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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yet another day, but the hassle sorted out!

This is in reference to the blog post of 10 Dec 2011 wherein it was pointed out that that NHAI had wrongly written to one of the toll operators in Punjab that toll exemption is only to be provided to private vehicles of defence personnel when they were in uniform.

The issue was accordingly taken up with the concerned authorities and I am glad to inform that the NHAI has communicated to me yesterday that they have taken corrective action and clarified the correct position to the said toll operator. The NHAI has also regretted the inconvenience caused. Since the letter was being flaunted by other operators too, the NHAI has sent a copy of the clarification to all other operators in the region.

The issue thus stands resolved and closed. Wake up my brethren in uniform, it is not every-time that others would come to your rescue !


Defence News said...

I and my family travel in a car to visit temples at Kumbakonam(Tamilnadu) on 28 Nov 2011. My enroute
all the toll gates are permitted to the journey and not take any fees except the “THUVAKUDI
TOLL PLAZA. NH 67”. I explain the Toll tax Exemption for ex servicemen matter and show my Identity card. All my efforts briefed above become in vain. Finally I paid the
toll Tax fees of Rs 80/- at the said Toll gate. The receipts copy Numbers are 479899 dt 28/11/
2011 2:19:05 PM & 408743 dt 28 Nov 2011 4:38: 17 AM, for your ready reference please.

Thank you
Yours faithfully
KS Ramaswamy
Hony Capt (Retd)

Anonymous said...

It is a good news that NHAI has consented directly for the toll exemption which will benefit all serving and retires personnel in every toll plaza across the country. It will be handy for them to show this letter as an authority for toll exemption at the Plazas and request if copy of the letter be posted on the blog.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@Anony and Hony Capt Ramaswamy

Toll exemption is NOT applicable to retired personnel. Only serving personnel are entitled to toll exemption.

Anonymous said...

dear major.
though i am ready to take the issue head on but before that i feel it would be prudent for me to take your legal opinion. the issue is that a local commander has issued directions that any liquor bottle sold through CSD to any personnel of this station,whether an officer or otherwise would be sold only after the seal has been broken by the CSD staff. While the commanders feel that this measure would hamper illegal sale of liquor to civilians but at what cost???? generating mistrust among the ranks. All i want to know from you is whether this kind of an order is legally correct. I feel it is a knee jerk reaction and speaks of a certain degree of immaturity among our bosses..!!!

arvipat said...

@anon (CSD liquor issue): i strongly think liquor sale thru CSD should be discontinued across all ranks. only pers in field/fwd areas should be provided CSD liquor (loose thru messes)

Harry said...

@Anony above


If the local Cdr is tackling issue of illegal sale of CSD liquor to civs in an 'immature' way (by ordering that liquor bottle seals be broken before delivery to the buyers), request you to suggest a matureway of dealing with this menace which is bringing bad name to the org for the condemnable action of a few amongst us. Thanks.


@anonymous :SEAL BROKEN CASE: ha...ha ...ha...it shows with what IQ that cdr is living and risen in this fauj....pathetic...its similar to case like cut the head for headache removal..its like anna recommending flogging of persons tied to pole who drink liquor...m really sorry and would request you to take the case head on...10 bottles/person drawn are not responsible for illegal sale....its like a pin in a sea...illegal sales are not ex counter of the URC...it runs in the background like a trojan in a virus infected PC...INSTEAD OF DOING WORK IN CATCHING THE CULPRITS,THE CDR HAS INFESTED LOW FAITH IN HIS OWN MEN & OFFICERS.....pataa nahee ye cdr log kab bade hongey....

Anonymous said...

@harry above.
thanks for u response!!. See, we may look at it this way as well. There are malpractices going on around us.we see them regularly.There are agencies within the services that are established to tackle these menaces. Why not give them a fair chance to deliver. By the said "immature" action you are
1.denying a consumer of his right.
2.You accept it as an organisation that everyone is a indulging in the malpractice which is not true.
See there are bad apples everywhere. You can't malign the orchard for them. If i may say, i would feel humiliated if the CSD staff does this to the bottles that i buy. So i don't buy.Come on now..till where are we gonna fall in our own eyes.
As goes for the Mature ways to deal-u have to agree..the STICK is missing. You also must be aware of so many cases where such cases have come to light and commanders have elected to out things under the carpet for the fear of getting into paper action,litigations,etc. This is where a mature outlook has to be taken and not let the guilty go unpunished. Where is the guarantee that going by this precedence tomorrow youy may expect soaps and toiletries and cookin oils,etc being sold to u after breaking the seals. Where does the buck stop!!!!

@ arvind Patil.
Thanks for your comment as well but the soldier doesn't cease to be a soldier in peace areas. He is as much a fighter as he would be when in field when it comes to it..BTW i could not fathom your logic. Would you be kind enought to elaborate upon this.

rasputin427 said...

dear major
would you enlighten me on the legal aspects of such a decision??(the CSD liquor issue)

Anonymous said...

I strongly support the views for NO SALE OF LIQUOR THROUGH CSD.
For the need of all ranks , liquor may be served through units; as it has been in practice for issue of free liquor; wherever authorised.
In fact , even sale of grocery items may be abolished slowly.
All service personnel may feel more honored and at convenience; if all grocery stores and facilities ( including hotel, restaurents,rail,bus,air travel etc) in India, are made available to service personnel at a discount of say 40%.
Some limit per transaction could be thought of to minimise misuse.
This measure could result in a lot of savings and convenience .

Anonymous said...

UPGRADATION)" is in circulation among defence personnel...
Can you please briefly explain the issue...

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Many thanks. Its a great job indeed. Request, if possible, post the subject letter on the website.


capital P said...

Maj Navdeep,

Thank You for the wonderful effort, lead kindly light!

Timely intervention for an early action, before this could have spread country-over, then the issue would have got a larger relook and an eventual denial, an easy way out for ill-stricken govt...many thanks once again

Anonymous said...

Airfare, for tickets purchased from Private (unautorised) Travel Agents in contravention to the provisions contained in GOI MOF Dept. of Expenditure OM No. 19024/1/2009-E.IV dated 16-09-10 and Guidelines issued by Addl. Dte Gen of Movement/Mov C letter No 12647/LTC/Mov C dated 27-9-10 & 4-4-11, will be disallowed for journey from 1-1-2011. In such cases claim will be admitted less airfare and the amount "due for recovery" will be noted for recovery in the IRLA.

Airfare (tickets from private agents) for claims already admitted is placed under objection. PCDA Offrs is rejecting the claims in total for booking done from makemytrip etc, However civilan offrs claims are being passed after deduction of travel agents commission. Can some one through light on the issue. How this differentiation being made to army offrs and civilian offrs

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep,
May you kindly do something about getting the letter issued from deptt of ESM welfare ,MOD on extension of facility of broadbanding /rounding off disability percentages in respect of pre 1-1-06 retired / superannuated officers and men ?

Doon Gardening Society said...

I am ex-EC Capt. Kindly let me know the current status regarding the Medical facility and ECHS to EC/SC officers. I have the Medical Entitlement Card.

Anonymous said...

Regarding NFU, we have been short changed once again...........Every guy in every central govt organization will reap benefits but we will stand and watch......

Why cant we have the same wherein personnel get the grade pay increase keeping the same ranks?????at least our pay and perks will increase!!!!!But this may not happen due to our top brass.....................

Anonymous said...

We really appreciate the fine work that you are doing.
Please continue the good work and know that the "Silent " majority is supporting you fully.

Anonymous said...

A copy of the said mail regarding NFU for Def Offrs has been sent to Maj Navdeep,may I request him to publish it on his blog, any correction made in it is welcome. However,if any one wants it please send your request to neerajtripathi75@yahoo.com or google search for it by keyword '6 cpc agony for def officers'.The issue is extremely important with wide ramifications.Due credit to Maj Navdeep,who raised it timely when DOPT issued the orders for NFU, but unfortunately the offr cadre of the Armed Forces has not understood the serious implications of this order fully.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep Singh,

Could you circulate the letter received from NHAI permitting Defence personnel (Both in Service as well as Retired) for every ones reference?

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj'
I m a Sena Medal(gallantry) awardee.
As u know most of the gallantry award benefits are not given to SM(gal).They finish at shaurya chakra level.
Thousands of serving and ESM with SM(gal)will be benefited if this can be taken up at appropriate level.
please check what police and civilian peace time awardee get from rly,airlines,telecom and others

Arc said...

I was travelling from Pune to Mahabaleshwar on 15 Dec 2012. The Reliance toll plaza at Katraj charged me toll despite showing I-Card. After lot of arguments they provided me a copy of Gazette provided to them by NHAI which says that vehicles of Army Officers are exempted only if being used for official travel. I had to pay the toll. However I have kept the copy of gazette and receipt and plan to raise the issue with NHAI. Could anyone let me know how to go about it. Would RTI be a correct option?

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj,
This querry is extension of toll tax. I travelled in my car from delhi to Shimla with family for a day where on entry the green tax of 300 rs was charged.There was no phone nos to contact the correct person for clarification and the contrctor employed persons were very rude. The contractor employed boys shown the circuler after some argument. All the language on the letter signed by municipal commissione was same as is in the toll tax. It talks exemption to defence convoyes and gallantry awardees, etc. Is it authorised for the contractor to collect tax from serving defence officers.

Anonymous said...

The order to break seal of liquor bottles before sale through CSD was discussed in the previous posts and our esteemed participants were quick to condemn our Cdrs. May I request you to have a little faith and not believe all that you hear. The order to break seal of liquor bottles before sale through CSD came from excise dept of Uttatakhand. Explicit directions were passed by Cdrs in chain not to violate consumer rights and ignore the direction of excise dept. The direction of excise dept was ignored. There could have been an odd aberration in some canteen.
Please support our Cdrs and senior officers. They are not as dumb, spineless and insensitive as they are made out to be. In any case, please do not stereo type image of senior officers based on exceptions.

Aye Gee said...

I urge the participants to pay heed to what Maj Navdeep said in one of his posts. Please try and help yourself and not expect others to fight your battles everytime. RTI is a powerful tool - use it. Petition your govt representatives. File a public interest litigation. Try not to look for shoulders to cry on! Help yourself pro-actively. We are made of sterner stuff, guys!