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Thursday, September 16, 2010

It’s 10% for serving and retired

The increase in Dearness Allowance (DA) is what I’m talking about.

DA stands raised by 10% with effect from 01 July 2010 for serving employees and pensioners of the Central Govt.

The next instalment of DA enhancement after the current one shall also result in an increase in all allowances (including Travelling Allowance) by 25% since the 6th CPC had recommended that allowances shall go up by 25% when DA touches the 50% mark.


rajkumar said...

dear maj navdeep
many people are asking if increase in pf rates is applicable to defence personnel.
i surprise about level of awareness among defence personnel .

all pl note that increase in pf is neither applicable to defence personnel nor it applies to other civillian central govt employee .
this increase in rate is ( 9.5) percent is for employee in pvt sector such as factory workers who contribute through EFF ( employee provident fund )

ninihala said...

I welcome this announcement. Govt servants will be able to celebrate festival season. Civ govt employees will be able to draw arrears by end of current month, if not immediately. But not the uniformed personnel. In our case, CDAs will wait for receipt of ink signed copies, then take some more time to prepare lists etc. We are not likely to get these dues before Nov 2010. These civ people in CDAs take sadistic pleasure in delaying, if possible denying, due payment to uniformed personnel. They use all tricks for this. This problem needs to be tackled on priority. Even though they cite shortage of staff and time to expeditiously handle our pay related matters, they have found time and staff to celebrate 59th anniversary of DAD. This nonsense should stp. https://www.pcdaopune.gov.in/NewsFlash%5Curgent.html

Anonymous said...

Hope the Field area allowences,CA allowances and counter insurgency allowences also go up.

Anonymous said...

i had also heard that once da goes to 50% the DA will get merged with basic pay?..is that correct?

Anonymous said...

To ninihala on 16 Sep. Pl check your annual increment, in most officers, 3pc of MSP is not included as Annual increment. What is included is only 3pc of asic plus Grade Pay, whereas MSP being Basic, 3 pc of MSP should also have been included.

Cdr Somashekhar Palled said...

I feel the Defence personnel contributing to DSOP / PF either full or to the extent of 8% of Basic is equivalent to EPF and gets the rate of interest published i.e. 9.5% and what we place in addition in Banks as PPF gets 8%.
Some one may confirm this. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Navdeep,
the divorce bug is hitting the army also. can we have some valuable inputs to protect our officers in terms of:

1. How to protect against the fraud dowry charges.
2. Professionally qualified ladies asking for maintenance thru AWWA and Army channels.
3. Any other valuable information.

Anonymous said...

Not linked to DA... but worth a read. So much said in so few words!

Unknown said...

armed forces personnel is getting 8% interest on PF and other private sector is getting 9.5%. Why is to much difference. Now a days bank also giving interest more than 8%. No meaning to deposit in PF. few years before also getting more than the bank rate

S Kumar