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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Some updates: (1) 33 years rule, and, (2) An interview link

Removal of 33 years’ condition for grant of full pension:

Many letters have been floated lamenting the delay by the Ministry of Defence in issuing orders for removal of the 33 years’ condition for grant of full pension that has already been issued for civilian pensioners as informed on this blog in April 2016. Many have also expressed dissatisfaction at the time being taken by the MoD and some mails have also been pretty alarmist in nature. On this, I would request you to kindly be patient. The issuance of the letter is underway and the delay was quite expected since unlike the civil side, defence pensionary modalities are quite complicated and involve the preparation of many tables using different formulae and which would have to be appended to the said letter. Also, the system of calculation of pension is different for Commissioned Officers (calculated at minimum of Pay Band) than for ranks other than Commissioned Officers (calculated at notional maximum) and hence adequate protection clauses would have to be introduced. A protection clause for OROP also needs to be incorporated. A little patience is required since the delay is not of much significance since arrears anyway have to flow from 01 January 2006.

An interview published at Bar & Bench:

My interview @ Bar & Bench was published recently and can be accessed by clicking here.

Thank You, and sorry for the long gap :) 


Unknown said...

Thanks for the update Maj Navdeep.

PBOR said...

Sir, it is not that complicated either. the removal of the 33 years’ condition for grant of full pension requires only deletion of para (iv) of PCDA Circular number 471 dated 30-09-2011.


Unknown said...

I really not understood why delay and claiming it is as complicated. The delinking of 33 years orders should have been as simple as issuing a DA order. How can it be notional maximum for JCOs and ORs. this order for removal of linking of 33 years from Circular 547 and 548 nothing more nothing less. It is a modification of Annexure III of GOI letter dated 11 November 2008. If any one says the delay is owing to prepration of tables/calculations etc that means some manuplation is on going at Babu's level

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update!!

Anonymous said...

In what ever table the lookup for pension amount, instead-of for a given qualifying service length the lookup should be for the largest qualifying service i.e. 33 years. I wonder what complications are there as to delay release of circulars, in fact such work of preparing circular should be done at the same time as the matters were in court, only just in anticipation that justice would prevail.
This would not cause delays but give the arrears to the pensioners rather than their "Life time arrears" nominee. My This comment is restricted to the commissioned officers case.

Unknown said...

Major Navdeep Singh, Would you please confirm if the time taken to issue the notification in this case is justified and still patience by ESMs is the need of hour -- not that there is any accountability of any Babus, in any case. Thanks.....