main issue of relief for ECOs / SSCOs.

Kindly send me by e mail RM's Press Release No. 54790 dt 30.11.2009 .
My email ID: inttrade2008@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

The ad for joining the SSC says be an officer for 5 yrs and a gentleman for life.Does this not sound hollow when your own org does not treat you that way.

Imayan said...

MOD can easily provide a Mediclaim insurance scheme to released ECOs/SSCOs, as is available for former employees of many PSUs. Even Govt. of India is going to introduce soon a Medical insurance scheme for retired employees.
Comments / suggestions on this are welcome.

ramanan said...

Hello, vide recent letter released during Nov 2013 the ECHS facilities for the Army Postal Service Personnel have been cancelled and the previous letters entitle them for ECHS facilities have been withdrawn. Now the score is leveled, par with SSCOs, ECOs etc!!!!

YSR said...

Dear sir

its all depends on attitude, the doctors (not interested in adm) who are really striving for patient care are day and night working, some doctors mearly being in Delhi-Pune Express or Delhi-Lucknow express route are gaining top post without ground realities. They dont understand the pain of the people, they just understands ne thing i.e.,,,,,,,,,,, next rank