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Saturday, December 24, 2011

On the chain-mail concerning non-functional upgradation

Most of the readers of this blog, and also those concerned with anything military, must have received a chain-mail highlighting the agony of defence officers resulting from the denial of the applicability of non-functional upgradation. I have received many requests on the blog, and through email, to clarify whether the points raised in the said chain-mail are true. Of course, the points are true and the issue has also formed a part of an earlier blog-post titled ‘Are we the masters of self defeat?’. But having said that, some points raised in the said mail require clarification :-

A.  On completion of appx 32 years of service, officers of the civil Group A Services would not get the Grade Pay of 12000 in Pay Band-4 as stated in the mail but shall get the much higher HAG Pay Band (Rs 67000 – 79000). Grade Pay of Rs 12000 stands abolished and HAG now has a separate pay band. Also the SAG Scale with GP 10000 would not be attained in 19 years but in approximately 22 years by civil officers of the said services.

B.  Officers of the IAS are not empaneled as Joint Secretaries to Govt of India in 17 years. The current period is approximately 20 years.

C.  It is not as if the Govt of India has declared Commissioned Officers as non Group A organised services Officers, it is so because the nomenclature of ‘Organised Group A Services’ was never used for military officers and the same is a civil concept. Commissioned Officers of the defence services, All India Service Officers (IAS, IPS and Indian Forest Service) and officers of the Organised Group A Services (formerly known as Class-I services) have historically been equated at the start point. And still are, in the sense that all of the above services, even after the 6th CPC, commence in PB-3 with GP 5400, however the nomenclature is mutually exclusive.

D.  It is incorrect to suggest that Group B Services (equivalent to JCOs) are also retiring as Joint Secretaries to Govt of India.

E.  It is absolutely incorrect that even Sub Inspectors of CAPFs would retire in the pay of Lt Gen. It is not so.

The grant of non-functional financial upgradation to all organised Group A Services and also to the All India Services, has resulted in almost OROP of a kind at officer level through the back-door. The pensions of such officers granted non-functional upgradation to HAG are also fixed at HAG levels and would continue to be fixed as such even after successive pay commissions since pensions are regulated on the basis of the scale last held (and not the rank / post last held).

Hopefully somebody would be willing to listen if the COSC takes up the issue with renewed vigour. 


capital P said...

Many Thanks for the clarification, you're indeed a pleasure to read; correct in analysis, prompt in raising issues (I am a regular for your blogs)...Wish to you see your spirit and stature raise higher and higher

Anonymous said...

This country has been harassing women for centuries but carried out the "DHAKOSLA" of worshiping them as durga and saraswati. Same treatment is being given to army officers by this nation where all "DHAKOSLA"is done for army officers but nothing is given to them when it comes on ground.

Anonymous said...

Dear Major Navdeep Sir,

My hearty Salute for all what you have been doing for the uniformed community. Larger number of youth and children aspire to enter civil services / civil profession today for obvious reasons. Non functional upgradation package for our civil services counterparts is a case in point. It needs to be acknowledged at apex levels in Govt that a soldier (jawan or officer) is as much a government servant as his / her civilain counterpart on either side of the lake is. Expectations of a soldier for career progression and monetary benefits are also equally alive, at least on a par with his / her civilian counterpart if not better. Being sanguinely hopeful, there certainly is a lamp glowing at the far end of the tunnel. He who runs faster and better determined reaches earlier and picks up the lamp and uses its beacon for the benefit of self and rest of his fraternity. Our top brass needs to do exactly that. Professional matters are highly important and urgent, but welfare matters are no less too. Merry Christmas to all till the time non functional upgradation package knocks at our doors and fills our pockets with far larger pennies the package will bring forth. Jai Hind - Jai Jawan - Jai Kisan - Jai Vigyan. Jai Vigyan because it has enabled us to share few words at heart. Hona wahi hai jo hona hai, par fil haal kaa maksad to sirf kahana hai.

Rajax said...

Dear Navdeep,

As soon as I received the chain- mail, I knew something was not quite right. I didn't have the time and so merely cautioned my NDA group (22 Yrs of Service) not to take the contents to heart since there seemed to be some basic errors of understanding. Thanks for clarifying. As such, everybody knows you are the beacon of hope and an authority. God bless your ilk and may your kind prosper. No medal can honour your contribution. Merry Holiday Season.

Anonymous said...

• First of all thanks to Maj Navdeep for clarifying this issue on his blog which has a large readership. As this mail itself said that any correction or relevant addition is welcome, since it serves the larger interest. However I would like to respond to Maj Navdeep’s post and the following ptwise reply on his observations from A to E may please be considered by one and all:

• Maj Navdeep is correct, but in that case the loss for defence offrs is even greater.
• Agreed but it’s a dynamic and variable factor which presently is at 20 years for IAS/22years for other Gp A services, but keeps changing with time. It was at 17 years for IAS at one time.
• Yes, commissioned officers have not been declared non org gp A services but certainly the govt in its action, is reluctant to accept them at par with other org gp A service as has been amply demonstrated in the case of GP 8000/- for Lt Col while accepting PB-4,(where it kept them lower than the deserved parity) and now, the case in point is the present episode of NFU itself where again the govt in all probability is not accepting the case of defence services on this ground that the 6 cpc recommendation has been made only for Org Gp A service.
• Before saying so, I would request Maj Navdeep to analyse and compare CSS direct recruits(entry level Gp B) vs Armed Forces officers on issues like, what percentage of direct recruit CSS officers reached JS level and what percentage of them retired at Director level and the same in r/o defence officers to know the exact position. Suffice to say as per dopt website civil list 2011 a total of 52 SAG and above level(Incl Addl Secy level) posts are held by them against a total strength of approx 5000 out of which the intake for direct recruits used to be 20%( works out to a max of 1000, actually much lower than that, although I don’t have exact figures right now) (direct recruitment to CSS in any case has now been stopped completely).
• This is a conditional statement ‘If an SI becomes AC in 8 years’, which as per ITBP/BSF/CRPF website is possible, therefore a sub inspector with requisite residual service can also reach the level of Addl Secy. However Sub Inspectors reaching Asst Comdt in 12 to 16 years now retiring with pay level of JS will become more or less a reality due to NFU. Similar cases are also emerging in services having Limited Departmental Exams for promotions which will bring group C level entrant to group A, who will then start enjoying the fruits of NFU.
In the end, minor details and variations notwithstanding, I would request all readers to understand the bottomline that even Maj Navdeep agrees that the issue is genuine and the anomaly needs to be rectified.

Anonymous said...

@Rajax, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the mail, please do not misunderstand and mislead as also, do not lose the focus. The issue raised is correct and relevant and the disparity caused is a REALITY.The implementation for other services is still in progress and the real impact will be seen in near future only.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep
Your blog has become most trustworthy blog as far as defence policies are concerned. I am regular visitor to your blog as well as tweets.
Good show. Keep it up. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

NFU still means that every one gets higher pay without promotion......akin to a Lt Col getting a Col's pay without wearing the rank................So ,we are still very much short changed.Every one in civil side gets the higher pay even if he does not get promoted..........If he does not want to work,,,,,,,,he can stagnate,,,,,,,refuse promotions and still get a higher salary...............We are still being the fools and masters of self defeat...............and no general or marashal or admiral seems interested............

nikszee said...

Non functional up-gradation is a disguised way of promoting gp A officers. All officers of gp A services will reach grade pay of Rs 10000/- minimum(Maj Gen's grade pay). They r also offered the posts associated with that pay only the designation is not given. Privileges associated with the GP is also given. Problem is in organisations with civil and military officers. The service officers feel left out and hence the morale is going lower and lower

ltcolrao said...

navdeepsir, it is very much confusing about status of army officers, are we part of aiiindia service group a officers. pl clarify-ltcol rao

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

Anony @ 2.53 and 2.47 PM Dec 24

I don’t think Rajax is differing with you per se. He is just making a point on the promotional time-period mentioned in the chain mail.

Even I support the grant of NF(F)U and the points enumerated in the blog-post are just meant to throw more light on the issue. Any discussion on the issue has to be on points, proper information and merits and not on emotions.
Now on the points raised by you:

A. Of course that is what I have pointed out – that the loss is much higher than the one fathomed in the mail.

B. It was NEVER 17 years for the IAS. Perhaps you have confused it with the grant of SAG with GP 10000 to IAS officers posted in States. Empanelment of IAS officers to the post of Jt Secy to GOI has never happened in 17 years.

C. The Govt has always treated Commissioned Officers at par with other Group A Officers but Commissioned Officers are not a part of Organised Group A Civil Services.

D. Of course, the number of CSS Officers reaching JS GoI level is much more than the ratio in the services, but the issue cannot be broad-brushed and it cannot be said that all such officers are becoming JS to GoI.

E. That is totally hypothetical. Similarly, a Sepoy of the Army may get into ACC and retire on whatever rank. There can be no comparison of any such situation. If the battle has to be fought, it can only be fought on practical grounds and not on the basis of freak cases. The only proper comparison therefore is Commissioned Officers vis-à-vis Directly recruited officers of Organised Group A Services.


NFFU v/s OROP for defence offrs.
The writing on the wall is very clear.Gp A services are already on OROP and will remain so. Even a gp B babu can hope to get pension of Jt Secy.Comparatively where are we?
Would NFFU be better option than our proposed OROP.Best would be to shelve OROP and go for NFFU. Atleast every offr can hope to get the pension of Lt Gen at retirement. The ? is will such a thing happen and will our top tabs who matter support? A thought before OROP get adopted!

Penmil said...

@ Satty's Corner,December 25, 2011 6:38 PM
Please note that NFFU and OROP are not mutually exclusive demands.Even after granting NFFU, as and when it happens, OROP will still be needed for all those who retired prior to implementation of NFFU.For example even after granting DACP, the medicos who are already veterans need OROP to bring them at par with those who will retire in future
OROP is essentially a demand by those who had already retired.
NFFU is a demand by those who are still serving after the 6th CPC regime.

Harry said...

@ All

Here is my two cents worth take on the issue:-

1. Points A and B. SAG scale (NOT Joint Secy empanelment)is being reached by IAS in about 16-17 years service and IPS in 18-19 year service. So by getting into SAG, AIS cadre officers are entitled to a Grade Pay (and associated perks ofcourse) of Rs 10,000. It could have been much worse when DoPT had, prior to 6th CPC, issued a letter about IAS getting into SAG at 14 years service, fortunately that letter was subsequently rescinded. As regards IAS officers' empanelment as JS to GoI (the so-called Maj Gen equivalent) is concerned, 92 Batch empanelment is already out, so it is 19 years at present.

2. Point C. Yes the Govt has been VERY KIND INDEED in NOT officially declaring AFs' Officers as non Org Gp A Service but has been persistently treating us as such. So what matters more, the nomenclature or the actual treatment? Pls decide.

3. Point D and E. I agree with Maj Navdeep here. CSS cadre does have better peak to bottom cadre ratio (they are closest to the power centre so they will always ensure their interests are well looked after, so no surprises there) but certainly when one sees many Gp B services enjoying wholly unfair advantage then there is bound to be resentment.

The Last Word

So, Gentlemen (and some ladies too) pls decide for yourself what good is this 'Commissioned Officer' tag? Well...it does make us feel 'different' (read INFERIOR)!!!

rajeev kumar said...

i am a member of group A organised service . yes NFFU is beneficial.

it is basically to address stagnation among GP A organised services vis a vis IAS officres . it prove one very vital point here that most of the organised GP A services are even worse than armed forces . in most of GP A services an officer can not hope to reach GP of rs 8700 less then about 20 years .i just got gp of rs 8700 after 22 years of service . And i hope i will retire in this very grade pay unless something dramatic happens .Like every officer above me die or take vol retirement . The situation is same in majority of GP A service barring IAS < IPS , IFS etc .

now coming to NFFU , i will welcome any improvement in service condition of distressed armed force officers . but NFFU is not automatic . for NFFU all the parameters of a regular promotions like ACR grading , min no of years of service in the feeder cadre, vigilance clereance etc ARE required to be met.for example unless and untill i put 5 years service in gp 8700i can not be given NFFU for next Grade pay . here also IAS lobby played games while framing rules .

so about 50 percent officers are left out orget delayed NFFU .

so dont worry armed forces are much ahead of most of GP A services .

since str of armed forces and civil services is different , NFFU for armed forces can be granted in some different form .
armed force officrs must come out with a draft scheme similar to NFFU
keeping in view service conditions .
there are may road blocks with in .
for example DACP for armed force doctors though sanctioned by govt , could not be implemented so far .
can a col tolerate a senior bur superceded lt col getting pay and perks of a lt general .


a concerned officer said...

I think its time service officers start being realistic. Our senior officers act like crabs and can't see their juniors wearing the same rank and working with them. Look at ordnance factories. Some of them have upto nine officers as Addl General Managers (SAG with GP 10,000/-) working under a general Manager with same grade pay. If they can co-exist,then why a Maj Gen can not be Addl GOC or say chief of staff as number two in the Div. Similar arrangement should be acceptable in other formations also.
This more promotion avenues will be available for defence officers.
Also we should try our best to get the NFU. Since the issue has attracted attention of large No of officers now it will be much easier to get it.

Anonymous said...

I think its time service officers start being realistic. Our senior officers act like crabs and can't see their juniors wearing the same rank and working with them. Look at ordnance factories. Some of them have upto nine officers as Addl General Managers (SAG with GP 10,000/-) working under a General Manager with same grade pay. If they can co-exist,then why a Maj Gen can not be Addl GOC or say chief of staff (as number two) in the Div. Similar arrangement should be acceptable in other formations also.
This way more promotion avenues will be available for defence officers.
Also we should try our best to get the NFU. Since the issue has attracted attention of large No of officers now it will be much easier to get it.
Some civilian officers has mentioned that they need to be recommended in the ACRs for getting NFU. Can any one be graded below the bench mark grading stipulated for promotion with the implementation of APARs introduced by DOPT. Its virtualy difficult for the IO/RO/SRO to fix any one now unless the ratee officer himself wants it. So all civilian officers will get NFU if their age permits them longer service period.

Harry said...

Shri Rajeev Kumar ji,

Thanks for putting things in perspective and clearing some misconceptions.

But AFs surely deserve to be treated NOT at par with Org Gp A Services but AIS Cadre (Can you think of a Service which is more ALL INDIA in true spirit of the word and has tougher Service conditions then AFs?) No other Service barring IAS (NOT even IPS,IFS and IFoS) have a post at Cabinet Secy/Service Chief Equivalent (Rs 90,000 fixed). So why should AFs NOT resent usurping of all top posts (even in MoD) by IAS lobby by their machinations and proximity to politicians (most of who don't understand Governance and Administration in any case) who are there to ensure that their own seat of power is kept safe at all costs, national interests/security issues be damned.

PS: Your example of a Col resenting a superceded Lt Col (senior in service) getting pay of a Lt Gen by virtue of granting NFFU, was really APT! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep Sir,

Many kudos to you & your blog for airing out so many stagnant brains (incl mine..heh heh...!) in the Armed Forces.

I'm a doctor in the IN, and have been wondering what happened to the DACP following the excellent verdict of the Hon AFT, Cdh Reg Bench that you yourself had represented for.

Incidentally, have read on the blog on this subject regarding how the forces plan to de-link the rank & status from the financial benefits of the upgradation.

However, I also found a Min of Rlys ruling on this subject (http://www.indianrailways.gov.in/railwayboard/uploads/directorate/pay_comm/PC6/2010/RBE_96_10.pdf), which states exactly the opposite, the key argument being that:
"since an upgradation earned by the IRMS officers under the Dynamic ACP Scheme has all the attributes of a regular promotion, all benefits (including Silver Pass) which are available to IRMS officers on regular promotion, may also be allowed to them on grant of higher Grade Pay earned under the DACP Scheme."

I would suppose that such an argument within the forces would be shot down in a great hurry very vociferously by the other Arms & Services, but justice on "like as like" basis also deserves its own say!

I suppose that modalities of implementation would be the thorniest issue, and to tell you the truth, the four months that have passed since the AFT order have been passed by the service HQs & DGAFMS more in attempts to find loopholes in the orders (the original govt order as well as the directive of the AFT) rather than to discuss implementation in a fair & honest way in letter & spirit.

Meanwhile, the doctors wait in patience, looking after their patients....!!

Please do keep us posted on any further developments!


Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep,

Requesting for a clarification.
What exactly is the definition of Supersession.

I belong to a batch wherein for some unknown reasons the no of vacancies was less thereby a lower ration was declared "FIT". However in succeeding batches, a higher ration got declared "FIT".

If such is the game played by MS, How can one define SUPERSESSION: Lack of Vacancies; or Lack of Grade;

It is also talked about that there is no fixed "Fit" Grade, but is depending upon No of Vacancies.

If the above are facts then how can i remove the tag "SUPERSEEDED" ;
My own brethern cannot explain why; hence when a GP A cadre officer also uses such terms; IT REALLY PAINS.

Maj Navdeep, Please suggest a way out.

Anonymous said...

where are we on the DACP for the AMC officers? As masters of self defeat, It send shivers down my spine, when I imagine what we would do to ourselves in the next pay commission when we will almost be deciding our future!! Unfortunately, "jealousy" guides us more than "vision". I hope the "harakiri" which our generals are up to, in quest of their personal ambitions and egos, makes way for some sense.

V Natarajan said...

Reg Mr Rajeev's observations, I draw his attention to Mr Harry's info : "As regards IAS officers' empanelment as JS to GoI (the so-called Maj Gen equivalent) is concerned, 92 Batch empanelment is already out, so it is 19 years at present". This must be correct. And therefore pl note that Batch 1990 Officers if they come under Org Services category in every Central Govt Orgn/Dept / Ministry must be entitled to become equivalent NF Grade-equivalent of JS.

It is only because of the lethargy and inaction of many such Orgns/ Deptts who have not revised their RRs, that Officers like Rajeev may suffer and not be able to avail the benfit. They can not be denied the NFU benefit but they must note that REVISED RRs are very important and any such revised rules may not have "rETROSPECTIVE EFFECT" ( ie.if they retire in the meanwhile, before the onset of new RRs!).

Reg Navdeep's note, it is an excellent anaysis. Pl note that HAGs (both in CIVIL & MILITARY) do not belong to PAY BANDS but each one of them have individual PaY SCALES. (Like S30/S31/ S32). Great cooking had taken place for bringing these PaY SCALES to come into being BEFORE/ AFTER the Sixth CPC implementation orders.

COMMISSIONED OFFICERS DIRECT RECRUITMENT/ COMMISSIONING are comparable to the DIRECT RECRUITMENT of GR A OFFICERS on the Civilian Side. But only problem in the case of former is the possibility of lateral entry above the LOWEST LEVELs in MILITARY SERVICES which becomes an impediment to compare hem with "ORG SERVICES".


babu said...

Dear major navdeep
i strongly feel that nfu should be implemented to armed forces also provided they should be ready to accept gross pay excluding MSP in line with civilian group A officers.
Shri rajeev kumar has brought out the real picture of group A services. hope every body should analyse the issue in correct perspective.

babu said...

dear major navdeep
Shri rajeev kumar said every thing.nfu can be implemented in armed forces also provided they should be ready to accept the gross pay excluding MSP at par with civilian gp A officers. AF officers must understand that everything is not green at other side. a reallistic approach is required rather than being emotional.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep Sir and all other Dear Readers,
It has often been a rhetoric in every democratic system of governance that armed forces require to be subservient to civil authority so that the latter functions with assurance and assertion that military interference in matters of decision making is kept at bay. While it is true that military ought to be subordinate to civil authority, but the point of disagreement here is that military leadership has to remain submissive and subordinate to political leadership and not to the bureaucracy / babudom (which is actually the case and the impression in the bureaucracy). Let it be clarified that superiority of civil power over armed forces does not only mean imposition of authority and decisions, but also brings with it responsibility to make sure that so called subservient armed forces are fed first before the bites are enjoyed by those claiming supremacy. Such is the case of NFU and various other benefits and most of the times bureaucracy claims the chunk without bothering that their brothers in military working much harder in far harder conditons do deserve the same bites too. Lesser said the better.

rajeev kumar said...

@annoy previous one
it is true that in a democracy AF are subordinate to civilian govt . what forms the govt ,bureaucracy and political leadership .

bureaucracy is just a tool of working.
ideally there must be great synergy among AF and govt or constituents of govt .

the problem is of synergy . if all constituents remain in their domain and work for common goal i. e. the nation then there will not be a problem .
so both AF and bureaucracy is subservient to political leadership as they represent the people of india .so the need of the hour is a strong political leadership . today political leadership is so weak that it can not discipline AF or bureaucracy.

ealier in the time of indira gandhi or Jl nehru no differences were allowed to come out for example india fought 1971 war so successfully .

today AF and bureaucracy both are busy in match of supremacy. political leadership has either no time or courage to sort out the problem . so need of the hour is to have synergy . i dont know how .
rajeev kumar

Anonymous said...

Wish to write about a point which is a bit out of context. Recently, saw a communication from Services HQrs that one post of Director in PB4 and GP 8700 is required to be filled up at the Cabinet Sectt. Military officers of the rank of Brigadier / equivalent can apply for the said post. Not sure whether true or false, I was so far under impression that it was Colonels / equivalents in the sister services who are competent to hold the post of Director as they do in all the three services headquarters and elsewhere within military formations. Captains of Navy hold even the post of Principal Directors at some of the Directorates at NHQ and perhaps have civilian officers of the rank of Director working under their charge. Col / eqvts are in PB4 and GP 8700. Do we fell that the same Col / eqvt who is competent to function as Director in services hqrs will not be fit to hold an analogous post in Cabinet Sectt or is this the brain child of babudom which we have benevolently and gracefully accepted without being mindful of the belittling being meted out to an officer (Brig / equ) higher in rank and status than a Director in civil services (PB4 GP 8700). Such moves should not even be allowed even if officers of the rank of Brigadier / eqvts volunteer to take up lower posts on civilian side.

Respected Major Navdeep and other readers may feel like throwing some light on the issue. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL.

Harry said...

@Annony Above

In Cabinet Sectt, it is a well known fact that officers of the rank of brigs and equivalent are offered the deputation post of a Director. There are enough suckers who still want to go there and serve in a subordinate post because of the simple reason that once taken in they retire at 60 yrs (otherwise in AFs they would have retired at 56) and for them the lure of additional 4 yrs in Service is only too good to be resisted, status be damned. So why should babudom respect Senior ranks of AFs when those holding them are incapable of upholding the dignity of the ranks?

PS: Why should Cabinet Sectt seek brigs as Directors and not Cols, in first place? Well...the simple answer to this is...jiski lathi uski bhains! Take it or leave it.

Col KR Verma said...

Dear Navdeep,
I am convinced that these cunning babus are not going to give you NFSG, without a fight in court of law,
Has any org so called ESM welfare org have taken up this issue in AFT/SC,

Pl do let me know if you are willing to fight for serving offrs,I am willing to contribute my bit

Col KR Verma

ESsure nothing can be achieved without a fight

Rajiv Choudhry said...

I am a General Service Naval officer. I feel the Services approach is almost opposite to the approach of the Bureaucrats as we in the Services are always trying to safeguard the existing privileges of the seniors and then go down the ladder with decreasing perks and privileges to come to decide what the jawans get. This approach precludes any improvement in the cause of the juniors. On the other hand, the Civilians firstly provide better perks to the juniors, which is easily acceptable to the Govt, and then seek better perks and privileges as well as pay as they go up. Thus all tend to benefit without any feathers being ruffled. Case in point is the authorisation in train travel improving from 2nd Class for the Gp D emplyees in 4th CPC to 3rd AC in 6th CPC and the consequential upgradation to Gp C B to AC 2 Tier, all officers to fly and for JS (GP 10000) and above to Business Class. Left to the Services, our jawans would still be travelling in 2nd Class and officers upto Majors and Lt Col in trains (mostly without any reservation) because our Generals, Air Marshals and Admirals would not have been willing to share the flying authority with a newly commissioned officer. Unfortunately we don't realise that this is the real cause of us getting downgraded in successive Pay Commissions.

We are also unwilling to allow a few of us to get the benefits which become applicable automatically at par with civilians because of our false sense of the effect on the others, `If not me, then why him?' not realising that by allowing it to happen we could put forth the same argument to provide all others officers with similar benefits, ` If him, then why not me?'. I get a feeling that our approach is as if the kitty is finite and so if somebody is benefited it is at the cost of/ denial to others, which is completely untrue.

The second problem is that unfortunately all the officers who are in MS/AGs Br and equiv Br in Navy and IAF consider themselves sure shot future 1/2/3 star officers and feel that if all other officers will get same benefits as 2 or 3 star officers then there would be nothing to separate him from others. Not realising that it is a very narrow approach and actually it is the Service which loses out to the Civilian Bureucracy in the long run, coz the bureaucrats will go ahead and not lower their planned move for the sake of the Services. Sadly, a few years later the same officer laments that Bureaucrats much junior have become senior to them, while he himself has caused the problem.

Rajiv Choudhry said...

We tend to get so carried away with our pips and stripes that we can't see beyond them. The day we realise that while two officers may be financially equal the promotions and consequent appointments will bring enough respect, perks and privileges which are enough to aspire for. We have to get out of our dogmatic and hierarchical approach and open ourselves to new ideas of how to bring about parity with civilian counterparts because that way we shall gain in the long term.

One approach could be to drop a few ranks for the purposes of Rank/Grade pay and maybe retain them internally as appointments. to put my point across, i wish to bring to the notice that 5th CPC had offered to merge one rank with attendant vacancies upwards. While the Civilians merged the rank between Director and SAG ( I forget the nomenclature) which was a non select rank to SAG (Select Rank)thus ensuring SAG rank became non-select, the Services on the other hand merged 2nd Lt and equiv to LT and equiv, which was a time scale rank of one yr without any real benefit as the pay of Lt equiv was brought down to 2nd Lt pay. So there was just no benefit but a loss vis a vis the civilian bureaucracy. Worst is that none of us realised this grave mistake as unfortunately our 5th CPC Cell went to town calling it an achievement.

It is high time our officers approach any such issues not just with a broad mind but also understand and read between the lines to prevent recurrence and to correct the mistakes made by our superiors.

Just remember that every officer will get written off/passed over, whether as Col/Brig/ Maj Gen/ Lt Gen and equiv except one amongst 5-6 courses who makes it to the Chief of the Service.