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Friday, July 24, 2009

Recent announcements : A dissection

Well, the public at large has been talking of the recent sops announced for defence pensioners. The starting point was the Union Budget speech. The following are the major ‘steps’ that have been taken to address the issues :

1. Bridging the gap between pre-Oct 1997 and post-Oct 1997 pensioners

2. Removal of 33 years’ qualifying service condition for earning full pension

3. Grant of a separate scale for Lt Generals

But the truth is somewhat like this:

Point No 1 is a resultant of an order of the Hon’ble Punjab & Haryana High Court which has been upheld by the Hon’ble Supreme Court so there was no escaping this by the Govt.

Point No 2 is a resultant of the recommendations of the 6th CPC and the same has also been accepted for civilians, so what extra has been initiated for faujis in this ?

Point No 3 is also a resultant of a Finance Ministry missive by way of which the Higher Administrative Grade (HAG) on the civil side has been upgraded to Rs 67000-79000, something that has been applied to our Lt Generals too in a parallel fashion, so again what's special for faujis ?

I would again reiterate, that this play of words is the work of some lower level spin doctors who do not let our Ministers, Parliamentarians, top bureaucrats and top brass understand the minute modalities of such matters. They have led the top echelons to believe that much special has been done for defence pensioners but the truth is quite removed from reality. It is not an obligation that Hon’ble SC orders have been implemented and again not quite an ehsaan that the changes such as removal of 33 years’ service requirement for full pension or grant of HAG, changes which as it is have been initiated in the universal pension and pay regime, have been duly extended to the defence services. I say it again, it’s time for the higher civilian and military establishment to wake up before the army of promoted lower bureaucracy takes the system and the nation for a ride. Information which should ideally reach top political, civil and military echelons is filtered by the heavy tentacles and thick mesh of lower bureaucracy, a malaise which is eating into whatever progress we are making.

There is only one answer to this : proper application of mind on file notings and minute sheets initiated from below. Let us stop affixing ghuggis and start imposing our grey matter on the notings of the supervised staff.


Anonymous said...

If the lower level spin doctors are upto some mischief it is the duty of the higher level people to reign in those people.....but they have failed to do so.

Ramani said...

wrong, wrong ,wrong!!!!!!!!!
The requirement of 33 yeas service
for full pension is only for post 2006 retirees. The pre 2006 guys are still saddled with only PROPORTIOANATE pension applicable to their Rank, weightage and ACTUAL service. I am one of the affected and am losing nearly 5000 bucks evey month.
How many people know this???????

Harry said...

@ Maj Navdeep


1. Point 1: Bridging the Gap of Pre-Oct 1997 and Post-Oct 1997 Pensioners. Though the announcement has been made but exact details are yet to be made clear. So as of now we don't know the exact distribution of 2144 Crore (as announced in Parliament by RM). But surely it is more or less clear that OROP/APIP as WE EXPECT is NOT COMING THROUGH!

2. Point 2. Grant of a Separate Scale for Lt Generals.
Well, its battle which has only been 1/3rd won as 2/3rd of Lt Gens, who were earlier equivalent to DGP now stand DEGRADED to ADGP equivalent. This will have wider ramifications in terms of functional efficiency and Comd and Control especially in J&K and NE states where Army, CPOs and State Police co-exist and undertake joint ops! So our Corps Cdrs (who can't be 1/3rd of Seniormost Lt Gens as they are new promotees) have been pushed down the Order by TWO rungs below state DGP (who is now in Secy's Grade!)

3. Point 3. Machinations of Lower Bureaucracy.While coming as it does from NONE OTHER THAN YOUSERF, it surely must be the case on ground. BUT MY DEAR SIR, when so much HUE and CRY has got raised that too at the HIGHTEST LEVEL then what is the 'HASIYAT' of lower babudom to twist facts and present them with prejudiced viewpoint!! Surely top Bureaucracy and Politicians DO HAVE A MIND of their own! And then CLARIFICATIONS if reqd can always be sought directly from the Service HQ!!
Stuffed Shirts of MoD can surely DO THIS MUCH if they really are concerned about Military.

4. Also Top Bureaucracy can't escape blame for the simple fact that HIGH LEVEL COMMITTEE set up to look into GRADE PAY ANAMOLY and RANK EQUIVALENCE is...YET TO SIT !! :( Surely we all know who is chairing it! So what has HE DONE?

Anonymous said...


I think you would mean post- 02 Sep 2008; because offrs between Jan06 and sep 08 get only weighted pension (33 yrs clause)...Or Do I understand wrongly...

Anonymous said...

I think Ramani Sir and anonymous friend at 8:58 am are right in saying that Waiver of 33 years is availbale to only post 1-9-08 pensioners.
It need to be effecetd for all pre 1-9-08 pensioners also.
In fact for pensioners(existing as well as future ) with more than 33 years service ,the pension should be proportionately increased

Ajit said...

@ Ramani

You bring out a very pertinent point. Majority of the people have missed this imp point and think the 33 yrs embargo has gone for all

Wonder how Navdeep did not analyse this anomaly

bill said...

Dear Navdeep,
In their statement in the parliament the RM & even FM had stated(in a vauge manner) about raise in pension of "disabled & injured in war"Any info on that?Were they by any chance refering to issue on revision in disability pension rates of pre2006 retirees ??


Hi Friends
We see when ever any new developement takes place as regards to OROP/PIP etc,the interpretation/appreciation is done mostly by affected persons. They fret and fume and fade away. Who ever gets the thrown crumbs readily and geedily accepts the same. Not realising/analysing the long term effect/consequences.It has become crystal clear as to who rules the roost. Obviously the trick of the trade which the lower or upper cadre of Civil Beaureaucrats have mastered is not going to wear off easily. The interpretation/Research of what is happening should be done by the elite and sincere members of IESM/IESL and other Veteran welfare organisations and Man Friday like Maj Navdeep is a very important and sincere Cog In The wheel. In order to defeat the sinster designs of the holy monsters should be regularly and serious monitored. The malingnant
attitude since 1947 to become Beningn now will take some time with very heavy doses of antibiotics. Pray that our Senior Cadres both Serving as well as retired do not give up the steam and are able to maintain the momentum. Forging the unity amongst all organisations has become all the more important than before.Let the Hakims not succeed their sinster DESIGNS to DIVIDE and RULE the PBOR/Officers cadre,a very dangerous and unethical gestures very perilious for the Armed Forces and The Territorial Integrity of the Nation. Better sense should prevail to all of us, LETS PRAY this battle of/tug of war is over soon since it is effecting the Morale of the Serving as well as Retired Soldiers.The piece meal informations without fool proof orders in bits and pieces are shattering the confidence and faith in the system.The announcements made should be concrete and accepted by both parties. It is high time that the Hakims should put an end to the perilious paths of justice and solve the problems/anomilies amicably and quickly to put a stop to the Gossips and rumours. Sorry but the Pandavs have still not got their dues and the unholy nexsus of Kauravs are still in tact and battle of Kurukshetra still on. God bless us all.Jai Hind.
Col Dham

VNatarajan,President,Pensioners' Forum, Chrennai said...

Dear Major Navdeep/all,
It is really amazing that u r able to keep track of so many issues and then work on them!. Combination of Army background with Legal Qual is your forte.
As far as I know the 33 yr requirement is not waived for pre-2006 civilian pensioners- though part of the benefit had been bestowed to the "trisankus' ie those who are hung between 1.1.2006 & 2.9.2008!
I appreciate your forceful comments on the file-dealers( all need not be lower levels- to me all appear to be similarly disposed!) who have played havoc in reducing the "Minimum of the Pay in the Pay Band"" to "Minimum of the Pay Band " itself for all pre-2006 Pensioners which has affected the entire spectrum of pensioners right from Scales S-4 to S-29 ( thank god S30 has wriggled out-may be due to peer pressure?).
Again to be cautious on the "msichief" angle, post-2006 pension parity wrt Maj Gens will be a testing item. Penmil answered my earlier query (in the other blog concerning the Maj Gens Case): "Apropos your earlier question on the minimum of pension to Maj Gen, it has already been brought to the level of minimum of PB4 plus GP of 10000 plus MSP by an amendment and therefore, my guess, is that any further revision will be towards fixing the pension of each pensioner point to point corresponding to the Emoluments in the Revised Post 2006 scales.
Major Navdeep will be the right person to clarify.
Thanks for the interesting highlight".
Will the post 2006 parity take place as opined by Penmil?
IN FACT IN EVERY PAY BAND, many pre-2006 pensioner suffer loss and MANY are not aware of the same. The 2.26 formula had blinded many such pensioners. I and my group have highlighted these in many websires. Loss would get compounded further(due to pro-rata DR loss) and erode the base for next Pay revision! ONCE AGAIN I FULLY AGREE WITH YOUR VIEWS AND ON THE NEED FOR DEFENCE ADMINISTRATORS TO BE MORE ALERT & CAUTIOUS for ensuring justice/ correct implementation of pension judgments/ orders. Regards.Natarajan

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@ Mr Natarajan
@ Harry
@ Ramani

Of course, dispensation of 33 years' service is for post-6th CPC retirees only.

It is wef 1-1-06 for PBOR and post-Sept 08 for officers and civil employees. However, the point that I have made is that this dispensation wef 1-1-06 for PBOR was a part of the report of the 6th CPC itself and not an extra dole by the Govt as is being made out. Nothing outworldly special has been announced over and above what has been granted by Hon'ble Courts or what has been stipualted for other employees as well.

VNatarajan,President, Pensioners' Forum, Chennai said...

Dear Maj.Navdeep
Thanks. You are absolutely correct-that Govt. has not given anything more beyond what u summarised !. I/ all pensioners across the Board would be happy IF THE GOVT. IMPLEMENTS CORRECTLY ITS OWN ACCEPTED/GAZETTE NOTIFIED PARA 5.1.47 OF SCPC REPORT (para 4.2 in its OM dtd 1st Sept 2008-also may be its equivalent for defence pensioners)-in letter and spirit.It is the (correctly christened) "spin masters" - at whatever level they operate- who spoil the JUST OUTPUTS- and ultimately lead to litigations! Regards.Natarajan

Naren said...

Agree with him on all 4 points.
It's most unfortunate that the AF continue
to be treated in such a shabby manner!!
The RM and RRM apparently misled the
LOK Sabha when they stated on the floor
Of the House that OROP has been granted.
Now how can they avoid the Rap on this ?
They should resign owning moral responsibility.

joymukherji said...

I agree with Ramani that the full pension after 20 years service being mentioned is wrong.Its not even post 2006 retiree ,its actually post 2-9-08/Someone needs to take the Govt to court on this

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@Joy Mukherji

Full pension has been granted to PBOR wef 1-1-06 as per recommendations of the 6th CPC, while for others it is wef Sept 08.

Anonymous said...

...While weighted pension was applicable for same reasons for Offrs as well as PBOR's...the Policy makers by making two different cut - off dates have effectively, highlighted different offerings for different Rank based cohorts...

Earlier they used to make Army, Navy anf Airforce 'clashon' to each other...now, I see a trend where Gens, Half-Cols, PBOR's are being differentiated to bring in clash of interests...A very, very unhealthy trend....

Penmil said...

@ V Natarajan at July 24,2009 1:54 PM
I too am waiting for Maj Navdeep’s insight into the implications of Maj Gen’s Pension case of Sep 2008.
The PCAD (P) had issued a covering instructions letter which is a bit at variance, in the text portion, with the letter from the Central Government.
Hope you have seen the letters at http://www.scribd.com/doc/17547593/Maj-Gen-Pension-SC-Order-Implmntnthanks-to-PCDAP, posted by Maj Navdeep.
The letter of GOI/MOD says that it is applicable only to Maj Gens who are Pre 2006 Retirees.
But the cover letter from PCDA(P) asks all Maj Gen who were in receipt of pensions till 01 Oct 2001 to sbmit applications. The PCDA (P) cover letter, in its text, does not restrict the applicability to only Pre 1996 pensioners though in the header it says Pre 1996 Pensioners.
Is the revision of pension applicable to pensioners of Maj Gen rank, Post 1996 up to 01 Oct, 2001, is my doubt.
25 Jul 2009,09:00 AM

Brig Jasbeer Kaur (Retd) said...

Dear Major,

Let me express my sincere thanks to you, for championing the legitimate aspirations of the armed forces personnel. Our serving as well as the veteran service personnel was mainly depended upon your blog to get the true picture on the issues post the SCPC.

We the Military Nursing Service (MNS) Veterans appreciate your invaluable contributions in the armed forces struggles on the ‘pay parity issue’. We understand your limitations and difficulties in supporting any single service over another, when there is supposedly some kind of disharmony between the two. Keeping this in mind, we started a blog called, ‘Military Nursing Service'. The URL is http://mnscorps.blogspot.com/

This site is dedicated to all the military nurses in and out of uniform in India and all over the world. There is a wide spread ignorance among our service personnel about the 'Military Nursing Services'. Because of such lack of understanding about 'army nurses' and ‘nursing services’, the authorities have always shown reluctance in making any progressive change to our Nursing Services.

Moreover, certain vested interests have prevented every attempt for the betterment of Nursing Services, on the pretext that such changes will ‘adversely affect the patient care’. One good example is ‘lowering the grade pay and pay band’ of MNS Officers, even though the 6th Pay Commission recommended the MNS cadre the same pay band and grade pay as other officers. The government was forced to lower the MNS Officers pay, based on the representations made by the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) and Chief of Naval Staff (CNS).

Let me borrow the words of an anonymous reader to tell you the truth, "There is no such thing as 'Nurse-Doctor equality'. It exists only in the 'wildest imaginations of some AMC Doctors'. The only real issue is the 'integration of Military Nursing Service as a Corps of regular Army'; not imaginably equating Nurses with the Doctors". It is being projected that the army nurses will be unmanageable with any improvements in their status. However, on our part, we just want to nurse our soldiers and families as we did for the past 121 years; but with a little more pride. Presently, we are nothing but aliens in the Army and being treated as mere scum on which anybody can freely ride over.

There is no one in the Army who is willing to address the real issues concerning the patient care. While the propaganda campaigns may never end, nevertheless, we are not bent upon to prove anybody wrong. Our aim is let everyone knows the truth and the change will come gradually.

I request your help in educating the armed forces personnel about the Nursing Services by providing a link to http://mnscorps.blogspot.com/ from your blog.
Thank you, with regards

Brig Jasbeer Kaur (Retd)

Kaps said...

Agreed, there is a misinformation campaign at work. One thing, however, I can't digest is the statement coming out from cab sec that parity can't be met. If this is the mindset at the top bureaucracy, the lower ones are going to flourish in it. I was even surprised to see the President opening a portal where every one can file a complaint and it will reach the president. I wonder what happened in case of veterans. Did the hon'ble President not hear their voices at all?

One can only hope that we continue to have guides like Maj Navdeep who keep clearing the smoke screen thrown at every step.

Unknown said...

I think the main reason is that all of us want to claim that this all has happened because of us. Therefore even though we know that there is nothing new/ great, we for our own satisfaction tout it as the greatest achievement/ success which happened only because of one individual.

Anonymous said...

Navdeep has stated absolute TRUTH-that nothing is done by the Govt,not even what has been given by SCPC and judicial rulings- for Fauji.
civilians got everything even without asking.
So Fauji has got nothing even after asking ,pleading ,protesting,judicial approach.....etc.
Therefore ,they have to literally fight for their legitimate and fundamental rights of equality and parity.
It is time , every fauji to unite and pursue.
BUT FAUJI HAS TO SUFFER WITHOUT THAT PROVISION AND APPLIED BONDED LABOUR CLAUSE WITH AXE OF ARMY ACT.- to all those veterans who have sacrificed so much through those wars of 1948,62,65,71,99....

Yogander Singh said...

While endorsing what has been said by many that bureucracy is out to do in the `Services', I also wish to draw attention of all veterans to certain anti-services mediamen. Prime example is Gupta duo (Shishir and Senior) at the Indian Express. In an article on Kargil published in IE of 26 July 09, Mr Shishir has gone about blaming everyone in general but faujis in particular without saying a single word about the role of `civil bureucrat" who man the MoD. This duo had earlier runa sustained campaign to oppose PB-4 for Lt Cols and improvement in the pension of Other Rank. Now they are trying to regain foothold in military cricles through good offices of some publicity hungry seniors. We must remember their game plan.

Kots said...

Appears a typical case of "Missing a wood for Trees" n short sighted ness on part of us all at the helm to do negotiations with MOD/ MOF. We will continue to be misled unless we give due attention to pay and allces proposals and also read in between the lines of these.

Lt Col G K Mohan Rao said...

Maj Navdeep it seems you missed the recent blog in Staff corner which brought out an interview With Defence Minister indicating one rank one pay for officers also and also some adjustment in disability pension

Anonymous said...

Dear sir
my inquiry is why always nurses from army do not get appropriate dues let it be in terms of pay and packages ,status and duty wise and so many. In last pay commission Gen kapoor wrote in India today about army nurses and to pay them lower salaries etc. It was considered by the committee. Why sir. pl flash some light on this aspect. thank you.