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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another category added to ex-gratia compensation scheme w.e.f 01 January 2006

Lumpsum ex-gratia payment is admissible to families of defence personnel in the following cases :

Deaths occurring due to accidents in the course of duty : Rs 10 lacs

Deaths in the course of duties attributable to acts of violence by terrorists etc : Rs 10 lacs

Deaths occurring in enemy action in wars, border skirmishes, action against militants / terrorists etc : Rs 15 lacs

Deaths occurring in enemy action, international wars or other engagements specifically notified by the govt : Rs 20 lacs

The Govt of India has now added an additional category to the scheme of ex-gratia payment w.e.f 01 Jan 2006 :

Deaths occurring while on duty in specified high altitude area, inaccessible border posts etc on account on natural disasters and extreme weather conditions : Rs 15 lacs

The above has been added vide GoI MoD Letter No 20(5)/2009/D(Pay/Services) dated 04 June 2010.

It may also be noted that the categories are not in the form of water-tight compartments and are to be interpreted liberally and not literally. The Govt has already explained in detail as to what kind of situations would be covered in these categories and such guidelines are provided in GoI MoD Letter No 20(1)/D/(Pay/Services) dated 22 Sept 1998. The said letter liberally conveys as to how these categories are to be construed for granting benefits to claimants.


Anonymous said...

A very very welcome order. For the unfortunate family its a welcome relief, although nothing can compensate the personal loss, but still this economic relef is a welcome implementation.

Anonymous said...

The compensation is appreciative.
In the larger persepective, the knowledge of
a)how this issue was taken up,
b)when does periodical assessment of deficiency in existing norms considered and taken up, and
c)the time taken from start to finish,
will enable the AF personnel to correctly appreciate the hard work gone under, rather than be gung-ho about such largessee, which many feel is always overdue.
And how is it comparable to the CPMF; Also the answers to a,b,c above, if ever compared.

Anonymous said...

Could you please post the MoD letters of 04 June 2010 and 22 Sep 1998, since they would be of assistance in justifying in any C of I etc. These are not readily available.

Anonymous said...

I feel such ex-gratia payments must be over and above the
following -
1. any death ocuuring during performance of duties, the family must be paid full pay & allowances; with normal increments and promotions upto the normal age of retirement and retirement benefits ; as the family would have got if the officer was alive.
Kindly educate the enviornment ,if such stipulations already exist.
If not ....well ! I feel it need to be done at the earliest.
We , as citizens ,owe to respect our bothers/sisters who happen to die while serving us.

Sgt.S.Kanthiah said...

Thank you for bringing such a good and useful information.

Another category of Ex-gratia pensioner is left out by VI th pay commission. Even after 2 years of implementation of 6th PC, the pensioners receiving a monthly pension of Rs.600, 605 are not cared for. This is to be brought to the light sir. People like you only can enlighten this . Kindly do help them
Chief Liaison Officer,
Exwel Trust, Tirunelveli-Dist, Tamil Nadu.

ninihala said...

When a person dies in course of duty, he does so pursuant to some order of a superior officer. He is subject to same Army Act, whether in peace or field area. Then why should there be any discrepancy in award of ex-gratia. This distinction should be removed.


This is in continuation of my earlier post:

Are the authorities trying to apply two formulae for the two components of the pension? - one for the "SERVICE COMPONENT" on the MINIMUM OF THE PAY BAND BASIS" ( the srroneous distorted skewed version being challenged in Tribunals / Courts) and another for the "DIASABILITY COMPONENT" on the correct MINIMUM OF THE REVISED PAY IN THE PAY BAND basis- ie the "full modified parity"(as you mentioned)- only to satisfy the HSC verdict on the disability pension AT LEAST IN PART!( I am not sure if the verdict is so- as I am not familiar with Cases/ Judgments?) ?

If what I made out is correct, then :

This is also one way of TESTING their own skill in "HAIR SPLITTING TECHNOLOGY" and also show the CORTS that they can continue to hoodwink till the last "straw on the camel's back"?

Anonymous said...

Not any amount of compensation can fill the void left by the loss to the family .But its disheartening to know that pre-96 got only one lakh as exgratia . anonymous

Anonymous said...


I want to know what is the difference between Ex gratia Compensation and Compensation under Workmen Compensation Act. One of my relative is due to get compensation under MoD but the office is confused regarding what compensation should they pay to my relative. Five years have been passed but my relative has not got the compensation as yet.

Thank you