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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Salient features of the acceptance of 7th Central Pay Commission

Some salient features of the acceptance note of 7th Central Pay Commission recommendations:

Separate Pay Matrices for Civilian employees, defence personnel and members of the Military Nursing Service.

Minimum starting pay for an employee would be Rs 18,000, minimum for Group A officer Rs 56,100.

Fitment of Pay and Pension shall be 2.57.

Pay matrices for Lt Col, Col and Brig enhanced.

Ex-gratia enhanced till Rs 45 lacs

Military Service Pay for Officers (upto Brigadier), Junior Commissioned Officers + other personnel enhanced to Rs 15,500 and 5,200 respectively.

Terminal Gratuity to be calculated at the rate of 10.5 times of emoluments for Short Service Commissioned Officers who are released between 7 and 10 years of service.

Both recommended options of pensionary revision accepted. The option with 2.57 fitment of current pension to be implemented immediately while the modalities of the other option shall be examined by a committee which shall render recommendations within 4 months.

The fresh allowances recommended by the Commission shall not be implemented till rationalized by a committee which shall also render its report within 4 months.

Increment retained at 3%.

All benefits to be paid within this year.

The issue of Non Functional Upgradation (NFU), as far as my information goes, has not been rejected and the deliberation shall remain open.


RAJIV said...

Can someone confirm what are we actually GETTING???

Anonymous said...

Sir, just one doubt. While calculating the new Basic, will it MSP be part of the old basic pay? i.e., is it (bp+gp+msp)*2.57 or just (bp+gp)*2.57 or just bp*2.57?

Unknown said...

Sir, As understood the pay structure of civil, defence n within defence nursing officers is delineated. The matrices are not known, so difficult to comment but there is some differentiation with in the ranks of Lt col to brig
The jugglery of words responsibility, accountability and growth is beyond comprehension. SSC mega shake and carrot of NFU? Maj Navdeep, pl check with masters nee babus, where is OROP? What about the spirit to fight for India, my country, my Nation.

Unknown said...

First time one may feel defeated in will to fight but we shall continue to fight till our nation achieves what it deserves. It deserves what we aspired n aspire

Anil DHINGRA said...

What is the status of pre 2006 retirees who have just received orop?

sesh said...

Thanks Navdeep for the quick update. Hope to hear more from you. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Do we have the revised defence pay matrix???

Anonymous said...

Thanks Maj Navdeep,
Are accepted fitment tables available on web?

Antz said...

Time for Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha Chairman of Chiefs of Staff Committee,to take up the gauntlet as his esteemed predessor in past had done!

Sqn Ldr Aman Choudhary said...

The pay commission has rationalized the major difference among all the Govt Services upto a great extent. There is no 'iota of doubt ' that these are marginally balanced with the market salaries at present. The differences between Military officers Pay and civilian counterparts remain unchanged. it is not the only case but we know that there are major differences among other organised group 'A' services. these are like two year seniority to IAS, special seniority to IFS and different promotion years for different services and many more.

If we think in terms of Indian economy, certainly this budget if favoring India economy. But when entire world knows that Indian economy is boosting and will grow above 7.5% for many years from now, Mr. Jaitely should not blame 7th CPC. Of course Govt has to pay more than Rs 1 Lakh Crore to Govt Employees which will have 0.65 % on GDP but Mr FM, when you raise Excise Duty on Petroleum product by just 3%, Govt earns around Rs 43000 Crore. So implementation of 7th CPC is just increasing another 3% ED on petroleum products.

Govt is doing a lot of good job to boost its vote bank but only request to respectable PM and FM , RM that soldiers are not serving for salary but they deserve their respect. Pease do something so that their moral remain high and when they face the real enemy they just have one thing in their mind as " My India first".

Jai Hind !

Sqn Ldr Aman Choudhary

Anonymous said...

Do you think Brigadiers/Equivalents should be brought in line with Joint Secretaries, where as All Group A services with more than 20-22 years are given Jt Secy. But Brig/Equivalents are underrated ?

Anonymous said...

Navdeep just wanted to know whether existing Veterans will get any benefit from the 7th Central Pay Commission,because nowhere it has been mentioned about us.

Anonymous said...

request to all ...pls read atleast few pages related to defence pay matrix .. so that very basic doubts don't come as our ignorance...

basic pay will be previous BP plus GP into 2,57.. whatever will be the result see its next nearest higher pay in pay matrix..

Madan said...

Thank You for posting but I feel if the disability pension could be reflected as most of def pers are mostly disabled it would be better reading and good for disabled soldiers

Unknown said...

What would be the terminal gratuity for SS officers leaving after 14 years .

Unknown said...

Dear sir,
Do u feel d status,pay of a hav, Sgt,nd cpo of d 3 services resptvly rightly placed ? In all d 3 services they r deployed as junior supervisor but paid nd pensioned as unskilled workman in parity with civ counterparts. How far is that justified? Interestingly, services hv been paying a deaf ear to their helpless pleas! In fact military paylevels needed insertion of another filler pay level to upgrade the fate of this rank of PBORs and put them at per with skilled workmen! What is the logic that MNS endowed wd 10,000 and JCO/ors r clubbed in unskilled status at 5200? Will any serving Commander at policymaking level hv a sympathy against such disparity ? The answer wl never be emerged, of course ! In this pretext, how far it is justified to blame d bureaucracy while our own officers r apathetic to their own men they command????

Sgt Kushwaha said...

5th CPC had recommended minimum pay of Group X Aircraft Technicians Sergeant equal to their civilian counterparts (diploma scale) i.e. 5000. This happened after much debate and Aircraft Technicians Sergeants were given higher pay then their fellow servicemen Group-X Sergeants (like education instructor) just to match with the civilian diploma scale. Point to be noted here is that Group-X Aircraft Technicians Sergeants used to enjoy higher scale then their civilian counterparts prior to 5th CPC.
In 6th CPC, Group-X Aircraft Technicians Sergeants' grade pay was reduced (in comparison to their civilian counterparts) to match their grade pay with their fellow servicemen. The Group-X Aircraft Technicians Sergeants were given grade pay of 2800, whereas in civil the counterparts got 4200. However, their total pay was matching with their civilian counterparts because they were given the difference (4200-2800) as group x pay. After several increments, their pay matched because they were given increments on this difference i.e. Group X pay of 2800.
7th CPC in its report accepted this match in pay of Group-X Aircraft Technicians Sergeants and their civilian counterparts and recommended the new difference in their starting pay as Group-X pay and raised it to 6200 beside a new lower Group-X pay for other Group-X personnel (like education instructor).
The 7th, however forgotten that the increments were also paid on Group-X pay in 6th CPC to keep this match in pay after increments and recommended a common Pay Matrix for Group-X & other personnel of IAF. Since, increments are to be read from the Pay Matrix, thus the match in pay of Group-X Aircraft Technicians Sergeants and their civilian counterparts is lost just after one Increment (i.e. July 16) and this difference will be 200 in one increment and will gradually increase to Rs. 300 in later years. Commutative difference after 10 increments will be Rs. 2300. Thus the pay pairity between Group-X Aircraft Technicians Sergeants and their civilian counterparts is lost.

PS: This issue was raised at several Air Force stations and the point was appreciated. But at higher levels, this highly appreciated point got vanished and no anomaly exist for soldiers who are not officers.