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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This is again related to the last two posts

The erroneous tables have now been deleted from the list of 6th CPC circulars available on the official PCDA(P) website. The old (direct) link to Circular No 449 reflected in the blog-post dated 14th Jan 2011 would still work but is not listed in the official list of circulars anymore.

Also it is clarified that the Annexure stating the minimum pension for PBOR in the MoD letter dated 15th Nov 2010, which is also enclosed with the ibid Circular No 449, is of no practical use since the same only reflects the minimum possible pension admissible to PBOR of different ranks. The actual pension of PBOR (much higher) is now determined by the Govt letter issued in March 2010 promulgated in pursuance of the report of the Committee of Secretaries.


Anonymous said...

Navdeep Sir,

My sincere thanks for the update


Anonymous said...

to remove an anomally, many anomalies are created now. A group X Havildar gets more than group y N/subedar.

Anonymous said...

"...but is not listed in the official list of circulars anymore..."
One must count one's blessings.
Removal of the circular from the list today will surely lead to the removal of the circular itself from that website in a month or two.
After that one can be sure of the notification of a corrected circular by the end of the year.
Slow and steady wins the race :-)

S.Kanthiah said...

The CDA Cir 430 dated 10-3-2010 superceeds the Annexure III old and the revised. There is no use of the 15-11-2010 Annexures. PBORs pensions are better as per Cir 430. It was an eye wash to satisfy. No sincere efforts to solve the anomaly.
Thank you sir for highlighteneing the issues.
Exwel Trust, Tamil Nadu.

Anonymous said...

Major Navdeep,
Request confirm/ throw some light on-
1. Ordinary family pension of a pre 1-1-06 retired Lt Colonel stands at Rs 15420 pm as per PCDA(P) circular No. 412 dated 26-5-09; Table 2.
2. Any change with regard to fixation of enhanced rate of family pension? As known to me, it is fixed as per Annex I to PCDA(P) circular No. 397 dated 18-11-08.
Thus it is NOT 25700 pm for Lt Colonel. It is appx 20-21000 pm

sl said...

@Anonymous January 20, 2011 6:52 PM: The CDA circular 397 has no annexures, only an Appendix. Annexure I to GOI(MOD) letter dated 11 November 2008, referred to in the CDA circular 397, does have an Annexure_I but there is no reference to an "Enhanced Pension".
Could you please clarify for the benefit of all affected?

Unknown said...

Navdeep, 'PBOR' is NOT a valid abbreviation. The abbreviation to be used is 'JCOs & OR'.

SNEHAM said...

I have taken up the issue regarding anomaly in the MOD letter issued on the basis of committee of Secretaries with particular reference to Gr-I LAC discharged after 15 years getting Rs.27/- more than a Gr-I Sergeant discharged after 15 years, through RTI. I have got a reply stating that the anomaly has been noted and will be rectified in consultation with DGDA & MOD(Finance). They have also replied stating that no time line could be specified to rectify the anomaly.
M.Prabhakaran Ex.Sergeant.