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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Where are we going?

We've discussed it before.

While most of us are busy talking of high-sounding operational and strategic aspects of the military, the threat of the dragon, the cradles of terrorism around us etc, we are conveniently missing out on improving the day to day quality of life of service-members and veterans.

Could we just spare a moment from bothering about our pensions, or disability awards, or allowances, or ACRs or good postings for those who do not have a mouth, or a mouthpiece, or those who are facing the worst war possible initiated by the official establishment, whether bureaucratic or military. It’s easy for me to theoretically say this for I know that one who would risk his or her career for a cause beyond the charter of duties would be a rare breed. The one who is ambitious would not go out of the way or think beyond the box, and the one who has nothing to look forward to would not be adequately rewarded even if it is done, so he or she rather not do it.

The pitfalls of a steep competitive pyramid. It is understandable.

I know that certain issues raised by me in the past stand resolved to a certain degree and others not, the reason is not the lack of intention to resolve but again the noting sheet culture wherein a couple of officers in key appointments would justify their actions on minute sheets and file notings whereas the upper echelons, due to lack of expertise or time, or both, would not be able to see the reality through the reams of paper chase.

Bad decisions do not hurt, sadism does. And it is not hard to find around us. I would quote a few live recent examples how we are making our own suffer and how we are unable to rein in the unruliness in our behaviour. This behaviour makes the future seem rather bleak. With nobody to own up or take up on their behalf, these people suffer in silence.

The Case of Ex-Naik Suraj Bhan of the Punjab Regiment : Invalided out after being discharged on medical grounds. Extensively served in Counter Insurgency and had a fall while deployed in OP Prakram after which he developed psychiatric symptoms. The medical board declared his disability as aggravated by service but he wasn’t granted disability pension since the CDA declared his disability as ‘neither attributable to, nor aggravated by service’. He was boarded out after 9 years of service without any kind of pension. Later he was also forcibly made to attend an appeal medical board while provisions after the 5th CPC provide that an appeal medical board can only be held on a person’s own request and that too cannot go into the question of attributability/aggravation but only into the extent (percentage) of disability. Though the soldier was fully covered under the rules for grant of disability pension, the ex Naik had to fight a long battle in the Court and ultimately the Punjab & Haryana High Court by way of a detailed judgement granted him disability pension. Despite the pension, he today lives an unfulfilled life, is in a bad shape, physically and mentally, mostly remains without clothes the entire day and is kept locked in a room. He cannot sign, he cannot communicate, he cannot look after his wife and children. But what hurts is that despite all this, the Punjab Regimental Records first filed an appeal before the Division Bench of the High Court, which was again decided in favour of the soldier and now have managed to process the case for filing of an SLP in the Supreme Court. The family of the soldier has now received a notice from the Hon’ble Supreme Court to appear before it to defend his case. Where does the family go, isn’t all this devastating for them, can they afford legal help in the SC? Ten years after his invalidation and three years after he won his case in the High Court, here we are, the official establishment taking the most extreme course and directing its sadism onto a man who cannot even sign his own vakalatnama.

The case of Hav Rakesh Kumar : An ace shooter of the Amy Marksmanship Unit (AMU), he won three national awards. One day in Mhow, he went with another member of the AMU to get his new uniform from a tailor which he was to wear for an interview the next day. They met with a hit and run accident. He was on duty and not on leave and he was not doing anything which was inconsistent with his military profile. Still the Court of Inquiry declared his disability as ‘neither attributable nor aggravated by service’ without going into proper circumstances. The most disturbing part was that the CoI was conducted at his back while he was lying in a hospital bed in another city and that it carried his perfect signatures on his statement on a date when he was not even present where the CoI had supposedly taken place and when his right hand was in a state of disuse. He was boarded out when the Army thought he was not longer useful in shooting because of his head and right arm injury. Refused disability pension, he approached the Armed Forces Tribunal which also rejected his case on the ground of the conclusion by the CoI and that he was riding a ‘private motorcycle’ at the time of disability. Now imagine if this man had been a civilian employee. Not only he would have served till the age of 60 with full pension, but his entire family, expenditure etc would have been taken care of. Whom do you blame? The person for fortuitously meeting with an accident? or the system? or the Presiding officer who conducted the CoI? or the Formation Commander who signed it? Please do not blame Subedar Vijay Kumar if he leaves the Army soon, notwithstanding the accolades.

Brig TS Sekhon’s case : The retired officer had a cardiac emergency while visiting Germany and had to undergo an emergency procedure. It was certified by Indian, military as well as German doctors that the case was an emergent procedure. The cost incurred was also not very high and was in fact lower than what would have cost here in India. ECHS medical reimbursement as an emergency case was refused to him on the pretext that the policy did not cover emergencies outside India. This statement itself was false since there is no such prohibition in the policy, the policy merely states that emergent procedures can be reimbursed at govt rates. The Armed Forces Tribunal in 2010 directed the govt to release the amount at govt approved rates. Today, we are in 2012, the amount has still not been reimbursed and the officer has been informed that an appeal is being filed in the SC against the AFT verdict. What astounds is the fact that the cost of appeal would ultimately be more than the cost to be reimbursed, and moreover, the SC itself has already held in a number of cases that a medical emergency knows no national boundaries and is to be reimbursed at Indian rates even if it happens in foreign shores. Meanwhile, the veteran waits!

Non-grant of attributability/aggravation by medical boards : It has been discussed on this blog before as to how our system of assessing disabilities is less medical and more mechanical. Lesser said the better. Having been associated with similar cases for more than a decade now, I can safely say that the actions of the military medical establishment are less than desirable. They do not understand that simply by writing ‘neither attributable to, nor aggravated by service’ blindly and mathematically, they are taking away not only the service from a person but also his right to receive pension, the right of livelihood of his family, the service facilities and benefits from him & his family and the right to live a life of dignity. Why should then a person join the services? Why not join any other service on the civil side? The establishment needs to make its procedures more humane and oriented towards humanity. It may be just a stroke of a pen for a military doctor but it makes a whole world of a difference to a disabled soldier and his family for all times to come. Most of disabled soldiers are denied pension when disabilities are labelled constitutional, idiopathic or with an ‘unknown cause’ whereas rules provide that the benefit of doubt must go to service-members in such cases. The M-Block is not ready to relent, but it should wake up since times are changing, and it is these small little things which make us a laughing stock and military service one of the most unattractive services in the whole damn country.

I’ve said it before. Wake up before it’s too late. Be a little less selfish. Especially for those in uniform, you are not powerless, think of the difference you can make, think of what you can do for your peers in your own little ways. Think beyond the next rank and the next ACR, think of life beyond service when you would join the teeming ranks of those you call ‘cribbers’ or ‘burden on the system’  today. 


sl said...

"...missing out on improving the day to day quality of life of service-members and veterans..."

Not to forget the much needed halt to the relative degradation of dignity and prestige of serving members, as well as veterans, of armed forces vis-a-vis other ascendant sections of society.

Tukaram V Manerajurikar said...

Sir,sorry. Major Navdeep Singh you have opened the inner souls of all of us. We are fit to discuss the pay and pension issues for us on computers. But reading of such inhumane acts and nature of MOD,Babus, Politicins, even our own high ranking officers make us hang our heads in shame and to think that we are not part of Indian Military Service at present. But we can only be positive and advice our present and future AFs to think as veterans right from now.Nobody should join AFs in future, it is better to be Gp.C or even Gp. D employee of civil side who cn make his life better and his dependants future best. I have no words for present and will contribute lateron.
Yours faithfully
Tukaram V Manerajurikar
Ex-Sgt, IAF

Anonymous said...

I have seen people sing paeans in your honor, but that will be never be adequate for the valid issues raised by you from time to time. On this blog I have seen people endless squabble over pay and perks but very rare few who have voiced the least amount of concern about the real issues that concern our very existence.

Such an issue could happen to any one of us here and none of us really have the wherewithal to take on the gargantuan establishment.

Today the only things that concerns anyone in the service is his next ACR, posting and rewards.

Thankyou sir for posting an issue which should make us all sit up and do some soul searching!!!!


Vasundhra said...

In the cases mentioned above can third party like me file a complaint under 'GENERAL GRIEVANCES' to the President of India on this site, after all he is the SUPREME COMMANDER of AFs

Ashwin said...

Well said Maj Navdeep

These medical guys are calling foul when DACP is not extended to them, but they say they follow rules wn it comes to others in deciding attribution...Navy and air force are a inch better where in they have a list of duties mentioned which a person is excused during medical problems...but in army even the restriction on employment is very vague and is interpreted as per the requirement of MS br.....

Where are we heading....I hope the present chief should take some Pro Army steps.....

arumugam545 said...

At least some well wisher’s to speak for the very small (young(recruit)) and (OLD (Ex Gratia
Pensioner)) speak for them.
Many isolated issues to be taken by the well wishers as these small number and tiny group can not
take up cases ..
Very few example this issue was taken no none address the problem (already they are in tail end )
Govt Of India,Minstry Of Defence letter No17(4)/2008 (1) /D(Pen/Policy) dated 11.11.08.
Para 2. Applicability
Para 2.2 .
iv) Reservists in receipt of Ex Gratia payment at Rs 600/- per month covered by Govt Of India,
Minstry Of Defence letter No B/39042/AG/PS-4(a&c)/1331/C/D(Pens/Sers)
Dated 29th Dec 2000.
v) Families of the deceased reservists in receipt of Ex Gratia family pension as Rs 605/- per month
covered by Govt Of India,Minstry Of Defence letter No B/40029/AG/PS- 4 (d)/B/D
(Pens/Ser) Dated 07.01.1999.
( Separate orders will be issued in respect of (iv) and (v) Above.) NOT YET ISSUED.

(this Issue also Taken up as the individual cannot take up the case as they have to run for the
Their day to day life
Status of the Recruit (Receiving Disability Pension ) notification not issued by Ministry of Personnel , Public Grievances & Pensions though the defence Ministry issued the letter in the 2006. many of them almost exceeded the maximum age for the employment. We request the Ministry to issue notification at the earliest .this has brought to the knowledge of the concerned dept.
Ex sgt M Arumugam

billoo said...

so true..we have so much to look within..At times i feel all this happens when we dont read enough n our psychofancies take over logical and humane thinking......my earnest request to all fellow community members...PLEASE READ N BE THOROUGH on ur admn aspects. tactics n strategies are good but as brought out by u .. these issues make or break the morale of our own fighters.....when dealing with lives on battlefield or on paper..there is no place for mediocrity....

Anonymous said...


satisfied soldier

pl,not no body has gone to somebody's house with coconut, requesting him to join forces.

you have joined of your own.

SOLDIER[JY Walawalkar]

Anonymous said...

It's a sad reflection of what Maj Navdeep has been trying to say for last four years or so.The hallmark of the services is supposed to be camaraderie but here every single joker is bothered about his own life.The man next to you has no consequence at ll.We talk of dealing with the "dragon's threat" not realizing that first we have to deal with the devil inside us.

Do well in service by all means, but be a little civil and humane......There's saying about the Nazi regime...

"First they came for the Jews,,,I was not bothered as I was not a jew..Then they came for the blacks...I was not bothered as I was not a black....Then they came for the communists....I was not bothered as i was not one....At last they came for me....and there was no one left to be bothered about me......

........If you do not bother about your own brethren, one day the same will happen to you too......Please wake up....

Sanjay Sangwan said...

It's very heartening to read your views and efforts on issues facing our community in uniform which is being used, abused and denied in every which way and often by own insensitivities/ selfishness/ lack of awareness. Keep up the good work.

PBOR said...

@Maj. Navdeep. Sir, its not fair. These were my lines. a fit case of copy rights ;-)

Sanjay Sangwan said...

It's very heartening to read your views and efforts on issues facing our community in uniform which is being used, abused and denied in every which way and often by own insensitivities/ selfishness/ lack of awareness. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

It was always apparent that the bureaucracy in OG was worse than the much maligned civil servants. The latter group takes its toll of our (mis)fortune because we have half baked, under educated,self serving yes men rising to the top in the services. Look at a simple matter like letter writing. The literature emanating from the hands of buffoons, whose only qualification is a good ACR, makes ones gorge rise. Then how are we to expect these high fliers to argue for us. Its sad and sickening. "Winner takes all" is the dictum in war. We have perfected the art of applying it in suppressing our own flesh and blood.

Venkatesh said...

While we may crib about the apathy, retired soldiers can do a lot to our own brethren.We need to create our own eco system & not tend to rely on the govt for very thing.While the court cases are one way to fight for the cause, the retired defence community should wake up to the cause .Even if every one contributes 1 rupee we can do a lot for the suffering.
We need to start thinking on those lines.

Anonymous said...

Taken the liberty of pasting on my facebook update the issues raised by you. I had got sick of the crib being passed around in facebook and just wanted to tell anyone interested that it's us who can make the difference and not some politician, bureaucrat or media personnel.

corona8 said...

@Anonymous:"..bureaucracy in OG was worse.."; Now that may be too much of a blanket statement. But, yes, the flawed appraisal system coupled with the promotion system in the ridiculous pyramid has a lot to answer for the woes of people in uniform, especially officers.

You do have a point, there.

Spooky Gupta said...

This is a fascinating subject I’ve examined in my 30 yrs of career. Where are we going….? It is to be recognized that military service does involve lots of sacrifice and pain. When young lads queue up before the recruitment rallies or presenting themselves before the much touted Service Selection Boards should they not realize where they are getting into? But the pain of not being able to get appreciation for the role as senior journo in the overall military setup needs some consideration. No slot ever gets allocated in the communication sqn even without spouse, never get invited to regimental dinners / mess nights, no journo-quota for allocation of military accommodation not even in metros, no CSD entry and the list is endless. Should the establishment not recognize that we are also part of the system? One cannot blame the bench clerks of MoD if they derive sadistic joy in biting the invalidated personnel as these may be their way of inviting attention of their existence. If you do not care…. well, you will be spooked…… off your complacency! It could well sometimes be by hurting your esteem by tying few tiers below your subordinates!

Shankar said...

I retired from the IAF last year since I could not even go to work due to problems like amyotrophic lateral scelerosis and a failed spinal cord discectomy surgery. I was granted 40% disability pension by the medical board after the premature retirement. But till date I have not received any communication from the CDA or the DPPR as to why my pension PPO is not being issued. What I mean to bring out is that with all my pain and suffering due to the failed surgery I am expected to keep giving a ring to find out about my pension. And people respond as if my disability is concoted. If this is my condition I can imagine what you have written about others. It is a shame that I joined the IAF and seeing my condition quite a few youngsters have decided not to join. I rally feel ashamed that I served this country.

corona8 said...

@Spooky Gupta: "...should they not realize where they are getting into?"

Do journos "queue up" at SSBs/Rcruitment Boards too? The kind who don't can at least keep civil tongues in their civilian heads and worry about their journalistic skills, leaving matters of defence to those who do that job.

PBOR said...

@Spooky Gupta : I like your sarcasm. just loving it :-)

Vasundhra said...


RANDOM THOUGHT NO 1:- O R O P on 15 Aug 2012 will not be the one what we visualise, after 15 Aug it will generate A new Chapter of the struggle. Post 15 Aug the Govt’s principled stand will be “TIRE THEM OUT TILL OLD AGE KILL THE BASTARDS’




Anonymous said...

There is the case of a widow of a Lt Col who died in Harness who has been receiving only Rs 19000 as pension since 2006. I was shocked that the system with its Ex servicemen groups, committees, organisations, Welfare Boards etc etc ad nauseum could not automatically have her Special pension upgraded to the entitlement as per Sixth CPC.
After an epic struggle I have brought the case to its final stage. PCDA, Local SBI, Central SBI etc have been cajoled, motivated, subtlely threatened and now only the Mumbai SBI office has to only release the payment.
This lady had approached The Welfare Board in 2009 and they had helped her write a letter to PCDA Allahabad. Nothing further.

Anonymous said...

Sir,Thanks for bringing to light such cases.
Would like to tell about an incident taken place last week.I had been to Medanta, Medicity a multi-speciaity hospital in Gurgaon. Having got the patient refered through ECHS polyclinic for treatment, the patient was not admitted saying that ECHS has crossed its budget limit and no new cases will be entertained till the time the pending payments are cleared.The OIC ECHS was also found to be helpless. Even after speaking he just hunting for words to say.Very sorry state of affair.


True, very true ...I recently resigned from Navy being frustrated with the system. As a medical board member I have seen cases where senior officer was given disability (heart block) aggravated by service due to prexisting diabetes in the setting of "Driving 50 kms in heavy city traffic". The officer in question was of Brigadier rank. He was provided "Chauffer driven AC car" On the other hand a PBOR was denied disability aggravation due to service even though he developed Problem of the heart valve while he was in ship. Even Officers working in Headquarters have taken disability aggravated by service.......My Objection lead to threat of Charge of Insubordination......JAI HO!!!!!! DR. ANAN

Anonymous said...

NFFU CLARIFICATIONS:http://90paisa.blogspot.in/2012/08/dopt-issued-faq-on-non-functional.html#more

Anonymous said...

quote from article "Whom do you blame? The person for fortuitously meeting with an accident? or the system? or the Presiding officer who conducted the CoI? or the Formation Commander who signed it? Please do not blame Subedar Vijay Kumar if he leaves the Army soon, notwithstanding the accolades"

todays news -


corona8 said...

@Anonymous:"Please do not blame...,":

Where's the question of a blame?

Subedar Vijay Kumar has brought great credit to himself, his organisation and his country.

He has a career in the sports arena now, and, I do believe the Indian Army has contributed a great deal in fostering his talent and skills.

So, if the promotion system in the Army, even if it is not perfect, does not suit one individual, the individual can always exercise the option to leave.

Let's face it, the organization may need to improve it's personnel policies, but it cannot be dictated to or it's policies modified on account of the requirements of one individual, no matter how glorious his achievements in the sporting arena.

Anonymous said...


Tukaram V Manerajurikar said...

Subedar Vijay Kumar can say from his mouth while still in AFs. Because he has reahed a point from where he cannot be defeated/downgraded by anybody. I.E. Military Tops or Tops of Babus. Well done Vijay Kumar.MERA BHARAT MAHAN.

Spooky Gupta said...

It goes without saying that we all must pause…. and vent our feelings in public keeping in mind the larger national interest. When the 29-year Gagan Narang won Olympic Bronze medal in the men’s 10-meter air rifle event, the nation rejoiced. Incentives both financial and otherwise come pouring in and the Sports Minister, Mr Ajay Maken himself appeared on national television to congratulate Gagan remarking that his high achievement had dramatically changed the mood in the country. The minister had also reported to have offered the Olympic bronze medalist a job in the IAS. Then came the country’s Olympic silver medal, won by the Army sharp shooter Subedar Vijay Kumar in the men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol event! The simple souls, who thought if the bronze could fetch such goodies what would await the Olympic Silver Medalist, may have somewhat startled at the deafening silence of the nation. The Sports Minister too didn’t utter a word. But what is essential for everyone here… is to educate oneself of the informed consensus in national interest, amongst the opinion makers of our nation that in matters concerning members of the military, while being generous and lavish on showering platitudes of sacrifice, great traditions etc, nothing must be granted or conceded on actuals, except obituaries. Some of you may recall that we had started a free obituary service in our paper exclusively for defence personnel in pursuance of this consensus. Though it was stated as exclusively for defence personnel, in the intellectually nuanced traditions of our profession we opened the service to everyone in uniform except the Watch & Wards of State Legislatures, Marshals of Parliament and private security guards. As the TG somehow didn’t patronise, the service stands somewhat closed though not abandoned altogether. The servicemen and women need to be educated of the finer aspects of national interest lest things like the Subedar Kumar contemplating to quit Army from the winner’s podium of Olympics will occur. If you don’t learn well you will be spooked…!

Anonymous said...

"Whom do you blame?
I have the answer. I closely observed the behaviour of so called disciplined soldiers that wherever their interest fit they act accordingly without bothering the dignity, honour of the uniform or their motherland. It applies both commissioned and noncommissioned ranks. Please excuse me for uttering the blatant truth. According to me self disciplined is better than the imposed discipline.

Tukaram V Manerajurikar said...

@Spooky Gupta & Ananymous, read the following posted by Vasundhara.
If Defence Pay and pension anamolies for indian AFs are not declared on 15.08.2012 by PM on Lalkila, You can think of serving soldiers of present can do to Politicians and Nanus of India in near future. Beware of coming of wars, floods, calamities etc. and call for army will not be responded or will be responded in current civil speed and action. APNA BHARAT MAHAN.

corona8 said...

@TVM:"..can say from his mouth while still in AFs.."

Anyone can do that while still in AFs.
People do.
People also leave without too much of drama or song and dance.
Why would anyone wish to degrade a champion? The idea is absurd.

But to say the policies, principles and norms of the Indian Army should be turned upside down to meet any one's whim or fancy would be equally ridiculous.

Dhoop said...

@Anonymous had posted a link to some NFFU clarifications in one of the previous comments on this blog post. Maybe, I posted this query as a comment on the wrong blog post. It has not received a reply there.

It'd help if someone could come up with a few ideas or clarifications on the subject.

bobbysingh70 said...

Very true, but the up and coming serving will not realise because he is living in a fools paradise

PBOR said...

Yeh sri sri corona jee kis policy / norm / principal ki baat kar rahe. is sky going to fall if Army rewards Sub. Vijay suitably and according to the policies of DOPT. ???


RamBharosey ye desh aur Narad Bahrosey uskee fauj.....indeed veri sad issue...

Anonymous said...

topic is "WHERE WE ARE GOING ?

Reading the entire discussion i have a Q what is topic & why coments are made leaving the topic far behind ? pl enhance our GK on topic only..or where we are going is my Q.....hahaha...


corona8 said...

@Person Calling Himself PBOR:

"..policies of DOPT.."

Leave the army. Join DOPT. Avail their benefits. Problem solved.

Is holding the President's parchment a disgrace? People should feel honored to be JCO's, the very pillars of the structure of the Army.

Or, they can apply for a commission next time it is possible. With sports record and good reports, one can get a commission on meeting QRs. Everyone knows that.

Tukaram V Manerajurikar said...

@Corona8 SIR, Why donot retired veterans wait for next time it is possible way for the OROP. Why first NFFU then OROP.Though JCO is President sanctioned Rank, they should be happy in that post only. Whereas Majors/Colonels want to become atleast LT. General ( if not possible atleast Pay as per LT. GEN. via NFFU.) Why so? Please educate everyone.

Vasundhra said...


Ministry of Defence Press Information Bureau Govt. of India Press release ID 547902009 (?) states the following.

“Government has taken various steps to encourage the youths to join the Armed Forces. The details of the measures adopted are as follows:-

(ii) Making Short Service Commission (SSC) attractive through a slew of measures such as;

1) Grant of ex-servicemen status to all SSC officers who have completed

terms of service.

2) Provision of Canteen Stores Department (CSD) facility to the SSC


3) Provision of medical facility to all the SSC Officers after release under

Employees Contributory Health Services (ECHS) scheme.”

corona8 said...

@TVM:"..they should be happy in that post only.."

It's upto the individual to be happy or unhappy. To wear the uniform has to be first of all an act of choice not compulsion. Then, it is mandatory to honour the uniform one wears. It's not just clothing. Anyone who hasn't appreciated that has wasted his time in service.

If one has aspirations to improve one's career prospects in service, there are avenues and opportunities aplenty. There are norms laid down. These may not be as sound as one could have wished, but at least these distinguish us from some civilian rabble with their 'Meri Maange Puree Karo' mindsets.

Which Col wants pay of Lt Gen just for himself and does not wish for parity to civilians for all personnel in uniform? Hasn't the service fought for near parity for all in uniform? Some parity has already been obtained. Efforts are on for the rest. So let's not get totally confused.

Anonymous said...

dear friends, things are very clear, if any time one represents services in national one and once only one out of tern promoteion is granted to him, not always, how,the subedar vijay kumar has reached to that rank at this young age??? where are we going??? are we doing timepass ?hahahaha


PBOR said...

Somehow i feel, activation of the chat roll by Maj Navdeep sir can help Sub. Vijay to get his very right dues. i m saying this coz this chat roll had helped officers to get PB-4.

Vasundhra said...

Service chiefs meet Cabinet Secy on pension anomalies .
Wednesday, 08 August 2012 01:02 Pioneer News Service | New Delhi ..


PBOR said...

may of interest to some of u http://nitinagokhale.blogspot.in/2012/08/some-progress-on-pay-commission-issue.html?spref=tw

Vasundhra said...

Further to:
PBOR said...
may of interest to some of u http://nitinagokhale.blogspot.in/2012/08/some-progress-on-pay-commission-issue.html?spref=tw

RANDOM THOUGHTNO 2:- Non Functional Finance Upgradation (N F F U) is unconstitutional and violates the Article 14 of the constitution .There fore ‘NFFU SHOULD BE ABOLISHED FORTH WITH’. NFFU is discriminatory both in nature and application. NFFU IS ‘HARAM KI KAMAI’ & TO ACCEPT IT WIL BE UNSOLDIERLY & UNGODLY
On closer examination it gets amply clear that application of NFFU is a SCAM which has been legalized by blackmail tactics of a Group of employees for sectarian advantages and AFs should not become a partner in this NATIONAL LOOT and should advocate the abolition of NFFU for all & sundry

faransqi said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
I also have a similar case, I was posted in RR. On a very foggy night with almost zero visibility and almost 2years + tenure I slipped on frozen stream /ice and my head struck at a boulder while going for a first light search op and suffered a head Injury. I was evacuated to the most famous MH in valley. I lost consciousness speech, motor functions hearing, memory and partial vision for 3-4 days. Since the CAT scan machine was not working I was sent to uddhampur. I had partial recovery. while hospitalization I lost my father for which I had to fight tooth and nail to the hospital highest auth for spl C/L. later on when I joined back I was discharged normally ( as I had already created a PANGA for attending my father's last rites .
The other problem was that there was adjut of my unit with very little service under his belt mentioned this injury as battle accident and not as battle Casualty even my unit in ignorance did not pay any attention to it. Since I was suffering Physical and mental Loss I also could not pay any attention. Though I continued to suffer the after affects till next 4-5 years but being a homeopath myself and in conjunction with Neurophysician and neurosurgeons in civil I continued the treatment and recovered.
Thereafter in one of the PME I was detected the hearing problem one of the ENT spl did find the fault with hearing and downgraded my medical category and linked it to the accident but another ENT spl overruled and declared me fit in review Board. I meanwhile was approaching the HQs for granting me the status of battle CAS but till dt no attention is paid to it.
Till dt I did not get any kind of service benefit for this injury.
I shall be grateful if you could please suggest the means to make this issue addressed and if I could get the linked benefits now.
Sincerely yours
Faran Siddiqui.

Anonymous said...

If NFU comes then how will we implement it?

We need to put Capt @ 6600/-, Maj @ 7600, Lt Col@8700, Col@8900, Maj Gen@10000, Lt Gen@HAG+ and so on.

Now with NFU, It will become Lt Col,14 yrs @8900 as DIG IPS, Lt Col/Col, 16 yrs @10000 as SAG !!!!

or effectively Col grade pay by default will be 10000/- and not 8700.

I dont know the alogo going to get followed????

corona8 said...

@Vasundhra:"..NFFU is discriminatory both in nature and application.."

But that genie is now out of the bottle. Besides some could argue not giving NFFU is "discriminatory".

So if NFFU does come around for AFs, perhaps it may be prudent not to look that gift horse in the mouth.

If at all it could be called a gift. It seems more like a denied entitlement, presently.

kuldeep said...

Pl ref Vasundhra's msg of Press Release ID 547902009 for SSC offrs. Where is the copy of this press release. pl inform


kuldeep khera

Vasundhra said...

Ref Kuldeep Khera Above

(Pl ref Vasundhra's msg of Press Release ID 547902009 for SSC offrs. Where is the copy of this press release. pl inform)

A press release dated 30-11-2009 on internet ( a copy of which is attached ) issued by Ministry of Defence Press Information Bureau Govt. of India Press release ID 54790 (Read After the Arithmatic Figs Of the Chart)

Officers Training Academies

The number of cadets joining National Defence Academy, Khadakwassla and Indian Military Academy, Dehradun in 2009 has gone up as compared to last year. In officers Training Academy there has been a decline. Details for last three years and current year are as under:-

National Defence Academy
Indian Academy

Officers Training Academy






Government has taken various steps to encourage the youths to join the Armed Forces. The details of the measures adopted are as follows:-

(i) Better pay package as part of 6th Pay Commission;

(ii) Making Short Service Commission (SSC) attractive through a slew of measures such as;

(1) Grant of ex-servicemen status to all SSC officers who have completed terms of service;

(2) Provision of Canteen Stores Department (CSD) facility to the SSC Officers.

(3) Provision of medical facility to all the SSC Officers after release under Employees Contributory Health Services (ECHS) scheme.

(iii) The Army has also opened a number of professional training institutes under the Army Welfare Education Society, to offer quality professional education to Army children at affordable costs.

(iv) A number of Image Projection campaigns have been launched by the Recruiting Directorate to attract quality youth to join the Army;

(v) Enhanced physical interaction with target audience has been undertaken in which officers from Recruiting Directorate and teams from Command Headquarters visit various Universities and Colleges. Publicity Compact Discs (CDs) on Army as a career have been prepared and projected to target audience through these teams. Moreover, National Cadet Corps (NCC) units and Recruiting organizations have also been incorporated to deliver motivational talks in educational institutions.

(vi) A proposal to set up another Officers’ Training Academy is under consideration of the Government.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has expressed shock and empathy. Let us now think of some action. Cannot we find some lawyers who are ex servicemen or sympathetic to their cause to represent such compassionate cases in SC.IESM and RDOA should take the lead.They should raise a separate corpus towards such expenses. I am sure all of us will contribute.

Venu said...

Very well said.It was an eye opening narration for the people who do the board. If rules are to be followed in this fashion, we don't need Human beings / officers.
Computers will do.We should apply our mind on pros and cons before penning the conclusions.

Anonymous said...

A very apt and loaded theme. I read with interest, the Blog and then all the comments following it .. .. and the question still lingers in my mind..... where are we going? From discrepancies in the dispensation of a disability pension, to Sub Vijay's bugle sounding from the highest podium of sports, to the war of words, nein, the war of so-called Haves(officers) and Have-nots(PBOR).... which way are we really going.. I see some trying to bring sense, taking on the pivot role and trying to Focus on the larger issue.... but guess we are all happy to be a divided house. First let me say that we all have a mind, and a mouth, and are entitled to our opinions. . .. so BE IT. But guess somewhere down the line, we are digressing from our Forced discipline and training(as some commentor said) and the imbibed ethos .. . I dont have to list them out .. . people are all well aware of them .. . Reminiscing, I remember my early days when talking about our Pay and personal finances was a taboo, and fighting for the entitlement of the lower ranks was a duty( I have done and so many before and after me have too) I am truly alive to the fact that there exists a rift between the two, but will fanning these with emotionally charged comments douse the flames .. . or is that what we want ..keep the pot boiling? Both sides require soul-searching and see what is wrong within themselves before accusing the other. Hierarchy is a fact of human existence .. . from the family head, to the civil society at large, to the tightly enforced uniformed forces . . . we cannot be naive and say I didnt know at the time of joining. Why even the animal kingdom has it, what with the Queen Bee or the King of the jungle!Why hold a grudge against this dispensation? The asymmetrical nature of the crusade we members of the Armed Forces have joined-in against the ill heaped upon out lot demands unity more than what Indians needed pre 1947.
Guess I will leave it as a food for thought for all here, I have my views of all issues like Vijay's call for promotion, or the PBOR v/s Officers issues, or self-seeking achievers, ACRs etc etc etc, but Let IT Be .. . and no I am not a person in the race .. .

Air Cmde Amul Kapoor VM (Retd) said...

'Where are we Going'

The title should have been ' WHERE ARE WE HEADING TO'

Have read all the comments on this Topic. Majority very relevant. The reason for all this is that while one is in active service (majority of us) we work only for ourselves and not for the Armed Forces as a Community.

Lets face it that we have allowed ourselves to be HAD by the Babus and the Politicians just for Self Gratification/Self Interest.

The Indian Armed Forces can still change for the better only if we have Unity, Integrity and Loyalty to Our-self, to those placed under us and to the Institution the Armed Forces is. For this we have to let go of the Self Interest.


rajat said...

Do we have it in us?

Leadership Diamond: anticipation ("vision"); confidence ("courage"); integrity ("ethics"); knowledge ("reality")

Anticipation. The best Officer anticipate and think ahead. They stay "miles ahead of the situation," and maintain the "big picture." They exhibit "common sense" (exceptional judgment), thereby keeping out of bad situations. They play out multiple scenarios, consider available options and select the best course of action. They maintain situation awareness. The best are skilled at communication and, importantly, articulate their intentions. They are optimistic and maintain a positive attitude. Above all, they have a passion for services and love what they do.

Confidence (and their confidence isn't mistaken for arrogance). The best check their egos "at the door." They have the ability to handle situations with comfort and presence. They are at ease and are calm while analyzing complex situations and making decisions. They don't jump to conclusions. Their decisions "maximize benefits and minimize risks." They know when to say "no." Above all, the best have the ability and self confidence, in either seat, to admit mistakes instead of making excuses. In fact, they are comfortable with critical feedback.

Integrity. The best Officer has integrity and does what they say they will do. Honesty is a prime attribute. These Officers are professionals and pursue the highest standards. They possess strong people skills; they create a pleasant atmosphere, are personable, diplomatic and have an approachable nature. The best treat others as they would be treated; they respect others, and service personnel and don't talk negatively about others. They are team players and foster teamwork. They want to give back "what was received starting out," and pass along knowledge and techniques in a "non-condescending manner." They share experiences and strive to create good atmosphere in service and relations are important to these professionals.

Knowledge. The best officers have a "thirst for knowledge," seek to increase their grasp of military, and have an aptitude for learning new systems and techniques. They listen. They are teachable and learn from their mistakes. They sharpen their skills to limit complacency, and critique themselves. The best are humble, know their personal limitations and are unwilling to exceed them. They make a conscious commitment to safety, and review "the first few minutes of the situation before they take a decision." They are prepared (Boy Scout motto), pay attention to detail and analyze what's going on. And, as stated above, they maintain awareness of the reality of their situations.