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Friday, July 1, 2016

The 7th Central Pay Commission: only cool heads shall prevail

What good is the mind of a man if it’s run by another ~ Prince

There are some individuals who remarked that I did not stoutly condemn the regressive ‘recommendations’ of the 7th Central Pay Commission (7th CPC) insofar they pertain to the Armed Forces. Some even floated some kind of a conspiracy theory stating that I was ‘supporting’ the ‘recommendations’ since I was a Member of a Committee constituted by the Defence Minister to look into the resolution of service and pensionary issues, forgetting in the bargain that I and other Members were a part of the same in an Honorary apolitical capacity and the said Committee is no longer in existence since we submitted our recommendations way back in November 2015, and those recommendations, currently under active examination, were highly objective, and could not, by any stretch of imagination, be termed pro-government (or anti-government for that matter). We were given a task which was undertaken honestly, objectively, without fear or favour and without any interference from any quarter.

Having said that, though I do not wish to think much about theories of fertile minds who wish to politicize such important issues, let us get some things clear here.

Firstly, it is a fact that there were some totally absurd recommendations rendered by the 7th CPC. And it is also a fact that I had fully brought them out on my blog and those posts can be perused to get an idea about some of the faulty parts of the 7th CPC. In fact, some observations of the 7th CPC were not just illogical, but also factually incorrect and against law laid down by Constitutional Courts. Some of these issues were discussed on this blog here, and also here. If that was not enough, the total benefit recommended by the 7th CPC, to both civil and military employees, was meagre, to say the least. 

Secondly, on 29th June 2016, the cabinet approved some of the recommendations of the 7th CPC, and contrary to rumours being spread, many regressive recommendations have NOT been approved by the Government. To take a few examples, the anomalous allowances recommended for the military vis-a-vis other services have NOT been accepted and it has rather been directed that existing dispensation shall continue till the anomalies are removed and allowances rationalized by a Committee constituted for the said purpose. The recommendation for discontinuance of rations has also NOT been accepted by the Government. The recommendation of reduction of disability benefits has also NOT been accepted by the Government, and as I understand, shall be analysed by one of the constituted Committees. In case there still remains any anomaly pertaining to our disabled soldiers, rest assured it shall be legally contested with full force. The divided recommendation on  Non-Functional Upgradation has also NOT been accepted by the Government and shall now again be examined administratively, which is not a good step in my opinion, but better than being rejected by the Cabinet- the window for resolution is still open.

Thirdly, in my humble opinion, the focus since yesterday has been on the faulty recommendations of the 7th CPC, which is old news, rather than what has been finally accepted. Messages and mails have been generated based on the recommendations and not the final acceptance. The issuance of implementation instructions could not have been kept in abeyance till the resolution or consideration of all anomalies of multiple services and hence execution of the entire Report was not even being expected at this stage. Also rather than focussing on only the financial aspects, I feel that the spotlight should be more on the insidious aspects such as the degradation of status which interestingly is a legacy of the 6th CPC and also the services’ own doing in many instances. Moreover, our attempts should be on due representation of the defence services on the anomaly committees set up by the Government or representation of experts in the field rather than only officers who are guided by noting sheets prepared by the lower echelons of the bureaucracy. Long existing anomalies have not yet been resolved, and day by day, the list is getting longer.

Fourthly, blind forwarding and acceptance of the content of group messages and disinformation campaigns can result in unnecessary frustration and disaffection which must be avoided at all costs. In my perception, rather than shooting from the hip in the dark, issues need to be identified and a step by step course for resolution be charted for their redressal. In a democracy, we have the right to express ourselves against what we perceive to be unjust, but then my only request is that the projection should be based on the right data and facts. I do not feel it’s an unreasonable request that hot-headed comments may be controlled since the modalities are not even out yet in black and white and specific problem areas have not even been duly identified.

Coming back to the start point of this post, I would wish to remind readers that my approach has been consistent in this regard (See the disclaimer on this blog above) and similar myth-busters were posted by me at the time of the 6th CPC also. For one such example, you may have a look at this post of May 2008.

Thank You. Stay Calm!


bobbysingh70 said...

You have always been very straightforward and right in your thinking and projections

selvaraj veeraswamy said...

Thats what is expected from Maj Navdeep god bless you and grant you long life to take care of uniformed community from the b"crats who fail to under stand the ground constraints of solders.

Unknown said...

Dear Navdeep Sir,
Frustrations must be lingering due to lack of clarity on 7th cpc report (which is available to all) & the Recommendations that have been accepted which very few know..& One of that is you. Notwithstanding above I owe you Great Regards for Everything you 've done for Serving & Retired community of Defence Forces. We owe our sincere Thanks n Gratitude for your selfless service & massive efforts you have done for us at all forums.....
Dear Sir...Please continue it..& keep us enlighten of GOVT Policies n Reports...
Maj Lalit Kant Baghel (Retd.)

karunakaran a ex havildar said...

Dear major sahib,

I am not qualified in english as much as you have, but I can perceive that you are in a pivotal position to reap the maximum benefit for the defence, you have done commendable service in the matter of disability pension, official language of babus is in cryptic language you are to decipher it to the knowledge of common illiterate man like me . some jealousy minded elements are there to disturb you. do not upload their version in your mind, be free and render your service towards the cause of ex army soldiers.

veteran havildar a karunakaran

Unknown said...

Its being thankless to put unwarranted allegations.
People may have heart burns over seemingly unfair package in 7CPC.
But your efforts have been commendable and most of us appreciate your efforts and sincerity.

Thanks Navdeep!
Lt Col Jagdish Singh

Unknown said...

Very rational and sensible words Navdeep. Blind forwarding of half baked and recycled email needlessly frustrates us.

Mohan Joseph said...

Dear Navdeep,

Any one who has been following you closely in any of the media is quite unlikely to have even an iota of doubt about your wholehearted dedication to the cause of the community. Therefore, all I request you is to stay on course unmindful of a few stray responses which are bound to be there. Let such incidents not divert your attention from the mission you have defined for yourself.

With regards and best wishes

Col Mohan Joseph

Unknown said...

Thank you major sahib,who else is there except you to fight for disabled esm,let the negative minds say anything but will not shake our respect,faith and regards for you our most respected navdeep sir

Sreekumar said...

Respected major sahib,what u have done for disabled esm canot be equalled by all the naysayers put together,carryon on major sir

Unknown said...

Dear Navdeep,
There are people and there are people. Some do , for the sake of importance will send out messages based on half knowledge ,trying to prove they are the most knowledgeable. This is the lot that spreads frustration and confusion. But in most cases readers after little effort can make out the falsehood of the post.

Perhar said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
Firstly to put the record straight, You have been doing yeoman service on behalf of all of us in the Defence Forces.It is because of this positive attitude that you are not only famous in the army circles for your professionalism but also within the concerned civilian parties having genuine regard for armed forces.
Secondly...disregard the uncalled comments of the uninformed as they know no better.
Having gone through your blog the situation suddenly becomes so clear as to what has been accepted and where the window is still open. These are the issues we should focus on and not waste time making calculations of what "what I will get".

Thanks for putting issues in their correct perspective as always.
Best Wishes
Col R S Perhar

corona8 said...

Till such time the actual policy letters, SAI, SAFI, SNI, PCDA Circular are issued, it won't be completely clear to any veteran how 7CPC will affect their pensions and how it will be related to OROP that was recently implemented with effect from July 2014.

But it may not be such a bad thing to keep some rational estimates in mind on the lines I had mentioned here http://goo.gl/sgdclF

These can serve as some measure of expectations against the actual "results" when they're finally through. After all an anomalies committee for 7 CPC too has been announced and we can expect to see a great deal of bridging the gaps between the estimates and the actual figures.

Ajnabi said...

Keep doing the good Job Navdeep.

Pradeep said...

I have but the greatest respect for your efforts. Unfortunately, social media is like a headless monster or a hydra headed monster which rarely is capable of providing a rational thought/ idea to fruition

BN Bhatia said...

Sane advice.We need to balance our emotions to get the pre-eminent status that we seek.


sir , what about your efforts to get reservist pension to all those participated in wars . & wandering for justice. these old veterans living in the mercy of others. this clause of veterans lives are worst than disabled at the evenings of their lives .god bless you

lt col(retd) s n ram said...

My soul felt thanks to you for your yeomAn service to af

Unknown said...

Sir, I was disturbed on silly recommendations like no rations in peace areas and reverting to slab system of soldier disability, needless to say how these were granted.I was eager to know the latest on this after 7th CPC was given clearance. I was unable to know the latest on these from any other source but I got reply once I referred your face book page and this blog. Thanks for updating the latest and helping the Serving & Retired Defence Forces. Please keep it up. Thanks

RAGHU said...

Major saab first of all I salute u for all the hard work with great interest u r doing in respect to defence pers. Pease keep it up. Sub/Clerk Raghupal Singh Tomar ex AOC

A k set hi. 11 jsw said...

Disgraceful to doubt your integrity

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep you have been doing a yeoman service to the service fraternity. I have been this blog since 2008 and know the kind of efforts you have been putting in. Please don't get distracted by stray incidents by people who do not what you been doing. God bless

Bharat Chevur said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
Those of us who have been following your blog for the past few years are well aware of your dedication and impartiality. Please continue your good work without being deterred by a few negative minds. We look forward to your posts which are factual and analytical.
Jai Hind !
Lt Col Bharat Chevur

pag said...

I endorse ur views Maj Navdeep, self styled experts floating their own calculations for arrears of pay/pension has created tension. We should wait till cat is totally out of bag.
Col Peeyush Agarwal, Veteran

Manohar said...

Dear Navdeep,
Your thinking and writings are both balanced and result oriented. Few impatient veterans and egoistic senior elements may differ with you, still majority of us look forward for your helping hand. Keep up your good work done in a gentle manner.

Manohar said...

Dear Navdeep,
Your thinking and writings are both balanced and result oriented. Few impatient veterans and egoistic senior elements may differ with you, still majority of us look forward for your helping hand. Keep up your good work done in a gentle manner.

Unknown said...

Dear Maj,

MSP is part of pay of defence personnel as per 6 CPC. MSP was taken into acct for almost all the calc viz. CTG, LTC TA/DA etc. MSP is not an allce given to foujis. Its pay. Then why not it taken into acct while calc basic pay as per 7 CPC?? Only Basic pay+Gr pay taken into acct. whereas it should have been Basic pay+Gr pay+MSP which makes lot of deference in initial fixation of basic pay for every rank. calc is given below.
Pl try to put across this anomaly or if it is justified pl enlighten us.

MSP 6,000 6,000 6,000 6,000 6,000 6,000 6,000
Grade 5,400 5,400 6,100 6,600 8,000 8,700 8,900
Entry 20,280 21,000 22,960 25,980 45,400 48,900 52,290
Level 9 10 10B 11 12A 13 13A
Index 2.57 2.57 2.57 2.57 2.57 2.57 2.67
Basic calc with MSP 67,600 69,400 74,500 82,200 1,32,100 1,41,100 1,55,700
Basic calc w/o MSP 53,100 56,100 61,300 69,400 1,16,700 1,25,700 1,34,400


Maj Navdeep Singh we are proud of you. Keep up the good show and keep fighting for the soldiers. They need your support.

Kanny said...

Please see this link, published today in the US. Since 2009 to 2014 approximately 44 to 20 veterans are committing suicide EVERYDAY (figures released by VA). Can any one context this with the satisfaction index of Indian Veterans vis-a-vis US and the steps of the respective govts to solve the problems. URL below, pl cut paste in ur browser.


Unknown said...

great job sir. may god bless u

Suresh Kumar said...

Proud of your contributions. Be blessed, Fraternity is with you. Soldiers never leave a battle in between. All hopes on you .Keep going. Regards