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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Out of turn promotion for sportspersons : Orders already issued

Many would be aware that the Cabinet had recently approved a scheme for granting three out of turn promotions to outstanding sportspersons.

Moving quickly in this direction, the Department of Personnel and Training has already issued the formal orders by way of an Office Memorandum implementing the scheme for all central govt civilian employees except railways and three other departments specified in the OM itself.

The OM provides for grant of three out of turn promotions for sportspersons. The policy also covers coaches. Said promotions shall be personal to the persons promoted who shall automatically stand upgraded to the higher post.

The performances and sporting events eligible for the promotions have been specified in the OM.

And elsewhere, 1982 batch officers of the IAS have been empanelled as Additional Secretaries to Govt of India in HAG. Meaning thereby, that shortly orders shall be issued for 1980 batch officers of the Organised Group A services to be granted HAG on a non-functional basis. 


PBOR said...

Praying its applied to AFs too, which seems to be difficult for obvious reasons.

Harry said...

"... shortly orders shall be issued for 1980 batch officers of the Organised Group A services to be granted HAG on a non-functional basis."

Well, good for Organised Gp A offrs! Meanwhile (un?)Organised AFs offrs can keep fuming at not being a part of this Sarkari largesse (so far at least).

Let us see what lies ahead for us on 15th Aug. :|

Tukaram V Manerajurikar said...

Sir, This is issued for increasing medals in Olympic, Commonwealth Games Etc. Because India is having population next to China, but China has improved to better Finance, Military,Allmost in every fold. Though they are not socalled Democratic Country. India though Democratic is lacking in many areas. Why so? Let us have all views and comments on Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev's movement and Aamir Khan;s Satyamev Jayate.

Anonymous said...

GAGAN Narang wins BRONZE for INDIA...............Sabbash!! Jai Ho INDIA!!!He is now a Gp A Officer in the Central Govt. Jai Ho!!Regards Doctor

PBOR said...

out of total 68 comments on previous post, only 0.68 were about pay and pension of PBOR. may be a 'Modern Strategy" to win without soldiers. O_O After all, all commentators here are trained leaders.

amit said...

and here v r still waiting for orders to be given to cda for giving one increment to those who got their promotions between 1jan 06 and 30 jun 06,

Tukaram V Manerajurikar said...

To PBOR Sir, the % of comments by PBORs is very less as mostly officers are posting their comments. Why PBORs i.e. JCO/ORs are not educated to write in english or are feeling allawed by the huge comments of officer bloggers. Who should educate them and when? This is not the omly website for all veterans, there are hundreds more where again the % of comments would not improve.

corona8 said...

@Individual Calling Himself "PBOR":"..out of total 68 comments..": Then you have personally to explain to your own conscience why you did not redress the balance by posting more comments for whatever category of veterans you feel were under-represented. Whose fault is it there were only 0.68 comments and not 68.8. Yours, of course!

Anonymous said...


After reading your comments I feel that you are too idealistic and dedicated for your own good. This idealism is what has been exploited by others. And you are not alone....Most of the officers here feel that they are the protectors of democracy....

.....Welfare and happiness begins at home..let's first take care of our soldiers and sailors and Officers too. Then we can talk about taking care of our nation.....

Vasundhra said...

Antony writes to PM over pay parity in Forces

Defence Minister AK Antony for the first time on record has openly expressed his concern over growing discontent in the Forces due to pay anomalies. Antony talks about 'restlessness in Forces'.

TIMES NOW has accessed the letter written by the Defence Minister to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh dated June 25, 2012. In the letter, Antony has admitted that there is 'growing discontentment in Forces'. Antony has also mentioned that 'unless we take corrective action, issues may take a bad turn'.


Spooky Gupta said...

Hi PBOR...! I’ve been following you for quite some time in this blog. Found we both are on the same page as regards to dealing with so-called status and pay issues of armed forces personnel particularly officers. Why not we team up? I believe that entry into officer cadre of Army, Navy and Air force be abolished altogether and these should be filled up by in-house promotions / selections from among the ranks, ie only from PBORs. At the upper echelons at Army Cdr level, nominations from outside also be examined such as from police, bureaucrats(both serving & retired) and from senior journos in order to keep the armed forces at an informed balance. Everyone knows that in the matters military strategy and doctrine in our country, military officers are kept totally out of its purview and we senior Editors -in-Chief and other freelancing bureaucrats decide for them. So it’s is only appropriate that we also wear uniforms and regalia at the senior levels. Hope you will appreciate this and together we are going to spook them.....you know what I mean..!

Tukaram V Manerajurikar said...

Sir, Start chatroll please. See how many comments are coming for nondescript out of turn promotion blog also. It will help all to express views and comments.

corona8 said...

@Spooky Gupta:"...both are on the same page..."

Also nominations from the cricketing world, the losing olympics teams and the entertainers from Bollywood.

Now that'll be some "page" to be on!

PBOR said...

@corona8 @ Tukaraam SIR, law of nature would take it own course. Vacuum, in leadership, created by offrs shall automatically be filled by PBORs. :-)) wish me all the the best :-D

Anonymous said...

@PBOR, TV Manerajurikar, you both are wrong. my view is soldiers are happy with what they are getting [PIP], so they do not represent themselves, now what i am getting, i am thankful to IESM for that, if i get even Rs 01 extra in my pension on 15-09-2012, i will be thankful to IESL also.

@ Spooky Gupta, your idea is too good, till such time, any sepoy becomes COAS, he will gain the age of 90yrs, GOC i/c in 84 yrs, it will be the best armed force in the world...hahaha.



Venkatesh said...

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sudeshkumar_bh said...


Ranjay said...

@ pbor

this is already prevalent in army....

1. A person if represents the country in any sport automatically becomes Subedar....even if was enrolled as a rifleman...

2. Rather than laughing at your system please try to know whats already in place...


Anonymous said...

Army Man, SUBEDAR Vijay wins Silver for INDIA ...............Sabbash!! Jai Ho INDIA!!!!!!Regards Doctor

PBOR said...

@corona8 @ spooky gupta and Tukaraam SIR, i never imagined my wishes would be fulfilled at such a fast pace. c here a General is readily presents him self to serve under a PBOR - anna. nature's law u know after all. :-D

PBOR said...

@unknown : ture a national player can become a subedar. my apprehension is if a subedar major, represented nation, can become Major? educate me plz

PBOR said...

hope Army would now confer Sub Vijay with rank of Capt. (Not the honorary one)

Tukaram V Manerajurikar said...

To PBOR Sir, Honorary rank is given to only TLC class. It is not given to JCO/ORs who may get VC, PVC,after death only, forget about Silver Medal in Olympics.

Anonymous said...


TLC..? means?

Vasundhra said...

NDTV at 04081400 Hrs. Inclusion of AFs rep rejected on the grounds that inclusion will cause delay for the PM to announce the "BONANZA OF LOLLIPOPs TO AFs"
Have high hopes!!!!!!..... of course only a basketful of illusory promises seems to be on cards to be given some time in the distant future.

Anonymous said...


you mean to say if a maj gen was a sportsman like Manchanda, He should be a president.

follow thats logical, it's got nothing to do with rank.......otherwise Rajyavardhan Rathor would have been Maj Gen...

ask people why only three promotions...you don't get promotion even for PVC....

corona8 said...

@Individual Calling Himself 'PBOR':"...educate me plz..."

The education is simple and straightforward. Wearing any rank for the nation is a basis for pride. Even serving the nation without any rank is a source of pride.

Where's the confusion??

Vasundhra said...


“Before World War
II, it was not uncommon to see placards hanging outside some restaurants in
Paris which read ‘Dogs, lackeys and soldiers not allowed’. On the other
hand, even pregnant women used to get up and offer seats to soldiers in
London buses. When the war broke out, France capitulated in no time while

Look at the treatment meted out to India ’s tallest military leader Field
Marshal Sam Manekshaw, the architect of India ’s greatest victory ever. It
took the Government decades to determine and release his dues. India has not
found him worthy of its highest national honour ‘Bharat Ratna’. No political
leader thought it necessary to attend his funeral. In Britain and the US ,
heads of the State with full national leadership would have made it a point
to be present to pay a nation’s grateful respects.


rajkumar said...

some clarification on NFU in civil services . it is totally misnomer that all gp A officers will retire in the scale of addl secy .

for grant of nfu all promotional norms have to fulfilled like years of service , acrs and any other condition specified in recruitment and promotion rule of that post .

for example an under secy can only be promoted in non functional scale ( NFU ) to dy secy only when he
complete 5 yrs as under secy and earns good acrs . but he can not be promoted to dir post in NFU scheme unless he becomes dy secy on functional basis and there after serve 5 years as dy secy on regular or functional basis . so an under secy can not be promoted beyond dy secy unless he is actually promoted to dy secy and serve prescribed no of years as dy secy .

similarly a dy secy can not go beyond dir level in NFU scale unless he is actually promoted to dir level and then serve prescribed no of years as dir on functional basis .

similarly a dir cant get beyond joint secy scale in NFU scheme unless he is promoted actually to joint secy .

so essentially NFU is merely a scheme granting next pay scale on non functional basis .

so a lt col can get the scale of col in NFU scale but not that of a brigadier unless that lt col is actually promoted to col rank .

next scale will also be granted only when acrs are meeting benchmark .

so in most of GP A services a majority of officers retire at DIr scale . so yes will retire in JT secy scale on non functional basis .

so in all NFU is only or merely granting next scale that too only non functional basis .

I hope Maj Navdeep is aware of these finer points

Dy Sec_NFU said...

Rajkumar......Ji. Pranaam Ji. Aapke yeh savaal euhh... "it is totally misnomer that all gp A officers will retire in the scale of addl secy.." Teekhhu hi.. Yeh zarooor misnomer hi. Kyoonghi yeh "Group B" vaalobhi voh NFFU pump karke utharrhh thakkhe jayeegahh...

Anonymous said...

@ Mr. Rajkumar: Actually, most organized Group 'A' service officers (except some in few Services like CPES/MES etc) reach atleast SAG level on functional basis, so yes, they get HAG pay on NFU basis.

rajkumar said...

but then how will you implement it for armed forces where fery few reaches the maj gen rank .
some changes in the rules are reqired.

Tukaram V Manerajurikar said...

@Rajkumar,"but then how will you implement it for armed forces". Now you are coming to the point. The promotion policy of AFs is very unique than Civilside. Thats why AFs is asking for OROP. Instead of supporting the cause f AFs, you are creating doubts in the AFs about NFFU. You civil side had never a problem of Equal pension, as you were getting the highest possible in civil. But due to NPS wef 2004, 6 CPC have raised salries of all civil class by huge margins. Here the question of equal pension cropped up before you people (First Time ask Mr Nnatarajan, he doesnot know of any civil pension anamolies of Pre-1986 or Pre-1996 class). On that line of OROP you can ask and learn from Maj. Navdeep Singh far better and correct, not your way. Thank you for your wasted time.

rajkumar said...

shri Tukaram ji

I cant understand your english .
I suggest you study the provisions of NFFU scheme .
I am deep in to it , that why i say it is not that attractive as it sounds

rajkumar said...

shortly orders shall be issued for 1980 batch officers of the Organised Group A services to be granted HAG on a non-functional basis."harry

a clarification again ,
it means
the officers of GP A organised service of batch 1980 , who are otherwise eligible to promotion to
HAG scale , i.ie. already reached SAG scale and serving for last 2-3 years and having good acrs will get
HAG scale onnnonfinctional basis .

Anonymous said...

what are u trying to convey again and again. Is it not true that almost all civil group A officers will reach functional Joint Secretary level (barring a very few)and therefore will be eligible for Additional Secretary NFU. May be ur crib is that civil government officers should become functional additional secretary equivalent and retire with secretary's NFU and pension. I am sure your representatives in the government will be thinking on same lines and policy will be tweaked/interpreted to suit this requirement.

Do u know that in defence forces, once a batch is considered for promotion, and mind u, promotion percentage is hardly any (with as less as 24% making it to colonel from lt colonel), thereafter, balance officers of that batch are superseeded and not even considered for further promotion (two review boards though are held for each batch for paper work sake and hardly anyone left out makes it). However, on civil side,an officer maintains his seniority and is eligible for functional promotion as and when vacancy arises. As has been brought out at many places, if NFU as a scheme was to be applicable, it should have been only and only for defence services. and look, it has been made applicable for all and sundry except defence forces. is not it ironical.

Tukaram V Manerajurikar said...

@Ananymous at 8.01 AM above:- Thanks. Now atleast Jaani Rajkumar ( I hope he understand your english )will learn that BFU is not beneficial to AFs. Let me hear from him. He can also give how he was cheated by CPCs? Rajkumarji, please inform all and guide us

rajkumar said...

shri tuka ram ji
please go to DOPT website and see how many GP A officers reaches higher posts . please the link below.