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Thursday, January 17, 2013

(Updated) Committee of Secretaries Report, as approved by the Cabinet, implemented. Letters issued today.

The below mentioned letters have been issued today by the Ministry of Defence to improve the pensionary benefits of defence personnel in pursuance to the report submitted by the Committee of Secretaries as approved by the Cabinet.

The financial benefit of all these letters has been provided from 24 September 2012.

1. Improvement in pension of pre-2006 released Honorary Officers, JCOs and other ranks: Pensionary weightages have been increased for Sepoy, Naik and Havildar to 12, 10 and 8 years respectively. The pensions of Honorary commissioned officers have also been increased. Fresh tables have been notified. The letter can be downloaded by clicking here. 

2. Increase in pension and family pension in case of commissioned officers: The pension and family pension of commissioned officer retirees has been enhanced based on the minimum of the fitment table (+ Grade Pay + Military Service Pay) rather than the pay band itself. Fresh tables have been notified too. The letter can be downloaded by clicking here. 

3. Increase in family pension of post-2006 and also pre-2006 JCOs and other ranks: Changes have been incorporated in the family pensionary modalities of both pre as well as post 2006 cases. The pre-2006 letter can be accessed by clicking here and the post-2006 letter can be accessed here. 

4. Improvement in Casualty Pensionary Awards for pre-2006 commissioned officers, JCOs and other ranks: Minimum guaranteed Special Family Pension, Liberalized Family Pension, Dependant Pension (Special) and Second Life Awards shall now be determined on the basis of the minimum of fitment table for each rank as per the applicable Special Army/Navy/Air Force Instructions (+ Grade Pay + Military Service Pay + X Group Pay if applicable) rather than the minimum of the pay band itself. The letter can be downloaded by clicking here.

5. Improvement in Casualty Pensionary Awards for post-2006 JCOs and other ranks: Modalities of some casualty pensionary awards of post-2006 cases of JCOs and other ranks have also been changed. The letter can be downloaded by clicking here.

6. Improvement in pensionary benefits of post-2006 released JCOs and other ranks: Weightages of pension for the ranks of Sepoy, Naik and Havildar increased to 12, 10 and 8 years and notionally been made applicable to post-2006 retirees also. Ordinary family pension also increased in the case of post-2006 JCOs and other ranks. The letter can be downloaded by clicking here.

7. Provisions of Dual Family Pension and Family Pension for life for handicapped family pensioners even in case of re-marriage: Letter for eligibility of dual family pension in case of families of pensioners who were drawing two pensions or were eligible to draw two pensions, and also letter clarifying the eligibility of a handicapped family pensioner even in case of remarriage also issued. It however may be pointed out that both these benefits had already been granted by Hon’ble Courts in the past. For instance, this decision of the Principal Bench of the Armed Forces Tribunal, and this one of the Chennai Bench may be perused. While the Courts have granted these benefits from the date of eligibility, the letters issued carry financial benefits only from 24 September 2012.

Other letters, as soon as they are made available, shall be posted on the blog.

At the outset, it may be pointed out that many of the provisions incorporated are utterly confusing and chaotic, and it is duly hoped that the offices of the CGDA and PCDA(P) clarify the implementation modalities by way of detailed circulars. 

Any doubts or clarifications on the above may NOT please be directed towards me through email or phone and should be simply posted on the comments section of this blogpost. 

Thank You.


Unknown said...

Congrats.Orders for Pre 2006 retd Com officers on MPPB basis issued? Pl confirm.

Anonymous said...

what happened to nfu and other important decisions serving officers

PBOR said...

as it was in case of PB-3, these "improvements" for PBORs are also - to some extent - the result of your unflinching commitment for AFs. salutes sir.

PBOR said...

Navdeep Sir, May I add an correction, weightage of pension for the ranks of Sepoy, Naik and Havildar is 12, 10 and 08, respectively and not 8, 10 and 12

Alok said...

Navdeep, I appreciate your efforts and involvement.


The minimum of LT.COL is pegged @26625/= BUT HOW? IS IT THE MINIMMin the pay band? this seems to be mismatchimg. The actual position is to be fixed as per the increments due to any one.

Col Pardaman Singh said...

Dear Friends
Once again we have been cheated.It is effective w.e.f 24 Seep 2012,instead of 01 Jan 2006. As it is removal of an anomaly in 6th cpc, logically it should be effective from 01 Jan 2006.
Col Pardaman Singh

Dhoop said...

Great update. Unfortunately, the file could not be downloded from mediafire http://bit.ly/11BMZPt

Anonymous said...

pre-2006 gp x 15 yrs sgt at par with 15 yr diploma holder sgt

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep

Thanks for great long awaited update. There are many anomalies , but that is what was expected, so let us enjoy what you get for the time being and continue the fight ??


Anonymous said...


Abe said...

Is there any one having access to this letter----MOD letter No 1(13)/2009D(Pen/Pol)dated September 24, 2012 related to the pension of substantive Major as LtCol for post 1-1-96 and pre-2006 retirees

bidyut chatterjee said...

Why is the government discriminating pre 2006 and post 2006 with regard to years of service for full pension. For post 2006 it is 20 years, but for the rest it is 33 years.

bidyut chatterjee said...

Why can't the years of service for all be 20 yrs as recommended by 6th CPC for post 2006. How much does the govt save by keeping the pre 2006 retirees out of this ambit

Raghubir said...

The Deptt which interpreted 6 CPC the way they liked it- have caused benefit to the extent of say (29145-26150)2995 per month each Brig eqv & from Jan 2006 to 24 Sep 2012 -it will be about 3000x80=2.4 lakhs -with average DA of say 35%-it should be about 3.2 lakhs.On average we can take it Rs 2 lakh per officer- loss to those who served- with hope that they will be taken care of and would not have to fight it out for 25 yrs for rank pay or be victim of really fixing all of us at the bottom of band rather than in the pay band.Our loss is certainly not their gain-it is loss of faith in the system.It is time DESW be under PMO.

Anonymous said...

LETTER 1(16)2012-D(Pen/Policy) dated 17-1-13 does not mention any changes in disability pension.
Once the pensions are now based on minimum of fitment table and not minimum of pay band; disability pension also need to be revised.

Penmil said...

@V. Natarajan,January 17, 2013 at 7:18 PM
Yes. But with effect from 24 Sep 12and not 01 Jan 06!

Sathye said...

Thank you Navdeep, at least pensioners to receive some relief. What about the CoS to decide on fixation, grade pay revision and NFFU? Even after the highest court decreed about the rank pay as being part of basic pay the fixation in 5th & 6th CPCs are still to be corrected. While the “Saint & We (Do we’ve any choice) sleep” on the matter the unaccountable mandarins have all the glee.

sl said...

@Abe: The letter dated 24 Sep 2013 that you seek is with this circular available at http://pcdapension.nic.in/6cpc/Circular-14.pdf


Dear all, seasons greetings.
The letters says "min.guaranteed pension" but the title says "pension" table?
If this is the min.guaranteed pension then the actual (pay eligible)/pension has to be calculated, fitted at the min.in the pay band and half of that fig. has to be fixed as actual paension. AM I CORRECT? CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG.
The letter also states that if the calculated pension is less than the min one in the table, THEN ONLY THE FIG.SHOWN IS FIXED AS THE PENSION.
For practical purposes, i think the calculted poension will be definitly more and the actual pension will be a different one from the tables>
May be that is why for all ranks the min.no. of years at which the pension seems to be the same looks 26-28 years
any clarifications please.

Harry said...



I do share your deep anguish and aggrievance about loss of faith. Actually we faujis have been pretty naive, in first place, to put our blind faith in the system thinking it to be fair and equitable. Clearly it isn't, never was and nor will it ever be.Period

Placing faith in the PMO is just like NOT learning from the past. What is PMO after all? Just another babudom albeit at a higher level. Do you still want to delude yourself into believing that PMO is the panacea for faujis? Why do you again want to lose faith in the system (ok another one)? Don't you know the fate of all the representations sent to the PMO by the Services on various issues concerning AFs? Has anything positive come out of it, for you to be so optimistic about PMO?

Best would be to have DESW staffed by uniformed fraternity with some veterans taken on board as consultants. BUT THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN IN INDIA.

So what to do? Do you have any answer Sir?

Col Pardaman Singh said...

Dear Navdeep
Please can you enlighten me as to what is the status of the case regarding anomaly of "MIN OF PAY IN THE PAY BAND" which a Lt Cdr won in the AFT & civilians won in CAT. Has the Govt gone to Supreme Court. By denying the benefit from 1 Jan 06,isnt it contempt of the court.

Col Pardaman Singh

Baldev Singh said...

Sir, A honorary commission JCOs will get his pension in terms of Annx A to GoI, MoD letter No 1(11)2012-D(Pension/Policy) dated 17 Jan 2013

Vivek Shukla said...

The orders published vide GOI letter No 1(11)/2012 - D (Pen/Policy dt 17 Jan 2012 regarding min guaranteed pension to pre 2006 is contrary to letter No 2(1)/ 2012-D (Pen/Policy) dt 16 Jan 2013 and also to the Min of Public &Pers Grievances Dept of Pension Welfare letter No OM.F.No 1/3/2011-P&P(W)E dt 25 May 2012. The latter two clearly grants revised pension w.e.f 01 Jan 2006. So Min of Def is no one to disregard the dirns of the Govt and suo moto orders No arrears. It is imp to know that the civil counter parts have been paid from 01 Jan 2006 as per Dept of Public Grievance Letter. Its high time the Babus of MOD should stop cheating there own Armed Forces. Rather the two letters of MOD are self contradictory. Its a fit case to be taken up in the Court of Law.

sl said...

The minimum pensions have gone up but so have some of the disparities, as listed here.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

it is nothing but implementation judicial pronouncements .nothing from COS &GOM
this babu type letter now is due to activity on LOC.THEREFORE UNDERSTAND AND ACT UPON ACTIVELY.BE LOUD,VISIBLE,MEAN BUSINES OR no business till issues are implemented.you all have that order and judgement of highest court of the country in hand . use it . if ARMED FORCES cannot use and derive how does a common man get things????? get from 1986,1996 &2006-further more NFFU and the due grade pay.

Anonymous said...

May any reader ,please tell me as to
what is "Pay in the pay band corresponding to minimum of pre-revised pay scale as per SAI 2/S/2008" for LT COLONELS.
MINIMUM of pre-revised scale was 13500.
Thanks in advance.

corona8 said...

In connection with the minimum pensions now approved, was there not a ruling from a court that regardless of number of years of service, pensions for Lt Col, [or was it Maj?] retirees, including pre-mature reirement cases, would be the same?

Anonymous said...

They cheate us. no way near one rank one pension.

Jose Mathew

Anonymous said...

again the same story. the linkage of 33 years must be removed. same rank same length of service and same pension must be implemented


Anonymous said...

all jcos and equivalents are disappointed by cheating by the govt,eventhough jco name is mentioned in the heading of tables but there in no change in the actual table.why there is a dicrimination only for JCO.

Unknown said...

I feel that ESM have been cheated by this fitment. When min service for Officers is 20 years for pension then why 33 years for pre 2006 retirees. Since there is no SG Lt Col presently, then why different scales for SG and TS.
For PBOR, I will put in comments after reading the letter

Anonymous said...

any news on DACP for Army doctors. What is the procedure if one wants to go to the court. Navdeep sir how to reach you on this matter

Anonymous said...

Instead of pension to be not less than 50% of "Pay in the pay band corresponding to minimum of pre-revised pay scale "......it should be pay in the pay band corresponding to average pay drawn
during last 10 months of service in
pre revised pay scale.

Also all pre 2004 Lt Colonels with
26+ years' service should be granted pension at par with Colonels

Anonymous said...

Good to note that PCDA(P) HAS ALSO ISSUED CIRCULAR No. 500 DATED 17-1-13.
Hope that banks will also act fast .

Unknown said...

congrat!!congrat!! Really our Govt will well look after our family after out death. Pl compare the tables of family pensioners and pre 2006 pensioners . The family pension is more than present pensioner.

sl said...

@Winco Batra:"..no SG Lt Col presently.."; The different columns are for those who retired in Lt Col ranks prior to 16 Dec 2004, an issue with ramifications as highlighted here.

Anonymous said...

GOI letter .visibility is glaring.from 24 sep2013 only.after so much of delay.COS &GOM did NOT address any of issues,except those court orders which are binding .even they have been diluted.it is just a clerical letter with charts-taken so much time.
visibility-evasion ,denial ,denial of legitimate dues,cheating ,...etc.liability for all that has to be invoked against those agencies,depts,branches of GOI.

Individual and collective efforts and action is obviously required.so,keep working and struggling.- otherwise these would amplify in 7 th pay com.seven yrs have passed since 6 th CPC and we are still at looking into so many deliberately created -so termed as anomalies and then trying to interpret paras/lines /words and discussing these.
FUNDAMENTAL APPROACH AND BASIS IS PATENTLY WRONG.NFFU AND GRADE>>>ETC is shadowed by these publicity and PR in media--we are giving ,giving ,given so many times....etc.This game of narrowing the gap is going on/on/on since 1986.As the gap keep on widening -keep on saying that phrase.Back square one.

ANURAG said...

Dear all,
C D way v hav been fooled ??
V ESM`S should not vote for this govt!!!

karnail singh ambala said...

The basic pension for Hony. Flying officer is reduced From 7875 to 7800 by VI CPC wef 01.01.2006.
The effected date for revision should be from 01.01.2006
With the above said facts that the pension for the subject ranks be revised wef 01.01.2006 according to the fiment formula.

Karnail Singh
HFO (Retd)

Anonymous said...

JCOs other than "X" Gp in Army and all Gps in Navy and Airforce are not given any hike in pension. Does it mean that they are already in receipt of pension at par with post 2006 pensioners?

Anonymous said...

Hi sir,

would you please tell, why pension hike not given to JCO. I will be thankful to you.

Library for Retired Defence Personnel said...

Sir, Why our comrades in the top post of ESM association not mentioning any word about the total neglect of JCO's and the equivalent ranks in Air Force and Navy in regard to the recent hike in the pension announced by the Government?????????........

Ex-JWO Edward Michael

sl said...

In view of an inadvertent deletion of the blog post linked to in my comment dated the 18th January 2013, the gist of enhanced disparities could be accessed here.

corona8 said...

@Library for Retired Defence Personnel: I have seen a number of letters and blog posts devoted exclusively to the cause you mention. More needs to be done.

Why not start a blog exclusively for the issues that are of concern? Also, comments can be posted on blog posts regarding pensions with specific instances of anomalies and disparities.

Anonymous said...

I am battle casualty in Indian Army and 15 years of service. I get Disability pension or war injury pension?. Please clarify sir.

N.A.Joseph said...

Subedar Majors of X Group were given a hike in pension amounting to Rs 13590 pm from 01 Jul 2009 whereas Hony Lts (Army)was in receipt of pension of Rs 13500 (Rs 90 less) Subsequently Hony Lts' pension stepped up to Rs 13590 after lot of representations. Why the MOD did not take action to raise Hony Lt's pension to Rs 15465 from 01 Jul 2009 as ordered by AFT Chandigarh. Hony Lts and Hony Capts should get Rs 15465 and 16145 from 01 Jul 2009 (if not 01 Jan 2006). The increase in pension given from 24 Sep 12 is totally unjustified.
Hony Capt N.A.Joseph