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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Guest link: The Army- What’s gone wrong? ~ Karan Kharb

Col Karan Kharb reflects on the recent worrying developments in the Army and the issues and predicaments facing men and women in uniform today.

The views are of the author. 


Anonymous said...

Almost Every commissioned officer knows the famous words of Field Marshal Sir Philip W. Chetwode, Bt, GOB, KCMG, GCSI, DSO (http://www.bharat-rakshak.com/HEROISM/)
We, the citizens, had interchanged preferences a long time back.
Armed Forces are just following the suit.
Lets see if the "final bastion" crumbles or revives back to its glory.

Anonymous said...

Col Karan is right to some extent but we all should now be ready to face the reality. And the reality is that 60 percent of commissioned officers are not getting the first selection grade Rank ,that too at an early age of 35 years. In other org all direct entry officers reach min Lt Gen equivalent Rank if their age permits.
A services officer is retiring at an early age so he is at a gross disadvantage wrt other govt officers. Most of the service one has to serve under your juniors. In some cases under your own regtl junior officer.In return he gets less pay ,less respect ,lot of humiliation and early retirement.In mixed orgs service officers are not treatrd on par with civ officers.
Gone are the old days when service offrs used to get lots of respect, in todays world only your grade pay is respected.It is high time that retired officers stop comparing the situation with their days in service. Now no officer is keen to send his ward in services if he is good in studies.
Main reason for cut throatism is less vacancies at higher ranks.No forthright honest officer can reach at top in services because of demand and supply. In civ govt org all officers reach at top ,however the honest officers may not get good appointments but promotions are assured.In fauz you are kicked out of service when your responsibiliyies are max.
The solution has to be different because of peculiar requirements. AVS 1or 2 are not our solutions.
Once an service officer is non empannelled then he has to go under humiliation for atleast 15 years of his service.

PBOR said...

a good write-up for academicians. however i dont see any shortage of 'officers'

Anonymous said...

One more retired officer trashing the Services.
This has got to stop.
Retired officers have an awakening when they no longer get to use or misuse fauji property, personnel. Then they awaken and demand that this corruption be stopped.
How many have stood up to their bosses, system when wronged. None.
Now they have this blog to rant.

Col Apurva Tandon (Retd) said...

Mr Anonymous who does not have the spine to divulge his name has some very extreme views on the retired officers. I am one and i took voluntary retirement in a select rank. i stood up for my subordinates when it was required and carry no grudge whatsoever towards the organisation. It is still the finest organisation comprising of the finest serving and retired soldiers and officers irrespective of what backgrounds they come from. A disgruntled spineless anonymous soldier cannot change that

Anonymous said...

Anybody who stood up ...has already got his due. How many stood up and went up you tell me?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon Oct 26 1.06 pm

I agree with you entirely. The bane of the Armed Forces is the fact that the steep pyramid is well protected for the future.
This ensures sycophancy and increases the rot in the system.
Howtsobliever, the promotion to Capt in the Navy is only around 20 % and not 40 as u have mentioned