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Monday, September 20, 2010

‘Ex-Serviceman’ status to boarded out recruits

This is related to the post on ECHS facilities to recruits.

Many boarded out recruits keep inquiring whether they are to be treated as ‘ex-servicemen’ or not.

The answer is in the positive. While the DoPT definition of ‘ex-serviceman’ clearly includes personnel in receipt of disability pension, the MoD has also clarified vide its OM No 12/I/2005/D dated 01 February 2006 that boarded out recruits in receipt of disability pension shall be treated as ex-servicemen for all practical purposes.

It may be recalled that a recruit released from service due to an attributable / aggravated cause is entitled to disability pension including service element under the provision of Regulation 181 of the Pension Regulations.


Sgt.S.Kanthiah said...

It is a valuable information. But it is sad that a Recruit with disability pension , is not permitted to enroll his wife in the ECHS . He got married after discharge from service. A man with ESM status is eligible for all the facilities of an ESM , why this is not allowed. Part II are is taken and endorsement of family pension also (Joint notificatiion) done. When we represnted the case, the Central Organisation has informed us that , Married after discharge, the family is not entitled to become member of ECHS, Kindly verify and take up the case sir.
Thanking you.
Chief Liaison Officer,
Exwel Trust, Tirunelveli-Dist, TN.

Unknown said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
I did not opt for permanent commission after my initial 5 years of service. On release I was placed in medical Category A3 permanent and awarded a disability pension element of Rs 525/- for life. Kindly let me know if the service element should also had been added?? If yes then how much.

Maj Narender Suraj Atri

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

Maj Atri, of course you are entitled to service element also. Even the disability element has been enhanced to Rs 5880 for 100% disability.

Kumar said...

Only the armed forces offer life long universal health benefits for a few months of service (which included only basic training). The recruit is boarded out only because his recovery process is likely to be beyond the permitted time duration. Previously, medical benefits included only treatment for the disability for which he was boarded out which was quite rational.
Why should government be responsible for treatment of a lung cancer of a 60 year ex-recruit smoker who had put in 2 months of training and was boarded out for stress fracture of tibia from which he had fully recovered by the end of 6 months from date of injury??? Why should the government be responsible for his wife and children's treatment too???
No wonder we have to wait in all those huge lines in ECHS polyclinics and MH as well.

Is there any end to entitlement benefits? Why do we equate ex-recruits (with a few months of training) to ex-servicemen who gave away best years of their lives to the Defence Forces?

A healthy debate is possible on this only if contrary opinions are also allowed.

auromitra said...

Dear Navdeep
Doing a great job.
Please confirm whether my son, GC Amit Mitra, an ex OTA cadet(GC 21197) in 2001 who was boarded out medically due to injury during training & granted 30 % disability pension by the govt, is an ESM in the light of the provision quoted by you.
He is already in receipt of canteen facilities vide Army HQ MT Dte(MT 5) letter,
If so, what action do I take in this regard now,
warm regards,
Brigadier Arobindo Mitra(Retd)
Omkar Apartments,
Third Floor, Flat No.9,
223, NSC Bose Road,
Kolkata-700047, West Bengal,
Cell: 08974003611

augustlastrain said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

First of all I must appreciate the fact that you made an effort to clarify and resolve various doubts/concerns regarding ex servicemen status.

I, Ex GC N Narula, number 21668 OTA, got boarded out on medical grounds with 20% disability granted for life. I did visit the office ( directorate of statistics n records), R K puram where I was categorically denied the ex servicemen status. They said that circular dated 01 feb 06 is only meant for "RECRUITS", i.e. those undergoing for NC/OC training and not meant for GCs.

While the argument was definitely not convincing, it was explained that since you have been awarded ex gratia you wont get it.

I request you to throw some light on this if possible. That could resolve my query and possibly doubts of those who do face this situation tomorrow.


Unknown said...

i want to know that how many members in a family are able to get ex serviceman facility because my younger sister is now teacher of science and math in ssa and she got the job under the sc ex service man category. Can i am able to get the ex service man facility for my job

Unknown said...

i want to know that how many members in a family are able to get ex serviceman facility because my younger sister is now teacher of science and math in ssa and she got the job under the sc ex service man category. Can i am able to get the ex service man facility for my job

ajay kumar said...

I myself AJAY KUMAR(8210334-N) was enrolled in IAF in X group technical on17th jun 2002 & while training i was medically boarded out for pulmonary tuberculosis on 25th aug 2004. in my discharge certificate I was categorized as non ex-service man & no facility of Ex-serviceman was provided like ECHS & canteen facility,except pension.
My Questions are –
1- Am I eligible to get Ex-serviceman facility?
2- Can I get age relaxation in govt job as Ex-serviceman?
3- When I was married after I was medically boarded out. Is my spouse is eligible for benefits as a family member of an Ex-serviceman?

Someshwar said...

nitanshu u r correct
there is lot of contradiction for ex-servicemen
as far as the status of ex gc is concerned i have clearified from Dopt through rti and they have clearly stated that ex gc are not treated as exservicemen for employment purpose
with regards
ex gc ota ssc 81

drswinderjit said...

i want to seek information regarding reservation rules for ex-serviceman dependent kindly suggest me a way
1 i am presently woring on contractual post umder NRHM againt reservation as ex-serviceman dependent
2;now pb govt launches regular pasts in the same dept after long wait of 20 years
now my an many others got in a problem as we applied for the regular posts dept denies to gave benifit as ex-serviceman dependant asking u had availd ur reservation now suggst us the way 21 postonly16 cand a out of wch 5 fresh rest lke me who applied for 2nd time

GAATHI said...

Dear Major Navdeep,
I am Lt Gaurav Tripathi, been boarded out on Psychiatric grounds which were not attributable to military service. May I know if I am entitled to claim a seat under the category of Ex-servicemen in various colleges and other organisations.
It would be very kind of you sir if you enlighten me with your views on this aspect.

Lt. Gaurav Tripathi

Asadha said...

Sir, I am an Ex. Recruit with disability pension. Our District Ex-servicemen board says that I cannot be given Ex-serviceman status for getting priority in job for my dependent(here my wife). They say the status has been scrapped recently. Can you shed some light on this sir, please.

Someshwar said...

as discussed by major navdeep sir about the letter dated 01 feb 2006 issued by mod regarding ex-servicemen status of ex-cadet/recruit boarded out on medical ground for all practical purpose. i would like to inform u that till date the said letter has not been notified by DOPT as a result of which no officer cadet or recruit boarded out on medical ground can get the benefit for employment. this is very sad and one of the example of red tapism. regarding this matter one recruit has filed case in ahmedabad high court.too

Someshwar said...

To all the Ex- Cadet boarded out on medical ground I would like to confirm you that Ministry of defence, vide their Office Memorandum No. 12/1/2005/D(Res) dated -1 st Feb., 2006 has conveyed that it has been decided with the approval of Hon'ble Raksha Mantri that such recruits who are boarded out/released on medical grounds and granted medical/disability pension, will also be covered under the category of Ex-servicemen for all practical purposes.
**Officer cadets boarded out of training academies will be treated as Ex-servicemen only for the purpose of employment in civil services.** This definition is available on the website of goa ex-servicemen welfare site. The said OM has not yet been notified by Department of personnel and training as a result of which neither ex-recruit nor officer cadet. those who want to get the said OM notified can put their grivences on pgportal.gov.in against the department of personel and training and to the president grivence cell at http://helpline.rb.nic.in
This will be quite helpful as such grivences are taken into notice as well as when such grivences on one issue will be received from many people it will certainly draw attention

epeneth said...


I served the corps of Signals for a period of 1 yr 33 days and I was medically board out as Fits(nyd)without any disability pension even after second appeal, I get the canteen facilities, but whether can I get the facility for renewing my Two wheeler license fee please. I was discharged on 03 Sept 1980.

M Epeneth
Ex Rect

Ashwani guleria said...

Respected sir, Mera naam Ashwani guleria hai m 26 Dec,2003 ko army mechanised infantry se recruit medical board aaya hun mujhe abhi tak exservise men ki all facility mili hai job ko chod ke lekin family ka na to echs card bana hai na hi aur facility pls mujhe bare m batayen

Ankit dev said...

respected sir,
I no.15619817-L, Ex.Recruit Dev Ankit Ravindrabhai. I join brigade of the guards dated:-04/01/2005 and Medical Board Out dated:-01/09/2006 and i received medical board pension per month 8303/-.but our Zilla sainik board,ahmedabad and Rajya sainik board,gujarat not issue Ex.serviceman identity card and CSD Canteen AFD-I Canteen not issue banifit and other state issue status Ex.serviceman identity card and CSD Canteen AFD-I Canteen also provided last 6 years and Rajya sainik board, gujarat & zilla saink board, ahmedabad said DOP&T not Notified Medical Board out Recruit status of Ex.Serviceman and issue of Identity card but other state issue already this facility.

So,Please guide me this matter.


Army No.:-15619817-L
Dev ANkit Ravindrabhai

Ankit dev said...

respected sir,
I no.15619817-L, Ex.Recruit Dev Ankit Ravindrabhai. I join brigade of the guards dated:-04/01/2005 and Medical Board Out dated:-01/09/2006 and i received medical board pension per month 8303/-.but our Zilla sainik board,ahmedabad and Rajya sainik board,gujarat not issue Ex.serviceman identity card and CSD Canteen AFD-I Canteen not issue banifit and other state issue status Ex.serviceman identity card and CSD Canteen AFD-I Canteen also provided last 6 years and Rajya sainik board, gujarat & zilla saink board, ahmedabad said DOP&T not Notified Medical Board out Recruit status of Ex.Serviceman and issue of Identity card but other state issue already this facility.

So,Please guide me this matter.


Army No.:-15619817-L
Dev ANkit Ravindrabhai

Anonymous said...

Respected Sir,

Greetings from Ex-Rect. Mer Valubhai Vajubhai.!

I am Ex-Rect. Mer Valubhai Vajubhai I was enrolled in Army AD Center Nasik Road Camp on Dated: 31/12/2001 at RR & D Bty with Army No.15776962W as a Recruit (Sol/Tech) but in the center Re-medical time I was medical boarded out from service by Army AD center under the authority of table annexed to army rule 13 (3) (iv) being invalided medical board out on dated 02/05/2002. Army AD center was released me from the center on dated 02/05/2002 that time I got one certificate whose name “INVALIDING FROM SERVICE: RECT” ,In the AD center before Discharged I was got some stipends per month and also after Discharged I was got some of Rs.8118/- from AD Center on Dated 01/08/2008 and some of Rs.1040/- from AGIF on dated 25/11/2009. but till date I am not getting Discharged book. this information is for your reference only that in the Gujarat many Ex-recruits getting all the facilities like PPF, Canteen, Ex-servicemen quota in civil service and some other facilities who given retired Ex-servicemen who recruit also medical board out from service under the Army Rule 13 (3) (iv) being medical boarded out as like me.
So kindly I requesting to you suggest me what can i do? i am eligible for the ppf and other facility of the army?
please give me your valuable reply.

Thanks & Regards,

Army no.15776962W
Ex-Recruit (sol/Tech)
Mer Valubhai Vajubhai

Anonymous said...

I am Ex-NDA and medically boarded out.

Is there any way I can avail medical benefits?

Unknown said...

what is the duration of service for a territorial army personnel for him to be granted an ex- service man status please guide me on this

Unknown said...

Respected sir,
I am D/42232 Ex GC Nidheesh Mohan Kandwal. 130 regular.
I got medically boarded out due to heavy spinal cord injury from the respective Indian Military Academy on 9 sept. 2011.. sir i am facing vast difficulties due to my spinal ache. i am preparing for various govt. entrance examinations, but my injury always act a hindrance to it. sir i request you with great gratitude to kindly tell me about the job opportunities and facilities provided for medically boarded out GC's.
sir i am in an immense disarray in context my future.. I am an MBA and MA (ECONOMICS)degree holder but due to training and injury i have lost my three years. sir with a humble gratitude i intensely require your guidance.

VIJAY said...


Respected Sir,
1. I wish to clear my few doubts about above mentioned subject

(a) I was enrolled in INDIAN AIR FORCE on 27 Sep 2006 and after seven years of service I got discharge from service on 29 Sep 13 without any pension.

(b) As I have served Indian Air Force for less than 15 years, I have not been issued with any PPO. Only Discharge certificate is issued to me.

(c) Now, as per instructions given on DGR’s site and in a book placed at Zila Sainik Board, Bikaner. It is clearly mentioned under heading “process for issue of identity card” that for issue of identity card either PPO or discharge certificate is to be produced.

(d) But then also Zila Sainik Board, Bikaner is telling that PPO is must for issue of identity card, and they refused to issue me the same.

2. In view of the above, I humbly request that please clarify the doubt about the issue of identity card to the personnel not issued with PPO. As identity card is must for person like me to prove his identity as an Ex-member of defence forces. Thus I request you to please guide me the right path, so that me & my family would keep pride and faith in defence services.

Eltro fit

vaibhav said...

i am Ex cpl vaibhav gupta. i was discharged from Air Force on medical ground and disability pension is recommended for me, but as it will take around one year for pension to be approved, i will not get ex-servicemen benefits for this period of one years. i was issued a 'Medical Card' from unit and was told that i can get medical benefits on the basis of this card.Can i avail medical treatment for my parents who are dependent on me on this Medical Card.
Anybody can help?its urgent.

Unknown said...

Respected sir ,
i am vinoth A.no 15724233y , i was discharged from indian army on medical ground (IMB) with disability pension is recommended but 2years completed after my discharge , i have not recieve any information about my disability pension. Even i did not get rejection letter also. If any suggestions for me please help me sir

anil said...

How can i make ex service man's certificate
Plz help me

Som said...

dear Mohan Kandwal, I would like to inform u that Ex-GC boarded out on medical ground is eligible for priority -1 status in government jobs. secoundly eleigible for Ex-Gratia Award and Ex-Gratia disability award for whole life and CSD canteen facility Hope to talk u . my No is 9570611888
EX-GC Someshwar
SSC-81 course

Arun Pandey said...

Hi All,

I know many ex cadets land up on this page while searching for issues related to medically boarded out officer cadets.Though much has been written and discussed on this nothing has been achieved so far.Lots of cadets are still suffering and lot more will suffer in future due to this unjust policy.I have created a whatsapp group of all such ex-gc's where we can discuss and sync up with each other.Instead of fighting a lone battle lets get united and go with a single and focussed approach.Those who are interested please drop me a mail at akp.gkp@gmail.com with your name,mobile number, email id and training particulars.I'll add you to the group where you can get the latest updates and contribute.


Unknown said...

Dear sir
This is ex recruit no 13981422y satish kumar tiwari,i have borded out (discharge from service)in 1-4-1991 due to fracture readius ulna.i am geting besic pension 3500 and disbility is granted 30% for life but after six pay commision my disbility pension is not coming @30 % so what i have to do to continue this, and now i am heart and kidney patient,so please let me confirm below mention doubt ....
Q.1 will i treated as a exserviceman or not ?
Q.2 on the time of discharge from the service i was not married so my wife name & my childrens name are not mention in my documents.so where i should applied for the part two order?
Q.3 i want to make echs card for wife and children so echs facility will be granted or not?
Q.4 if echs card will be make then what contubution charges will be paid whereever i have discharge befor 1996.
Q.5 in case after my death family pension will be granted to my wife or not?
Q.6 sainik board is not making my exserviceman id card so am i eligible or not ?
Satish kumar tiwari
if possible kindly do a email of this in stiwari386@gmail com..

Rohit Goel said...

Dear Sir,
I EX-GC Rohit Goel was boarded out of Service on medical Grounds. All I got from the service was Rs. 200000 Lump sum, for 40% disability through AGIF and no Ex-Serviceman status. Could you please guide me through the process to avail such status, if its applicable.


Rohit Goel

vijai kumar dudi said...

Honorary Naib Subedar Vijai Kumar
Dudi Bhawan Jawaharnagar, Rly Stn ke samne,
Mandi Adampur
District- Hisar (Haryana) - 125052
E-mail: vijaidudi1962@gmail.com
Mobile No - 09871081782, 09416283566

Respected Sir,

1. I, No 2879637W Havildar & Honorary Naib Subedar Vijai Kumar have served in the Indian Army (The Rajputana Rifles) for 24 years & 02 days in Group 'Y' with an Exemplary Character (from 30/10/1982 to 31/10/2006) and retired on 31 October 2006 (A/N).

2. My last basic pay was Rs 4700/- plus DP Rs 2400/- & classification pay Rs 100/-.

3. Records – Records The RAJPUTANA RIFLES, Delhi Cantt – 110010.

4. Pension Payment Order details issued on till date to me is as under:-

a. Original PPO No - S/029763/2006(ARMY) issued on 30/06/2006.

b. Corrigendum PPOs -

aa. S/COR/032767/2006(ARMY) dated 21/11/2006.
ab. S/CORR/023552/2007(ARMY) dated 25/05/2007.
ac. S/CORR/161493/2009(ARMY) dated 31/07/2009.
ad. S/CORR/225039/2010(ARMY) dated 02/04/2010.
ae. S/CORR/039335/2010(ARMY) dated 19/10/2010.
af. S/CORR/273046/2011(ARMY) dated 20/03/2012.

5. Bank details - Punjab National Bank, Mandi Adampur
District – HISAR State – HARYANA- 125052
A/C No – 2994001301104170

6. My revised basic pension is Rs 7750/- fixed at average minimum pension of Naib Subedar.

7. It is intimated that my basic pension is less as entitlement. It should be Rs 8085/- with effect from 01 January 2006 and from 01 July 2009 Rs 9382/- as per table No – 32 of PCDA (P) Allahabad dated 30 September 2011, in this connection please see the following references:-

a. GOI MOD letter 1(8)/2008-D (Pen/Policy) dated 12 June 2009
promulgated that Honorary rank of Naib Subedar granted to Havildar
will be notionally considered as a promotion to the higher grade of
Naib Subedar and benefit of fitment in the pay band and the higher
grade pay will be allowed notionally for the purpose of fixation of
pension only.

b. GOI MOD vide their letter 17(4)/08(2)/D(Pen/Policy) dated 18
August 2010 had promulgated that the pension of post 01 Jan 2006
retirees will not be lesser than the pre- 01 Jan 2006 veterans for the
corresponding rank/group and qualifying service.

c. Pension of post 01 Jan 2006 retirees Naib Subedar need to be
protected by the pension applicable to pre Jan 2006 retirees vide
PCDA (P) Circular 471 dated 30 September 2011.

8. In view of the above, you are requested to direct/instruct to the the concern authority for do the needful for correction or revise the service pension as entitlement. An early action is requested. I shall be highly obliged.

Thanking you with warm regards,

Yours faithfully,

Havildar & Honorary Naib Subedar Vijai Kumar

surendra said...

I am an ex GC boarded out from ima in 1996. My ex gratia disability award has been removed. Let me know how to revive the same. Surendrachenglei@gmail.com. Mobile no. 08414004117.

Anonymous said...

Sir i am ex recurit mer invalid out on medical ground from navy on 10-7-97. Initially 60% disability given for two years after that disability nil and id rejected by pcda allahabad. Since i am getting 1275/- Presently 3500/-as titled invalid pension. Please guide me am i exserviceman. I am entitled for exserviceman facility like job reservation, csd echs. Please sir guide me. With regards. Id- sankhla.ajit@gmail.com

Unknown said...

I KRK SINGH ex recruit served 2 years in army. My number is 6317632. I was discharged under medical ground with a disability pension of 20 percent. Am I eligible to avail esm fecelities

Unknown said...

Exrucruit i can apply state police exserviceman with

Anonymous said...

Sir iam ex recruit invalid medical board out.i served in army 1 year.am i get ex-serviece man status and any benifits ???please give me reply sir

Ankit dev said...

After medical board out ex-recruit marriage wife entitled esch benefit?