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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Q & A (15)

Readers may send in their Questions through email for a Q & A session with ‘Q&A’ as the subject. For rules, please read this post

What are the rules for age relaxation for ex-servicemen for various levels of posts in the central government? (Ex-Sgt Murugan)

All rules regarding age relaxation are available on the DoPT website. These can be accessed by clicking here.

What is the rate of Constant Attendance Allowance (CAA) and is it applicable to paramilitary personnel? (Ashok Khanna)

The rate of CAA is Rs 3000/- and it is applicable to civilian pensioners who fulfill the prescribed conditions w.e.f 01-01-2006.

Is DA/DR admissible on CAA? (Ex-Hav Avtar Singh)

Dearness Relief is not admissible, but CAA is increased by 25% whenever the rate of DA/DR reaches 50%.

Our son died in Siachen Glacier due to exposure to extreme cold but has not been declared a battle casualty and liberlalised family pension has also not been paid to us. What is the actual position? (Mrs ABC)

You are entitled to liberalized family pension since the death of your son is an operational death under OP Meghdoot. In fact, your case is covered by the judgement of the Supreme Court in the case of Union of India Vs Harjinder Singh. You may contact the Records Office and they shall surely take up the case in the correct perspective. In case your son was an officer, you may contact the Man Power Directorate (MP Directorate) at RK Puram, New Delhi, they are extremely helpful. This issue can be resolved in-house by the Army HQ.

I am a Short Service Commissioned Officer released on completion of terms with an attributable disability but not being paid my service element. I am only receiving disability element of pension. Am I entitled to service element? (Capt SS Raghav)

Yes, you are fully entitled to it since w.e.f 30-08-2006, the Govt of India has issued instructions to release service element at par with regular officers to all non-regular officers released on completion of terms.

Is addition of 100% pension on attaining the age of 100 years admissible on disability pension also? (Ram Avtar)

Congratulations on your relative attaining 100 years of age. Yes, it is applicable to disability pension and also to family pension.  

I retired as a Time Scale Naik in 1993. A person who had joined service with me and was also discharged with me on the same date is getting more pension than me. How is this possible (Prem Nath)

Naiks who retired between 1986 and 1996 with 15+ years of service were made eligible for pension by treating their qualifying service as 17 years. Your batch-mate may have received the said benefit while you may not have. You may contact the concerned Records Office and they shall definitely resolve the issue and get a corrigendum PPO issued.  


Unknown said...

am retired on 31/01/1994 as cpo and completed the rank service of cpo (05 Months)and granted pension of po weather am applicable as my last rank was held cpo.

Punchhi said...

Well done Navdeep. This site will help many a pensioner.
Regards.........Cdr K K Punchhi

Maj Narender Suraj Atri said...

Sir, can you provide the letter number under which the instructions have been given regarding the service element. Have written many letters to MP 5(b) and PCDA Allahabad but not getting any response.I am also being given only the disability element. Ex. Maj Narender Kumar Atri

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep,
Please publish authority for grant of additional disability pension on attaining the age of 80,85,90,95 and 100 years.

Anonymous said...

@ Shree Prakash. I am with similar case. filed a case with AFT Kochi. decision awaiting. please refer to AFT Jodhpur decision on this also.

Jose Mathew

Indra said...

I am serving army officer and am sure every other comment on your blog thanks u for the good work that you are doing. And for you even my post will be one of the routine thank you's that you receieve each day, but Navdeep again at the cost of being repetitive I THANK YOU for the awesome noble work that you are doing, for projecting the issues of the servicemen and for being a source of very useful information and guidance for the service personnel. I sincerely hope you get all the goodness and blessings from the almighty
Take care and carry on being the torch bearer for all of us in the uniformed fraternity...

Library for Retired Defence Personnel said...

Dear Maj Navdeep Singh, I was not aware of your ‘Q’ and ‘A’ service. Now I have read all the 77 question and answers dealt by you from 18 Aug 2009 to till date. Really you are doing a God loving service towards the Military Community and their family despite the paucity of time faced by you due to the nature of your profession.

May God bless you with good health and long life to continue your God Loving Service.

Ex-JWO Edward Michael

Anonymous said...

Res sir
i am seving JCO. My case regarding the pay anomalies of junior getting more pay than me. Since i got ACP prior to 6th pc i am not considered for stepping up.
The same has been resolved for civilian staff according to DOPT (OM No: 35034/1/97-Estt.(D) dated 04.10.2012) as it was given to all departments as IMMEDIATE. It has been 6 months over but PAO says there is no letter like that with them to make amendments. So i request you to confirm me regarding the letter with defece.

Velayudhan said...

Dear Navadeep,

A craftsman from EME was boarded out after completion of more than six years of service with 80% disability attributable to Mil service
He is getting only the disability pension withoutbany service element.
Can he get any service element pension+DA alongwith disability ELEMENT with DA. iN THE CASE OF cIV HE GETS FULL SAL UP TO THE AGE OF 60 AND FULL PENSION along with disability element of pension. Can you please give the details or the orders in this regards.

With regards

Anonymous said...

Dear sir i had taken PMR w.e.f 20 dec 2012 and recently my pension started i am drawing through ICICI bank Bank is deducting TDS from my Pension IS it Correct or i think there is some provision

MAj SHARMA said...