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Monday, January 17, 2011

Correction underway

This is in reference to the last post.

The issue of reflection of incorrect ordinary family pension corresponding to the rank of Lt Col has been taken up officially with the Ministry of Defence and corrective action is underway.

The issue highlighted through the last post was merely that the PCDA(P) had floated the implementation instructions without waiting for the rectification of the error. However it is not encouraging to note that many veterans have written on the issue to all and sundry in the government deprecating the entire Ministry of Defence and the Services HQrs on this oversight and stating that the mistake was deliberate. This is so very wrong. The mistake was not deliberate. It was a clerical error only and not much should be read into such human slip-ups. Needless conspiracy theories should be kept at bay.


V K Das said...

While it may well be a genuine mistake the point to note is that the initial orders in 2008 on pensions had to be changed three times before they got the pension of maj gens right.Obviously there is gross incompetence if not deliberate mischief on the part of the babus in the MOD.

Aditya said...

The reactions of some here to the last post were decidedly somewhat hyperbolic. For example, on receipt of the news of the error, some posters were demanding registration of cases under Section 327 IPC, (Causing hurt to extort property). If I may humbly say so, whoever read this tidbit from the bare act, and then thought it applied to the situation mentioned below had arrived at completely the wrong conclusions.

I hope the person wasnt serious about his intent to register cases under s/327, because he would be laughed out of any courthouse or police station.

Causation of hurt extends only to physical hurt. It does not entail the causation of emotional 'hurts'. And furthermore, the poster was under the (wrong) impression that the act read "Causation of grievous hurt" (which it does not). Grievous hurt entails causation of deprivation of eyesight by injury, breaking of bones, cutting of limbs etc.

Unless the Accounts officers pen is very sharp indeed, and he has undertaken a murderous assault with the same, such a scenario is very much beyond the realm of possibility.

sl said...

The reaction of many of the affected pensioners/family pensioners to the "clerical error" is perhaps more in need of empathic evaluation and understanding than critique given the not very re-assuring experiences of veterans over the past few years.
"Errors" of this nature, after all, have led to decades long litigation in the past.
It may not be a totally paranoid reaction on part of those who have chosen to entertain suspicions, or at least to not be completely trusting, of some sections of the administrative machinery, given the state of the environment.

Aditya said...

No doubt. I was simply pointing out, that misguided brandishing of legal means often leads to protracted and unwinnable litigation, when the matter could be sorted out quicker (in some cases) just by the parties involved...

Vasundhra said...

This outburst is natural and was expected,absence of it would have been UNNATURAL. To day there is a unbridgeable mistrust towards the bureaucracy and it is good that people are letting out their pent up steam in this manner.We should(read b.........y) consider our selves lucky that it is not like Taliban mentality here!! Original letter was issued on 15 Nov 2010. It is unbelievable that no one pointed it out.In fifty eight days one can walk from Kanyakumari to New Delhi to get such mistakes corrected only if there is a willingness of positive approach and positive approach is what is missing. Mistake is not a mistake if it is rectified on realistion. The issue to ponder is since third CPC in general and fourth CPC in particular upto sixth CPC, All mistakes are Visualised mistakes till the powers that are have exhausted all the legal means available in the Constitution of India.It seems GOD is on the side of mighty because till date no decision on Mistakes have reached to any logical conclusion. IN THIS TYPE OF FOUL ENVIORMENT what else can be expected.

Anonymous said...

@ some previous comments

I retired in 1995 with 30 % disability due to WAR INJURY sustained during 1971 operations. Due to the long process it takes to clear such issues at ministry level, I was finally granted War injury pension and paid arrears in 2000 or so. But afterwards somehow the so called CLERICAL ERROR cost me dearly for next ten years. Some BABU with a simple pen which worked like a SWORD atleast for me CONVERTED the War injury pension to simple disability pension and issued a corr PPO with half the pension I was actually authorized with effect from my retirement and recovered the dues paid to me. Those were the days when access to authority letters was not there so easily and I considered that how can the Government be wrong and took those as the actual rates . ( Thanks to the internet now and Navdeep who is making it possible for all but more so for retired fraternity the access to such letters ) It was only after sixth pay commission that I was able to lay my hands on the letters and pursued the case. Even then it took me almost twenty months with prolonged correspondence and personnel vists to Air HQs / Dy CDA to get my dues from retirement onwards. The effort was unfortunately there to some how delay / stall the case. And we still feel these clerical errors are nothing much to talk about. I think not only such people should be booked for criminal cases as suggested but suspended and penilised by recovering money from them. All those remarks are totally justified. Only then these Babus will realize how so called clerical errors can cause havoc with one’s life financially. It is high time they wake up and concentrate on their jobs for which after all they are being paid.
Gurdeep singh
Group Captain (Retd )

Anonymous said...

Hope to see the corrective orders soon on this post.
No one knows why there is delay in publishing orders on grant of disability pensionary awards on percentage basis to pre 1-1-06 retired ESM.
Issue of Rank Pay, the way ,it is being dragged / ill treated, no one knows how many ESM will be alive to receive the same .
Payment to pre and post 1-1-06 retired Reemployed officers at different rates for reemployment for the same period of service appears to me as deliberate errors.
As rightly brought out by Maj Navdeep, it is more of negative attitude of Babus in ministry of defence / CDAs etc towards Fauzees, which is causing unwarranted hardships to us.
It can get rectified or concerned officers may be more cautious; only if penalties are imposed on them and affected beneficiaries are paid interest on delayed payments .

Anonymous said...

Fantastic job Major Navdeep. Thanx. Pl also help with some personal touch for DACP also.

Anonymous said...

A damned good post " A DISGRUNTLED PENSIONER" is posted on www.indiancpmf.blogspot.com I would request all brother officer to go through

Anonymous said...

wonder... how come all clerical errors almost always go against an ordinary citizen.