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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Toll tax exemption is NOT repeat NOT available to retired personnel

This issue keeps cropping up every year or so.

Some officers are again circulating a letter purportedly issued by the NHAI in which it has been stated that retired defence personnel are entitled to toll exemption.

The above mentioned letter is fake. Please do not embarrass yourself or the service by using it or fighting with toll barrier staff on its basis. This has been clarified by me time and again.

An excerpt of a news report wherein the subject was dealt with by the Supreme Court is also floating around. The said judgement was related to the private vehicles of serving personnel only and had no relevance to retired personnel. The Supreme Court had upheld toll exemption to the private vehicles of serving defence personnel only.

Anyone who may want to know about the issue in greater detail may go through previous posts on the subject by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

hi,its an excellent blog with lot of info.

I want to get a weapon for my self,a pistol or a revolver, is an arms license mandatory for service personnel for possessing such a weapon.

Anonymous said...

Please educate us on toll tax exemption/non-exemption when service officer is moving on temporary duty by taxi/Civil Hired Transport.

vasu said...

total amount of toll tax paid by average service officer in a year will be less than the tips paid by officer in restaurants. hence it should not have been an issue at all! I think we should look above these trifles. when pay commission sits, babus will say "service personnel even get exemption of toll", as if its a huge benefit bestowed on services, and further downgrade us.

Nav said...

This is Naveen, can you please educate us on the service benefits and claims after we quit from 5 years of Short Service commission. The various kinds of claims to be made and also the facilities available to us.

Hell's Angel said...

Please i want to know that why DND flyover in noida not giving toll tax exemption to defense personnel

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep, Thanks for detailed clarification on the Toll Tax issue. However on Bangalore-Hosur road the serving officers are asked to pay the Toll Tax when travelling in their personal vehicles and the authority is the Gazette of India No 2188 of Dec 2009. The officer in charge a Retd Brig has asked us to produce an authority exempting the Toll Tax payment by serving officer. Request if Govt order/Gazette of India clarifying the same could be sent to me on my mail ID dineshkumar46@yahoo.com alternatively if it can be placed on your web portal for the benefit of all other brother officers.
Col Dinesh Kumar

Anit Gautam said...

sir i am Maj A Gautam
i have a query in respect of the toll tax exemption.
Are the dependents of serving defence personnels exempted from toll tax, when they are travelling on there own ( in possession of a valid dependent card). i belong to Ambala Cantt and my parents have a frequent trip to Chandigarh. But they are not given any exemption from toll tax even on producing the valid dependent card. thay say that exemption is only when i am accompanying my parents. Kindly throw some light on this issue. I will be grateful for your guidance. my email id is anitgautm@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir,

Please inform if road toll tax exemption is extended to the legal fraternity (lawyers/advocates).