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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TV Panel discussion on the functioning of the Armed Forces Tribunal and state of military justice

Following is a detailed TV panel discussion on the functioning of the Armed Forces Tribunal and administration of justice in the defence services in general, and of course, way and means to further improve the system. This comes in wake of two important judgements on the subject.

The panelists were Maj Navdeep Singh, Mr Rajeev Anand and Col SK Aggarwal.


Pokar Ram said...


The panel discussions were very informative, to the point and very balanced view points projected to bring home their contentions.

Major Navdeep, excellent !!!

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,
Regarding amendment in DSR para 178 & 179 for Hony Officers status as an officer , I have sent a letters on 20 Jan 2013 to COAS and Def Secy and JSE and Veteran cell, AHQ and other officers / Hony officer.
I appealed to senior officers and Hony Officers to write a letter to MOD to COAS/ Defence Minister so that matter can be resolved as earliest as possible .
With warm regards
Hony Capt. Bijendra singh
Gen Secy Ex-services league

Yogi said...

But you have a grudge against the officers because the Government raised their pension! So how can you take their help? Be proud and be firm. Do not sell yourself for pecuniary gains!

Spooky Gupta said...

Hi PBOR…! I was chatting with Hafeez the other day and he wants me introduced him to our HM. Lately he seems to have developed an admiration for our HM sahib. At least I must thank him for reminding me our impeding R Day. Hope the Govt will recognize my steadfast services to it…. unmindful of my own credibility…… particularly the help I rendered in putting the armed forces leadership on the mat. Remember my C-word story on my front page. Its time the Govt considers a journo for Bharat Ratna! Hey nah PBOR!

Col VT Venkatesh(Retd) said...

Our problem is that we do not realise the importance of systems & processes which ultimately affects.Take the case of 'Record Keeping'. It is highly professional job.How ever even today Info Tech is not given the due respect.Similarly the legal system is not taken seriously.Till we know how to manage these two in a professional manner ,our woes will always over flow.
It is also high time we have a Pension Regulatory Authority which would over see pensions of all government employees including allied services.
Some of the institutions do not even have a manual for pensioners.My sister who was the wife of a senior RBI officer did not even get a PPO for more than a year after she was widowed.
Similarly i know the case of a wife of a sqn ldr whose family pension was not revised for more than 30 years.
If there were standard set of regulations/laws , people can me made accountable & punished.
Presently no individual is made accountable if some one's pension is delayed
It may be also news to people to know that RBI pays 60 rupees/month/pensioner to banks for making monthly pension payment.
Even this thread has invited very few comments compared to other threads where pay & allowances are discussed.We need to get up up from our deep slumber

ramanan said...

Sir the discussion was very much useful, suggests every "uniform" pers should view this.

PBOR said...

example of Displeasure vs nonoperative by col Aggarwal was the "mehfil-e-hasil"

Anonymous said...

in fact the VI th Pay commission was broadly approved the one rank one pension. they named it as modified parity. the Pay commission has recommended that, the pension of a retired armed forces person should not be less than 50% of the basic pay+grade pay+MSP of service person i the same rank irrespective of his date of retirement and length of service. and linking of 33 years service was also abolished. but the smart bureaucrats, has approved the recommendation but diluted the essence of the recommendation by linking the amount reach so to 33 years. That means no one in the armed forces is beneficial of that recommendation ( appendix III of pay commission orders). civilians kept silent because all of them retires after 28 years of service and hence all of them are benificial of this orders. The government also removed the minimum 10 continue service for granting same rank pensio also removed from Jan 2006.

We now should focus on to correct these two orders.

Jai Hind