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Friday, December 16, 2011

Introducing ‘Forces Law Gazette’ (FLG) : www.lawgazette.net

This day, 16th December, is militarily a significant date for the region.

I feel pleased today in announcing the release of the first issue of the ‘FORCES LAW GAZETTE’ – a free, non-commercial quarterly newsletter dealing with law & allied issues related to uniformed services of not just India but other democracies as well. Meant more for general reading than use in Courts, the Gazette would consist of three broad categories – (1) Law related to uniformed services, (2) Developments & Miscellaneous, and (3) Contributions & Articles.

The Gazette would remain available through www.lawgazette.net for free download and distribution in pdf format.

I would like to place on record my gratitude to the Editors and Contributors to the newsletter. I would specially like to thank Mr Eugene R Fidell and Ms Michelle Lindo McCluer, former President and Executive Director respectively of the National Institute of Military Justice, for their support and valuable inputs.

Contributions in the form of articles are welcome and may be sent to me by email for publication in future issues. We hope to effectively sustain the concept with the next issue due in March 2012.

Thank You.


V Nataraajan said...

D/ Major Navdeep,

Congrats for your success in he endeavour and due appreciations for your great efforts. May your contributions to the welfare of th Uniformed Personnel continue to be unhindered and ever successful. Regards,


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Navdeep.

ESMA said...

you are doing wonderful job , so many personals for the name sake doing job for photo session but you are just doing good thing, without any benefit from from poor soldiers. great .