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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On popular demand : Gallery on the Sixth Pay Commission and Warrant of Precedence

Many queries related to detailed analysis of the Sixth Pay Commission and the Warrant of Precedence have been directed to this blog. Most of the answers are however substantially contained in various older posts on this blog. Many readers have recommended a separate gallery / section on the blog for 6th CPC and WoP. Keeping in view this popular demand, I’m posting the links to all detailed posts on the Pay Commission and WoP that were ever posted on the blog. Happy Reading !

And Sirs and Madams, Emails / Q& A / Queries on military benefits, issues and the PayCom are more than welcome on navdeepsingh.india@gmail.com but not individual requests for calculation of emoluments / pension / arrears. I’m in a demanding profession, I hope you understand :-)


Main Approved recommendations for the Military

Main Recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission

Thank You.


Anonymous said...

There are many who wks day and night in hazardous envt, and they also sacrifice their life so other can rest in peace. Sacrificing life is the job reqmt/ pride of self for which one choose the profession. There are many unsung heroes/ profession where they lay their live. Respect is earned and not demanded. There are fanatics in the world who also lay there life but no one really care/ respect such fanatics. For army , in the service of nation , those who lay their life, we salute them and have deepest regard for them. Please earn respect, do'nt force it. In India, countrymen respect by heart our soldiers. .

Anonymous said...

This pay commission is a bullshit, it benefited only officers and brought the poor to poorer condition.Why is the partiality in the military service pay, an officer with 6,000/- and a jawan with only 2000/-, while the pay is raised drastically from 8000/- to 24000/- pm, and for a jawan from 3200/- to 7000/-pm, does the life of jawan is easier than the officers.In high altitudes jawans suffer more than than the officers, officers avail every privileges in the Army during the field firing and exercises officers enjoy their picnic while the jawans not even get good shelter and good food these Army officers have cooler,TVs and enjoy their party in their tents. Every one knows that officers enjoy most privileges like transport, salary, sahayaks, extra pay for availing civil naukars etc,etc......... then why should they are given separate MSP, there should be no separate military pay for the officers it should be common even it is only 2000/- pm. What ever happening is not right, this will surly lead to some mishap in the future.It has created a demoral in the hearts of our brave jawans.If a jawans says you get more MSP than us then why should we shed our life , better you die for the country, what would be the answer from the country, and i am dame sure that it would happen and there will be no solution to this government. Every one say that what the jawans are doing and whats the need to give them a high salary, we are here for that day when no one would be ready to send their son, father, or husband to cut their head for this nation. We are here so you watch T20, your Indian idol, or Saregamapa, we are here so you give A crore rupee to Yuvraj and make merry in christmas, Diwali, and New year.We are nothing but Bali Ka Bakaras.Army says we are lacking of 14 thousand officers while people say, what the jawans do, then what is the need to enrol so many officers just to supervice useless jawans.

Anonymous said...

This is with reference to the ever raging controversy about faujis and civilians in M.E.S. Please visit idsekaychor.blogspot.com and offer your comments, suggestion, cribs and juicy stories of greed, corruption and indiscipline of IDSE officers. Give language to your pent up anger and suggest methods of rectifying them and saving the M.E.S and INDIAN ARMY.

ravindra singh said...

mr. anomymous what a paradox....this with refrence to your comment on lesser pay to a soldier than an officer....i am afraid you are out to reverse the entire hierarchy system.......from now onwards all the class one officers will be paid less than their juniors/subordinates........kya yar thoda dimag to lagao....don't you imagine the repercussions of your comment........boss an army officer is paid more than a jawan because he is the leader,he has more responsibility,more accountability,he will show the path ahead in a battle like situation/adversity to all the jawans he is leading! the chief of the army staff travels in big convoy,enjoys all the benefits(whichever you are jealous of) but he is still paid better than a jawan who does all the running around,you know why? b'coz he is accountable for the actions good or bad of many more jawans/faujis like him,he is the descision maker,he has more responsibility.....and plz do not pollute the minds of our jawans by raising this debate of junior/senior....i belong to a family where three of my elders were jawans and all the three hold their superiors in the highest respect because of their strength of character,their command and control......and as far as the demanding of respect goes, tell me how many faujis have come to you to say that you respect them because they are defending you or your country AND our giving them respect(if you weigh respect in terms of better pay) can be traced in all the previous and the recent pay commission where you can compare their pay/status/professional growth.

LW said...

Dear Ravindra Singh,
You missed out on the last two words of anonymous comment - 'useless jawans'. We don't ask civilians to be grateful but please don't be ungrateful to the Armed Forces. As such we were ruled by others for 1000yrs and now that we are independent and strong this is what we get in return.

Anonymous said...

Dear annoy ( Aug 27, 12:40 Pm)
First of all I would suggest to amend the name of blog created by you to chorofengrs(corps of engrs) to make it more appropriate, relevent and logical. If you wish me to give name of chor engineers alias corps of engrs, the list is quite exaustive.
The blog started by you clearly indicates the frustration ,quality of mind, thinking ability of army officers who themselves are calling disciplined force.

Anonymous said...

Dear anony
I dare u publish the list if ur worth ur salt

Anonymous said...

Its a great idea to expose these bas*****.These are the people who are luring unsuspecting Army Officers to corruption.I personally know many of these jokers who are ready to go to any limit for DO NUMBER KA KAMAI.I am sending this list to vigilance and the name of the proactive SE from MES(Money Eating Service) is on the top.