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Monday, November 21, 2011

Top 10 Military Academies according to Onlinecollege.org

Carol Brown, a freelancer who regularly contributes to www.onlinecollege.org has sent in a link related to an article on the ‘10 Most Prestigious Military in the World’ which can be accessed by clicking here.

Here is a brief of the list :-

1. United States Military Academy, West Point, New York, USA

2. United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, USA

3. Royal Air Force College, Cranwell, Sleaford, UK

4. Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, UK

5. The Special Military School of Saint-Cyr, Coetquidan, France

6. The PLA National Defence University, Beijing, China

7. General Staff College, Moscow, Russia

8. National Defence Academy of Japan, Yokosuka, Japan

9. South African Military Academy, Thaba Tswana, South Africa

10. Hellenic Military Academy, Vari, Greece


Anonymous said...

Poor INDIA figures nowhere.And here we boast ourselves to be THE upcoming nation. Even countries likr Greece are performing better. Is something wrong with their judgement or are we really so bad, not to be anywhere among the top ones.Some serious introspection required ?Baboos or generals please wake up from deep slumber.


Anonymous said...

Where's INDIA!?!

Sathye said...

Where do the National Defence Academy, Indian Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, Indian Military Academy, DSSC and NDC stand? After all we are the largest democracy in the world.

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep,
Sorry for commenting on rank pay case in this article.
It is so sad that the justice delivery system is so skewed in favour of the government and its so called officials of MoD. Is it always feasible to grant extention in such cases where the justice has already been delayed for 25 yrs or so and a favourable judgement has been delivered by the highest court of india on 08 march 2010?
What happens if on the next date also, SG is not available for any reasons varying for medical, marriage, not feeling well, other cases? How many times, such reasons will be acceptable by the court? Is not it clear to the hon'ble courts that the postponements are being asked without any credible reasons to deny the justifiable benefits to defence services personnel ?

Anonymous said...

A pity that none of the Indian academies fare in the list. Maybe it is a reality check ( and indeed a wake up call). The Indian academies and the shortsighted approach of the Military Leadership is to blame for this. The course content is antiquated, the curriculum is ‘progressive’ only on papers and the training is far out of touch with the reality of modern day combat. Indian military churns out precis by the kilos with grand English terms like “Heavy Breakthrough” “Recce Warriors” or “Simultaneity” or Synergised Application of Firepower”. However, there is no practical experience that backs up such grandiose theories ! Indian Army is teaching how to break out across a Ditch-cum-Bund without having once having validated its technique in war ( it sounds glamorous, AND, the Egyptians had broken out of the Israeli DCB in the Yom Kippur War, that is why). The top military leadership has to wake up and see the writing on the wall. They have to modernise and stop bandying about sophisticated words and get their act together.

Anonymous said...

German academies are No where in the list!

Of course, Indian academies are neither known nor the westerners are encouraged there but good for all third world countries.

rsrawat47 said...

Surprising! Where are we?

Loneaviator said...

Going through the list, when i reached No. 8 i gave a sigh of relief when i saw National Defence Academy... but the joy was very short lived. DAMN its in F***ing japan!!

Anonymous said...

I would agree with anonymous at 22 November. There is only heavy english in our training manuals which are antiquated - we're still following IInd world War tactics, albeit with a lot of English like "Pivots of Fire " or "Simultaneity" without having actually ever known the meaning or the cotext. Generals of the present rank haven't experienced combat of any kind - they were too senior to have been involved in J&K & not commissioned (with the exception of the Chief) to have been a part of the last REAL war that India fought - 1971. So they rely on grandiose sounding words & plagiarising US conceps lifted straight from US field manuals widely available on the internet. However, the place where realistic and pragmatic training is required, we are often found wanting. Short tenures mean one has to prove himself in a shorter time, and what better way than to mouth grand sounding phrases and write impractical papers totally unsuited to combat in our conditions. How far removed from reality can our top leadership be !

Anonymous said...

with due respect to all the academies out there... the list is about the most "prestigious" ones and not the most rigorous/efficient... well its two points: one its difficult to compare academies with no common ground to test them n secondly to be in the list of prestigious ones it takes time... n comeon our oldest one is still the youngest of all the ones in the list... so lets hope n work for the future :)

Anonymous said...

You cannot claim to be the best if you are not counted in the Best . We One of the largest populated country of this world lacking behind to even one of the smallest nations of this world whe our neighbours are rising up we are falling down i felt ashamed when i cudn't find IMA ,IAF,INS ,NDA or any other Indian Military training Academy in the top ten list and also none of our Combat and strategic units are at any place in this world top 10 ..... We need serious action to be taken if not NOW then it will be NEVER . Thanks