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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Medical hierarchy unsettled

The Principal Bench of the Hon’ble Armed Forces Tribunal at Delhi has rendered a decision with far-reaching consequences on the medical hierarchy of the services. It concerns the appointment of DGAFMS.

The complete decision can be accessed by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Any info on DACP for Armed Forces Medical Services? Maj Navdeep DGAFMS is too high up in the channel for common AMC officers.
AFT Site:

Anonymous said...

How interesting. Was there not a judgement of the same tribunal by Jus. SS Kulshreshta & Gen Dhillon rejecting Gen Bhargavas contentions?

Anonymous said...

Very interesting case.

It has exposed MOD very badly. It would also have impact on the IAS and CSS babus getting their families and relatives healed in RR Hosital in Delhi. That is the main mottif of these guys seprating DGAFMS form the Chiefs. Now they want their yes men as DFAFMS in Delhi ! Strange are the ways of Indian Babus.

Secondly, this is a good judgement towards curbing the practice of promotion solely based on the criteria of age. Now any one can go to the court and pray that though the vacancies existed but the board was deffered malafidely so that he is forces to retire and another person is selected in his place. That amounting to denial of opportunities and fair consideration is violation of fundamental right.

That has also bugged the system very badly. In fact there needs to be a clearcut ruling on the subject that the board results should be mendatorily declared before the first vanacy arises.

Descretion and proceedural lybrinths are the common ways of scuttling justice in those corridors.

Anonymous said...

Whole AMC promotion policy requires to be revamped soon. Esp. the marks for citations/ awards should be stopped forthwith. We all know how these awards are given to the doctors. You treat a VIP and get an award is a known fact. People aim solely awards but there are other hard workers as well which go incognito. Super-specialists with 02 yr training in fields recognised by MCI to be sufficient for even teaching in those specialities are not recognised by army for extre point of superspecialist but these people are in super-speciality pool. Amazing AMC Bosses. God bless AMC.