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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why can’t we ?

In my humble opinion, extending Short Service Commission from the earlier applicable initial terms of 5 years to the now applicable 10 years (extendable to 14) was a blunder and has had just the opposite result of what it was meant for, that is, attracting better talent.

There are many reasons why I say so :-

A. There is no seniority protection in the civil services for former SS officers anymore, which means that an ex-SSCO starts his/her civil career alongwith civil direct recruits 10 years younger to him/her and atleast two ranks junior to his/her former status in the Army.

B. If joining the corporate world, the ex-SS officer again starts at a point of the ladder where he/she competes with youngsters who already have had a head-start which the former SS officer missed out due to his/her joining the Army.

C. Ex-Servicemen benefits are entitled only on completion of terms of engagement which means that the said benefits which were earlier available after 5 years, are now available after serving for 10.

D. 10% of appointments at Assistant Commandant (Lieutenant equivalent) level in the CAPFs are reserved for SSCOs. There is no protection of seniority. Hence, ex-SSCOs of Major and Lt Col level are expected to join at Lieut level (GP 5400) in the CAPFs which makes the entire reservation redundant.

E. After completing 10 years of service, an SSCO is in his/her 30s and to expect him/her to then look around for a fruitful career, in my opinion, is otiose.

So what can be the solution ?

Well, the Govt has been outright discriminatory with SSCOs in this regard and it seems that even the Services HQ have not been able to see through this or else they would never have allowed the initial terms to be extended from 5 to 10 years.

Why discriminatory you may ask ?.

Because, on the civil side, in accordance with Rule 49 (2) (b) of the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1972, civil employees become eligible to earn pension after serving the govt for 10 years, whereas our SSCOs are released without a pension and are only granted a gratuity even after serving 14 years. After the 6th CPC, civil employees are now entitled to full pension after serving 10 years under the ibid rule (it was 33 years for full pension prior to 6th CPC). Of course the civil 10 year rule only applies to those who are released or retired after completing 10 years and not to voluntary retirees.

If the govt is so concerned about making SSC attractive, then why not have similar provisions for our SSCOs. This would not be a favour but only placing them at par with civil employees. Why place them at a disadvantage vis-à-vis civilians? Not only would this provide them with financial protection, but would also encourage them to become self-employed, self-sufficient and to clamour for better placements in the civil sector rather than opting for junior appointments on the govt side only of the purpose of financial protection or pension. But I’m sure the thought process of some of us would be – If we grant pension to SS officers, then why would they opt for Permanent Commission? Well, losing a dollar while looking for a dime.


Anonymous said...

Firstly, i would like to point out that the all short service commission officers were looked down upon by the so call permanent commission officers even if most of them were excellent professionals.

Secondly, the requirement of preparing for a second career was frowned upon by the senior lot as lack of commitment to service.

Thirdly, there was no guarantee that even exceptional officers would be granted PC even if they desired to be absorbed.

Fourthly, they were treated like passengers that had to be kept out of good appointments with no help whatsoever for post SSC placement. This placed tremendous stress on these officers to seek soft posting towards the end of the SSC tenure leading to further alienation from the mainstream.

Finally,it was the services and not the MOD that wanted a longer tenure of 10 years for 'extracting more' out of the SSC officers before their engagement ended.

Last but not the least, the corporate world was more than happy to grab this SSC product and they seem to be doing well enough to be deemed successful anyway.

Anonymous said...

Well said and I agree.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Maj Navdeep,

You have hit the nail, not on the head, but at its right place.

I presume the brightest brains could have decided that this is the best way to stop SSC commission. It wil be a pride to salute this bright head.

And lastly, the SSC officers can now proceed on its legal recourse and give enough publicity to present the government a "fait accompli" to get pension.

Maverick said...

An excellent proposal

Anonymous said...

The fauji babus the so called at Pune didnt even knew that the SSCOs are Ex servicemen.Shame on these illetrate ,ignorant and corrupt Babus the so called Army officers!!!

Lt Col B S Chaudhary said...

The picture painted about the career prospect of SS officers may not be that bad as presumed. There are cases when right opportunity did not materialise to persons to strike at right time. There may be late starters in the run but it is a known fact that the central government which is basically controlled and managed by the so called steel frame do not want to share the pie. It is well thought out plan to belittle the People in uniform in every aspect whenever the chances are available.When the country needed young men to die for the country during 1962 operations and subsequently, EC officers were commissioned. Due to the late entry some of them were accomodated in civil services on release. In the beginning perhaps they were given seniority of Army service but the same steel frame objected tooth and nail and the result is before us.Please consider the officers cadre as one irrespective of the entry other wise we shall be fallling like the house of cards. Untill and unless the organisation do not stand to project the legitimate demands we sahll not be in a position to get due justice.It is apparent that the corridors of power do not really care about the sentiments and value of the people in uniform. They do only lip service when they are forced and compelled to do so.It is the bounden duty of the Chairman of the Chiefs Committee to get the rightful dues extended to the Armed forces. The matter is not all that simple when we fight indivisual battle like the issue of date of birth.

Lt Col BS Chaudhary

Beniwal said...

SSC is nothing but exploitation of the youth. pension regulations provided for reduced pension starting from 10 yrs service. arbitrariness of babus start from here after. PC officer paid reduced pension if permitted to retire after 10 years. a jawan if becomes a SSCO is entitled to pension on release after 12 years service. a late entrant officer isgiven pension after 15 yrs. but for all others its told 20 years, but they are unable to show where its written that pension not ADMISSIBLE for less than 20 yrs service. fraudelent ommission and violation of the regulations. if they say min 20 yrs required for pension then why they grant pension for less than 20 yrs by applying same regulations. again violation of statutory regulations. only one of the two can be true. but what can one do if the fauji babus in service HQs in Delhi( who should be taking care of faujis ESM), do not want to read/apply the regulations as written and applies equally to all officers without exception or discretion. leave aside giving pension or ECHS the fauji doctors(DGAFMS) are trying to deny the medicare presently entitled/provided to non pensioner ESM including SSCOs and have gone to the court. an officer becomes begger if released without pension as he stands with beggers in line for medicare in a govt. hospital.

corona8 said...

The point about the lack of engagement by armed forces HQs regarding the issue is the most relevant of all. Actually, all such issues stem from the general orientation of our military HRD reasoning to operate from a position of "denying" respect or entitlements to the cadre, whether these be SSC or PC Officers. This mindset often asks itself the question, "Why should so and so enjoy parity/APC/Entitled Benefits? How will the higher echelons derive their authority without their power to deny the lower rungs these things?"

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous very well said
None of the Sr officers have given a commets here.Since it does not matter to them they are silent .......
Before we look outwards for anything , we need to introspect , Is our own organisation is giving SS officers their due

Anonymous said...

At last a step in right direction from you. ssc are second to none .
many may have not given there option for permanent commission, not all ssc officers want pc. As you said it yes an ssc officer is at disadvantages position,as he as to start afresh after he leaves . It is the creation of our own brother officers. MOD should , have contested and a made party itself in SUPREME COURT , THEN SITUATION WOULD HAVE BEEN DIFFERENT.Navdeep you are a lawayer can you browse APEX COURT JUDGEMENT ON THIS ISSUE , please take up the issue with mod to file a review petition.
ssc officers are not entitled for pension, and echs also. SERVICES wants the profile of officers should be young, but does not want to extend benefits to ssc officers.
Mod has to take necessary corrective steps to set right the anomaly.

Anonymous said...

a ready reckoner on iaf website especially for pre 2006 pensioners.
may be of some help.



Anonymous said...

...Further in addition


Anonymous said...

Giving medicare under ECHS only to pensioners is blatantly arbitrary and discriminatory. Because the condition/word pension has been removed from the regulations under which medicare is provided to ESM(pensioner-nonpensioner as one class )since 1996. Till date that regulation is inforce. Therefore again without authority of law/regulation, giving ECHS to only pensioner ESM is arbitrary and discriminatory and fraud. One can not create a class with in a class (ESM). This has been done by AGs branch ( our own fauji babus). This fraudalent action/omission/commission is punishable under army act.

kuldeep said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

On this issue of MH facilities for ECOs/SSCOs, I fail to understand why govt and AMC are fighting it through SLPs.

Last ECO batch to be released was sometime around 1972 (about 40 years back). All these ECOs will be more than 72 years of age. I don't think more than 1500 ECOs would be alive.

Similarly considering the average intake of 250 SSC officers every year and around 50% of officers being absorbed in permanent commission, total SSC Officers released in the last 40 years would be around 5000.

If we deduct another 25% of SSCOs joining govt/PSUs where CGHS and other facilities exist,SSCOs interested for MH or ECHS would be around 4000.

And considering the percentage of ECOs/SSCOs who will actually fall sick and go to MH for treatment will be negligible. If AMC claims of looking after lakhs of exservicemen, is it a big extra burden on them?

At one end we crib that there is shortage of officers in the armed forces and at other end this
treatment will only result in negative publicity. It is not in the interest of either the army, MOD or in national interest to deny and contest the MH and ECHS facilities for ECOs/SSCOs.


rooy said...

Your observation is absolutely correct, Maj. Navdeep. We are mostly attracting mediocre peole into SS these days.

bluemist said...

Well, this is what exactly happens with the PBOR too. They are made again to stand at the FAR END OF THE QUEUE when it comes to a job in the Civil.. any comments?


Ardhendu Pal said...

Dear Sir / Madam,
The authorities must urgently review the pathetic condition of hapless SSC officers. The cadre of SSC is akin to slavery reminiscent of draconian era. Now we can't even blame it on colonial rules as SSC cadre is a class of "slaves" in the worlds largest democracy. The secret policy of "Use & Throw" needs humanitarian revision. SSC offrs are left to square one after extracting 14 years of their prime time. No god-father, no ones baby. No pension, no ECHS facility. Same charter of duty & same exposure to risk factors. By the time a SSC offr quits army, his counterparts have not even made up their minds on what to be done in life. These brave men who joined the elite service needs recognition of their 14 years grueling service to nation. The country should atleast provide them with pro-rata post release facilities as applicable to civilians of central govt after completion of only 10 years of service. The slogan: Do You Have It In You ??? would be better relished by brave SSC cadre as they joined the Army because they really have it in them!!!! No malice intended to any one. Just hope that this piece is read in the correct perspective and something good happens for the SSC offrs. Jai Hind.

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep

Is it fruitful to file a case, against the issue of granting pension to ssc officers getting released after completion of 10 years of service in comparison to the provision for pension in civil


-Alpha Oscar

Anonymous said...


I am a newly commission officer. I dotn want to extent my service beyond 5 years in Army. UNDER THE NEW RULE ON ssco, can I resign after 5 years? Do I need to pay any money to the government if I have to leave after 5 years.?

ek musafir said...

Dear Sir,

I take this opportunity to invite your attention to this burning issue concerning to all of us. I would like to draw your attention towards the reservation policies of the central govt. As per the current policies we are entitled to get reservation only in Grp C and D posts and not in Grp A and B posts. I think now is the high time to seek a change in these archaic rules. Gone are the days when a Jawan used to join defence forces after passing class 10th and used to leave the service with the same qualification and was awarded the Graduation equal certificate by the concerned records office.

But now the times are changing so many of our counterparts have acquired the higher degrees which make them eligible to apply for the Grp A and B posts in central govt. I give my own example I have completed my MA in 4 subjects, B.Ed, MBA (HR) and 02 PG diplomas. By virtue of scoring more than 55 % marks in my MA, I am eligible to apply for so many posts being advertised by UPSC concerning to Group A and B but see the irony I will not stand to get any reservation benefit if at all I wishes to apply for these posts. They only consider us fit for Group C and D posts even if we are highly qualified also. I think we should get together and fight for our right and raise this burning issue at the highest possible level so that in future our brethren leaving the services are considered for the higher posts. Please give this letter a wide publicity through this wonderful medium.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to resign during the first 5 year period? Or to to quit during the training period?

Unknown said...

I’m a BE graduate decided to join SSC in army, but after reading this blog, I doubt wat’s my life after serving 14-years as an SSC officer with no benefits.

Unknown said...

respected sir

I got selected in SSC in army dental corps, i have so many doubts regarding SSC like
1) is this is possible to leave with in 5 yr tenure after joining.
2) if i got selected in indian civil services during this period, will they allow me to join ?
3) is there any codefied rules regarding resignation mention in army rule book and where would i find that rules.

sir i talked to so many people but answers are not clear. would you please guide me regarding these doubts.
it will be a great help

thank you
with regards

Unknown said...

I, am a Sysco and have served in infantry for 5 years.majority of my tenure has been in the field and ci. It is very unfortunate that the government is totally neglecting the highly skilled labour force, being released from the defence services at a young age. The reservations for exservicemen in particular Ssco is totally farce and a big sham. On ground reality is totally opposite. This can clearly be seen from the latest ips examination conducted for army officers. Majority of the Ssco officers did not even qualify for appearing in the examinations. Incase a Ssco officer leaves army and intends to join paramilitary forces, he does not get enough chances because of the age block. Also he has to appear for a written competitive exam. Now is it possible for him to prepare for a written examination at that age,with family responsibilities and does he need to appear for the examination like a fresher despite him being even better trained and experienced then any other uniformed profession? The government has totally neglected the interests of the Ssco officers. The government needs to realise the potential of these highly trained officers. The total quantity of Ssco officers both serving and released is in lakshmanas and together we are capable of making and breaking governments by practicing our voting rights. At least minimum they can do is providing us echo facility. The senior buckle heads located at the mod fail to recognise that the echo is already undergoing huge lossess, by including Ssco in it, will gather huge funds for the echs n the future will be brighter for even permanent commissioned officers.

dagger said...

Hello Sir,

I am a IT professional having 5 yrs of service in IT/Corporate. I am 27 yrs of age and hail from a fauji family.
What in your opinion would be a better deal SSC or TA in order to get the OGs and at least continue the tradition of being in OGs and serving the fauj.

B Singh

Anonymous said...

Respected sir ,

I am a daughter of an retired army ex-serviceman. my mom is suffering from HCV and we went to polyclinic hospital for treatment ,they referred my mother to " mann medicity hospital Jalandhar " and there after diagnosis they send my mother for leave and said we will call you after 10 day days but now 2 months are gone . but they are not providing treatment

sasidharan said...

I understand Indian Army has recommended to Govt of India in June 2013 to grant ECHS benefit,extra terminal salary and special study leave to SSCOs to make the cadre more attractive to the youth? Can someone throw more light on the matter?


Unknown said...

Dthear sir I am an SS officer (& a civil Egineering graduate) who served for ten years how can I be in touch as to what all is happening regarding benifits of Ex servicemen,my mail Id is captanil04@gmail.com.
with regards
capy anil sharma.

Manjinder Singh said...

There is a SPECIAL PROVISION OF RELEASE for the SSCOs who are under the 10 years bond(04588/MS Policy,dt 22 Feb 2007).Does that entitles them to any ex servicemen benefits on gettng released after completion of 5 years.

Anonymous said...

The reality of SSCOs is that they are not entitled to any of the following items :-
1. Use of rank / issue of parchment certificate of commission by President.
3. Eligibility for wards for admission to AWES run institutes(if served less than 10 years).
4.Pro-rata Pension
5. Lateral Resettlement options / reservations in Govt service with seniority protection.
6.Membership to few Army Clubs (e.g. Army Golf Club, RSI Hyderabad etc)

Additionally, NO ESM organisation is bothered for concerns of SSCOs including IESM.

Ironically, the senior military leadership seem to have forgotten the famous words incribed in at IMA commonly referred as Chetwode credo -" The honour welfare and comfort of the men you command comes next"...

As a former SSCO I would like to ask where is our honour, welfare and comfort ?? Is someone listening ???
Who is responsible for this state of affairs for a veteran community that remains neglected despite a possibility of OROP coming through for all others.Where does the buck stop to ensure inclusion of released SSCOs as respectable veterans with equitable benefits.

Anonymous said...

I gave my comments on this post earlier this week regarding vagaries experienced by SSCOs, however it seems the highly respected owner of this blog chose not to reflect reality of aggrieved sscos with respect to disparity and differential treatment meted out to sscos for reasons best known to him.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, saddest part is that people are not aware of policy while entering in military.Eg Now IAF does not offers PC to flying branch officers and moreover they are for 14 fix ( no 10+4) . Although most of SSC are engineers they are great pilot and most suited for modern aircraft technology.Still no option at all for them inspite of being in operational branch of IAF.