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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Forces Law Gazette : Issue No 2 (March 2012) now available on www.lawgazette.net

As promised, the second issue of the FORCES LAW GAZETTE (FLG) is out and now available for free download at www.lawgazette.net

The download link is placed on a verified host and is virus-free.

For those who joined us late, the FLG is a free, non-commercial quarterly newsletter on law and allied issues related to uniformed forces. The gazette covers not just India but other democracies as well. FLG is available for free download and distribution. The current issue covers legal and other topical subjects till March 2012.

Through this post, I would also like to thank everyone for the positive feedback on the first issue. The stupendous number of downloads shows that our efforts did not go waste.

Contributions in the form of articles are welcome and may be sent to me through email for publication in future issues.

Readers can also click here to directly download the current issue of the gazette without visiting the FLG website.

The next issue is due for June 2012. 


Wing Cdr. B. Somanna V.M said...

Grievance A:
Para 4 of MoD, department of Ex-servicemen welfare letter No.1 (4)/07/D (pension/policy) of 21 August 2009 reads as follows:
“ PSAs/PDAs are required to ensure that as a result of the revision, where ever the revised restored amount of commuted portion of pension plus dearness relief on notionally revised full pension as on 1.1.2006 works out to be less than what was admissible to the absorbed Armed Forces Personnel prior to 1.1.2006 the absorbed Armed Forces Personnel shall be allowed to draw higher pensionary benefits admissible till such time the revised pensionary benefits (the revised restored amount of pension plus dearness pension and dearness relief on notionally full pension) admissible after revision works out to be more than what was admissible prior to 1.1.2006. The PSOs, while issuing corrigendum PPOs under these orders, may accordingly incorporate a suitable guide note for payment of revised pension by PDAs accordingly”.


Para III of important instructions of Corr. PPO NO 08/14/A/0101 of 2010 revised under VI CPC in respect of 10068 Retd Wing Commander B. Somanna VM reads as follows:
“ In case of prerevised 43% of restored pension plus dearness relief as on 1-9-2008 works out to be more than the pension plus dearness relief now revised as above (under VI CPC) pension shall continue to draw the prerevised 43% restored pension.

Why Corr. PPO 08/14/A/0101 of 2010 issued as per VI CPC has to take effect from 1-9-2008 instead of from 1-1-2006?

DPDO, Masab Tank, Hyderabad, has calculated arrears debiting dearness allowance paid from 1-1-2006 on wards as per earlier corrigendum, thus deducting Rs68,070 (Rupees Sixty eight thousand seventy only) from the arrears paid along with pension of January 2012.

Grievance B:

Air Head Quarters, Dir (PP&R-2), requested DCDA (AF) (now JCDA AF) to issue Corr. PPO making revised amount of restored pension as Rs. 7927 in place of Rs 7716/- taking effect from 1-1-2006 vide Air HQ letter 24269/572/PP&2 dated 27 August 2010. So far I am not in receipt of any Corr. with revised restored pension as Rs 7927/-.

In Corr. PPO No 08/14/A/0101 of 2010 also revised amount of restored pension is Rs.7716/- only.

I request necessary action may kindly be advised to the authorities concerned.
Thanking you, sirs.

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep
Please educate if there is any systematic incorporation of all orders of the judiciary / tribunals in departmental orders to make the effect on all affected beneficiaries
or each individual has to take up matter individually with auth concerned quoting such orders ?

gary said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

1. I have filled up the online form. Read an article on net that somebody has filed a PIL in delhi. But not have not heard of the outcome of that PIL.

2. I couldnt get hold of that AO 27/87. Have u read it , as I am not quite sure if the provisions could be that stringent. The letter that has been sent to the units just seems to be a portion of the AO.