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Monday, April 29, 2013

Two developments for urgent action of affected serving personnel and retirees

Fresh exercise of 6th Central Pay Commission Option: Immediate action required by all Units, Record Offices, Services HQ and also pensioners, if affected.

As had been the case in the past, when the recommendations of the 6th CPC were implemented for central govt employees, they were given an option for either transferring to the fresh pay-bands with effect from 01 Jan 2006 or any other later date such as the date of promotion or upgradation of scale or date of increment if the same happened to be more beneficial as per the fitment formula. For example, if an officer was promoted as Major on 15 Jan 2006, then the officer could have opted for the implementation of the 6th CPC scale with effect from the date of his promotion rather than 01 Jan 2006 thereby providing him/her a much better fitment stage in the pay-band and of course the cumulative benefits. The option was provided for a limited period of 3 months from the publication of the Instructions promulgating the new pay-bands both for civilians as well as defence personnel. However, as expected, the option could not reach many such employees, especially defence personnel since neither was the option properly explained nor were record offices and PAOs sensitive towards this very important provision. Many civilians also suffered a similar fate. Later, instructions were issued for those affected personnel who were to get their annual increment between Feb 2006 and June 2006 and such affected employees were granted an increment on 01 Jan 2006 as a one-time measure. However, employees affected by the above one-time measure had then raised a demand for allowing them to re-exercise the 6th CPC option which was then accepted and instructions were issued by the Ministry of Finance for exercising the option afresh. However these instructions were only made applicable to civilian employees. Now the Ministry of Defence has accepted the same principle for defence personnel also and the letter thus issued can be accessed and downloaded by clicking here. The option may be made known to all affected personnel since the last date for exercising the option is 31 May 2013.

Pensionary benefits as affected by implementation of the Rank Pay judgement.

The pensionary and family pensionary benefits of many pensioners and family pensioners are expected to be upwardly revised as a result of the implementation of the rank pay judgement. Such affected pensioners may send in the desired information as available in this notice here thorough email to the office of Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions) on rankpay [dot] cdapension [at] gmail [dot] com. The PCDA (P) plans to issue revised pensionary entitlements by the end of May 2013.

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ravindra said...

Those officers who were retired status as on 31-12-85, that is they were pre 1-1-86 retirees, for them the IV CPC made a revision in their notional basic and so got a revised pension from 1-1-86. These cases also got affected by rank pay . So how will these people and their family pensioner get the benefit of Rank pay case ?

arun shanker said...

Maj Navdeep, Kindly confirm whether AF and Navy Officers have to send particulars to PCDA . Or is it applicable only for Army Officers???

Library for Retired Defence Personnel said...

Dear Navdeep Singh, The following link opens the Media fire and does not open the related letter. Please correct the same.

the Ministry of Defence has accepted the same principle for defence personnel also and the letter thus issued can be accessed and downloaded by clicking here.

Edward Michael

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Nadeep sir..I seek the valuable guidance from all to resolve my problem.

1. My seniority for promotion is 06 oct 2002.

2. Is the present OM letter for re-excercise of option covers my case too.what type of options will be benificial for me?

3. Post 6th CPC I had been getting lesser pay than my juniors.

Thanks in advance

Bagad Billoo said...

Dear Major,
You indeed are doing a great service to the defence fraternity. I know of so many friends who wanted to rectify this anomaly in pay fixation but were not able to do because of lack of knowledge. Thanks so much for this timely update.


I request advise & guidance from all
to resolve my problem related to 6th CPC.
1. My seniority for promotion 06 Oct 2002
2.After six pay I am getting less pay than my junior.
3. Does the latest OM for re-exercise of option applicable in my case too.

Thanks in advance

enigma said...

Dear sir two issues
i am dec 2002 commission , after 6 pay comission noe my basic pay is 26000 , however offrs of jun 2002 commission are getting 28500 , where as offrs of jun 2003 are getting 25990. it is not understood as to how there is a difference of 2500 rs between jun and dec 2002 whereas only 10 rs difference between dec2002 and jun 2003.


on approaching cda i was told there is a letter of 11 oct 2008 which says those who got promotedto major before 11 oct 2008 will get higher pay scale and oofrs getting promoted after that date will get arrears . but i can make out till such time we pick uo next rank overall we ll be in loss of approx 3-4 lacs .

pl guide

camera man ajit kumar said...

I was promoted as a Substantive Major in Dec 2007. Which option is better for me. Please guide me as I am really confused about the whole situation and no one with any authority can actually guide me.

Anonymous said...

Will those whose increment was due in april 2006 get the increment automatically or does one has to apply
Where can one find the details

Col SKS CHAMBIAL said...

Is it also applicable to those officer who were promoted to the rank of Capt after 01 Jan 1986?


Orders regarding treatment of MSP especially in case of retired defence officer who joined civil departments through UPSC and later opted for civil pension are not clear , as it is they stand to loose as civil pension is now less than the Mil pension .ARE THE ENTITLED TO MSP , THANKS

Anonymous said...

The CDA (O) is asking for
1. copy of PAN card
2. cancelled cheque of your Bank
3. copy of PPO
4. An undertaking as given at cdao web sie
5. Application Form

Kindly incorporate this info also so that one does not have to keep writing to them again and again.

RK Sachar said...

The problem is that the CDA (O) website continuously says that due/drawn statements of affected offrs will be uploaded soon. The had uploaded the same earlier, but afterwards the same has been withdrawn. ANother important link in this case is hosted on CDA (O) website as under:-

Now, in absence of the due/drawn statement, it is impossible for an offr to know if his basic pay gets revised on implementation of rk pay. Therefore, he cannot be sure if his basic pay gets revised and whether his pension will also affected. Te earlier due/drawn statement (Uploaded and later withdrawn), was inaccurate by miles!!

Unknown said...

the letters are downlaoadable. Thanks.It is for all service personnel and addressed accordingly. Very useful.. I got affected by being placed in alower pay band.as my date of commission is june

Anonymous said...

Sir, i got commissioned on 11 jun 2005, and opted for increment from the dt of promotion, With the reviewed policy, will it be beneficial for me to opt for increment from 01 Jan 2006. Request anyone to answer

Danny said...

@ Arun Shanker. AF officers have to send the option to AFCAO through Accts Offr. Ditto for Navy. The modalities of submission of the option given initially in SAI/SAFI/SNI 1& 2/S/08 applies now also.

vikram said...

my date of seniority is 09 Jun 01.

i was an acting maj on 01 Jan 06. I became a substantive maj on 09 Jun 07.

could someone pl advise whether it would b benebicial for me to opt for the new pay band for fixing my salary.

Maj vikram

Anonymous said...

dear maj navdeep
i m impressed that despite being a sucessful practicong lawer u still find time for keeping the serving and retired defence lot updated about the latest from MOD, defence ests and varios honourable courts/ AFT.
2. u r doing a excellent service to us all FAUJIS. keep it up
3.best wishes to u to attain greater heights in ur personal and professional career

Anonymous said...

Dear Major Navdweep Singh
I got your book Pension In The Defence Services through Jain Book Agency ,and must congratulate you for this wonderful book full of information an Beneficial to all Serving and retired Defence personnel.The book is worth its weight in Gold
I may suggest that ,since this book was written and Published a few years back , it , naturally ,does not contain orders/judgements/rulings. after the publication of this book
May I suggest and request you to kindly publish a supplement to this book containing the latest information, to make it moe valuable Thanks Col A K C