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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Retirement age to Increase ?? Strong Rumours !!

Well, take it with a pinch of salt (& lemon :-) ) again since this blogger is a little averse to rumour mongering.

There are strong rumours doing the rounds that the retirement age is finally being jacked up by two years.

How does it affect the Army ?

If actually implemented, it would mean that Lt Colonels and Colonels in the Arms would retire at 56, Brigadiers at 58, Major Generals at 60, Lieut Generals at 62 and the Chief at 64.


Anonymous said...

what r v going to achieve by this? it will be good for those who want to stay in fauj? what may come ? pay or not benefits or not , as their own interest is being met, for officers who r waiting for 20 yrs , how will it matter ? its better to go and start a life out in civil street ,as early as possible, with only pension one cannot manage , so its earlier the better.
rest I think it is personal , as every person has diff requirement.

Anonymous said...

There has been plenty of heart burning. But for those of us who are still in service and wish to continue, 6 th PC is a bonus. We decided years ago to stick on and we will stay. There are many amongst us who are muddying the waters , which is harmful for the already beleaguered system. All of us in the system must ensure that we do our best to ensure that our subordinates get a fair deal from us. Stand up to what is right. It is difficult. I have done it for nearly 30 years, and I think I have not been enied too much in terms of promotion etc. In the process ihave been able to convey to my younsters that one can be right in the service. Sheer power of rank need not sway your opinion. Good by the standards that you set, transparent, honest and sincere. The Fauj is good and lets keep it that way.